The purpose of the session is to know about a dead person's life in the other dimensions

C – My brother passed away 30 days ago, Is it possible to communicate with his soul ?

T – I don’t know the possibility. I haven’t tried that. My job is to guide my clients into trans state to access their past. Rest depends on the client’s ability. Do you meditate regularly ?

C – No.

T – We can try, but I am not sure. Everything depends on your mind’s ability.

C – OK. I will meet you tomorrow.

The next day, he visited my studio along with his brother’s daughter (a college student). She saw Brian Weiss books on my table, and she told me, “Sir I have read these books when I was in school. My father used to bring such books and he used to tell me, I don’t force you to read your school books. But, you read these books. From childhood, I have been reading such books. And I meditate regularly. My education was started in the Manasa Foundation, and the founder is Guruji Krishnananda, a disciple of Maharshi Amara. Me and my father are disciples of Guruji Krishnananda and Maharshi Amara.”


They both showed interest and wanted to try a session.

Session 1 :

I guided both of them together to trans state to check their ability, asked them to visualize the light, and healed them with the light. She replied to my questions by showing with hand, wherever she is feeling the presence of light. But, her uncle didn’t respond to me. So, we decided to do a session with her on the next day.

Session 2 :

Theme : Where is my deceased father’s soul, and how is his life there ?

Client Assessment :

Hypnosis Score – 8.

VAK score – 5/4/6.

Eye roll test – 2.

Duration : 1 hour.

The session started with Dave Elman’s technique and followed by progressive relaxation, and then I asked the client to visualize the garden. She saw herself in the garden, the same as she now. But, she couldn’t see/feel anybody in the garden. Then, I asked her to visualize a tunnel.

T – What are you aware of ?

C – I could see a tunnel.

T – Now I will count from 5 to 1, go through the tunnel, as you come out of the tunnel, you will reach a place/dimension, and you will find your father there. There’s nothing to worry about. You are completely safe and protected.

C – It’s completely dark.

T – Concentrate on all your senses. What do you see/feel/hear ?

C – I feel like revolving. My head is spinning.

T – Why are you feeling like that ?

C – I am traveling in the universe. I don’t know whether it’s me or that this universe is revolving.

T – Concentrate and look all around you. What do you see/feel ?

C – I don’t see anything. But, I feel that I am traveling in space in the universe.

T – Keep concentrating to know where you will reach ?

C – I am receiving some messages.

T – Receive them. And tell me ?

C – Be strong kutti magale (dear daughter). I am blessing you all. I am watching you and putta (brother).

T – Who is telling you this ?

C – I think my father has sent these messages to me.
They are telling me to go back.

T – Who are telling you this ?

C – Guards. 2 souls are guarding this place ?

T – Request them and wait their only ? Concentrate on your all senses ? Look all around, what you see, hear, and feel ?

C – Burning,… burning,… burning.

T – What is burning ? Keep receiving the messages ? Can you see your father ?

C – Give me some time. I will remember everything. I will tell you everything after I come out of trans.

T – OK. Take your time. And let me know when you would like to come back ?

(She started crying, laughing, and blabbering something. After some time, she said “I would like to come back now.”)

T – Now I will count from 1 to 5. Slowly come back to your awareness ?

(After relaxing for 10 minutes)

C – Sir, it’s a different dimension. I couldn’t see anything. I could only feel.

H – Why you said burning,…burning. What was burning. Tell me everything from the beginning ?

C – Sir, after traveling in the universe for a distance then I felt that I had reached a place. Then I received a few messages. There 2 souls told me “Go back don’t disturb us. We are busy with work.” They were guarding that place. You told me to request them and wait their only. But, they became angry for not listening to them. They burned my hands. That’s why I told burning. I am still feeling the burning in my hands. Then they put me in a waiting box. We can’t go anywhere out of this box. It’s like a cell. I think Maharshi Amara came to know this and then he sent my father by giving a break from work. Then my father came to meet me and he told me a few things. We discussed a few things. I couldn’t see anything. But, I could feel and sense everything. Thank you.

She told me a few things and not to disclose with anyone, and it’s their order. So, I am not mentioning those details. And the next day she told me that she was feeling the burning in her hands till the next morning.



Hi Naveen, wonderful to read your session and learn your unique methods. Its amazing what are Almighty’s methods and what happens to us after we die.

After reading about your session, I have a feeling that we should not try too hard and just focus on well being of our clients. We need not try to fultfil all thier requests.


Thank you @ceoccfb sir.

You really helped the grieving family member/s by connecting them to the higher realm and receive messages.

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Naveen ji, this attempt was out of the box. You always show something new to us. You are surely gifted and the choosen one.

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Thank you @ramyaa. Not only me, we all are gifted and chosen ones.

Thank you @pragatibhatnagar039. I believe its the plan of masters.