Trying to explore the unknown world

Client - 10 years old boy.

Theme - To make him sleep by progressive relaxation.

Time : 11:30 PM

After 20 minutes progressive relaxation. To check whether he is sleeping or not. I told him “go to one of your happiest moment”. Then he started speaking.

Cl - I am wearing black shoes and army uniform. I am taking training in Indian army. I like army. I like to protect Hindustan. My name is Arghya, 25 years old and I am a Punjabi.
( He couldn’t recognise the year their. So I told him to go to a SE where he will know which year it is. Then he said It’s 2023.)

Th - How is it possible. Is it your same soul or else your split soul. But he couldn’t interpret.

(Before this, many times he had spoken to me about army)

Th - We didn’t had any theme. So, I told him, go to your first birth on this earth.

Cl - I am a cow. It looks like a village. Don’t know which year it is. Many cows are here with me. A man is feeding us. I am happy because he is feeding us.

Th - Go to end of that life and see what happens.

Cl - Few people are killing all the cows.

Th - Why, they are killing you?

Cl - They have grudge on a person who feed us. To take revenge on him they are killing us.

I was more curious to know, what he was before.

Th - See what you are, before you taking birth as cow.

Cl - I am not in this :earth_africa:. This is a different planet in the milky way. Don’t know the name of this planet. I look like a :alien:. I am still a baby. I have 6 fingers in my hand. My family is here with me. (My father, mother and my big brother) My father is around 5 feet tall and he is heavy. He is in hurry. 5 aliens from another planet are attacking our house. My father is telling my mom to run away. Those 5 aliens are also around 5 feet tall. They are green in color. They have 2 legs and 2 hands and a face, but they look vary different. They have 2 eyes like humans, third eye on the nose and the fourth one on the stomach. They have weapons. But, I can’t see them properly. My father don’t have weapon. Now my neighbors also came to help us. So those 5 aliens called their group. A big oval shaped UFO came, it can carry 200 to 300 aliens. We don’t have such UFO. Our vehicles are similar to trolly. They can carry only 4 to 5 aliens. They didn’t fly too high. But they fly just above the ground. We are weak comparing to other planets. Here it’s a big fight is going on.

Keechyo Vaami

Th - Go ahead in that life and see what is happening there and how old are you there ?

Cl - I am with my brother, my parents are dead. I don’t know my age, because we don’t have numbers here. I am grown up. I am around 5 feet tall and strong.

Th - Do you have air, water, light and trees in that planet ?

Cl - We have water and light in this planet. But, I am not feeling the air. We have nose, not for breathing. But to take something else. I don’t see any trees here.

We eat something like flesh. I have sharp teeth like dinosaurs. I have a big face. We are brown in colour. Our blood colour is light blue. Males have to eyes like humans. But females have two eyes and two eyeballs in each eye. We don’t have hair on our head. Only males have a small tail. We all are similar. But, only few are strong in this planet. Like me and my father. We also have a language. My name is Kashku and my brother’s name is Katoya. Vangi means Water. Koomsh means Help. Satoya means Runaway.

Th - Go back in time, when the aliens attacked your house, listen to your father. What is he saying to your mother ?

Cl - Keechyo Vaami means take them and go (me and my brother).

This planet is bigger than earth. The soil of this planet is blood red in colour. We get light from other planet. It is bigger than sun. We are very far from the sun. Even sun rays don’t reach this planet. We also build houses with some hard material. This material is difficult to find. It is available in big sizes. This material is hard like Shanku(:shell:).

Th - Go to end of that life and see what is happening ?

Cl - Few of our planet aliens killed me and my brother by putting that hard material on us, which we use to build house. They cheated us to help other planet aliens. On earth humans go up after they die. But here, we go down after we die. Me and my brother are going down down down down. It’s very cool here and there is a strange hole. Me and my brother are going into that hole. Someone is pulling us. I think that is God only. It’s complete dark here. Can’t see anything. But I can hear someone talking to us. Yes it’s God. He is asking me, what did you learn from this life ?

I said, we shouldn’t cheat and attack someone simply.

Now God is sending me to earth


Gosh thats such a beautiful session. So much information. Thank you Naveen for sharing


Such a profound message from such a little client.
Thank you for sharing beloved @Naveen_kumar


Wow! Isn’t that awesome? Seems like a scene from one of those science fiction movies. Loved the way the client gives his learning with that intense message we shouldn’t cheat and attack someone simply.…Beautiful.


Wow! Sounds like one needs to qualify to descend on earth and then qualify to ascend towards other spiritual planets. Amazing Therapist and an Amazing Client! Thank you for sharing this interesting session with us.


Feeling the great presence of god…in almost all sessions,every one Do​:pray::pray: that it self is a great confidence for Therapist like us… guided by the almighty.


Such a beautiful session, thanks for this.


Splendid…!!! Completely New dimension of learning.


Proof of living beings in other universe. Also we learn lesson from others wrong doings, such a wise soul…wow
Very interesting…thank you for posting


Beautiful description and the learning👍


What an amazing experience….Congratulations !
At first, I felt that the child must have recreated some story after watching any sci-fi movie but then the finest details that he shared dispelled all my doubts .
There was this species of aliens ‘ The Reptilians’ which invaded other planets and destroyed them…. ( I found this on a YouTube video few month ago) and this case study reminded me of that.
God bless the child and the therapist and gratitude to the Masters who enabled us to know about the life in other dimensions.


Thank you @pragatibhatnagar039. This child also healed his mother`s leg pain as a medium. i call him my Edgar Cayce. You can read that case in the forum, titled as “My Edgar Cayce, PLRT through a MEDIUM”. Also share the Youtube link if you have, “The Reptilians”.