The Surgeon's Cut

I couldn’t believe that there could any program as priceless as this until I had the blessed chance of seeing this documentary, its a must, must watch and I binge watched something in my entire life as I just couldn’t believe such a documentary like “The Surgeon’s Cut” ever existed and the last one in the series began with a familiar voice and lo… behold… it was of someone I had the rarest of the good fortunes of working with.
Do watch it and let me know what you feel!


One thing I’m sure of is that I might never ever be able to find another quality content like this again! But would loved to be proved wrong!


Dear V,
Thank you for sharing this gem. Could finish with three episodes with Dr Shetty’s definitely not missed out. Few highlights for me were…

  1. They all are absolute and epitome of thorough dedication
    to their professional work.
  2. They all come from humble backgrounds carrying great lessons imbibed in their childhoods including those of spirituality and faith.
  3. Whatever they all have achieved their putting to use for the greater good of all beings human.
  4. They all are “DOERs”.
  5. When they are ON with the task they all connect with the souls of their patients and their workplace is no less than a divine worship place.

These stories are truely something to get inspired from .

Thank you again for sharing.