What kind of a plane is this earth?

My Dear Loved Ones,

Today I want to discuss something which is very close to my heart. Please do not hesitate to share your views.
What would you think of a person who said the following and then demonstrated it at the time of his or her death?

"Have I that non-violence of the brave in me? My death alone will show that. If someone killed me and I died with prayer for the assassin on my lips, and God’s remembrance and consciousness of His living presence in the sanctuary of my heart, then alone would I be said to have had the non-violence of the brave,”



This if i am not wrong we are talking about Mahatma Gandhi who definitely believed in this ideology of nonviolence and when he was shot dead he had “Hey Ram” his last words…

philosophy of life are ever changing with time and environment. There are many such example but generations come and ideologies change with time … the respect remains the same…

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That person may be in touch with reality; able to recognize the self as a “soul” which is part of the “super soul”, and accept others the same way…the mode of goodness…satva BG Chap 17 Text 3 I think. Chap 15 also.


I feel if we believe in Karma and want to break the repetitive cycle of karma life after life or want break the pattern then some one has to take the lead and follow the path of non-violence.
It shows the miracles of the Universe.
Just the way things should be so follow your heart……

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Thanks a lot Venu for putting such a great quotation. I had not heard it earlier. I think that to achieve such a state is very difficult. But, we should all try in that direction.

The insight I got from various PLRT cases is that what comes before us is result of our past karma and what we are doing now will decide future events in this life and future lives.

Once we get a firm belief in the above philosophy, we may slowly approach the state of 'non-violence of the brave '.

By the way I am very curious to know who said this? Do let us know.

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Thank you for your lovely message Beloved @ceoccfb
Adding to this here is what when people like Einstein told about him.

“Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.”

Einstein said this about Mahatma Gandhi and the words I posted were his words :smiling_face:

I feel so blessed to tread this blessed land along with you all.

Anyone who would like to read about his best biography do let me know, it changed my while perspective about Gandhiji. It’s not only worth reading but I think it is our duty to let the coming generation on what a great man he was. A true Karma-Yogi IMHO :pray:

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Thanks a lot Venu for the kind response.

Like you, I am also mighty impressed with Mahatma Gandhi. Particularly with his ‘courage of conviction’. Various events in his life indicate that if he was convinced about something, he would do that regardless of whole world opposing it.

I am very much interested in his biographies. I would definitely like to read the biography which you consider as his best.

With regards,

Arvind Khare