Visualization Script for forgiveness and letting go

Hello Amarantos Family !!

I tried writing this script for regular practice for forgiveness and letting go.

I would love to know any suggestions to improve it and any other perspective. It is planned to be around 20-25 minutes long. Please feel free to share your view.

Here is the script:

Take a deep breath, relax and slowly close your eyes



With each breath in and out, relax more deeply





May be now it’s time to relax your forehead and facial muscles, jaws… Your face…

Allow the relaxation to flow towards your neck and your shoulders, your whole upper body.

Your both hands, arms elbows wrist palm…

Breath in deeply… breath out…

Allow the relaxation to move towards your upper body, back and stomach.

Very nice, and relax your waist, lower body, your hips, knees, calf muscles, ankle and feet.

Feel the relaxation from top to bottom.

In this very relaxed state, you may review your day, how was it, and become aware of what memory pops up.

It can be a happy memory if you want, or something that hurt you.

Be with it for some time and allow yourself to feel it completely. I will leave you for a few minutes in silence. Whatever emotion comes up allow it to come.

After 5 minutes……

And now probably it’s time for you to let that memory go away if it’s something that causes you pain and bigger your heart. It’s gone and you might notice feeling lighter in your body.


And now as you let go and relax yourself, you can feel or imagine a beautiful bright healing light entering your body from above, moving towards your face ….

You can choose the color or colors of the light, reaching towards your neck, shoulders, your spine, and both of your hands flooding with light.

At any moment you feel distracted, simply come back to my voice and your breath.

The light is now flowing through your upper body, stomach, back and waist, and lower body parts, hips, knees, surrounding your both the legs.

You can now feel yourself surrounded by the light from top to bottom.

Feel the presence and allow it to heal you.

In a moment, I will count from 1 to 10 to bring you back into awareness, allow this healing light to keep healing you, even in awaken state. This is always available to you.

1,2,3….Getting alert


More alert and awake now…

8… 9… 10…

Wiggle your fingers, rub your palms, and stretch your body if you want.

You can now open your eyes as you feel comfortable.


Excellent work Dear @Deep_Shikha,
As I always felt you are filling in bigger boots, too advanced for your age.
This is well done and I was pondering over this from the time you posted and let me know if this sounds good.
What days one hand in my body think of the other one? If by chance one were to hurt the other, would they hold grudges or would there be any need for them to apologies to each other? The way I look at everything and everyone these days is that they are only an extension of me… We are all one… It took my 40 years to realise this and there is so much peace in this thinking… and I really wish everyone enjoys this…
Would like to know what other’s think


Thanks Deepshika ! For sharing this beautiful script. This will definitely be helpful for many practitioners.
Wishing you all the best!
Moumita Tamhankar (Omega)


Thanku Deepshikha for sharing this
Amazing script with all!


Thank you so much Deepshika for this amazing script. This will indeed be a ready guideline for most of us. Thanks for sharing this here.

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Thank you so much, this is so perfectly scripted and easy to follow. :hugs:


Thank u so so much deepshikha…for guiding the rawness of Plr as we (Atlantis) ve just stepped into our wonderful home and have just entered the garden and are stepping into our boat…looking forward for many more and it will help me also to go on scripting one after the other in some few days ahead.

Kaynaz Ghista (bombay)
Petal of Amarantos (Atlantis batch)
God bless​:kissing_heart::nazar_amulet::innocent::heart::pray:


Thank you so much, Deepshikha, for sharing this beautiful script.This is a big help for most of us. :heart:
Neelam Samnani (Atlantis)


Thank you Deepshika, it will help us draft many more such helpful visualizations that we can share here! Appreciate it :raised_hands:


Dear @Deep_Shikha
Thanks for sharing the excellent script.
I have just one suggestion. Can we have a place to put all the pain/hurt in a place and then discard that. As we are governed by our concious mind it will be helpful for the client to believe that they are getting rid of the same. We use the same for reframing too.

Dear @venu
Thanks for the excellent thoughts. I completely agree with the thoughts that you present. I feel this is very difficult to practice. I shall try to follow this from now on. Thanks again.