What is the difference between thoughts and emotions?

I’ve always been fascinated by the difference between thoughts and emotions.
I would like to know what’s your take on it.
As always there are no right or wrong answers, just say whatever you feel could be the main difference(s).

You could start with, 1. What am I thinking right now?
2. What am I feeling right now!

What is the source of my thoughts? Where do I feel my emotions and so on…


Here is what I have figured out over the last eight years; and am not done yet :sweat_smile:

Thoughts are self-talk / inner language in (/of) my mind.

Emotions are instinctive, physical responses triggered just like my reflexes. I don’t need to do anything to bring them about. They help me fight when I am in danger, defend myself when I am threatened, cry when I am sad or laugh when I am happy.

Feelings form in the mind once I begin to think about a situation and describe my emotions.


In any given situation, thoughts are formed in the mind and thoughts then traslate into “Feelings”.

Emotions happen in the body and are often in response to thoughts/feelings. Emotional reaction is often based on thoughts. Classic example - When you are in a relationship that is not going anywhere, and your partner wants “out”, you will feel relief or anguish depending on what is happening at that time and how your thoughts perceive your partner wanting “out”.


Emotions are more potent than thoughts… Thought backed by emotions play vital role in atmosphere…

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