Validated In-Utro Memory


Dear All

Please find here my next case for your review and support.

GG, F, 15+, 9/10, 3/5, K (Primary), V (Secondary). Why can’t I let go (9/10).

The kid has, fear of lack of control, fear of not being understood and fear of regret. On discussion the theme was finalized as why she cannot let go.

There is a history of abuse by a school nurse when she was in grade 1 which troubles her again and again and there have been issues with friends where she was not understood and led to traumatic relationships.

Stages 1-9 completed on 25 Aug 2023. (6pm to 8:30pm)

On 26 Aug 2023 (5pm to 9pm) Second session was planned.

We started with a prayer.

I restarted with stages 1-9 but kept them brief. IMR was established.

Stage 10 was initiated.

The Client was asked to relax and using Dave Elman technique the relaxation was deepened.

The Client was asked to visualize a garden which she was able to easily and then was requested to go to the Cliff to perform reframing.

She was able to go to the Cliff and reframing was performed successfully she was able to see all painful memories and was able to remove them from her system. There were lot of painful memories that were removed during the process. Th Client felt lighter after this process.

Then she moved on to Happy memories and was able to visualize three happy memories.

The Client was informed to hold the happy memories and can come back to them whenever needed.

Post the happy memory I plan to take the client in an in-utero memory.

C- Client; T-Therapist

T: Would you like to explore in In-utero memory

C: Yes

T: When I count from 10-1 you will go to the in-utero phase when you were in your mothers tummy


T:What comes to your awareness

C: I feel very small, warm and I think I can here mumma voice saying, microwave khareedna padega ab (we need to buy a microwave).

C: I think my parents are talking about the microwave, price, how will we buy.

(Post the session confirmed with the parents they did have this discussion and bought their first microwave when the mother was pregnant )

T: How do you feel

C: I feel aimless in a good manner. I taste a sweet apple or something.

T: Did your mummy eat an apple

C: I think so, she ate something sweet.

T: When I count from 3-1 you will go to a significant time.


T What comes to your awareness

C: There is some old women talking

Mom is shifty

I do not feel good

I cant

T: Do you hear something, feel something

C: She is on the phone


C: She is sad

T: It is OK

C: She is not happy with the person on the phone they do not want a girl

C: She is stroking me continuously

T: What does that stroke mean to you

C: She is going to protect me, love me no matter what, she is going to protect me.

T: Do you want to be here for some time

Do you want to see some more happy memories

C: No

T: Do you want to see a traumatic memory and see what is the cause from past life.

C: Yaa, but I am scared

T: Don’t be scared

C: Want to know what happened at 1 grade in school why did it happen.

T: Ok

Can you feel that memory right now

C: I don’t want to, it is at the periphery

T: Please give yourself permission to feel that memory

C: Ok

T: When I count from 3-1 go to that memory and feel that


(Client starts crying)

T: Where do you feel that pain

C: It is in stomach

T: What do you feel

C: I am lying on the stretcher ,He is bent over me, my skirt is up (Crying)

T: Breathe, it is just a memory

When I count from 10-1 you will use this pain as a bridge to go to that life to find the answers

10-5 client continues to cry


4-3 walk on the bridge


T: What comes to your awareness

C: It is an orange grove

T: Where are you

C: Italy

T: How old are you

C: 15/16 years

T: What are you wearing

C: Some frock, rugged apron

T: What is your name

C: Lucia or Maria

T: What are you doing in the orange grove

C: Picking oranges

Basket on my side in am picking oranges

T: Is there someone else with you

C: I am alone in the grove. But there is a barn, barn like house, bright red there is grass. There is a barn

T: How do you feel

C: I kind of do not want to go in the barn

T: Why do you do not want to go in the barn

C: There is a man he is my husband didn’t want to get married to him. Its his grove. We bake bread, I do not want to be in the orange grove. My father is a very kind man he has kind eyes.

We bake bread, I am so far away from there.

There is this barn, this husband I do not want to be here with him. He is not nice to me.

T: Do these people resemble anyone in your current life.

C: My husband is older than me he is like 30 or something I have a feeling that it is the nurse from current life. I am trying to be happy with the oranges, but I am so tired. He never helps me. We have a barn like house. We put orange and lemon in everything. It is all so sour. He forces me to eat lemons I do not want to eat lemons. He is pushing them with rind into my mouth. (Make face as if eating rind)

T: When I count from 3-1 you will move to a significant point in this life


What come to your awareness

C: I am baking bread

I am 20 something

I feel like, I killed my husband, I was so tired of him. I don’t like him. He is not understanding me, forcing me.

I got a mother she hates me, My father is crying. I have blood on my apron. He says come in don’t stay outside. He does not tell his wife the truth and told that some people killed my husband. My mother is saying to me you bring in bad luck everywhere. You can’t do anything right. Whole house smell of bakery, vanilla. I am so scared and am so glad to be here. I am so tired of oranges and lemons.

T: How do you feel.

C: I am scared my mother will find out what I did. I don’t make it they find out. The local police find out.

Crying very badly

They take me to the jail, they are abusing me sexually (crying badly)

T: Breathe, Breathe

It is a past life, it is a past life

When I count from 3-1 we will going to next significant moment in your life


What comes to your awareness

C: I am about to cut my wrist I found something sharp near the window. It is only a matter of time. I am thinking of my father, My face is covered in bruises,(crying continuously) I do not have proper clothes, I have no undergarments. I slit my wrist I do not even feel any pain.


I wanted to have a child, I wanted to run my father’s bakery and I wanted to do so much. My husband did not even care for me.

T: Breathe, Breathe

It is just a past life

When I count from 3-1 you will go to the exact moment of your death.


What comes to your awareness

C: I am leaving from the window upwards, I want to kill every guard in that building

T: What comes to your awareness

C: There are like 3-4 people hovering in circles and waiting for me. I float in between them they are bigger than me. They are coming closer. They are like, head shaved man, women brown skin, a little girl.

T: Do they say something

C: They are hugging me and saying it is over. They are pulling me upwards. I see my father’s bakery I want to stay and bake. They promise me that he will be taken care of. I float upwards.

There is a hall with golden pillars. Huge hall. I see something, I see a light, light blue light.

It is coming from the center of the dome.

T: Absorb this light feel this light

C: This light is cradling me; it is asking me to forgive. I have trouble forgiving.

This light is holding me, hugging me.

T: Fill this light in your body, let it heal you.

What was the purpose of this life?

C: Forgiveness,

T: You want to stay here for some time

C: Yes,

T: stay and fill this light in your body.

C: The blue light is Krishna. He is hugging me. Asking me to Forgive.

T: Do you want to go back to another life.

C: No, I want to rest.

T: Did you get your lesson

C: I have trouble forgiving

I have come to forgive. This life is only to take care of karmic burden. To heal and to forgive.

One of the guards in the prison were my current life father. He was younger. He did not do anything, he kept watch.

We come with relationship with all the people to forgive.

Starts crying

My mother was my sister from current life. My father was my mother from current life.

T: Breathe, Breathe

C: Sxxa ( a friend from current school with whom the relation turned bad recently ) was one of the person who found out about me killing my husband and reported me to the authorities. He was one of the friends of my husband and my husband use to share in detail about my body and whatever he did to me. They were friends. I have come to forgive.

I have come to relieve my karmic burden.

T: Would you wish to come back to the garden

C: Yes

T: We leave all the pain and burden from past life in past life and only bring with us the healing, peace, prosperity, and learnings in this life. Are you fine with that?

C: That is not very difficult

T: When you come back you will leave all the stress, worry, anxiety, pain, trouble, trauma, old karmic burdens and only carry the peace, prosperity, happiness, lessons from lord Krishna and his energy with you. The strength to forgive and let go.

When I count from 3-1 you will come back to the garden.


Are you in the garden

C: Yes

T: Do you wish to stay here for some time

C: No

T: When I count from 1-10 you will come back to this life and this body you will leave all old karmic burdens there and only carry the happiness, lessons from lord Krishna and his energy with you. The strength to forgive and let go.


All karmic burdens are left behind, all karmic cords are cut you only bring happiness, lessons from lord Krishna and his energy with you.


Client comes out of trance.

A third Session was conducted on 31 Aug 2023 at 11AM

The pain has decreased from 9 to 4.

The client mentioned that she is able to understand things better post the session.

It is easier to forgive now and with that she feels less need of control.

The client feels that she is able to communicate her thoughts better she does not feel guilty in communicating her pain.

She feels better about the childhood traumatic experience.


I can just imagine how difficult it must have been for the client to recall all these traumatic events and how well you have handled the stress.


Congratulations Ashish ji for your 3rd successful case.
By reading the transcript here it feels that , really how complicated it is to understand karma!!
Keep healing people ….
Best wishes :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Dear @shiprabharadwaj13
Thanks for your kind words and wishes. I too completely agree that it is very difficult to understand Karma. All we can do is surrender.
Trying that everyday.


Dear @Siddhi the client was initially not ready to go through the PLR as she did not wish to remember all these trauma. With multiple prior counseling and sharing my experience I was able to convince her to try. You see her trauma was still not the theme during the regression she agreed to explore the cause of this trauma.
Thanks for your kind words. It is all the blessing and teaching of our Guru.


Congratulations Ashish. I really feel like seeing Md. Azharuddin, from Hyderabad, scoring 3 consecutive centuries on debut.
Your first 3 cases are straight out of the box. Perfectly executed, perfect control on the process, perfect stress management and perfect healing. Hats off to you. You deserve a “bow”. Really Happy for you. You make Atlantis Rock!!!:pray:


Aashish hats off to you for handling a teenage girl so beautiful who went through so much in her past life.
I loved your closure part…all the best


Congrats a lot Ashish ji for both of your well conducted session. They were really great. I just noticed one thing and wanted to tell you if it helps you is that we don’t direct to leave pain or anything like that. We rather have to ask what is needed to be done by client for getting relieved from this pain. Venu sir showed us this in a session. Their subconscious mind directs something. Please ignore the point if is wrongly addressed.


Dear @Aditi
Thanks a lot for all the kind words.
I always say this our guru taught us very well. Each an every word that he said during the workshop are like pearls.
Thanks to our guru.


Dear @deepakchaks
Thanks for the comparison but I stand no where in front of that legend.
This is all the blessings of our Guru. He taught us so well that this all is possible.
His process is fail proof.
Thanks a lot for teaching us excellently.



Congratulations Aashish :blush::tada: I can totally imagine how complicated it might have been in this scenario with a client who has undergone so much trauma. You executed beautifully… lot of respect!!
Way to go!!:tada:


Well done, Ashish :clap:. It’s truly heartening to hear. It’s remarkable and a wonder to watch you how you’ve fully healed yourself through PLRT, emerging as a transformed individual. And now, you’re conducting PLRT sessions, helping heal and transforming others. :raised_hands: :cherry_blossom:


Dear @Santhi_Akula
First of all it was really nice meeting you in Hyderabad.
Thanks for the kind words.
As guruji said our lives will change post the workshop mine have changes completely.
Thanks to him.


Dear @Kaushik
Thanks for your kind words.
I feel this is all the blessing of Guruji. He taught us well.

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Ashish ji, no words to Express how well the session was conducted. Especially the way you handled the trauma and the closure. It is worth noting down and following every step. Thank you for sharing.


Dear @Hiteshi
First of all welcome back to the forum.
Thanks for your very valid advise you are living your name by looking for my well being.
I now understand this and trying to be more suggestive. Guruji also told the same and will try to implement the same in all future sessions.
Thanks again nothing was wrongly addressed, I am utterly grateful to you to share this valuable feedback with me. :raised_hands:

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Dear @Ashish-Meher
Your kind words are always very motivating.
As I always say it is all our guru kripa. He trained us well.


Dear Aashishh,

Congratulations on yet another successful session. My compliments for intricate handling of a client of such delicate age facing such an emotionally charged issue. Kudos to your sincerity of purpose and dedication towards bringing the quintessential healing to her. This session brings tremendous confidence, for us all, in effectiveness of PLR for a young client.

My Humble Feedback,

  1. May be we could rephrase our response to such a situation enabling the client to handle the EMOTIONAL aspect of the experience.
  1. I am not sure If we ask such direct question using words Traumatic Memory>>>> May be the same can be suitably rephrased.
  1. In my understanding the aspect of client learning to forgive from Her higher consciousness (experiencing Krishna) is perfectly in order.
  1. The usage of Affect Bridge and suggesting client to permit herself to feel the memory was diligent.

Thank you so much for sharing such a session which has such valuable learnings for myself.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thanks a lot @Monesh_Bathre for taking time to review and providing the excellent feedback.
I have made note of all the valid points and will keep them in mind during future sessions.


Well done Beloved Aashishh,

Thanks to this most powerful tool we practice as the Amarantos 15-stage PLRT or past life regression therapy process which enables us as therapists to experience first-hand validate ancient beliefs such as the foetus is well aware of the environment it is growing up in and is influenced by it!

Please do ensure that the suggestions are calibrated to the client, as her dominant sense is “K” we could have used words such as “aware” instead of “see”.

Happy memory is done during the end of Session 2 (EOD of Day 1 at Amarantos) along with Closures and in-utero and LBL is done in the end of 3rd session.

Oh My GOD! Isn’t this awesome.
One more such incident which stands out in my mind is of our @zahiruuddin_malik speaking about validating his in-utro memory here Amarantos PLRT on Instagram: "How real are the past life or far memories that are recollected using the Amarantos 15-stage PLRT process? Hear from Malik as he narrates a validation of pre-natal memory."

Isomorphic engram!

We could have promoted I of IDT here.

This might turn out to be a bit monotonous, hence we can give suggestions like, “I understand how painful this must be… how are you feeling? What’s the most painful bit of this episode? Float above and witness if it get’s unbearable!”

So tragic and this is when I as a therapist feel, “Thank god! there’s death!”–the great reliever!

See how easily we get connected and come together lifetime after lifetime!

Do go through the “Why me?” book to work on more effective resolutions.

You’ve acknowledged this but for the sake of posterity I’d like to record that our suggestions should be “Suggestive” and better still when indirect as that will give the space for Ma Parvati to perform her cosmic dance.

Splendid! I’m certain that the following sessions conducted in the light of your new learnings will ensure a zero!

A splendid lesson when viewed from the perspective of psychodynamics.

PS: Changed title to a more befitting one, from “Moving forward through Forgiveness”