Therapist merging with Client and being blessed profusely by Ardhnareshwar

Name : Radha (Name Changed)

Sex : F

Age : 40+

VAK : 5/4/6

Hypnotisability : 8/10

Eye Roll Score : 2/4


Date : 27th November 2023

Time : 07:30 – 22:15

Stages 1 to Stage 10

History Taking

Radha is an educated person currently in the role of a college principal. She is married and have two kids.

Her Childhood was very normal and happy. She has fear of height as well as water. She is a Shiv Bhakt. She had a shivling at home and used to do regular puja. However, the day the news of her father’s death was received, she threw the shivling in rage and it got broken into two equal halves. Once the anger subsided she self realized that she separated Shiv and Parvati.

Her marriage rituals was not as per expectation. Post marriage she always stayed away from her husband as her husband had a job in a distant location and used to come, may be on weekends or alternate weekends.

The husband had unintentional affairs in the initial years of marriage which resulted into many fights and physical abuse too. Even after about 10+yrs of marriage the arguments continue and they still leave apart except for some weekends or extended holidays.

Both of them have tried to get separated legally but both of them have some strong connection with each other, which doesn’t let them seriously think of legal separation.

She has good relationship with her brother, her mother and both of her inlwas, her sister in law, her children and has many friends.

During the turbulent times of her marriage, her group of friends, especially there are 3 close friends on whom she depends and they have helped her throughout her life. Whenever she is with her friends she is much more comfortable than when she is with her husband.

She is following Art of Living and is very much into various meditation of Art of Living, and have done many advanced courses in meditation.

She wants to explore her traumatic relationship with her husband.

Theme Setting : Traumatic Relationship with husband.

Pain Level - 9

Induction : Dave Elman – 30mins

Progressive Relaxation – 30mins

Visualisation – 30mins

In visualization ball of light was not visualized, hence shower of light was used.

Then garden and from there Cliff was attempted (inspite of knowing she had fear of heights – but she felt the fear and hence happy moments was conducted sitting on the bench.

Session 2

Date : 29th November 2023

Time : 22:10hrs – 02:30hrs

Stages : 10 to 12

Induction : Dave Elman + PR + Visualization

The client was taken into garden and reframing was done for past and future life events, on the bench itself. The boxes were drowned in a small pond just besides the bench.

From this bench, the client was asked to imagine a big fat banyan tree and at the count of 3-2-1, you may find yourself at that life time from where the traumatic relationship with your husband started. 3-2-1.

C – This is what the Client said

T – This is what the therapist said.

T – What do you perceive in your surrounding?

C – I see a lady. Foreigner. Wearing black shoes, heels, blouse. She is having two chotis (Hair combed in 2 chotis).

T – What is her name. What is her age.

C – 14/15yrs. (Then started crying profusely). She is getting beaten. (moving her body to avoid beating and crying profusely)

T – Who is beating?

C – A man.

T – The entire event has already happened. You are watching a past life event and you are safe. Keep breathing deeply.

Client started normal breathing and anxiety reduced to a considerable extent.

Probed further for 2-3 minutes but the beating continued and nothing more could be explored. Neither the client could remember her name.

At the count of 3-2-1, you may go to your childhood time where you are having dinner with your family. 3-2-1

What do you perceive around you?

C : (After sometime) A dinner table. Im a small girl wearing a frock. It’s a old hut.

T : What is your name

C : Elina

T : You may try to look around you and lets see what you can perceive

C : A man outside the hut. I am locked inside. It’s a broken hut. Im very good looking.

T : Whats your age

C : 4yrs

(After probing around for sometime, nothing came out, the client was taken to the next significant event in this lifetime)

T : What do you perceive now?

C : (Smiling – After few minutes) There is a verandah. A small child is there. He is my present life brother. One lady is standing there. She is telling “Elina, don’t touch him”. The lady seems to be my present life Mother.

T : Whats your age Elina

C : 6yrs

(After probing around for sometime, nothing came out, the client was taken to the next significant event in this lifetime)

T : What do you perceive, Elina

C : I see a church. There is a wedding. Im wearing a wedding gown.

T : Whats your age Elina

C : Im 21yrs

T : Who is the groom.

C : I can see the boy. He is far way, with the priest.

T : Where are you.

C : Im at the entrance of the church.

T : Why don’t you go and join the grrom.

C : Too much crowd.

T : Can you recognize the groom.

C : After lot of efforts. I can clearly see him but cannot recognize him.

T : Okay. At the count of 3-2-1, you will be at the front of the church, besides the groom. 3-2-1

C : All of a sudden starts crying and body shivers violently. Stress starts to develop.

T : Elina, whatever it is, it has already happened. Keep breathing deeply. You are completely safe. Keep on breathing deeply.

(Client continues crying but body movement stops. Breathing is stabilised)

C : Many candles are burning. There is so much greyish smoke. So many candles are burning and again starts shaking the body

T : Elina, you may float upwards and see the entire scene from top. (Client stops crying and moving the body. Breathing is stabilized). What do you see or perceive.

C : The groom is lying on the ground. The church is full of grey smoke. People are running around.

T : Can you see the groom? Can you identify him?

C : I can see him but cannot identify him.

T : You may look around the groom, there may be a wedding card on which your name and grooms name will be written.

C : Yes, I can see the card. But the card is very dirty. Cannot see anything.

T : You may blow some air on the card, the dust will be removed and you will see the name of the groom.

C : I can see my name Elina but I can see only S of the groom’s name. Rest is full of dust and I cannot remove the dust.

(Later when she emerged Client said that it was not certain that the groom had died but inspite of all the efforts, the name was not revealed to me)

T : Let us now proceed towards the last moment of your life. At the count of 3-2-1, you may find yourself at the last moment of your life. 3-2-1

What do you perceive, Elina?

C : A big ship.

T : Whats your age?

C : 21yrs

T : What else do you see?

C : Im standing alone. The ship is sailing away.

T : Which place is this?

C : Italy

T : What type of feeling you are getting

C : Lonely (crying)

(after spending some time probing around this and also trying to go to the last moment of this life time….to no avail, it was decided by the therapist to go into another life time………3-2-1)

T : What do you perceive

C : A tree. Iam sitting besides a tree. Its full moon. Im in a garden. Im very beautiful.(Smiling)

T : What is your name and age.

C : Rani. Im 25yrs old.

T : What else do you perceive

C : (Client silent for about 5mins……but shaking her head from RHS to LHS intermittently. Upper part of the body too moving.

There is a window……big window. Outside the room there is a big river. It looks like Benaras. A lady inside the window, is asking me to dance. I see a flash of many men sitting there and enjoying my dance. Then she saw herself reading Namaaz very seriously. On asking which year it was, she told it is 1680. She was feeling very good and fearless. Then she saw her guruji (on asking who is the guruji – she replied Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) asked me to come with him as he said “Chal tujhe Kashi Vishwanath ka darshan karvata hoon”.

T : Where are you now?

C : I have come back to the Garden bench.

T : Would you like to emerge or you would like to go to another past life to explore your traumatic relationship with your husband.

C : I would like to explore another lifetime.

T : In front of your bench there is a big fat banyan tree. Are you able to perceive it?

C : Yes (through IMR)

T : Good. At the count of 3-2-1 you will go to the other side of the banyan tree and at the count of 1, you may find yourself in a lifetime from where your traumatic relationship with your husband started. 3-2-1

The client was silent for few moments then started yelling in fear and crying. Then after some moments she started smiling. This went on for about 10 mins. In between she only told that her deceased father was there, and she was talking to her father. I requested her to give my regards to her father and told her to ask all her queries to her father and once she is finished, she may inform me through IMR.

After about 10mins she raised her finger indicating she is ready.

T : Would you like to emerge or would you like to explore another past life.

C : I would like to emerge.

The client was emerged.

Clients Story

When I reached the other side of the banyan tree, there was a black demon, dressed fully in black and was trying to scare me. As I was nearing the banyan tree, the banyan tree was getting farther and farther away from me and the black entity was trying to hold me. All of a sudden I saw a light and my father emerged and with right hand he pushed me away towards the bench and with other hand pushed away the black entity. When I was trying to see what the black entity was doing, my father told me to look the other way, away from the demon. The demon went away immediately. I then was with my father and he was showing his love and affection continuously. Then when I asked about my traumatic relationship with my husband, father simply told me to forget everything about my past and look ahead in the future. He repeated told me not to look back but look at the future. He told future is good and he is always with me. When he was saying this, he was pointing towards the other side of the garden with one hand, which was getting bigger and bigger and pointing towards the rising sun and very beautiful daylight and with the other hand he was showing me a watch in which the time was 11:15 (Clock’s small hand and big hand)

Then she told me that when the session started and she was in the garden, it was beautiful daylight, throughout the garden.

But when she came in the garden the second time, it was dark night. She tried to image daylight badly, but couldnot. Then the demon thing happened. But once her father came, the demon side was still dark, but the other side, where her father was pointing, it was daylight with a beautiful rising sun.

Pain Level after the session : 0

Through reframing, 50% of her pain level had got reduced and then because her father has said that not to look behind, future is bright and he is with her all the time.

Session 3

Date : 2nd December 23

Time : 19:13hrs to 22:15hrs

Induction : DE+PR+Visualisation and then garden.

T : On your right hand side, you will see a room which two doors, one leading to the other. Can you perceive it?

C : Yes

T : as you enter the first door and go out of the room through the second door, at the count of 1, you may find yourself in that lifetime when the traumatic relationship with your husband started. 3-2-1

What do you perceive, Radha?

C : (Shivering) Desert. One lady. She is sitting besides a fire lit to lessen the cold. A snake.

T : Where are you?

C : Im the snake. (She is rolling her sideways)

T : What are you feeling

C : Im feeling good. A snake charmer is playing the bin

T : Can you recognize the lady and the snake charmer?

C : No

T : Try to go in front and look at their eyes.

C : No. I cant see clearly. Now Im in box. I can see them but there is a mesh like thing in front of me (she is now inside a box)

T : At the count of 3-2-1, you will go to the last moment of your life. 3-2-1

What do you perceive

C : Some peculiar reaction by trying to avoid something and going in a foetal position. A eagle is cutting me. He is eating me….crying

Then she starts smiling and continues to narrate

I am a girl. Wearing black clothes. In a desert. A man is sitting on a char-payi and a fire is lit. The man is old and has small small beard.

T : Do you know the man

C : No

T : What else do you perceive.

C : There is a hut.

T : Go inside the hut. See there is a piece of paper on which the name of the man is written.

C : Yes a piece of paper is there but only “S” word is there. Rest of the paper is torn. A young man comes in.

He is my father.

Clients starts crying.

T : What do you perceive

C : I see many pillars.


Papa is taking me there.

T : What else do you perceive

C : Cheeta (Funeral Pyre - Later she told that she had a glimpse of , Gomukh in Chittorgarh Fort)

I see a fort. (on enquiring which fort,) It seems to be chittorgarh fort. There is khai (Steep fall – Client is trying to look at the bottom of the Khai).

Before I could proceed with this engram, client automatically went into another life time and started describing

C : A stone is rolling and coming down to hit me.

(Then she raises her hand to try to stop the stone and winches badly and starts crying)

T : You may please float upwards and see what is happening

C : (Returning back to normal breathing but with a frown in eye brows) A beautiful girl is lying down on the grass. The big stone rolled down and hit her…Then she starts smiling

After few moments

T : What do you perceive Radha

C : A beautiful lady is taking me up and up beyond the clouds. Im holding her hands.

I see a bright light. A very bright light

T : Try to go towards the light. You may find your soul guide or Masters in this white light. The white light is also very healing.

C : (Silent for few minutes. Bending and moving her body like a snake. And then smiling) A voice is telling me don’t worry. Everything will be okay.

T : Whose voice is it? What do you perceive?

C : It is Shivji’s voice.

T : Where is the beautiful lady who was with you.

C : She is not here.

Shivji is telling that time has not come that I can reveal myself to you. Donot worry. Don’t look into your past. Your future is very good. Im with you always. Now go back.

T : Please convey my pronam to shivji

C : Smiling a lot……and after almost 4-5 minutes)

Bhaiyya…….aap dhok (pranam) laga rahe ho

Aap ko bahut aashirwad mil raha hai

T (after a silence for few moments) what are you perceiving Radha

C : Im back into the garden. Sitting on the bench.

T : You may relax here

After few moments, would you like to go to another lifetime or want to get emerged.

C : I want to come back

T : All your queries have been answered or some queries are remaining.

C : All my queries have been answered.

T : (Emerging the client as per protocol)

In a moment I will be counting from 1 to 10. As I count from 1 onwards, your awareness will slowly come back to this room and at the count of 10, you will be fully present in the present state. 1…….2………5 slowly rub your palms.

C : Bhaiya, you are sitting on this recliner. How can I rub my palms

T : (Little perplexed) but immediately changed the instructions….

Ok…I am making you rub your palms

(then client starts rubbing her palms)

4……3……2……(I am slowly rubbing your eyes with your palm

And 1 , you are now fully aware and present in this room.

End of PLR.

Clients Story

As the boulder hit me, I died and started floating upwards. All of a sudden a beautiful lady came and held my hands and started taking me upwards…above the cloud. Then I saw a bright light which was pulling us towards it. The light was getting brighter and brighter as we move towards it. It was feeling very healing and serene. As I entered the bright light, the lady disappeared. Then I was sucked inside the bright light and was going in a zig-zag way and the speed of my movement increased tremendously, almost felt like supersonic……means beyond imagination. As I came out the other way, I saw a greyish like figure. I saw a S shaped snake and then a trishul. It felt like Shivji. He said now is not the time that you can see me. I asked him about my relationship with my husband. He said don’t look back. Forget the past. Look ahead. Your future is good. Don’t worry. I am always with you. Now go back. Then you said that please convey my pronam. Then immediately I could see again the beautiful lady and slowly the half of the lady became Shivji and I could see very clearly “Ardhnareshwar”

And I could see you that you were postering infront very very sincerely and both Parvatiji and Shivji was blessing you profusely for a long time. Sometimes I felt that you and me are same.

Once Shivji and Parvatiji went back, I came back to the recloner. I came back in such a speed….the door of the rooms closed fut fut (first door) then fut fut (second door) and then with full force on the recliner. Even when you were emerging, I couldnot feel my hands….It was you all along…

Then she said that even though she couldn’t see her past life with her husband, but she doesn’t have any inclination to do so now. Shivji has told not to look back and he is always with me. My father has also told the same thing. I am now very happy. She said, throughout the session, she felt the presence of her deceased father and Guru Shri Shri Ravishankar.

Pain Level : On asking for her pain level, she told it is ZERO.

Incidentally her husband’s name starts with ‘S’

Integration & Closure

The Masters didn’t allow to witness the past life relationship with her present life husband, but, the soul guide (client’s deceased father) as well as Lord Shiva, specifically told not to bother about what happened in the past, but to look ahead, as future is good and they are always besides the client. She shouldnot worry. They are always with the client.


  • To continue with her meditation.
  • Pray to Shivji and Parvatiji daily
  • Go to Shiv Mandir every Monday and offer water to Shivji.

Wow, it was so well executed. I read it again to enjoy the journey. You took utmost care to overcome the stress during session. The experience with Ardhanreshwar was breathtaking. Client’s decreased pain level was a cherry on the top​:bouquet::+1:


Wow nice session Deepak!..It was a double whammy for you. Very lucky to feel blessed from non-other…
Lot of things to learn from these incidents. Even through we go to check on our past lives to uncover, the emphasis is to keep moving forward and not to worry about one’s past but look forward to our bright possibilities in future!


@deepakchaks by far this was great session. Loved reading


Wow nice session. Some times masters didn’t allow to go in past and give us assurance of our better present… wow


Dear Deepak,

You are indeed blessed to have the almighty thyself endow the sessions proceedings.

I give it to you for taking the risk and then managing it well. Would still recommend to keep the session simple and avoid any stress building avenues.

Aptly called the client with the Past Life Name.

I find the fundamentals getting validated here.

We all are from one source only, here to experience the MAYA of separation in the NAME and FORM.

Have many blessed sessions in future.
:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Yes Meenu. Masters and subconcious mind are the guardians. They will not allow if we are not ready to absorb past mistakes but will guide us for the immediate future. Thanks for your comments.

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Hi Pooja. Thankyou so much for your appreciation.


Thanks Ananda. Yes, thats true. Seeing the Root cause in the PLRT is not entirely in your own hands. I have seen it in many cases, the sub concious doesnt let you go and see…but gives the message through masters so that one can understand and the pain level reduces.

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Thanks Kaushik for your comments. This case was really something out of the ordinary. It was emotionally very satisfying. Thankyou so much.


Thankyou so much Monesh for your appreciation. Wish you would have more critically gone through my sessions. Your comments , insights and suggestions are worth its weight in gold. It improves my performance as a therapist.
Thankyou so much.


Dear Deepak Ji,

Pl accept my gratitude for all the love :heart: It works as a great motivator and booster…

I try my best to give the feedbacks as critical as possible within my abilities. I make an attempt to balance out the content of feedback, time available and my response time lapse … Else @Kaynaz_Ghista says …BAHUT DIN LAGA DIYE :smile:

When the the session is blessed with the presence of God Almighty Himself and that too as the ARDHNARESHWAR…there is not much left for me.

Then I better soak myself up in the divine shower as I read through the case. :pray: :pray: :pray:

In that aspect you are truly blessed :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

Will work on your recommendation.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Hahahahahah…I am so so blessed :innocent: @Monesh_Bathre… ke koi mujhe “Dua oo mein yaad karta hai”…now tau @deepakchaks reunion on 15th aug 2024 is pakka as treat tau banta hai moneshji ko :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well done @deepakchaks
Further to the feedback from @Pooja and @Monesh_Bathre

Pretty close, you are getting better at this!

very good Deepak, you are really becoming awesome at the art of indirect suggestions.


We could have gone back to the childhood in that lifetime and again moved forward to the significant events and attempted PD, as the D of IDT happens only then, and without the T, what’s the point of a session. But as you have tried your best but couldn’t elicit any PD, this could be when the sprit was in suspension… what we know as a ghost/entity.

Paraphrasing could have been better here.

Master deepening techniques now, and some how I didn’t like the approach of find a card and trying to get the name… As therapists our job is to excavate what happened without tampering the past. For example what if there were no cards but had scrolls in those days?

please paraphrase what the client has provided so far.


what else do you need @deepakchaks, so blessed!

well of course, once the Master therapist comes!

Now focus on your resolutions Deepak,
One thing that’s commendable is how you’ve remained undeterred by your past shortcomings in PLR sessions, but shared them with all of us and have finally come up with such a blessed session. Do master resolutions now, keep sharing and guiding others.


My dear @deepakchaks ji…wooww…
I scrolled up twice on the Ardhnareshwar merging and what more when u r simply blessed by the Divine…more over loved her movement in the recliner…was imagining the “Nagin Dance”…love to hear more divine cases from you as u know my clients meet the Divine…
But my cases are ekdum hatke…“Jai Bholenath”…god bless :pray:

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Dear @Monesh_Bathre…sach mein "BAHUT DIN HO GAYYE"… I m serious…waiting for your fruitful comments to improve more as you haven’t visited my 3rd case…(no jokes…ur mouth will also water there)…jaldi jaldi…god bless :pray:


Really… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: