Unable to go beyond childhood

Manav, M, 56, 5/10, 1/5, K, Life full of difficulties, 6/10
Manav, 56 year old, married person approached me on 14.12.2022 at around 12 pm.

Session 1:

Started with my detailed introduction to Manav for about 20 min. Pre-induction talk along with observing the non-verbals took almost 30 min. Covered self-hypnosis, vitality of subconscious mind, relaxation, visualization and PLR etc. Upon his satisfaction the formality of filling up the forms took another 20 min. Assessment as mentioned below:

Hypnosis responsiveness score- 5/10

Assessment of dominant sense- VAK 6, 4, 5

Eye roll test score- 1

The session 1 took almost 1 hour and 50 min. Timing for session 2 was discussed.

Session 2:

2nd Session started at pre-decided time on 15.12.22 at 11 am. Started with collecting the resources (stage 6). The detailed discussion covering clients relationships, education, profession, achievements, failures and his main problems took 50 min. After this, to relieve the cognitive fatigue I showed him the video on ā€˜end of sufferingā€™. After completion of 7th stage we discussed and agreed on the theme for the PLR which came out to be ā€œLife full of difficultiesā€. Before leaving I did on him relaxation and ball of light. It was almost 2 hour 10 min session.

Session 3:

Third session started at 11 am the third day on 16.12.22. We took stock of session 2 and the subsequent questions arising in his mind. He said, I am a simple man but the life so difficult. I quoted Dr Brian Weiss ā€œThe soul in a difficult life learns itā€™s lessons most and easily graduatesā€. Now with his permission I went ahead to stage 9 i.e. Pre-Flight checks. We both checked and agreed on the room temperature, noise level and other comfort parameters. After finding everything okay we entered into stage 10, 11 and 12. Head nod was decided as IMR.

Started with BRV followed by Dave Elman and finally visualization with Stair Case leading to a beautiful garden having plants & trees, smelling flowers, chirping birds, benches, babbling fountains etc. The chat starts:

T: You are in this beautiful garden where innermost layers of your subconscious mind will open up and you will be able to see everything which is required to see through your problems.

C: I am here only. Could not go to garden.

(It seems, despite 60 min of Dave Elman and visualization techniques the client could not be relaxed sufficiently. So I decided to do BRV, followed by ball of light again. This took 30 min)

T: Now I will count 3 to 1. At 1 you have to open your eyes and at the sound of snap of fingers close your eyes.

T: Once again I will repeat the same process. 3, 2 and 1

T. Now you are fully relaxed. Take a deep breath 3, 2, 1. Again take a deep breath 3, 2, 1

T: Now I will count from 10 to 1. On each count your relaxation will be doubled up. Keep breathing normally.

T: 10, 9, 8 on each count you are deeply relaxed. 7, 6, 5 your relaxation is being doubled up. Let your relaxation flow through your entire body, from every fibre from head to toe. 4, 3 you are ten times more relaxed. 2 and 1 you are perfectly relaxed.

T: Now when your conscious mind is fully relaxed, your subconscious mind is ready to go beyond time and space.

T: What are you aware of?

C: Nothing. I am here only.

(Still he could not visualize anything, So I decided to go to happy childhood memory)

T: Okay. Letā€™s go to your childhood in the present life.

(affirmed with head nod)

T: Go to your childhood and pick any one of the happy memories.

C: Playing with the friends.

T: How old are you?

C: 11 years

T: What are you playing and how do you feel?

C: Volleyball. We are enjoying. Every day we play.

T: How many friends are there?

C: 7-8. This is school playground.

T: Very good. Now please go somewhat backward and pick another happy memory.

C: We entered someoneā€™s mango orchard without permission and started plucking mangoes.

T: Who are with you?

C: My 3 friends. We are now enjoying the mangoes sitting below the tree.

T: Are you not afraid of the owner of orchard?

C: No, If he comes we will run away.

(Smile on faceā€¦)

T: Excellent.

T: Now here from go directly to your motherā€™s womb.

(Head nodā€¦)

T I will count 5 to 1. On count 1 you will be in your motherā€™s womb.

T: 5, 4 you are on your way. 3, 2 you are almost there. And 1 you are there.

T: What are you aware of? See the things with all your senses.


T: There are beautiful things all around. Engage all your senses and try to see. What do you find?

C: Nothing.

T: Are you there?

C: No, I could not go there.

C: I am feeling uncomfortable, want to come back.

T: Okay

(Then he was emerged as per the laid down process. This session took 2.5 hours)

Session 4:

We gathered after a break of 1 hour to conclude. I collected from him the informations from different stages of the whole process. Conclusion is, he could not visualize stair case or garden and hence could not go beyond. Again in the second round he could not reach to motherā€™s womb. I tried induction within induction but nothing worked.

Suggested him to try for some more sessions as sometimes it takes more than one session for a person to be regressed.

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