The Unspoken Fetus

Dear Friends,

With the blessings of Almighty God, Masters, the wisdom imparted by my beloved Guru, Dr. Venu, and the support of my spiritual companions at Amarantos, I have conducted this case.

Please review and post your suggestions. Feel free to highlight the shortcomings of the sessions and provide appropriate suggestions or corrections that would enhance our learning.

Client Details :

Name : Sulochani (Name changed)
Age : 67 Female
Hypnotizability score : 6
VAK : Primary Dominant sense: Kinesthetic: 7, Secondary sense Visual: 5 Auditory: 3
Eye roll test : 2 (1+1)
Pain level : 6/10

Client history :

The client is a retired government school teacher who lives with her daughter Ketaki (Name changed) and son-in-law. She is a woman who likes to be always in action. Having grown up in a middle-class family that was very socially active, her family was regularly visited by a few prominent social activists. As a girl, she was always engaged in household work, being part of a joint family. She also participated in social groups. Her father worked in a reputed company of that time. Her mother was from an elite background and was very active women. Having participated in numerous social events related to female freedom, she would not tolerate any misconduct towards women. She tended to always oppose anything that is wrong in society. She clarified that it is not about male or female; she could not tolerate anything wrong. Overall, she was a rebellious personality though not aggressive. She would remain composed but register her disagreement over the topic.

She mentioned few events where she felt hatred towards male behavior like not contributing to household work and giving orders although their spouse too contributed for the genetrating income. She also narrated an event from her school where a school teacher would sexually abuse a girl and how she protected her form him without raising a complaint as him as other staff was not ready to go against the teacher who was a prominent member of labor union. She faced lot of challenges in her job due to this rebel, however stood firmly with the girl and protected her till the school teacher got retired.

She agreed to marry as per her family’s wish. She narrated few discussing events about her husband. She faced tremendous abuse from her spouse post marriage and could not tolerate. Finally, they got divorced as all the things were very painful and unacceptable. She was pregnant during the divorce. Post divorce also her husband visiting at her school and harassed her. Her family, friends and society supported her during this worst phase of her life. She continued to stay with her parents , however got separated before her brother’s marriage to avoid conflicts withing the family. Post divorce she got a good marriage proposal, however mentally she was not prepared for it. Stayed single throughout while she got support from her family and friends. She raised her child as a single mother. Post her daughters marriage, she developed a cancer in her breast which was treated successfully. She never wanted to stay with her daughter but due to the cancer she was helpless as her daughter and husband forced her to stay with them.

There was a constant disagreement and conflicts with her daughter which would sometimes disturbing for her son-in-law. For the mother and daughter, the arguments were normal but before her marriage their society members would think they were fighting with each other. Her son-in-law is an empath and could notice severe negative vibrations in her Aura and was very uncomfortable when she was around. He convinced her for the PLR session to check would be the reason behind it. Her son-in-law would get disturbed with their constant conflicts and arguments between mother and daughter and for him the pain level is 10/10.

Expectations through session : Through this PLR session, her son-in-law hopes to understand the reason behind the constant arguments between the mother and daughter. Secondly, he is also concerned about her negative aura of the client. The client is also eager to experience PLR.

Session 1 :
Stages 1 to 8 were completed during the first session.


Constant conflicts/arguments between Mother and daughter.

A rebellious attitude towards the wrongs in society.

Session 2 :

Completed Stage 9.Informed her that she should feel free to do whatever she wants during the session, whether that’s crying, laughing, or moving/adjusting her body. After she was comfortable , proceeded to Stage 10.

IMR was established.

“T” represents what the therapist said, and “C” represents what the client said.

We both prayed almighty god and masters.

Began the induction with the Dave-Elman technique, followed by Progressive Relaxation, and further deepened the state with the Ball of Light method.

The non-verbal cues indicated that the client is in a deeply relaxed state, characterized by relaxed and deep breathing, relaxed body parts, and relaxed eyeballs.

Visualization was carried out with a magnificent garden surrounded by snowy mountains. According to the questionnaire, the client’s dominant sense was visual. However, it was discovered post-session 2 that the client is kinesthetic. With Visual as her secondary sense, she could visualize this beautiful place. It was noticeable that her feet were moving up and down.

It was suggested that the garden would be her sanctuary, a place where she could feel rejuvenated, energized, secure, loved, and very much at peace. It was emphasized that she could always return to this garden in her mind, whenever she might feel any discomfort during the session. Furthermore, it was recommended that she carry all the divine, positive energy from this garden with her, and recall it anytime she wishes in the future.

She could recollect of a forgotten dress which was gifted to her. Could not recollect any other childhood memory or pre-natal experience. Deepening was performed.

During the reframing process, she was able to observe many of her painful memories and managed to encapsulate them in metaphorical metal frames. Stress emerged (Observed non-verbal cues ) as she recollected her painful memories and was managed through EMDR. After throwing these boxes in the sea, the client expressed a sense of serenity and peace through her non-verbal’s. Subsequently, she was guided back to the garden and gently brought out of her relaxed state.

Post session discussion: The client informed that she could only visualize what the therapist suggested. However, it was not a continuous visualization but appeared in separate frames. Knowing her overall active personality and her feet movement while walking in the garden, the therapist decided to re-evaluate her dominant sense through a new set of questions. During this re-assessment, it became clear that her dominant sense is Kinesthetic, with Visual as a secondary sense.

Session 3:

Lot of noise due to the Military Jet plane practicing above our building. Had to abort this session in between.

Session 4 :

Therapist decided to conduct the session considering the dominant sense as Kinesthetic. We started with a prayer.

We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation.

Next to garden and from there to an ancient temple.

She could meet her master in the temple. Her feet moved while she was walking in the garden and temple.

The client was guided to walk into the garden and keep walking on a narrow road with soft grass and huge trees and both sides of the road. Could notice the client’s feet moving . As her to imagine a temple at the end of the road and let the therapist know once she reaches at the staircase of the temple where she met her master. Later, she was guided to walk into a beautiful corridor and asked her to walk through multiple staircases to further deepen her experience. When she entered one of the doors of her choice.

T: What comes to your awareness? What could you feel?

C: Could see a door and a light coming through this door and at a distant there is something like Shiva Lingam.

T: What else could you feel?

T: What comes to your awareness? What could you feel?

T: Look around you do you see anything else?


T: You can be there for some time. Let me know how you are feeling being here.

C: Peaceful.

T: Take this positive energy of peace inside you. You could remember this peace anytime it is required.

T: Should we move out of here ?

C: Yes

She was guided to walk into a beautiful corridor along with the master and asked her to walk through multiple staircases to further deepen her trance. She was advised to enter one of the doors of her choice where she could be in an experience where the conflicts with her daughter originated.

T: As you open the door of your choice, you may go back to the time where the cause of conflicts between you and Ketaki is rooted.

T: What comes to your awareness? What could you feel?

C: Feeling very heavy in my stomach.

Non-verbal’s suggested that the stress emerged. Managed stress through BRV.

Gave some time to process the experience as kinesthetic being her dominant sense.

T: What is happening?

C: I feel that my abortion is happening. Feeling very heavy.

T: Relax take deep breath. What happened next?

C: Feeling very heavy.

She spoke something but therapist could not hear it properly. He felt she is in pain so decided to go back to the garden and make her feel relaxed.

T: I will 3 to 1 you may choose to be in the garden. 3 2 1. Be here. Look at the beautiful flowers, wonderful trees. Lust green Mountains. Let me know once you feel little relaxed.

C: Indicated with her finger.

T: Should we go back to the same event of abortion and check would could be the cause ?

T : I will count from 3 to 1 you may choose to be in the memory where your abortion took place. What are you feeling.

C: feeling very heavy. I am getting a feeling that she is Ketaki (Her daughter).

After a long pause.

C: He is a boy.

T: How are you feeling about it?

C: Feeling sorry about it.

T: What was the reason you had to abort this baby.

C: She said her husband visited prostitutes and she developed a disease and doctor recommended abortion.

T: Take deep breathe relax.

Therapist wanted to check if the conflict between is her daughter is rooted in any other life hence tried to create an affect bridge of the feeling of sorrow.

T: You may Multiply the feeling of sorry two times and create a bridge of it and start walking on it as I could from 10 to one and you could choose to go back into the time where the karma between you and your daughter was set into the motion. 10…start waking on the bridge … 9…8… 7…6 keep wakling… 5…4…3… as I could one choose to be in an experience where the karma between you and Ketaki was set in to motion. 2…1 What comes to your awareness?

C: Nothing.

T: What could you feel?

After a long pause

C: Still am getting the same feeling of abortion.

T: Who else is around you.

C: It is the same scene.

T: As I count from 3 to 1 choose to be in a magnificent garden as I reach 1. 3 2 1.

Be there.

T: Are you in the garden?

Client confirmed through IMR response.

T: Relax here for few moments. Take deep breathe. Let yourself go deeper and deeper into relaxation with each breathe you take.

After few moments once the client nonverbal suggested that is relaxed.

T: Start walking on the soft grass in the garden. Feel the softness of the grass as you walk. Imagine beautiful trees at both the sides of the road as you walk. The road is full of flowers various types and colors. Feel the breeze. Let this breeze deepen you more and more as you walk. At the end of the road, you could imagine a beautiful lake let me know once you could feel of see the lake.

Received positive IMR response. Imagine a boat inside the lake. Let me know one you are near the boat. Received positive IMR response.

Sit you may choose to sit inside the boat it is safe. This boat will take you to a safe Island where you could meet your Master. Indicate with your finger once you feel your master is with you. Received positive IMR response.

C: I could see swami Samarth.

T: How are you feeling here?

C: Very peaceful.

Therapist could notice immense peace on the clients face and could sense the change in energy around. All this while her face was always a bit tensed even while speaking. It was the first time he could experience such nonverbal.

T: Experience this peace as much as you wish. It will be always available with you whenever you need it. Just remember this experience and you can feel the same peace. Let me know once you are done.

After few moments got IMR response to proceed.

Therapist guided her to the next island where she could meet a person with whom her closure is not done.

T: Whom could you feel around you?

C: It is Ketaki (Her daughter)

Therapist thought that this could be a stage of forgiveness with her daughter however next moment she said her grand daughter is also there. It was a memory of some place she visited earlier. ( An island)

Guided her back to the garden. Performed few deepeners.

Therapist decided to work on the second theme.

T: Go back to the time where the rebellious attitude towards wrongs the society originated. What comes to your awareness. What could you feel?

C: I feel I am in one of the sessions of the social organization.

T: How old are you?

C: Around 19 years before marriage.

T: What is the conversation about ?

C: We are discussing about the Atrocity against the women.

T: How are you feeling about it?

C: Hatred.

T: Can we check where this hatred is originating from?

C: yes

T: Increase the intensity of this hatred 4 times and make a bridge of this feeling and start walking on it as I start counting from 10 to 1. 10…9…8…7…as you reach 1 you could choose to be in an experience from where this hatred towards Atrocity against the women originated. What comes to your awareness? What could you feel?

C: Nothing

Allowed few moments to process as she is Kinesthetic.

T: Can you see hear feel anything?

C: No

Later therapist guided her back to the garden and made her relaxed.

Navigated to the most significant events on this lifetime where she could recollect a memory with her sister and brother-in-law who a constant source of support system for her. She eyes watered during this experience and said that her sister was always supporting her in her entire journey. Therapist wiped her eyes.

At this moment I remembered words form my beloved master though I do not recollect exact words overall it was about wiping the tears.

T: How are you feeling in this experience.

C: Feeling supported.

T: Hold this feeling with you. It will always be with you and can be recollected wherever it is needed.

Therapist guided her back to the garden. Relaxed her and asked her to reexperience the peace she experienced in the temple and same peacefulness could be seen on the face.

T: Do you still hold any hatred against the wrong in the society.

C: Yes. We should always rebel against the wrong.

T: Can we connect with your master and ask him about it?

C: yes

Asked her to imagine that a wiseman or a guru visit her in the garden.

T: Can you see or feel the master.

C: I could see Swami Samarth.

T: Can you ask him is it fine to be rebellious or its intensity can be reduced?

After some pause.

C: He is telling to reduce the intensity.

T: I allow you few moments to reduce the intensity of this hatred. Your subconscious knows how much intensity is required for your soul growth. Indicate with you finger when it is done.

Got positive IMR response.

Client looked very tired hence decided to emerge out.

T: You wish to come out of the session or continue.

C: Come out.

Emerging out:

T: Your body filled with the light is still healing and continue to heal even after this session. The peace which you experienced in presence of your master will always stay with you and can be re-experienced whenever you need. The support you felt from your sister can be remembered anytime and feel supported.

I will count from 1 to 10 start to count and could choose to slowly awaken. 1…2 feeling great feeling refreshed. 3…4… leaving behind all the negative experiences.

5…6. feeling more and more positive, relaxed and rejuvenated… 7…8… feel yourself in the room… 9… more alert … 10 you can slowly open your eyes.

Closure & Integration :

I checked in with the client, who expressed satisfaction with the experience and shared that she feels much lighter. On the same day, she explained her circumstances to her daughter and sought forgiveness for the abortion. Her daughter was able to forgive her wholeheartedly. The client reported that their bond and understanding have significantly improved. The intensity and frequency of their arguments and conflicts have reduced to just 10% of what they were previously.

The client’s son-in-law, who previously felt uncomfortable in her presence due to her negative aura, has experienced a remarkable improvement and can now comfortably be around her. He was very pleased with the therapy and has expressed interest in undergoing regression therapy himself.

A month later, I collected feedback again and found that the results remained consistent.

I suggested to the client that she should practice meditation and allocate time for herself, rather than over-mothering. I also recommended that she include a few activities in her daily routine that bring her inner joy.

Given her age, there is no need to hold onto negative feelings from the past. Life has entered a new phase where she should focus on herself. Since circumstances have changed, she should let go of extreme emotions that are no longer relevant at this stage of life. Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.

Pain level (post session) : 1/10

With Love,



Very patiently executed dear Ashish, you took utmost care to stick to the stages as taught by our Guru. As a result her pain level dropped to 1… fantastic work​:blush::+1:


Thank you, dear Kushik, for your valuable feedback and encouraging words. I am simply following the teachings imparted by our beloved guru, Venu, and adhering to the rules. I always prioritize my clients’ safety over results, and therefore, I prefer to proceed patiently.


Hello Ashish,
I am so inspired by the way you conducted the session, I appreciate your visualizations suggestions and ability to hold the client’s trance level despite the challenges she was facing , again a beautiful life lesson learnt from this case, how subconscious mind conditionings can be reframed for client’s healing purpose.
Great work done, all the best!

Moumita Tamhankar


Dear Ashish,
It seems to me that you are dealing with a very challenging case. It’s wonderful that your patience brings the client to their utmost peace level. I’m content that, despite the many challenges, you were able to bring peace to her life and behavior. All the best!


Hello Momita,

Thank you for your uplifting words. Receiving appreciation from someone as experienced as you is truly blissful. It enables the transcendence of hardships and challenges, igniting enthusiasm for the forthcoming cases.



Dear Ashish,

Thank you for conducting the sessions and bringing the healings to the client. :yellow_heart:

My feedback is as under for your consideration please,

We consider the emotions the client feel owing to presenting problems and then arrive at wording the THEME.

Eg: Anything wrong>>>Intolerable>>Rebel>>Anger.

:dart: :dart:

Once the Divine has come to the consciousness What Else is needed to be felt ??? The only course of action is to be patient, let client experience and imbibe the ultimate bliss :raised_hands: :raised_hands:. Take a dip or two in it yourself as well… :innocent:

Apropos, We may amend our suggestions, accordingly.

Consider some paraphrase and suggestion like dear @ceoccfb

I appreciate your patience in giving time to the client being K as well as time needed to process the traumatic past.

Before attempting this, We may have processed the FEELING OF SORRY indicated by client earlier so as to confirm if she still carries it in her consciousness or physical body and if so, resolve it for all life times to come.

We then reached here,

May be this was our second opportunity here to manage the stress and process the emerging trauma. The subconscious brings up only the most critical !

What could have made us decide to proceed this way? You may help us to understand.

Having not resolve the issue,We received the expected answer.

We intend to keep the suggestions indirect and open ended.

May be we need to enhance stress management during conduct of the session.

I am very happy for the outcomes reported.

Wishing you many more healings …


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thank you, Neelam, for your support and encouragement. Yes, by the grace of God, she is very much at peace.


Dear Monesh,

Thank you for your valuable feedback and guidance. I have gone through your comments and noted them for my future sessions. Your suggestions are of utmost importance to us as they bring with them a lot of learning. Thank you for being a supportive presence.


Hi Ashish,
Wonderful session. Your visualizations were beautifully crafted and nudged. Its interesting to note for having observed her K to be stronger than her V, Kudos to the therapist. Show how the session could be continually adapted to suite the clients nature and need!
Best of PLRT in future.


Well done @Ashish-Meher
Almost all that I wanted to share has already been done by our beloved @Monesh_Bathre do follow them. (Except that I couldn’t our Arvind’s comments.)


Very well conducted session Dear Ashish, and by the feedback received by Monesh sir, lot of learning received, the very finer aspects of our framing our sentences, and handling the stress. :blush: :+1: :dizzy:

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Dear Beloved Guru Venu,

Your guidance and shared experiences have been invaluable.Thank you for upholding such high standards and being an excellent mentor. Your direction and insightful comments have made me a better PLR therapist.

With Love


Thanks lot Dr. Lata for your kind words. Your feedback means a lot to me.
Absolutely correct, every feedback from Monesh is worth reading as it brings lot of learnings with it. :slightly_smiling_face: