Understanding Claustrophobia with PLRT

Please review and post your suggestions. Feel free to highlight the shortcomings of the sessions and provide appropriate suggestions or corrections that would enhance our learning.

Date: Dec 1 2023

Session 1:

Client Assessment:

Age : 41

Hypnosis score is 6
VAK score is 9,3,2.

Dominant Sense: Visual

Eye roll score: 1

(Completed until Stage5)

Client Information: Andy (Name changed), M, 41 Years, Married,

Client History:

Male ,Married (since 2008), 2 sons (11 and 13 years)

Occupation: Realtor in Canada.

Life Story : The client had a wonderful childhood. Born with a silver-spoon, spoilt brat, always got what he wanted. Always had fear of confined spaces, never felt good alone or in a closed room. Parents wanted him to go to the boarding school, ran away from there. Doesn’t use elevator, very scared to be stuck in elevators or confined spaces, gets panic attacks, sweats a lot. Lost his dad in Jan 2023 due to illness. Was very close to his dad. Took lot of time to come to terms without him.

Health Background: Healthy, no apparent issues except hears a little louder

Got married in 2008, beautiful wife, good relationship

Theme finalization.

Theme: Claustrophobia

Pain level- 8/10

Session 2:

Date:Dec 2 2023

Session duration: 1.5 hours

Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.
The client looked relaxed.

Completed stream of the boat and Reframing [Mountain Cliff]

Client saw his childhood playing on garage road with a dog. He was 3-4 years old, He saw his grandmother too (now passed away)

No sad memories.


Told client to meditate before the next session

Date:Dec 3 2023

Session 3:
Session duration: 2 hours

Started with prayer followed by Fractionation (Dave Elman) and Progressive Relaxation.

T: Are you in the garden?( IMR confirmation)

C: yes

The client already saw a big door when he reached the garden, big brown wooden door.

T: Open and door and go inside

C: Its dark

T: That’s ok, wait here, everything will become clear in few moments

The client saw his dad (passed away) and himself playing not as a childhood memory but an experience where his dad looked young and picked him in his lap and was pointing out to something and smiling. The client was very happy to enjoy being with his dad.

Post session client told me that he loved spending time with his dad but he could not see what his dad was pointing towards.

After further deepening, the therapist direct the client to walk on the bridge from the garden to find his answers to his phobia.

The client was still 3-4 years old in the garden and walked towards the bridge, the bridge was made of ropes and wooden slats

He was enjoying rocking on the bridge from side to side.

After deepening, client saw himself very very huge like a giant. Felt his head expanding and body expanding. Stayed there for few minutes and wanted to emerge out…

(Probably, the client met his higher self?)

Had to emerge the client out as he had appointments

Session 4:

Session duration: 3 hours

Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

Applied few deepeners.

As you relax and breathe deeply, your subconscious mind is aware that there’s a level even deeper than the one you’re currently experiencing. Allow your subconscious mind to take you that deeper state. Now, as I count from 3 to 1, you may find yourself entering a much more relaxed state, maybe into the garden where you feel safe.

Period of silence:

I am going to give you a few moments to allow yourself to go deeper and deeper.

Nonverbal cues suggested that the client was in a relaxed state.

Guided him to the bridge,

T: Where is your awareness right now?

C: Silent

T: given few moments….

C: I am with my friends

T: What else do you notice?

C: We are 3 friends…we are in a house

T: Whose house is this? What else do you notice?

C: I don’t know whose house, I am 34 years.

T: What’s your name?

C: Tony, my friends are Anthony and David

T: do you recognize any of them in this current lifetime?

C: no

T: What else comes to your awareness?

C: We are drinking beer, laughing and having fun, Anthony leaves to go home and David follows him. This is my house…

T: Are you alone in the house now?

C: yes,

The client becomes uncomfortable, rolling eyes, forehead is stressed

T: Where is your awareness right now?

C: they are putting the house on fire, they want to kill me, they cheated me

T: you are safe! Its all in the past, you can float above the scene, nothing can harm you right now

C: I don’t know the house will get burnt, I am still trying to sleep, Anthony locked the door from outside, I don’t know he locked the door

T: why did Anthony do that?

C: He is jealous of me, I have money, he borrowed money from me, doesn’t want to return, he made a plan with David

T: What comes to your awareness now?

C: It gets hot in the room, I want to get out, its fire everywhere, I am locked in my room. I can’t open the room, its locked, its locked

The client got very anxious, the therapist tried to manage stress

T: You are safe! I am here with you, its all in the past. You can choose to float above the scene or go to the garden

The client wanted to emerge out as he got tired and wanted to use the washroom.

Next session is due is January as the client is away on vacation for the rest of the month.


Dear Preeti,

Thank you for conducting the session for the client and sharing the same with us for our learning.

My feedback is as under for your consideration pl,

The most conducive conditions for conducting the session would be when both the therapist and client are in position to undergo the experience without limitations of time. Here probably the conscious mind was all the time up and flagging the requirement of meeting the timelines of prior appointments, there by resulting the session to end when the clock demanded so.

Were we expecting the client to get into deeper state further on his own? May be we could have guided him for the same if that was the intention.

We always want to avoid to avoid the WHY question so as not to wake up the conscious. Pl consider ; What could have been the reason for Antony to have locked the door from outside while you are struggling with the fire.

We may consider to conduct some stress management before popping up the next suggestion.

We understand that his awareness is very much in the past life he is experiencing. Its his awareness of past life that enables him to share what he is going through emotionally and physically.

A little more dwelling and processing of this trauma might have led us to the cause of Claustrophobia…the THEME set for the session and consequent resolution of the same.

My best wishes for the sessions in Jan. Do consider the following:

  1. Discuss the sessions conducted so far.
  2. Keep ample time available with yourself as well as the client.
  3. We enhance our stress management approach/technique.
  4. Practice indirect and open ended suggestions - without any WHY in them.


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Hi Preeti,
Worderful session. The client is very responsive. Putting my comments…

After deepening, client saw himself very very huge like a giant. Felt his head expanding and body expanding. Stayed there for few minutes and wanted to emerge out…

(Probably, the client met his higher self?)

Had to emerge the client out as he had appointments

Could be a different lifetime and “Non-Human” life probably. Could have suggested to look from above to further investigate the “KMF”


Thank you so much for reading my case and adding valuable suggestions. ill make sure to follow your suggestion and be more deligent. I had been managing stress for the client, however missed typing it out. Again, thank you and wishing you a blessed year!


Very professional approach.
For a therapist of your caliber the outcomes must be much better, can you post the continuation for this @preeti_kapoor.

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