What can be a better value statement for us than this?

I’ve been desperately searching for this priceless slokha which I had read once and finally found after so many years.

निन्दन्तु नीतिनिपुणा यदि वा स्तुवन्तु
लक्ष्मीः स्थिरा भवतु गच्छतु वा यथेष्टम्।
अद्यैव वा मरणमस्तु युगान्तरे वा
न्याय्यात्पथः प्रविचलन्ति पदं न धीराः॥

Worldly-wise may insult or praise, wealth may come or go by itself, they may die today or may live for hundred years but men of patience never divert from the path of justice.