Tom and Jerry Case

With the blessings of Dr. Venu (Guru) and my spiritual guides, I am posting my second case. Thank you to all of you for being there, directly or indirectly. Please go through this case so I can practice best. Thank you so Much .

Tom and Jerry Case

Name : Chaitanya
Age: 48
VAK :7/5/2
Eye Roll :2
Hypnotisability Score :2
Expectation : Want to be Happy and Peaceful mind.
Appearance : Was well dressed with a beautiful smile.
Pain Level :6

1st Session, 2 October, evening,11 :00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. Monday
History Taking :

Her childhood was filled with happiness due to her parents’ constant presence and her father’s pride in her,
which led to her freedom to pursue her studies.

Her father suffered from schizophrenia and was on medication, but both of her parents worked
and gave her a wealthy life. Her childhood was thoroughly supported and treated with love by her family,
so her father’s illness did not make her ill. she is an only child. She had many cousins, whom she used to see often.

After her marriage, she spent 16 wonderful years with her children and her husband,
as there was no one to charm her. In 2016, her mother-in-law suddenly came to live with her.
Previously, she stayed with her eldest son. She said that her elderly bother-in-law came
to visit her once and noticed that she was living very freely and happily.
With a lot of help, he and his wife asked his mother-in-law to stay with them.

Since then, her mother-in-law has been with them, but she does not recognise and does not speak well with her children.
she(Grand Mother) believes her children are not as good as her other son’s children.
Though Her children are wonderful, but she(Grand Mother) is unaware of them. So she(client) is confused why she’s with them even though she hates them.
She thinks she should talk to the kids or at least have a relationship with them.

She gave me an example of their relationship when she accidentally left out salt in food. She actually has a salt box in her room and adds salt to her food from there.
While saying everything, she feels that no one will listen to her because people believe that her path is a silver bullet.
She shared that even her daughter doesn’t listen to her. She like to be disciplined and she(daughter) is the exact opposite, so she spend all day thinking about how to fix everything in her life.

In the society she lives in, people value her. But she think it might be because she(client) easily get hurt, so she(client) keep her distance.

Theme : Why mother-in-law is with me?

** : Missing self worth.**

T: This is what Therapist called
C : This is what Client called

2 Session :

2 October, evening, 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.,Monday

We said prayers and invoked all the positive energies around us.
Started with Dave Elman, followed by progressive relaxation,
the staircase to get into the deeper state of the mind.

Covered with white light and reached the garden.

Describe the garden.
How are you feeling?

Birds are chirping, and I feel it is a village where I can see the garden.

T: Can you see yourself over there?
C: Yes, I am 5 or 6 years old and am enjoying my vacation.
T: Where are you?
C: Hasan( Karnataka)
T: How many people are there with you?
C: 3 or 4, the mother’s sister’s daughter, the brother’s daughter, and two neighbors…

T: What are you wearing?
C: Patikot( South indian Skirt)

T: What colour is that?
C: White

T: How are you feeling?
C: Happy and nice.

T: What is your mother doing? Is she approaching you?
C :mother is not around.

T: What game are you playing?
C: Kitchen.

T: What are you doing in Hassan?
C: I came to see my grandparents.

As I count from 5 to 1, you will reach a younger age than you are right now.

T: How old are you?
C: 1 to 2 years old.

T: Who is there with you?
C: My grandmother is with me.
T: What is she doing?
C: She is in the kitchen, cooking lunch.
T: What colour of saree is she earing??
C :She is wearing a maroon saree.
T: Who else is there?
C :My Grandfather
T: Are they talking to each other?
C: No
T: Can you see anyone else there?
C:My grandparents and mother.

As I count from 3 to 1, you will be in your mother’s womb, and you will feel all the emotions and hear all the conversation.

T: Where is your mother?
C: She is working in the office.

T: How is she feeling?
C :She is feeling happy.
T: How are you feeling?
very protected and safe.
T : What is her expression to make you feel safe?
C:She is moving her hand over the womb and
She is saying, “I am there to take care of you.”
I am enjoying being there.
Later, after the session, she asked her mother about rolling her hands on the womb. (She told her that it was her habit, which she used to do daily.)

As I count from 5 to 1, you may be able to see your birth and hear the conversation, whatever may go around you.

T- What comes to your mind?
Father is a bit tense.
T: Can you see what makes him tense?
C :I am a girl, baby, and he is not happy.
T : What makes you think this way?
C :He is not ready to come to the hospital. But my grandparents (maternal parents) are very happy.

(She later said that the whole family had their first baby boy.
Her father was also expecting the same, but it could not happen, which made her father nervous and upset.)

T: What else is there that you can feel or see?
C :Nurses and grandparents (Mother’s parents) are happy to see my curly hair, and they are touching it and smiling.

(Then the client confirmed all these conversations with his mother, and exactly the same thing happened.)

T: Can you see all around? Who else is there in the hospital?
C: No one from the father side, as I am a girl.

T: How are you feeling as your father is not around?
C: Kind of why?

As I count from 5 to 1, you will be at home and may find out how your father is feeling after reaching home.

T: What comes to your awareness?
C: He is happy now.
Some function is happening.
T: Is this function for you?
Yes, Craddle is decorated, and people are around.
T: Is he loving you?
Yes, he is loving me. He is rolling his hand on my head.

T: Do you want to be there for a little more?
C: No

As I count from 5 to 1, you will be back in the garden.

T: Where are you now?
C: In the garden.
T: Are you feeling any emotions?
C: No
Is there anyone with you in the garden?
C: No

As I count from 5 to 1, you will see your spirit guide, who will guide you.

T: Can you see anyone?
C: Yes

T: Is he or she giving you any messages?
Yes, he is saying do what you like and don’t worry about people.
I am with you, and he is holding my hand.

T: Is this a white light?
C: No, he is Sai Baba.
The tears were rolling out like a devotee. (When devotees get connected to their god and get emotional, I could see that her breathing pattern changed.)
He is asking me to take care of your health and do something for yourself.

sai baba
After some time

Now, my aunt is there.

T: What is she saying to you?
C :She is giving me some wise advice (wisdom words). (The client didn’t share this advice with me.)

She kept my head in her lap, showing me love by rolling her hand on my head.

T: Wonderful, Do you want to be with her for a while?
C: No, I want to come back.

T: Okay, As I count from 5 to 1, you will be back in the garden.
Take some rest, and once you are ready, show me your index finger. Let me know.

After some time, when she showed her index finger, I took her out.

3 October, 12:31 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tuesday

We did re framing and reunions.

Outside of the room, as I have an open area, so many crows were cawing there. To my surprise,My client was listening to waterfall sounds (which I did not play) and birds chirping.

I took her to the garden and then towards the cliff, where she was feeling safe and could see water flow. She threw all her baggage and future worries into the flowing water.

During the session, she shared

c: how wonderful I am feeling, like I lost 10 kg.
and feeling like a new person.

Then I took her for a reunion with all those who were not in touch due to any reason.
She met with friends and family members, where she found peace and happiness.
She had all the answers.

During this session, she found a priest who gave her answers to all her problems. Later on,
she saw Devi Maa held her hand and gave her the assurance that she would always take care of her. (Reminder: She is a Sai Baba devotee.)
After the session, she told me, I am feeling like all the dirt has been removed and is clear.

Wednesday, October 4, 1:10 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

We did prayers, Dave elman, and progressive relaxation was done. I covered her in white light and took her to the
garden,and I asked her to relax and enjoy the garden. Then, after some time,
I asked her.

Where do you feel pain when your mother-in-law doesn’t talk to you? (Affect bridge)

C: In the heart

T: Feel this pain two times more…
10 times more…
make a bridge over this pain.
Can you see any bridges there?

C: Yes, I can see.
T: Can you tell what the bridge is made of?
C : It is made up of chains and wooden blocks.
T: Start walking on the bridge.
C: Yes, I am on the bridge.
T: Keep walking. You might see fog or a little darkness, but keep walking.

C :I am on the bridge; yes, due to the water falling, it is a little foggy.

T: Keep walking. As I count from 5 to 1, you may reach the end of the bridge and find the solution.
(I am not aware of how it happened, as I was thinking something else and wanted to ask
her to reach the source of suffering, but I directly took her to the solution.)

C: Yes, I am at the end of the bridge.
T: What comes to your awareness?
C :My mother-in-law is there.
T: Okay, how are you feeling her presence?
C : I am asking her a few questions.
T: That’s great! Is she answering you?
C: Yes
T: What are you asking? Could you share?
C :I am asking her why she is staying with me when she doesn’t even talk.
T : Is she answering you?

after some time.

C :Yes, she is saying, You take good care of me, and I am happy with you.

T: Are you satisfied?
C: Yes
T: Do you want me to take you back to the source to know what makes her trouble you?
C: Yes
T: As I count from 5 to 1, you may find the reason that what makes her wrong or bad with you?

T: What comes to your awareness?
C :I can see a girl.

T: Can you see who this girl is?
C: I believe she is me.

T: What are you wearing? Could you describe?
C :I am wearing a pink-coloured saree and blouse that have ballon sleeves.

T – How old are you?
C: 16–17 years

T: What’s your name?
C: Priya

T: Which place is this?
C :I think it is Maharastra.
T: Ok, What else can you see or feel?
C :My parents are there. They are the same parents.
T: How are you feeling, Priya?
C :I am happy.

T: Ok, now, as I count from 5 to 1, Priya, you will reach the significant event of this life, which is source of your current life issue.

T: What comes to your awareness?
C :Gandhiji is giving a speech.

T: Where are you?
C: in the Gandhi Ji speech

T: What is Gandhiji saying?
C :He is saying, “We have to stand up for ourselves to be free.”

T: Is there anything happening related to your current life issue?
C: No, we are listening to Gandhiji.

T: Can you see around to find out which city this is?
C: No

T: Who all is in your family, Priya?
C :I can feel my husband and two children are there.

As I count from 5 to 1, you will be in your house, and you will find who is there.

T: Can you see or feel where you are?
C :I am in my house and pounding the rice.

T: How old are you now?
C: in between 40 and 50

T: What is your husband’s name?
C: Shankar

T: What does your husband do to survive?
C: He is a farmer.
T :Are you happy?
C: Yes
T: Do you want to ask your husband about your current problem?
C :He is the same man (her current life husband), will answer the same, and doesn’t want to ask anything.
(The client started laughing.)

As I count from 5 to 1, you may reach to the end of your life

T: What comes in your awareness?
C :I am 80 years old and in bed.

T: Who are all the people around you?
C :My family, my son and his wife, my husband, and my daughter and her husband.

T: How are they feeling?
C: Bad
T: What are you feeling while leaving the body?
C :I don’t want to go; I am very happy.

As I count from 5 to 1, you may see yourself after the death. How are you feeling?

T: What comes to your awareness?
C: Black, totally black
T: Look around; you may find something.
C: No, nothing is there.
T: How are you feeling after leaving the body?
C: Light, very light, but everything is dark.

T: What lessons have you learned from this life, Priya?
C: Nothing is permanent; accept it as it comes.

T: Shall we move further?
C: No

As I count from 5 to 1, you will be back in the garden.
After some time,

T: Where do you feel you are?
C :In the garden, my daughter is there; she is asking me to take some rest.
To my surprise, she is taking care of me.

T: Good. Do you want to be there?
C: Yes

T: Let me know when you are ready to emerge.

after some time.

I am ready.
You will carry the same lesson of peace and wisdom that you got from Devi Ma, Sai Baba, and Aunt’s advice that you have learned with you.,
when you will awaken.

Integration: There was no past-life connection to the current-life issue.
So I couldn’t find any engrams or points. Though she found the solution after crossing the bridge,

Closure :

She found her value in herself with Sai Baba’s guidance.
She found the solution to her suffering after crossing the bridge by meeting with her mother-in-law.
She met with her aunt, who used to love her a lot and who gave her some advice for life.
In her past life, she found herself to be a very happy person. There was no event related to her mother-in-law.
Her pain level was reduced to 2.

After every session, she said, she feels like 10 kg of burden is released.

Follow-up: After 2 months also, she is carrying the same state of mind. Earlier, her mother-in-law and client used to fight,
but now there is peace between them. She was suggested for meditation, which she is following religiously, and
started reading multiple books meantime now she is planning to learn new languages.


Dear Neelam,

Very well done!

30 kg client burden released! What else do we need as a Therapist? Re experiencing our past and watching our leaders like Gandhiji. Client must be feeling top of the world. We watched fiction movies on time machine, but PLRT is a real time machine which helps correcting our present.

Thank you for sharing.


Very nicely executed

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Very nicely executed Neelamđź‘Ť
Wisdom received from Sai Baba and Devi maa was breathtaking. Thanks for sharing this…Way to go :blush::bouquet:

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Hi Neelam

This is a proof to all of us that “Its not Imagination”.

Met Sai Baba. What else do we want!

This proofs that client is in total control about what to share and what not to share.

Finally getting all the answer to her queries

This is almost a demo session of PLRT Neelam.
Well Done.


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Hi @N_S , below suggestions for your reference.


A better term / descripted could had been as “Relationship issues”

You mean Dave Eleman :slightly_smiling_face:

Bit confusing which she is who :thinking:

Felt you could have given some more time to client to absorb within surroundings

Did you mean - first child ?

Obviously garden as you brought her there :wink:

You mean emerging

Lastly, am curious to know what made the title be as “tom& jerry” ? is it because of mother-in-law? , but the session did not turn around the mother-in-law.


To Pooja, I appreciate you taking the time to study
the case and giving my case some
attention, Pooja.
If you read the case correctly, there will be no confusion.
I find it difficult to have a serious title, so I consider coming up with something
original and striking instead.
You have my sincere gratitude for pointing out my errors.

Best wishes!

Greetings, Deepak Ji,
You’ve always been helpful and kind. I really appreciate it. Indeed, what more could we want for when evidence mounts that PLR is a tool capable of reaching our subconscious and solving any problem that you think is
Yes, we do require the Almighty’s blessing.
It is him who has the ability to simplify our
lives.Nothing could happen without his
I am appreciative of all of you.

Every day, everyone of you have either
directly or indirectly mentored and taught me.

With gratitude

Dear Kaushik, I greatly appreciate your warm remarks. :pray: Yes, I find it magical when something
exceeds our expectations. I adore seeing the clients’ surprised smiles at the conclusion of the session when they remark,
" Peace of mind is magic; nothing else can give them this peace." I consider it a blessing that I have been
selected to walk this path alongside each
of you.

Thank you

Thank you, Pushparag.

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Dear Ashish, I sincerely appreciate your support and
good remarks. I’m grateful. Indeed, PLR is a time machine that allows
you to not only go back in time but also
receive the best advice and blessings from our spirit guides.
adoration Neelam

Thank you for having conducted this session and taking the time to share it with us @N_S

Adding to what @deepakchaks and @Pooja have observed, please find my feedback and request for more information @N_S

very low

doesn’t qualify as a theme.

poorly drafted suggestion as it has elements of mind reading and orders.

great validation.

What would have been a better suggestion here?

again a wrong suggestion

very good observation of non-verbals


its never you or the therapist, it’s always the compassionate unconscious mind and you were lucky that this client is visual.

again wrong suggestion, post what could have been a better way of putting this?

We haven’t promoted I of IDT but going straight for the city :slight_smile:
Can you post how you could have done that.

could be because no stress management was done or coached breathing.
It’s like you got the gold, but couldn’t make an ornament out of it, can you post in the comments what you could have done better in this regard.

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Thank you so much Venu for your valuable feedback. I am really sorry for being late in responding to you.

I am writing answer in point wherever you asked to do corrections

1.Hypnotisability score : 2

Yes she told me that she doesn’t believe in all these things , she is a very practical lady. But she trusted me and so she surrendered herself and the result is that today she is an entirely changed person and in her words that “I now perceive things from different angles.”

  1. Theme : Theme is not qualified

She herself wanted me to answer the same question . But yes I could have worked on theme like

what is unresolved in relationships with her mother in law?


Painful relationships with my mother in law.

3, As I count from 3 to 1 you may experience life when you were about to take birth. You may use all your senses to feel and understand what is going on around you?


3, As I count from 3 to 1 you may go to the time when you were experiencing life in your mother’s womb. You may use all your senses to feel and understand.

4 What else is there that you could feel or see?

Correction ; What else do you sense or observe happening around you?

5 .Is this a white light?

Correction : What color do you feel of the light? Is it soothing you?

6 .Ok what else can you see or feel?

Correction: Okay, What is more you can observe around you? See or feel where your memory is taking you and observe your surroundings .

7. Should I take you further ?

My observation was that the client was at peace and jolly . During past life experiences she was smiling so I didn’t feel to manage the stress but yes if stress management would have required I would have told her

This is the past , everything is in the past , nothing in current life , take a deep breath and move your eyes left and right. (EMDR ) Just be a witness of this scene and don’t get attached.


Either way, I would have suggested to her, experience it, and if you don’t feel comfortable anytime, you can choose to come back to the garden.

If I had taken her answer as the question, I might have done something else. Like when she said, "Nothing is permanent, " I would have asked her, "So when you learned this lesson from this life , how do you want to carry it into your current life ?

And then next thing i could have done by asking her one more question.

Do you want to explore in another life what lesson you required to make your current life more fulfilled?

I believe her answer would have been different.

Thank you so much Sir .

Love and Regards.


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