Uncertainty in career and repeated dreams of War and Aircraft

“ Uncertainty of career and Purpose of life” “ Irrational Obsession about Vintage Cars, Engines, aircrafts and repeated dreams of Flying over landscapes”

Vitals: APD, Male, 43yrs, Hypnotisability Scale: 7/10, Eye Roll: 2/5, Kinesthetic and Auditory,

Pain point: 9/10

Trigger: - Lack of stability in career. Frequent job change.
- Restless due to repeated dreams of aircraft, war, landscapes, flying in sky,
- Guilt of not achieving something big in life so far. Feeling of failure in life.

T: Therapist
C: Client (avb. A)

Progression with the Case:-

Date: 21st Jan 2023, 10 am to 7 pm Session 1 & 2 done
Followed Stage 1 to Stage 6 of 15 stages process.
Date 22nd Jan 2023, 10 am to 7pm .Proceeded with step 7 to step 15

Case History:

“A” was Unhappy and restless as he was not satisfied by his career graph, he felt that he wants to do something completely different from what he was doing right now, but he was clueless about what it was. He was born and brought up in a village with limited access to career guidance, due to his lack of focus in studies he could not do engineering, however he was irrationally attracted towards old vintage cars and vehicles and its mechanical system of engines, he also wished to study aeronautical engineering. He wanted to go abroad to study engines. But due to lack of enough scores he could not fulfill this aspiration. He now works in an IT company but he is not so happy about his job profile. Off late he is seeing dreams of wars, aircrafts and feels as if he is himself flying and overlooks landscapes, he is also dreaming his deceased grandfather and father since some time and sees as if they are saying him something. He is extremely restless due to these repeated dreams and his constant feeling of not doing something big.

Stage 7: Proceeded with Cognitive relaxation video
Stage 8: Theme finalization

Theme: -
Theme1: Uncertainty of career and Purpose of life. Low self esteem due to guilt of being not so successful in life.
Theme 2: Irrational Obsession about Vintage Cars, Engines, aircrafts and repeated dreams of Flying over landscapes.

Stage 9: Checked all points and agreed upon signals of IMR

Stage 10 (Induction): Achieved Deep relaxation state with Dave Elman then graduated to Progressive relaxation, the client could reach a deep level of relaxation and trance, periodic feedback of client awareness taken through IMR. Took around 50 minutes to reach this stage.

Stage 11(Visualization) In a state of deep relaxation and trance navigated “A” into happy memories of childhood, he saw his village house, grandparents and father and saw grandmother guiding him towards a boat, where his grandfather was standing, waiting to meet him, it was dark and he was holding a lantern and showing him a path ahead and asking him to step forward.

C: It is dark but the light from the lantern is showing me a path ahead, it is becoming like day time, everything is now clearly visible to me.

T: Great! You may wish to Keep moving ahead in this day light and allow whatever comes to your awareness.

C: I can see a conical nose of an aircraft, like an arrow head, I can see its windows, I am working on the aircraft, and checking engine and other parts of the plane before flight.

T: Okay, that’s interesting, allow yourself to explore further what happens next.

C: Am flying the plane and am at a great height, suddenly there’s a jerk, I think a bird has hit the fan on the wing, this jerk threw me out of the plane, am stuck on the wing, my right hand is stuck, its paining, am falling down, along with the plane, it’s a terrible crash. (client shows abreaction by moving his head side wise and stress at forehead.) Silence…

T: What happens to you? Are you there?
C: There are a lot of people around me, all in uniform grey and white, I am also wearing similar dress with a cap, and they are calling me “Alan” I think I am been rescued.

T: That is nice! Thank GOD! Where are you now Alan?
C: Hospital, I am operated, my right shoulder and hand is severely injured, I am operated, my wife and son are near me, my son is very small, just about an year or two. He is playing around me ( smile on A’s face)

T: Can you find out what was the year approximately when this happened ?
C: I think it is 1920’s there is war going on, it is perhaps Germany, I have seen bombardments.

T: Move ahead and allow yourself to know what happens next
C: Am at home now, it is somewhere in Europe may be London, its been quiet sometime now, am thinking what can be done to avoid such an accident. There should be a system, for aviation safety, like some sharp light, rotating in high speed above the wings to reflect birds away from the blades of the wings and fans.

T: Oh that would be a great innovation?
C: Yes, but we don’t have such light systems. I need to work on it. I must do something.

T: Would you like to go further and see how this life came to an end?
C: I am old but contented, I have worked a lot and have done many things, but I have still not been able to do something about the lights on the aircraft. That’s my only last thought.
I am feeling lighter as if I am on clouds, there are sharp bright lights around.

T: Have you left the body? Do you see anyone there with you?
C: Yes! But they are all at a distance, walking and going, but no one is talking, I still feel peaceful.

T: Take your time and relax and let me know by raising your finger of right hand when you would wish to move forward.
C: (after 15 mins client raised finger) there was clear indication of deep trance and peace on client’s face.

T: can we now go back to the same life time and see, what was the purpose of seeing it, how was it related to this life?
C: I now know my purpose of life, I have an unfinished task. I now know reason for my obsession with engines and planes and LED lights systems. I choose this family because they work with LED systems, My grandfather had a successful business of Light systems. Its our family business, I am also doing business in LED and sound systems.

T: That was a great revelation and learning. Is there anything you wish to explore more?
Or you wish to come back now?
C: I want to come back and sit in the garden.

T: Okay! Fine, let me know when ever you are ready.
C: after 5 mins of silence, ”A” starts speaking, my grandfather has come, he is showing me multicolor LED lights, he is asking me to go ahead and never look back. (tears rolling down his eyes) I can see my father also, my grandfather is leaving, and he gave me a golden ball. I don’t want them to go, I am sad, I let down my father and I could not achieve much in life so far, but he is smiling, he hugged me and said now I should follow my path, and do what I am meant to do, he says he is happy and knows I can do it. He is also gone now.

C: ( client is quiet now)
T: what is happening? Where are you?
C: in the garden, sitting with the golden ball. Feeling peaceful. I know my life purpose now

T: Good , stay with the calmness and peace until you wish to come back in the here and now.
C:- after a while, A shows IMR
T: ( brought Client back to this lifetime ) fully conscious of his present personality and life.

Session 4: Integration and Recommendation

After a short break, we discussed the case and its learnings. Client looked at peace, pain point reduced to 1, he acknowledged of having pain on right shoulder since a long time, and he had been taking medicines and physiotherapy since years for this undefined pain on right hand shoulder, which kind of matched from past life experience.
Client himself made a plan on how he now would like to take up this task and lead his life towards this direction.
He made an action plan, and felt absolutely calm and sorted.

Session closed

Report and feedback: Sent report of the case to the client and took feedback after a week and again after a month, his dreams have almost stopped, shoulder pain is gone.

Meanwhile, Client also did a research on internet and found a similar personality called
“Alan Cobham” about whom he had never read anything before this session, Sir Alan was an English Aviation pioneer, he had witnessed the 1st World War during 1920’s and served Royal Air Force as second lieutenant, where he did exceptionally great as an aviator, he marveled at the development of aeroplanes and pioneered long distance flight and aircraft technology. Sources on Internet also indicate about a fatal aircraft accident in 1927. Piloted by Alan Cobham due to technical engine failure while landing, the aircraft was damaged beyond repair, with no Fatalities. This Evidence matches the story visualized in PLR session by the client.


One of the most satisfying sessions I have read. Great work Moumitha. Please update us about what happens six months or a year later… Keep in touch with this client.


Just wonderful Moumita ji💖
Out of curiosity, I googled “Alan Cobham” and there is an entire wikipedia page on him. His achievements are just wow. But it just got me thinking, how life turns around. His soul once had a lifetime of very successful aviation engineer just one century back, and now, the same soul in this life is fighting hard for career satisfaction and acknowledging the passion. The accounts of karmic settlement never fail to surprise us.

I pray for the soul to fulfill the purpose of this life very soon​:innocent: Hare Krishna :pray:

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Dear Moumita,
Heartiest congratulations to you on a very well conducted session with such wonderful insights and closure. Experiencing polarity and emotions of varied nature is an imperative for journey of soul and the case is a well established proof of it. Well done.

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Wonderful session, Moumita.
Very well navigated session revealed the secrets behind the dreams about engines, aircrafts and lights etc. Client also got relief of the shoulder pain. This shows the strength of PLR therapy.
One thing came in my mind that one more session needs to be conducted to get the answers related to the big issue of career uncertainty and the guilt of not achieving anything big in life as it remained unaddressed.
Best wishes…

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Great session Moumitha👏

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Beautiful session Moumita👏

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Amazing session! Truly gratifying for a therapist in all aspects! May the Divine fulfil the “soul’s” chosen purpose🙏

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Wow dear momita Mam such a nice case and exploration of clients
anxities…Keep it up

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Very well conducted session.

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Yes there could be possibility of another session to find out this. The client is however focussed now and has started doing some research on this area. Perhaps now he might be doing what he wanted to do ever since in this life time. Let’s see. His nightmares have stopped now. Which is a great relief for him, shoulder pain has also gone.

Dear Moumita
It is indeed a very interesting case
And you played a role of a perfect therapist here by being able to guide the client in a manner that he could reveal the hidden secrets of the past .which has benefitted him as well
And it’s so amazing to find out how his past self was called Sir Alan an Aviation pioneer who existed in 1920"s.
Overall a great job!
Thanks for sharing with all!

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I am just speechless… Wonderfully navigated the session… You truly deserve a :clap::clap:

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