Troubled Married Life


MALE: 50 y/o




Pain level:10

What client wanted to know? A: The client wanted to know root cause of troubled married life.

1st Session: August 19, 2021 , started at 10:17 PM lasted for 70 minutes, done telephonically.

In the 1st session he could have blurred images, could not figure out anything but throughout the session he had the lonely/ gloomy feeling.

Pain level: Same as before the session.

So we decided to take session in-person.

2nd Session: August 22, 2021 , started at 09:30 PM lasted for around 2 hours.

(C – Client & T – Therapist)

C: Began the session with progressive relaxation and it took around 25 minutes for him to go into trans state. I instructed him to go back to the time from where his symptoms of troubled relationship started.

T: Can you see/imagine/feel anything.

C: She is a princess, I am holding her hand, she is very beautiful.

T: Which place?

C: European British 18th Century. We are walking together.

T: Is she anybody from your current life.

C: Nobody from my current life.

T: What is happening there?

C: People are there. Some ritual is going on. We are in a courtroom walking together. People are dancing. We are dancing. She is wearing white colored dress type of gown.

T: Is anybody around/can you see other people?

C: Father is very happy.

T: Look into his eyes, any familiarity?

C: Yes, he is my father from current life.

T: Who is that beautiful girl? What’s her name?

C: She is my wife (pause). Her name is Sophie.

T: What is your name?

C: Vincent.

T: How old are you?

C: I am 27-28 y/o. She is 24-25 y/o.

T: Can you tell me the year?

C: It is 1767.

T: What is happening next?

C: Big white palace. We are in a room. She is sitting in front of mirror gazing herself, getting ready. I am looking at her, she is so beautiful.


T: Go to the next significant event?

C: We are standing in the veranda of the palace, I am holding her hand, I am looking at her.

T: Do you have children?

C: No, we are very young.

T: Go to the next significant event of that life?

C: We are running, I am holding her hand. Everybody is running.

T: Running from whom?

C: Some enemy attack. Nobody is alive. Bodies are everywhere. We are dying. Bloodshed. Blood everywhere.

T: Go to the last moment of your life?

C: I am holding her hand, don’t want to leave her.

T: Are you still in your body?

C: No, I left my body but I’m still there. I don’t want to leave her.

T: Is she dead?

C: She is still alive, I am holding onto her. I don’t want to leave her. (pause) Now she also left her body. We are going together upwards.

T: Did you come to the spirit world?

C: Yes.

T: What lesson you have learned from this life?

C: That death doesn’t separate us. We will be together again. I will be with my Sophie.

T: Ask your subconscious mind what is the connection of this memory with the current life?

C: It is my expectation. I expect same kind of love as Sophie, I am not getting the same kind of love.

T: You need to detach yourself of your feeling of expectation (expecting the same kind of love) from all times, spaces and dimensions. There might be some different karmic obligations and you need to neutralize that obligation. You have already learnt the lesson that death doesn’t really separate us. You will be with your Sophie at the right point of time.

Do you want to explore further the connection with W (present life wife )?

C: Yes.

T: Allow your subconscious to go back to that life, when you were together?

C: (pause). I cant see anything.

T: (Since the client was struggling to see his relationship with W, I instructed him to explore with S? ( S – for his present life 1st wife ).

C: I don’t want to explore, that chapter is over. I want to see the connection with W only.

T: Allow your subconscious mind to go back to the root cause of your troubled relationship.

(still struggling)

C: You help me to see the connection?

T: I am just the facilitator. If you can’t see anything we can come back to the present time.

C: I want to explore further.

T: Okay we will give it a chance and try to explore further. Allow your subconscious to seek help from your higher self to check the connection.

C: pause.

T: Can you see or imagine anything?

C: It’s a seashore. Some kids are there, very poor. One little girl carrying something on her head (aluminium utensil), one lady is with her (her mother).

T: Are you there?

C: I could see only these people.

T: Which place ?

C: It is from India, may be Konkan side (Maharashtra).

T: Year?

C: Can’t say.

T: How old the girl is?

C: 12 years, average looking girl wearing traditional dress (parkar & polka).

T: Who is she? Look into her eyes? Anybody from your current life?

C: She is W.

T: What had happened next?

C: I am coming from backwater carrying some big vessel (shiplike). I hurt her. I am in the ship. I couldn’t see her. I hurt her. I hurt her unintentionally. She got badly hurt. She is lying down. Her mother, people are around. I also got down, I am around. There is no doctor. Looking for some help, but there is no doctor. I am feeling so helpless. She is lying flat on the ground. She is not getting up, no movement, she is already dead. I am feeling so helpless, it has happened accidentally.

T: how old are you?

C: I am 42 years old.

T: Are you married? Do you have a family?

C: No.

T: Go to the next significant event of that life?

C: Can’t see.

T: Ok then go to the last day of that life?

C: Pause. I am an old man around 60-62 years old. Lying on the seashore, on the rocks. Some fishermen are there. People are around. Died of old age/sickness.

T: What lesson you have learnt from this life?

C: Guilt (instant reaction/answer). Because of that incident my entire life was filled with guilt. I lived alone and died alone.

T: Try to seek the message of your higher self? What corrective action you need to take?

C: I have learnt to provide her with all luxuries and necessities of life, which she has missed out in that life because of early death. I have provided her all the luxuries of life, however, I should work on my expectation from my present wife the same kind of love as I had with Sophie.

I ended the session and asked the client to come back.

He felt very relaxed, relieved and happy. Pain level came down from 10 to 6.


Phenomenal work Dear Vishali.
You’ve conducted the session so systematically even though the client is auditory. :+1:
Would recommend one more session to attempt pain level plunge to a 1 or 0.


Thank you for sharing this Wonderful session with us.


Great work Vaishali.


bhuvi can you please send us the raw format of the test we conducted during

hypnosis aptitude and other questions for the clinetes to answer
and other questions so that we can take that a print out

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Hello Ssumier,
Please check the email dated 20th Aug from me, it has all this material in it.

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Well done Vaishali,

Warm regards,
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**“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual
beings having a human experience…” **
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Thank you Vaishali. I have been very curious on how therapists have been working with Clients having Auditory as the dominant sense. I have good gauging of how you have navigated the session so skillfully for a wonderful outcome. So wonderful.

Love and Light,


Dear Anu Krishna,
Apologies for delayed response.
Thank you so much for the encouraging words. So grateful to our Master Venu who has crafted a simplified technique for such a complex subject. What I really feel that not only the client gets healed and benefited from the session but the therapist gets benefited manifold out of every session because every session is a new learning experience, actually there is simultaneous learning of both, the client as well as the therapist since we as therapist ( actually I don’t consider myself a therapist, just a facilitator) also carry our share of pains, traumas, fear, phobia and we also receive healing through our client’s past experiences.

With Love,

Dear Vaishali… thanks for sharing :pray:

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