What if client sees many lives

I have a client who sees multiple lives and hes unable to find answers. Have taken 2 sessions does he need more sessions or more relaxation.


If it has not been asked, ask something like “Go to the most relevant moment of the most relevant lifetime - be it from this lifetime or possibly other lifetimes - that has clues or answers to the ____ issue that we are exploring”. If recollection is from this lifetime, when review of the first recollection is complete, see if there is a possibility to go to an earlier key moment in this lifetime upon reviewing which, see if affect bridge technique can be used to go to the time when the issue started.


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See if there is a possibility for asking adapted versions of questions / conversations documented in the article that Madhuvanti @mkmllblr shared in her post Unsuccessful sessions .

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Thank you for posting this question Dear Geetha.

There are several factors here but since you are a tenured therapist I will rule out the fundamentals and assume that the 15 stages have been adhered to diligently.

Plus, the client has been relaxed for a min of 1.5 hours. And If your intuition confirms that there is a bit of coherence in what the client is reporting then after some Deepening techniques we can paraphrase all the KMFs that they have narrated so far and ask them on what could be the underlying theme or pattern in all these lifetimes. from within always life time followed by. Followed by which lifetime they would like to explore in detail and work from the engram that you had already elicited.

I’d like to hear from others on what else they have tried.
amarantos past life regression therapy-what to do when client sees too many lifetimes

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