What is consciousness for you?

For me consciousness is…
‘‘Turning your realisations into reality is Consciousness’’


Please try to read the article of our Heartfulness global Guide Kamlesh D Patel and you’ll get more insights.


Just got up from meditation and reflecting upon this most thought evoking question my humble experience is, “The pure and still mind reflects consciousness.(?)”

Thanks for starting this discussion Dipti


Beautifully said Venu. Thank you!


Venuji, so simple yet so deep.


Thank you Dipti and Nishaji :pray:

Sharmaji said these poignant words when I put this question to him. “Awareness is Shiva and Consciousness is Parvati!” :clap:


Very true! Eventually no one remains but Shiva Parvati…Radha Krishna.

When our own identity dissolves, then only Ishwara remains. It is then time to go back to our real abode as the state is the highest state of realization.

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Thank you for sharing

Wow thats such a beautiful topic! Thanks Dipti for starting this talk. Satya sai Baba in one of the discourse said, One must never be in a hurry and enter into action peacefully. One should discriminate the good and the bad in their determination. First and foremost one must discriminate if it is good or bad, right or wrong and jump to action when one’s conscience tells it is correct. One does not need any witness for one’s conscience is one’s witness. And that is called as “Chit” What is “chit”? It is the awareness. Awareness, conscience and chit are all one and the same. The words are different but the object is one. Though the object is one, it is known by different names as it does different functions.
When a Brahmin cooks he is called as a “Brahmin cook”. A Brahmin who worships in a temple is called as “Brahmin priest”. A Brahmin who foretells future is called as “panchanga Brahmin”. The same Brahmin, based on the activities he indulges in, is called by different names. Therefore chit, conscience and awareness mean the same. Chit is very valuable. That which resides near ‘sath’ (Being) is called as chit (awareness). It is the chit, awareness that proves the sath. Without the awareness the existence of sath (Being) cannot be proved. There is the tumble the existence of which is proved by the light. It is the light that illumes the tumbler. The tumbler does not make the Sun shine. Likewise it is the chit (awareness) that illumes the Being, sath. Sath means Being, existence; it is that existence which is permanent and changeless. It is the chit that proves the permanence of Sath, Being. Therefore one must follow one’s conscience. Swami frequently tells about this as the four F’s. First F- “Follow the master”. Who is one’s master? One’s conscience is one’s master. Hence one must follow one’s conscience as that is one’s Guru, teacher and God and witness. Hence follow the master. The second F- “Face the devil”. One must never get scared of the bad qualities, wicked thoughts or wicked deeds. Hence, “face the devil.” The third F – “Fight to the end”. Come what may, one must persevere to overcome the devil.

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Thats so profound and deep thank you Venu for sharing

It’s 4F…
Follow the Master
Face the Devil
Fight to the end
Finish the game
Sath Chith Ananada !!!