We eat to live and not live to eat

“Mam I love to meditate and do spiritual practices for hours but I do not know why I am so obsessed with Food that I keep thinking about food during meditation and I feel this is hampering my practices” this came from a client who I feel is an enlightened soul and is not only clairaudient she is clairsentient too. As such I felt food would be the last thing she would think about. As such she is a very calm composed and simple human being. Although she had this craving deep inside her she never expressed her feelings. This was the third time I was meeting her for sessions and hearing that she had so much craving for food that she wanted a session actually surprised me.

Anyway we started and she easily drifted to a somnambulistic trance.

Th What comes to your awareness

Cl I can feel bed. As if I am lying on Bed…Am unable to move. Can feel my presence but am unable to move. Can just feel Bed. Its very strange, cant move.

The client felt stuck in this state for long and there seemed no change in the scene.

Had to take her back to find out why she is on Bed unable to move.

Th What comes to your awareness

Cl I am a very huge lady……I am 50 plus……

Th What are you wearing

Cl Am wearing shorts and shirt….

My name is angel……i am in turkey……I am enjoying food……

I am growing in size doctors say I should not eat so much food….i start falling sick…I am bed ridden but I want food……people are around me I am on the bed…they are asking me to take medicine and reduce food but I want only food……i am begging for food……i am very weak…….i am dying…….

I have one friend who understands me and she feeds me. Am very huge like lying fully covering the whole bed.

Am able to recognise her she is my daughter in this life.

I am not dead but I am very weak all of them are shaking me to get back to life….my daughter says she will give me food am unable to move……I am dead……craving for food was partially fulfilled……this friend buys me food always……lesson learnt …. **I should not crave for food any more, food is not everything it’s a barrier. WE EAT TO LIVE AND NOT LIVE TO EAT.


very well done Geetha,
“Th What comes to your awareness”
Kudos to you.

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Thank you so much Venu. Your appraisals are awaited makes me feel like a school girl waiting for my marks.


Geetha! :clap: I eagerly wait to read your sessions, it always amazes me. So much to learn from you, not only as a therapist but also as a compassionate healer.
Who knew the cause of overeating would be rooted somewhere deep inside.


Thank You dear. Actually during history taking the client shared only major issues and even after two days she did not mention this issue (there were many major issues in her life) but when this came up in the session/trance I was surprised and was wondering what is actually being resolved but after the session she told me that this was the main problem that she was facing whenever she tried to meditate and never realized that she was carrying this issue from past life as such did not share. The soul will find its own way ::))