What is CBT in the Context of PLRT

CBT is Cognitive Behavriourl Therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a short-term therapy technique that can help people find new ways to behave by changing their thought patterns.

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So tying this in the context of Past Life Regression Therapy or (PLRT) Let us understand “Disidentification”.

Of the 15 stages of Amarantos® Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy or PLRT is excuted by Amarantos® Certified Professional Past Life Regression Therapist s in the 12th stage. And this stage is again divided into into 3 steps.

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Which my students are able to remember easily as IDT:-

Disidentification the Step 2 of Stage 12 – is a “Symbolic and metaphorically exploration” is a search for a the underlying pattern of encountered lifetime in Engram. The one which my Alma Matre Dr. Winfred Blake easily summerises as the ‘Backstage room!’

Simplifying further it is the art of taking the witness position to observe the Karmas of that life and recognise the associations. This intutively brings about a change in perspective and expedites the cllient’s learning process.

As my student Commandent Yash @YASH who was a Clinicial Psychologist at SSB and from our Amarantos spiro batch put is so beautifully, “When experiences are recovered, the client will be able to see the reality as it is now, sans confusing it with the feelings from the distant past.”

There by being in the present completely and consciously. So Disidenfication facilitates cognitive re-evaluation due to which Cognitive Restructuring takes place.

Cognitive (Re-evaluation => Re-framing => Restructuring)

Cognitive Re-framing, is a technique drawn from cognitive therapy that can help people identify, challenge and alter stress-inducing thought patterns and beliefs. The end goal of cognitive restructuring is to enable people to replace stress-inducing thought habits with more accurate and less rigid (and therefore less stress-inducing) thinking habits.

It was first developed as a part of CBT process {Cognitive Behavioural Therapy} for depression (in Dr. Beck’s version) and as a part of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (in Dr. Ellis’ version). It is a very powerful therapy technique which has been adapted to help people cope with all manner of stressful events and conditions, however it requires sometime a assistance from a qualified therapist) {the process requires about 10-15 weeks sessions}

“The individual suddenly learns, how to interpret and understand the details of his present life, in a new manner”. Dethlefsen