Vagabond's Tales

My apt & brief introduction is reflected in the 1972 song,
Mai toh chala jidhar chale rasta
Mujhe kya khabar hai kaha meri manjil
Hoga koyee meraa bhi sathi
Hogi kahi toh meri bhi mehfil

Now, if you have nothing better to do, then read on…

Hi, am the Vagabond flit​ting through lives; with purposes unfulfilled. The present life laid back, aimless, journey continues …
My favorite indulgence, window shopping with life …
Educated, to the extent I can claim to be literate and qualify to be a statistical count in the government’s literacy figures. Even though there is so much that I still don’t know.

There were multiple triggers that aroused my interest in PLR sometime around late 90’s. The subject is deep & intriguing. But I never had the time (dedication), to explore; except to flirt with it. Maybe, now after the workshop, I’d want to wait here a little longer than otherwise.

Amarantos, was a freak accident. I filled up the Google form (even today I wonder why?) Next day, Neha calls and tells me ad-verbatim all that I had read on the Amarantos website the previous evening. I gave her a hearing thinking she was telemarketer doing her job and probably had targets to achieve.
I had no intention of traveling to Bangalore for a course that was not connected to anything that I was doing then.
Unlike my other batch mates who were trained & initiated in various other forms of healing, meditation etc. and had a purpose; I had no such higher than mundane intellectual aspirations. My interest was simply in the physics of the journey into past life.

But, probably the Universe thought otherwise. As part of the collective destiny (of the Atlantis batch+Venu+Neha+the hotel staff + + +), I travelled to Bangalore and got to know that, the telemarketer was the co-owner of Amarantos.
In the larger scheme of things, this is how it was to be. Lessons to be learnt !

The workshop was great. But, I remember more, the Hu-Ha… sessions before the start of the workshop everyday. Not sure if that was fun or funny.

Immediately after the workshop (rather the 2x-5x-10x relaxation routine amongst other learning activities by the Master, Two times a day for 5 days) ended; I had an unscheduled vacation (and an unplanned regression session) with school/college friends.
I think this audacious behaviour of mine, with ‘Vat the hell’ attitude to my professional commitments back home, devoid of any stress and the world will not come to an end feeling was a result of excessive relaxation.

After the workshop, did a couple of regressions (not the classical Client-Therapist type); these were more in the nature of enjoying the new knowledge I had gained, like a li’l child with his new toy.
I am amazed inspite of my casual approach the exercise yielded results.

At present, nothing has changed… I am not sure if I’d want to solicit clients (as a PLRT professional with a price tag) for a PLR session. But if I ever do; I know I’ll be as good, if not better, than the acknowledged best option that is available to the client. Until then, it is going to be learning & further learning …
I think flirting is more enjoyable and I shall continue as is… !

Interestingly, as I end this; it occurred to me that Bheesma waited for Uttarayan to leave his physical body. It is in Uttarayan that I enter in this forum.