Truth of past lives

This is Devendra Dora, Software Developer by profession. Experimenting Astrology, Palmistry, Past Life Regresion to obtain similar results between all of them and prove them right or wrong with the use of computers.

My Experience with Past life regression

My mind was restless to find the real truth for the things mentioned in the [post] (
It was completely based on my experience which may differ from the opinion of other people.

Reiki : Although it creates some positive vibes, I think it is not necessary to learn. Instead you can do simple meditation focussed on breath .

Past life Regression (PLR) :
I just completed my PLR Therapist workshop as a part of Lotus batch comprising of Teachers, Doctors , Academicians , Vice President/Director of companies, Army , Navy, Healers and Software Developers with Amarantos.

I personally seen people being regressed and was asked to describe their lives. Intense emotion, pain, happiness and sadness were observed on their faces depending on events they were describing .They were allowed to witness happiness during describing events, but pain/sadness were relieved. It was my immense pleasure to have seen/experienced some of the past life glimpses which current science can’t explain.

My Personal experience
I had cold almost all days in a week from Feb 2018 ( I note all dates to verify events astrologically) which suddently got disappeared on the first day of my PLR workshop although it was n’t decreased with alopathic, homeopathetic and ayurvedic and mudras. On the second day night , I recited PLR script mentally just before sleep. Suddenly, I got up at 3 am thinking that there was huge raining outside, but there was no rain when I seen. After few minutes in to the sleep , I saw my body moving horizontally for little time , vertically up afterwards. During the upward body lift , I was screaming and repeatedly shouting OM ( Why OM instead of Mom / Dad which usually people call during any fearful events ?) as I was being pulled by some invisible force. Therapist choosen randomly among participants choosen on 3rd day for me was from same college (NIT Warangal 1986 batch). During one of the regression , where one of the participant seen some goddess and exploring whole cosmos , there was sparkling in my eyes and heart started beating more rapidly when I was in trans state. I firmly believe in one the quote which says “Timing is everything. If it’s meant to happen, it will , at the right time for the right reasons”.
Even the entire universe and nature was supporting me which I can acertain from the fact that entire PLR workshop was based on breathing and trans which I wouldn’t have been done with having cold. But got cold again on the very next day of final day of PLR.

Some of the past life glimpses of people in workshop

  1. Person (Female in current life , but Male in other life ) was betrayed by own person, left arm was cut and killed in one of the life time. During the recall of this glimpse, we were able to see the pain on the same left arm during killing , happiness on her face during childhood / witnessing marriage seen, sadness for some of events. The same person who killed her in one of the past life betrayed her in current life aswell. Her sister in current life was her baby in one of the

  2. Person ( Doctor of current life , king of one of past life) was poisned and killed. We were able to see the pain and also verify if that king’s palace really existed. His current life son was one of life’s son , current life mother was grand mother in other life.

  3. Person who lost her mother (India), father (Foreign) and sibling was very depressed for more than 10 years and didn’t want to come to india and got releived after past life gression and expressed her interest in coming back to India again. I could sense from face and talking with her.

  4. Some were able to see goddess , entire brahmandam (cosmic universe) , shiva etc

There were many more experiences similar to above which can’t be explained by words.

Now I am 100% convinced that karma , past lives really exists.

So don’t forget that something is watching you and you will have reaction for every action. Whatever you done in past is unchangeable, so atleast do good karma in current life without any desires.


Very well written Dev, thank you for taking the time to write your heart out. Loved reading and reliving those blessed days we all spent together.
I love the rational—left brained to examine PLRT as that is what establishes its credibility. Even someone as great an intellect as a Buddha or Sri Bhagavan Sri Adi Sankara accepted Karma and in my humble Karma is that unfailing a principle as gravity. Atman (Soul) has characteristics similar to electricity. And will right knowledge we can harness these powers—if you may call them so—we can expedite the evolution of the soul. Bringing about more love and good will into this world.
I need all your love and blessings to taking PLRT to all those who will be immensely benefitted by it. :hugs:


Wishing you all the best in the journey of self-discovery you have embarked on :pray:t3:

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Well drafted All the best

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