This is why she is my Guru Ma

Something to share with my precious family.
It was exactly a year back 24th of September 2022. I was told by my husband that he didn’t want to care for me, didn’t want to worry about me anymore. It was devastating. Being with him was all that I had known for 40 long years. Learned to dependent on him. Though being an army wife I had to be independent and single handedly bring up our 3 children. Yet I was emotionally dependent on my husband. I couldn’t understand what had brought this on to me.
Whenever I told him that since he didn’t want me I would leave and never see him, ever again. To this he would react totally differently. He didn’t want me to go anywhere. I was totally confused.
I surrendered to Sai Baba. Only he would give me what I actually deserved. Being a happy person, all I wanted was to know why this suffering. All that crying was draining me down.
This is why I call her Guru Ma.
One day, when I was talking to Neha, over the phone, she just happened to ask me “When you meditate, have you ever visited your past?” Though meditation came very easy to me, I had never done that. Unknowingly she had shown me the path. Baba had spoken through her. On 9th of July after our conversation I regressed myself.
I saw 2 of my past lives with my present husband. In one life I had an affair with him (he was a my doctor) but I left him to go back to my husband. (A good friend in this life). And in my second life I die leaving him (my husband in this life) all alone. All I could tell the Master before I entered the white light is “He is lonely, He is missing me.”
Karma had shown its affect. I understood I had to suffer for the pain I had caused him. (my husband). I am at peace now. I have even promised my husband to never leave him, come what may.


Omg…seemaji…so so heart touching…what to say…but let me make the atmosphere lighter…if u remember when we were doing introduction round with dad on 1st day… I said it took time for me to come to learn past life course as years ago someone told me not to learn past life regression…as after learning…what if I found out that my current life servant was my lover or husband in past life…(my god…I was just again thinking that when I read ur post…that it’s good i havent been regressed yet on this terms​:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:)


Wow Seemaji! How strong and blessed you are! I know the pain of not being loved and appreciated despite having given my best in my own marriage. Life really did not seem possible with out the existence of this person and I would go on bearing the ‘pain’, despite having an inkling that life is not supposed to be this painful.

Not understanding the reason I finally surrendered and accepted my suffering as being Karmic and I still remember the way this acceptance finally made me feel. Like I was in deep peace and now nothing could move or shake me. It is only after these experiences that further paths have opened up for me.

I wish you all the love, joy and strength. :pray:


Hi Seemaji - I understand your suffering. I also understand that we had done in the past we need to expiate it in this or some other life time.
But when we are compassionate even though the other person is hurting us - unknowingly we expiate the karma. And it expiates super fast.
Everybody doesn’t have the good fortune to get self regressed through meditation. I cannot even meditate.
But knowing that you were able to do it and also getting healed ( I’m sure your pain kevel must have come down drastically after the meditation) - I really feel very happy.
Take care.

With Best Regards/ Deepak


Oh wow, what a lovely after effect it had. Thank you for sharing, Seema ji.
Lot of love & respect!


Wow Seemaji…Life has never been easy but we make it as you did. You are a brave lady and I am sure you will be always there for him, no matter what.
Life comes with lessons which we all have to learn so pains are just lessons suffering is atmosphere to learn lesson fast.

We are blessed to have you with us.

May god bless you always. :heart:


@Seema_Ramakrishnan, first of all, congratulations on your success with self-regression! :clap: That’s an inspiration to many. :pray: Your love, faith, sincerity, exploratory nature, and the grace of Baba will surely lead you to higher realms. I wish you all the best for a joyful and great relationship with everyone you come across. :raised_hands:


Thanks a lot for your kind words. means a lot coming from such an evolved soul.


dear Seemaji,
Thank you for sharing your story of transformation and healing. It serves as a source of inspiration and hope for those who may be facing similar challenges in their lives.


Hi Seema,
Just read your message and being from a similar background ( Army wife / mother) felt that I wanted to reply to your message … just a thought here …do not make the mistake of making promises/taking oaths etc , which are going to keep you tied to the person . We make such promises during very emotional times without realizing and we get stuck again! :slight_smile: …Now that you have realized the reason for the pain you went through and the previous Karmas… release yourself of this new oath/promise made and instead forgive yourself and your husband , when you are able to meditate /regress again.


Dear Brinda,
I completely understand what you are saying. I have surrendered myself to Baba. He will take me where he thinks is best for me. The promise was for someone I feel is ill. And I feel it will give him solace. As a human being i have decided to be there for him. [forgiven him]. As for not being tied to the person, I seriously don’t think it is not in my hand. Baba is there to take care of me and my family Brinda.
It still hurts at times. But i hope my karma will take me to a place where there is no pain.
Thanks again dear Brinda.
Lots of love to you.
Seema Ramakrishnan


Dear Deepak.
“unknowingly we expiate the karma. And it expiates super fast.”

Your words give me so much of strength. I find myself tilting towards negativity. But then i control myself. I pray to God to give me strength of compassion, complete faith in Him and determination to never give up. That he will keep me close to his heart.


Congrats @Seema_Ramakrishnan for the success of your self regression. Self regression is not so easy. Even I follow the same, when things are not going according to my wish, I surrender my self to Lord Krishna then the results will not affect me much. and I have seen many times in my life, after surrendering to Lord Krishna, situations/things will become more better for me than what I thought/expected.


Dear Seema - I was busy with work and am just catching up on all the sharing of my Atlantis family. Thank you for sharing - take care and remain strong as you are. Hugs, Vida