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This session was done for my nephew (I am sharing this data with his permission). The client came to me and expressed his desire to get regressed. He is by nature very sensitive to spiritual subject and understand a lot when we used to discuss about the subject.)


Name : AR

Age: 24yrs

Visual/Auditory/Kinesthetics: 5/5/5

Dominant Sense: 5

Secondary Sense: 5

Eye Roll > 4 (Cornea not visible when he pulls up)

Hypnotisability (Y/N): 7/3

Pre-talk: He is very much aware of the subject. We used to discuss on this when I was getting drawn into this domain, short time before the COVID-19 happened.

History Taking: I knew his since he is my nephew, still I prepared this “Laundry list of Themes…:blush:

Themes discussed:

Fear of water, Fear of height… Initially had a fear, Confusion with career, Interest towards Spirituality, From childhood had some inclination to divinity, Health issue (Asthma), Severe habit for buying things offline and online (Spending, behavioural issues, wasting money etc), Lack of Leadership thrust, Back Pain

Legends :

Cl: Client

Th: Therapist

Throughout the session the reader may feel that the client is being driven but on the contrary since I am closely related and I knew lot of inside information, I was trying to guide the client in the right direction so that he can dig out the right events. At the same time I was aware not to fiddle beyond a certain point and have given him enough liberty to “discover and learn”

8/10/2023 (13:00hrs to 15:00hrs)

Followed all the 15 steps enunciated by Amarantos


Th: Followed Dave Elman for about 45min

Th: Followed by Progressive Relaxation 45 min

Th: Then took the client to the Garden

Th: Then asked the client to imagine a small Goddess Kali temple in the Garden itself and pray to help him see his soul guide, father (who passed away when he was 3-4 yrs old)

Th: Came back to the Garden, sat there for a while.

Th: Anybody you are able to see/feel?

Cl: Amma (Client’s mother/My younger Sister)

Th: Great, take her blessing, touch her feet…

Th: what is your colour (Spiritual Maturity)?

Cl: White…. (Between Level I & II ) Fairly new in human consciousness term, defined by Dr Michael Newton)

Th: What is your mothers colour?

Cl: Golden throughout (Between level II & III)

Th: Check your father if he is there….

Th: Also check your Soul guide…

Cl: Amma

Th: What??? Is Amma your Soul Guide?

Cl: Yes

Th: Check your father, call him from your heart

Th: 3…2…1 try going to your mother’s womb, see how you feel…

Cl: Warm…

Th: On the count of 3…2…1 try if you see events from your previous life…

Cl : No…

Th: Going to count from 3…2….1, let go back to the garden and check whether your father is there…

Th: Go deeper and deeper, relax further, pay attention to your breathing, feel that your body is getting further deeply relaxed…

Th: Is your Soul Guide with you?

Cl: Yes…

Th: Going to count 3….2……1 lets go to the wooden bridge which is going into the sea. The end the bridge is not visible. Its passing through an area of FOG in the sea…Lets start walking on the bridge……

Th: You have stress as one of the themes. Once you hit the fog, you may get the answer of the origination of this stress in your current life.

Th: 3….2….1, let’s start walking on the wooden bridge. You may fly instead of walking on the bridge, towards the fog…

Cl: Client started to see his father on the bridge…

Th: Aha!!!, Touch his feet, take his blessing. Ask him, where he has been all these years. Why did he leave you guys (Father did not die naturally rather he committed suicide due to debt issues with lenders…

Then on top of that society is cruel as we all know. They have a habit of gossiping and it destroys people’s lives who are connected with the events, but they do not care. So in the same scheme of things, my clients mother and his “Vallyachchan” (Father’s elder brother) were pulled into to create controversy and even painted them as murderers!

Th: Touch your father’s feet, seek his blessings.

Ask him, where he was, why did he go etc.

Client is very happy and emotional when interacting with him….

Th: Left him at that to spend quality time with his father after 21years!!!

Th: Ask your father if he has taken any birth?

Cl: Nope…

Th: Is he happy to see you?

Cl: Yes, very happy…

Th: What are the lessons from this event you are learning?

Cl: Must handle stress…Should not feel weak, should not buckle down etc

Th: Later the client told me that his father told him that he and his elder brother had an argument over business financial and also he had severe argument with some outsiders leading to the feel of “shame” and which led to his committing suicide.

His father cleared the air of suspicion and categorically said that nobody is responsible for his death except himself. He did it under stress. Could not handle it.

The black spot was washed off in few seconds!!! Afte more than 20 years!

Cl: We both are in Triveni sitting…

Th: Wow…that’s cool…(I thought client is referring to “Sangam” in Prayag….-:blush:. But later he clarified that he, his father and “Vallyachchan” (father’s elder brother) were sitting in his “Thaoojis” home in Kerala whose name is Triveni!

Cl: I am seeing “Thaooji”

Th: Wow that’s cool……(Thaooji passed away some 10 years back)

Touch his feet and take his blessing…

Th: Suddenly in between all this confusion I put on my “researcher hat” and wanted to have some fun, so asked my client to ask his father, whether he is able to see me?

Cl: Yes, Mama he is seeing you right now…:blush:

Th: Again, one question came to my mind, and I prodded my client to ask his father whether he knows where his daughter is? (I have elder Niece and this client as the younger Nephew…)

Cl: Yes Mama, he knows it very well. (Later the client told me that his father was holding his hands and they zipped past the sea and mountain and reached his sister’s room in OMAN, where she is working for Hyatt Regency Hotel in administration office. They could see her fiddling with her phone in her room, even told me what dress she was wearing….

Later my client confirmed her presence during that time period in her room…

Th: If you want to be with your father, stay with him for some time…

Cl: OK

Cl: Client is emotional and very upset that his father left

Th: Ask your father, why he left abruptly

Cl: Because Mama you were there (His father saw that I was there so he though even if he is not there, I will take care of my sister and her children (Little Weird, slipped my mind to clarify with client’s father soul). In actual life it has turned out to be similar, what my client told me and his father intended…)

Th: Pls convey my heartfelt feeling and my unconditional apology to your father and requested his father to forgive if he feels anything from my side has gone wrong knowingly or otherwise.

Cl: Yes my father has acknowledged the same…

Th: Ask your “Thaooji” how he died

Cl: Heat Attack

Th: Take his blessing and any advice if he has

Cl: Yes he has blessed me……

Cl: Thaaoji has said “Love” everybody

Cl: Thaaoji has asked him to contact his own Son who is in Dubai and come and take care of his mother who is very close to death (In reality she is bedridden in their big home (Triveni) in Kerala and nobody to look after even after having 1 Son and 4 daughters!

Th: Do not keep anything in heart and forgive your Thaooji for whatever happened between him and your father. It’s a part of life and happened long back. We need to learn from that episode and improve our life and not to repeat such mistakes ( Reframing/Rescripting ).

Th: Started to show signs of wearing out…….Want to come out?…

Cl: Yeah….

Th: Ok…5….4…3…2…1 slowly open your eyes and come back to the waking state and feel refreshed and energetic!

08/10/2023 (16:00hrs – 19:30 hrs)

Session 3

Quickly brought to trance using Psycho Dynamic Looping and Progressive relaxation

Th: What is coming to your awareness

CL: I am lying on the floor as dead body

Th: What is your name?

Cl: Madhavan

Th: Wife’s name?

Cl: Narayanikutti

Th: Which place?

Cl: Mundapallil Veedu (Mundapallil House: Current ancestral house name of my mother in Kerala)

Th: year?

Cl: 1972 (I had some reservations)

Th: How did you die?

Cl: Coconut Tree

Th: Did you fell from the tree?

Cl: Yeah….

Th: What is lesson from this event?

Cl: Listen to others, respect others view point

Th: (Narayanikutti, his wife of that life warned him not to climb…) In this life client has issue with money management, impulsive buying, does not listen etc

Th: Any kids

Cl: Daughter of 6 years, name Maya

Th: Go to some other important events…Go back further and see what you can see

Cl: My name is Omanakuttan, I am living at Alapuzha…

Cl: Wife’s name is Shanthi, fair complexion (Later on client confirmed that she is matching with his current friend who is working with him at his company in Bangalore)

Th: Later after 4th session the client told me that he was feeling little awkward being my nephew…:blush:. This girl is after him at the work place and very cordial and happy to be with the client.

Th: This past life gave the client an important peek view and information about his, could be future wife!!!

13/10/2023 (15:30hrs-19:00hrs)

Session 4:

Th: Started with a simple technique (Psycho Dynamic Loop) using client’s right hand to take him into trance quickly….

Th: Then use progressive relaxation to relax him further…

Th: Then took hm to the garden and a small temple inside the garden devoted to “Kaali” for prayer and blessings to help meet my soul guide and help me to uncover my previous life traumas & pains…

Th: After the prayers, you can go and sit on one of the benches in the garden and check out if your soul guide has come….

Th: What is coming to your awareness? Can you see anybody?

Th: Are you getting any visions, soul guide?

Cl: Soul guide…

Th: Are you sure?

Th: Who is the soul guide?

Cl: Amma…

Th: Sure? (re-validating)

Th: Request your soul guide to be with you throughout the session

Cl: hmm……

Th: Lets go to the bridge, as you know you are having issue with stress. Lets find the origin of that stress. Start to walk on this bridge, whose other end goes infinitely into the ocean. Let see what awareness you are able to see.

Th: Is the soul guide is with you?

Cl: Yes…

Th: if you want to fly, that is also fine…

Th: Anything coming into your view?..keep relaxing further and deeper…

Th: Is the soul guide is with you?

Th: Try to request your soul guide to help you to get to the origin of the stress

Th:5….4…3….2….1….go to your immediate previous life….

Th: Go to your death scene….

Th: What is your name?

Cl: Madhavan

Th: Wife’s name?

Cl: Narayanikutti

Th: How did you die?

Cl: Drowning in a large pond….

Th: Pond was situated at one of relations house “Pulimootil”. Drowning happened due to slipping…. (Possibly due to the fact that client corrected the earlier statement of having died due to falling from the coconut tree. In fact he fell and fractured his hip likely and had become semi disabled)

Th: What is the year?

Th: Is your daughter of that life still there?

Cl: Daughter passed away at the age of 77

Th: But last time you said 1972? That means this date is not correct

Cl: No the date is 1876, clarified with Soul Guide….

Th: Now it is adding up correctly…

Cl: See Onampallil temple…some kind of festival going on….

Cl: “Waal” puja (Sword Puja)

Cl: Small temple with thatched roof….

Th: Try going back further…

Cl: Nothing….

Th: Where is your soul guide

Cl: Walking…:blush:

Th: Any other incidents related to fire?

Cl: No

Th: Trying Going further back….

Th: take deep breadth….5….4….3…2…1…. you are in L-3 (I had defined current life as L0. So, telling the client to go to L-3)

Th: 3….2….1….you are in L-3

Cl: Senapathi!

Th: If you are in doubt, ask your soul guide….

Th: Whose senapathi?, which king

Cl: Swathi Thirunaal

Th: What is your name?

Cl: Arjunan

Th: Year

Cl: 1542

Th: What is coming into your view now?

Cl: War….

Th: With whom?

Cl: King Pattambiraman, Wynaad

Th: Did you guys win?

Cl: No…

Th: How did you end the war?

Cl: How about you? Were you ok?

Th: How long?

Cl: 2 days

Cl: Gave land during negotiation….

Th: How much land? Any idea

Cl: Kasargood

Th: What lesson you learnt as a Senapathi

Cl: Sneham (Love), Swabhimanam

Th: Was that a right decision?

Cl: Yes had to to make sure of ……Praja Raksha……

Th: That’s right……

Th: Did you marry?

Cl: No

Cl: Praja Seva….(Dediction…)

Th: How did he look, height?

Cl: 7 feet, Brown complexion….

Th: Come to your death scene….

Th: Can you see ……5….4….3…2…1

Cl: Vetta Etta (Due to Sword wound)….

Th: Did you die in that 2 day war?

Cl: No

Th: Take deep breadth……go slowly and steadily……

Cl: 1650

Th: With whom was the war with?

Cl: Wyanaad King, Raja Paksha Tamburan

Th: You had wound from sword?

Cl: Hm….

Th: How old were you?

Th: No problem……you did it for your king! And the Praja…, You stood by your king….(Leading and Pacing!!!)

Th: What is the lesson….

Cl: Karma Bandhanam……

Cl: Yajmaan Seva….(Service to humanity….)

Cl: I have a horse……Raghavan

Th: Was it injured?

Cl: No, Samarpanam to the owner of the horse ( In olden days the horse was used to be sacrificed along with the warrior since they believed both the souls would go to heaven!) So the kings men executed the horse and placed the head along with Arjunan’s body in the Palace.)

Cl: Black Horse…….6ft tall…… Horse name Raghavan!!!

Cl: I was vishwasthanan of the King….

Cl: Raajmatha….

Th: Who? She was the queen?

Cl: Yes…she was from Maratha and vamshaj of Chathrapathi Shivaji

Cl: Raajmatha liked Arjun so presented Raaghavan to him….

Th: See if you want to further see anything…….If you want only then you can go….

Cl: Born at Kollam!

Th: When?

Cl: 1610

Th: What is your father’s name?

Cl: Ramanathan….

Th: Mother’s name?

Cl: Meerabai…. also from Maratha legacy

Th: How many brothers and sisters, were you guys?

Cl: I was younger, there was a elder brother…

Th: What was your brother doing?

Cl: Accountant…

Th: Name?

Cl: Shivanandan

Cl: Its raining!!!

Th: Go back one life back……

Cl: I am a black female Cow

Th: Ask your soul guide, as to what could be the reason for you to be in animal body? Request please

Th: what is the year?

Cl: 800 CE

Th: No life in between?

Cl: Nope….

Th: Who was your owner?

Cl: Dhanathyan…

Th: Ask your Soul Guide what is the reason….Ask her, does this cross berth happens?

Cl: Yes, it happens…. Karma Shappam….

Cl: My milk goes to the temple for pooja….

Cl: Rishi Dhyana - Bhanggam,…. Shiva Shaapam

Cl: After this, born as Arjunan……

Cl: Mahadevan cursed to be born as Cow….

Th: Was it deliberately did something?

Cl: I was Tungabhadran….Rakshas, had two horns on my head……

Th: How many years as COW?

Cl: 20 years

Th: Lessons learnt?

Th: Ask your guide, where these Rakshas went from this earth?

Cl: Left this earth planet, they were from other planet…

Cl: Man did not had capability to fight Rakshas, so the Devas exterminated and banned them from earth planet…

Th: Client is in sever body convulsion….went like V shape on the bed…

Th: Who was it?

Cl: Mahadevan….

Th: What did he say?

Cl: Should not have revealed this….

Th: I am apologizing to him, its not your fault. I take the full responsibility…

Th: Are you upset because of this?

Th: Its just our inquisitiveness to know….

Cl: Man should not call back the daemon to earth or get in touch with them…

Th: OK…fine…let come back….come back to present life…waking state….5…4…3…2…1

Th: Was he angry?

Cl: yes

Th: Did you apologized to him?

Cl: Trishulam!..

Th: Shambo Mahadeva….

Th: The client was slipping into deeper trance, so brought him out to awaken state….

(Client reported that he was floating above the bed towards the ceiling and was then flipping down and seeing both his body and the therapist…. This experience was the same he said when he was seriously ill and admitted to hospital when he was some 10 years old and almost died when an adverse reaction to an injection paralyzed him completely and he collapsed at Allahabad. I was there with him at that time in the hospital)

(Client said that Mahadevan was more than 9 feel tall, muscular, long sharp nose!, fair and was wearing some fabric due to which could not see his feet. His spaceship was like a big temple and could cover the whole of Chennai? After mildly scolding…:slight_smile: he explained the reason. The client felt as if he has crushed him like a paper ball but even that experience was full of ecstasy!!!. After that Mahadevan turned like a dot of light and went into the spaceship and then the whole spaceship turned into a blob of light and vanished!.)

(Client then said that I have a message from Mahadevan and that is I must do my self PLR!. What can I say? I am deeply and eternally indebted to Bhole Baba…)

Closure of Submitted Themes:

Fear of water

“Drowning in the home pond”

Fear of height… Initially had a fear

“Falling from the Coconut Tree”

Confusion with career

“Arjunan’s clarity of thought for his King and service to people”

Interest towards Spirituality

From childhood had some inclination towards divinity

“Birth as Cow whose milk was devoted to temple”

Health issue (Asthma)

“Drowning to death in home pond”

Severe habit for buying things offline and online (Spending, behavioural issues, wasting money etc)

“Not listening to Narayanikutti, his wife led to falling from Coconut Tree”

Lack of Leadership thrust…

“He was an excellent leader who was loved by his King”

Back Pain

“After therapy back pain vanished next day”


Today I am feeling just goosebumps all over reading such a wonderful PLR …What a session @Ananda_Krishnan… awesome trance …wanted to know more and more outcome of it …god bless🙏


Hello Ananda ji, wow it was like witnessing a beautiful movie (which is based on the reality of human life😉). It was so patiently executed and innovative at the same time, I do not have words to explain. Just curious about the induction technique you’ve used about “Psychodynamic loop”.
Congratulations on this beautiful session​:bouquet::confetti_ball::blush:


Hi @Ananda_Krishnan! What a session. Wonderful revelations :bouquet:. You have a great inquisitive mind. Personally, I felt that this session deviated from the usual way we deal with clients. As therapists, we have learned that we are supposed to facilitate the client rather than telling the client what they are supposed to do or what we are going to get out of the client’s session. However, I liked the confidence that you showed throughout the session, and the control you maintained over your client is marvelous :star2:.

If I set aside the process that was followed, the experiences were great, and you ultimately brought about healing through the revelations from your client. Both of you seemed happy and enjoyed the session. As a reader, I too enjoyed this as if I were going through a chilling, thrilling novel. That is an amazing aspect of this session :european_castle:.

Generally, I eagerly await Venu’s or other seniors comments on the cases, but this time, as you brought a completely new perspective, I’m very eager to see Venu’s comments. Thank you for narrating and presenting the session so well :cherry_blossom:."


Historical session Anand ji… :clap: :clap: :clap:You have closed the themes brilliantly.
Thanks for sharing


Great Session Ananda. It was like I’m reading a novel. Well done.
You were a pro on your first session

Best Wishes


You conducted the session with so much conviction and attention to detail. Wonderful and soul enriching session! Beautiful learnings- clap clap clap


This is something very surprising…

This is something very new for me to know.

Reading this case makes me realise how deep the PLR experience could be. This gives me an idea of how as a therapist we can help clients navigate through lifetimes… You conducted it so wonderfully. :sparkles:


Waah Ananda

This is really amazing way of seeing souls as auras :innocent:
Superliked :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Very good learnings too

All the best Amanda for your future regressions :+1:


Dear sir

You have handled the case in your unique and interesting style .I like it.

All the best!


Thanks for conducting this splendid session and also taking the time to share it will all of us @Ananda_Krishnan
Lucky therapist and equally lucky client. Rare match.

For the below

You mean K and V?

To be honest, we hardly know ourselves :slight_smile:

It’s a Theme when it’s a word or two.

15 stages :slight_smile:

pre mature and client is “K”


? :slight_smile: All our stage 5 and 6 must act as our guard rails during the regression.

Stress is too vague to be a theme.

yes, it’s imagination but stretching it to this extent could awaken the conscious mind instead of switching off.

Instead we could have suggested, “how are you feeling? what do you feel like doing” remember we are not back seat driving as therapists’ we only nudge going deeper.

Wow! Where else is this possible! Hail PLRT!

Naughty scientist!


Plese focus on stress management to avoid this in future, the client should emerge content every time they want to come back, not when they are tired.

Wow! I need to understand more on what this is?

instead repeating any visualisations we can use a variety of them like we could have used tunnel of light here.

I would feel blessed if this was in Tamil script as we do not have any session transcripts in Tamil

phenomenal Ananda, I know that you are an excellent therapist. keep it up.


Wonderful and truly amazing session. Many new techniques and new terms. May be Venu would like to tell us more about these in our next meet.
Best part I found was the Rakshas part. I always thought evil persons were called as such as Sat Yug did not have them. Apparently, thye came from other planets in Treta and Dwapar Yug. But I am wondering why Almighty does not want us to know about this. May be Venu or other knowledgeable pesons on this form may like to clarify.

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Dear Ananda,

Greetings from a fellow Amarantanian from Chennai. :smile:

Heartiest congratulations for the session with a number of closures and magical events (that are beyond the usual concept of time and space) possible to experience through PLR modality.

Our beloved Guru Dr Venu has already given a very comprehensive feedback for learning of us all. May I suggest to kindly imbibe the same and endeavour to conduct the future sessions accordingly.

Would like to know about the Psycho Dynamic Loop you have mentioned.

My best wishes to you.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

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Dear Venu, No he was not tired but it was the culmination of “Mahadev” making him understand the other world and why he should not go to the other side. And already 3 1/2 hrs had passed and since we already reached towards the end with the client got to know most of the things he intended.

Dear Venu, Shared the video in the whatsup group regarding “PDL”, pls check.

Thank you Beloved Venu, for going going through thoroughly with your critical comments…yes he was K=5 V=5
Lots of thanks for putting the apt picture, I forgot about it in excitement!
Thanks everybody who went through and enjoyed it throughly and am sure have learnt lot of things for your own self.

Soul is nothing but Quantum energy. Human is is toddler in this field yet. Need to learn more

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Greetings Mr Ananda
Very beautifully you have done the session
More power to heal to you

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What to say Aananda ji ? You took me to a diffrent world altogether!! Reading your post was 10 times more refreshing than watching a movie.
With eye roll test score of 4 you already got a lottery ticket. Your session was very innovative and very informative too. Thank you for sharing.

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