Why Am I Worried and Concerned So Much About a Person? --- Despite Meeting Only Once? Is There Any Past Life Connection?

Greetings! This is my 3rd Case, I am grateful for all the support I have received from my beloved family - Venu and Neha, and my dearest forum members/siblings. Kindly take your time to go through this and please feel free to provide your feedback.

Client Vitals:

Name - Vasu (Name changed)

Age - 30+

Gender - Male

Hypnotisability score - 7

VAK – 474

Dominant Sence –Kinaesthetic

Eye roll test - 1

Pain Level - 9

Theme – Why Am I Worried and Concerned So Much About a Person, Despite Meeting Only Once? Is There Any Past Life Connection?

History taking –
Initially client(My distant relative) seemed very hesitant to mention things. But after assuring him showing a complete non-judgemental space to discuss anything with ease, he discussed the following:

Client met his cousin – Priyanka(name changed) along with his family a couple of months ago.

However, after meeting Priyanka and her kid, he said he felt very connected.

He said that as the days passed by, he felt even more connected and became more concerned and worried about them as they are currently facing a few challenges and staying alone. All his thoughts were focused on how they would move on in their lives.

He said that despite only meeting once, he wondered why he should worry so much about someone unless there’s a deeper connection. Now, he wants to explore his past life and see the underlying connection.

Session 1 – 21st December 10:30am-12pm
Finished up to stage 8.

Session 2 – 21st December 12pm-3pm
(A month ago, we tried a session exploring his childhood, and cliff-reframing was done; hence I skipped these parts here. He didn’t experience any past life during that session.)

T – Therapist
C – Client

We started with a prayer.

Induction - Dave-Elmen and progressive relaxation

Visualization – Staircase to Garden and affect bridge

(Once I made sure the client was in the beautiful, mystical, imaginary garden, relaxed and ready, I proceeded asking the following:)

T – I would like you to bring out all the interest, and the curiosity that you had - to explore your past life and make a beautiful bridge out of this emotion, which helps you in taking you to a significant event or memory in your past life.

T – With all your senses focused on this bridge which is made out of this emotion is now ready and you are now stepping on this beautiful mystical bridge.

T – Are you on the bridge?
C – Yes! I am walking on this bridge

T – Excellent! Focus all your attention and keep walking on this bridge and in a moment you are going to reach the end of this bridge.
(10 sec pause)

T – And as you reach towards the end of the bridge, you are fully focused to see what is there on the other end. Your sub-conscious mind is equally ready in showing up your past life. You just be absorbed in this highly relaxed state of tranquility and you may now tell me what ever is coming up to your awareness.
C – A small house is there. It’s kind of a hut.

T – How do you feel after seeing this house? Whose house is this?
C – I feel it is my house only.

T – Would you like to describe about the surroundings of this place? Who are there? Any plants?, Trees?, People?
C – It’s a hill area. There is a coffee estate next to this house. A small boy is playing outside this house.

T – Maybe you could move a little closer towards this boy and look into his eyes and check if you can identify him?
C – He is my son.

T – How old is your son?
C – 5-6 Years.

T – How old are you?
C – Between 30-35 years

T – Maybe you can look down and tell what are you wearing?
C – I am wearing a Banyan (Under shirt garment), Dhoti and I am barefoot.

T – Maybe you could walk inside the house and check if you can meet any of your family members.
C – I see somebody is cooking in the kitchen but the vision is not clear.

(After exploring sometime here and as there were no much visions apart from that, I moved on to a pleasant childhood memory in that lifetime by counting from 3 to 1)

T – In this beautiful state of serenity, what comes to your awareness?
C – I am in the same house.

T – How old are you?
C – 4-5 years

T – What are you doing now?
C – I am with my parents. My mom is holding me in her arms, and following my father.

T – Where are you going?
C – We are going to a market.

T – How do you feel after reaching the market with your parents?
C – I am so happy. My mom is buying vegetables and also the toys and things that I like.

T – How do you feel about that?
C – I feel so happy and joyful.

T – That’s wonderful. Experience these happy moments for some time.
(As I see him smiling, I gave few moments to experience this pleasant memories)

T – Do you feel any connection towards your parents to this current life?
C – They are my current life parents only.

T – Is there any name coming to your awareness that your mom is trying to call you?
C – Ranga

T – What name is coming to your awareness about this place?
C – Nothing much. It’s a village on a hill station.

T – Does any year or date come to your awareness?
C – Around 1900

T – What does your father do for a living?
C – Farming, Coffee plantation.

(After further exploring this pleasant memory for a couple of minutes, I assisted him in moving on to the next significant event in Ranga’s life on a count of 3 to 1)

T – What comes to your awareness Ranga?
C – I am weaving a basket with bamboos

T – How old are you?
C – I am 20 years old

T – Maybe you could check your house and tell me what’s happening in your family?
C – Some guests have come to my house?

T – Who are they? Is anything coming to your awareness behind the purpose of their visit?
C – He is my Mama and atta(Uncle and Aunt). They came here to discuss with my parents about my marriage proposal with their daughter.

T – Do they resemble to anyone from this life time?
C – My mama is my mom’s brother in this life.

T – Your Aunt?
C – She is not my mama’s(Uncle’s) wife in this current life. I don’t know who is she. I couldn’t identify her with anybody.

T – That’s completely fine. Maybe you could recognize who is that girl they were asking for your proposal?
C – I am not sure.

T – Take your time and let me know, what is happening after their conversation?
(After a few moments of gap)
C – Myself and that girl are sitting under a tree.

T – Allow yourself to take a closer look into her eyes and tell me, does she resemble to anyone in your current life?
C – She is my cousin Priyanka whom I have been worried and bothered about.

T – How is she related to you in Ranga’s life?
C – She is my mama’s daughter. She is the one, our parents are discussing about our marriage proposal.

T – What are you both doing setting under a tree?
C – We both are talking with each other. She is about to leave.
C – I am walking next to her to drop her off at her home.

T – Ranga, can you recognize the area?
C – No. This area is full of trees.

(Suddenly, his facial expressions changed. It seemed like he is in a big shock and experiencing a lot of worry. His hands are shaking, his mouth and lips are slightly open and trembling, and his eyelids are moving rapidly. He is breathing heavily.)

T – Take your time to process your emotions and you may let me know what is happening.
C – No Answer.

T – If you are experiencing any sort of pain that is hurting you. It is okay to release all your pain from your heart.
(There is a big silence for about 5 minutes but still these abreactions are continuing and increasing)

T – Keep breathing slowly and steadily. This is a past event that you are witnessing, and you may choose to release your pain by letting me know about what is happing while we both are walking.

(Slowly, tears started rolling down. I wiped them away with a soft cloth. He is still silent for a couple of minutes and then started telling)

C – A tiger came from the trees and snatched her away. By the time I reached there, the tiger had run away.

T – Ranga, what happened after that? Is your cousin alive or dead?
C – I lifted her up and brought her to my home. (crying) she is dead.

T – who are all present there?
C – My parents and her parents came.

(Still abreactions are continuing. Gave him some more time)

T – Would you like to stay here for some more time? or move further?
C – Move further.

T – In a moment I am going to count from 3 to 1, as I reach 1, maybe you could drift yourself to the last moments of Ranga’s life.
3…you are slowly drifting to your last moments.
2…Almost there.
1…you are there just a few minutes before leaving your body.

T – What comes to your awareness?
C – I am bedridden for so long; I have not been able to walkout from my bed.

T – Who are all present with you Ranga?
C – My grand-daughter and My daughter-in-law.

T – You may take a closer look into their eyes and tell me if they resemble to anyone from this life time?
C – My grand-daughter is my sister’s daughter (some name he told, I couldn’t hear it properly), My daughter-in-law is my ex-colleague in this life.

T – Maybe you could check if your wife is present around?
C – No. she passed away.

T – How old are you?
C – 80+

T – How do you feel at this moment?
C – I feel so sad. I am feeling guilty.

T – You may describe what is it that is making you feel guilty or sad about?
C – I wouldn’t have taken her to that place. It’s all happened because of me. It still scares me, and I feel so regretful about it.

T – What is it that you can do to release these emotions?
C – I don’t know.

(As I am not able to get a solution through him, I assisted him moving ahead in time. This way, a spirit guide or a master will accompany him and they may try to release these emotions from him)

T – What comes to your awareness? Are you still in Ranga’s body?
C – No!

T – Where are you right now?
C – I am in the same house and I can see my body.

T – Is it the same house that you were talking about since childhood?
C – Yes! Same house

T – You may look around and see if somebody comes to assist your soul to move forward.
(I gave 5 min time. There is no answer)

T – Where are you now?
C – I am still roaming around the house.

T – Okay! Allow yourself to move forward from this place and see if you could meet someone.
C – No. I don’t see anyone.

T – What is it that you have learned from Ranga’s life time?
C – I got the reason behind showing a lot of worry and concern about Priyanka in this life.

T – Maybe you could allow yourself to look at it as a past event, considering that she is doing well in her current life.
C – No! She is struggling in this life all alone.

T – In which way these emotions that you mentioned – feeling sad, guilty and regretful are affecting you?
C – I feel guilty that I couldn’t do anything to her in that lifetime or in this life either.

T – You may take your time and let me know what is it that you can do to release these emotions and move forward?
C – I don’t know.

T – Okay! With all your imaginative powers bring out all these emotions from your body and mind and make a picture out of it.
1 – Take out all your sadness associated with that event and make a picture out of it.
2 – Take out all your guilt associated with that event and make a picture out of it.
3 – Take out the regretful Ness associated with that event and make a picture out of it.

T – Now imagine that you have a match box with you in your pocket. Take it out and burn all these images.

T – Have you burnt them?
C – Yes!

T – Very Good! How do you feel now?
C – Little better.

[Client’s face seems a little relaxed and peaceful now]

T – Do you want to explore further or any other lifetime?
C – No!

T – Do you want to come back to your conscious self?
C – Yeah! I am ready.

T – Brought back the client to awaken state by counting from 1 to 5 with suggestions of becoming more alert with each number forward.
C – Not able to open my eyes. My tears went through my ears.

T - Take you time!
(After a couple of minutes, he opened his eyes.)

Post Session: (Integration and closures)
I asked him how his experience was. He just nodded his head but remained quiet for a long time. It seems he is still not able to come out of the experience he had. I gave him some space to sit alone, and I continued with my other activities. I came back after half an hour to check on him.

He said it was scary and he didn’t expect that he could experience some thing of this sort.

T – Is your interest and curiosity in exploring your past life and understanding the connection related to, why you feel concerned and worried about Priyanka or your cousin?
C – Yes! 100%

(Theme Resolved)

T – That’s wonderful. Do you want to discuss anything more?
C – With this session, Maybe after closely experiencing the tiger attack in my past life, now I understood why am I so scared seeing blood, needles and injections. Extreme fear I can say!

C – Until the age of 12, I had a fear of tigers. I felt like they would come and attack us. Very recently, when I heard in the news that a cheetah was roaming in the Bangalore streets, and when I was jogging, I felt a little uneasy, thinking it might come and attack. (They live in Bangalore)

C – I got the reason. But now after exploring my past life I feel even more concerned about her.

T – Do you wish to take another session?
C – No! I am already overwhelmed. Maybe after a few days it will go.

T – Yeah! I hope so.
C – May I know what is the reason, why she doesn’t stay with her parents?

(Since I know her and her mother, he asked this question to me)

T - Her mom worries a lot about her. Even a 5-minute difference in the expected time of coming back home makes her anxious. She cries a lot, and it leads to big drama and chaos in their house. There is no freedom for her to go out freely; wherever she goes, there is a lot of control. Both her brother and father also support her mother and they combinedly control her. She always gets scolded severely when she comes home late. That’s why she doesn’t feel like staying with her parents. Even to shift her career and to attend any trainings related to that, she has to lie to them, that she is not going alone.

C – (Next day client messaged me and Said) I just saw her mom’s photograph.
C – I feel, she is the one I saw her yesterday in my past life as her mom or my aunt. Maybe that is the reason why she unnecessarily worries a lot about her when she come home late.

T – Oh! That Make sense!

C – Why can’t you try PLR on her MOM? and explore her past life and the reason behind why she worries about her a lot?

T – I can try but she is now physically(backache) and psychologically a bit weak and more over she doesn’t trust this PLRT. But anyways I will consider your suggestion and I will ask her to give it a try. Thank you!

As he died with those emotions and he carried on these emotions unknowingly to this life, I recommended to focus more on pleasant memories in this life, spending good time with his family and doing all the things that bring him joy.

Post-Session Follow-Up:
Though the “why” part of the theme was resolved during the session, post-session, I came to know that the client is not sleeping well. He mentioned, he doesn’t know the reason why but is unable to digest these facts, and he feels completely void.

Since the client didn’t believe much in past lives earlier and this is a significant revelation for him, I mentioned, “Take your time, and if the issue of sleeplessness still continues, we will think about doing something about it.”

Even after a week, he mentioned he is still unable to sleep properly. When I inquired deeper, he said, he had experienced something else during the session that is personal to him, and he didn’t want to share it with me as I am his distant relative.

I asked him to let me know, and if needed, I will arrange a PLR session with another Amarantos-Therapist, with whom he can share everything. He said nothing else is bothering him other than disturbed sleep, and that has already improved a bit. He also mentioned that his relationship with family has improved he has become more expressive than earlier and can understand things better with more clarity and he said he got more understanding about many things happened since childhood on why they have happened in the current life.
(I gave some more time to see if this sleeplessness issue gets resolved)

After a couple of days, he mentioned he is sleeping quite well, and I took the pain level: It has reduced from 9 to 2.


Hi Shanthi,
Nice session. Very interesting to see how memories can leak out from the past and may create problems in current life. I have put down my comments…

Very cleverly done by calling the person’s name, would anchor that person for that life-time. This is a simple technique which can be effectively used.

C – I should’nt have taken her to that place. It’s all happened because of me. It still scares me, and I feel so regretful about it.

T – What is it that you can do to release these emotions?
C – I don’t know.

As you know this is a past even and you could not have done anything about it when facing a ferociuous tiger. It could be a part of the Karma of her life. Atleast you were able to recover her body and took it to her home which is commendable.
Nobody has seen their future hence, in this case too you were totally helpless to the unfolding of the events.
You may detach yourself from the past and forget about what happened in your past life and move on whith your current life. Having said this, you may with the knowledge of her parents try to help he in her professional life so that she may also move on with her life.


Dear Santhi,

I felt joyous reading through the sessions proceedings for:

  1. Very well crafted suggestions.
  2. Gave ample time to the client - empathy and patience.
  3. Thorough and professional conduct of the sessions.

My learnings are as under for your consideration please,

Wonderfully worded and executed Affect bridge… :clap:

Great !! Feelings and Emotions are the constituents we are made up of and in them we store and carry our experiences - Life after Life. :heart:

Excellent phrasing…Utilising the Hyper Suggestibility sate of client while he is in trance.

Well thought of and implemented as per need of situation.

Another :ok_hand:

May be this was already established in history taking.

he felt even more connected and became more concerned and worried about them as they are currently facing a few challenges and staying alone

Amazing are the ways of Karmic Relations and their manifestations… :yellow_heart:

Very Innovative of You !! :innocent: :innocent:

My compliments to you and wishes for future.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Beautiful work Shanthi, congratulations on nice execution of this case​:blush::tada:


Thank you, @Ananda_Krishnan, for your detailed comment. My intention is to get this insightful knowledge from client’s words. After the session, Through his maturity and by God’s grace, he took time for himself to process everything, and more or less, he realized the same. :tulip:

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Thank you so much @Monesh_Bathre. I am truly delighted to receive your feedback on the session proceedings. It brings me immense joy to know that you found the suggestions well-crafted and the sessions conducted with empathy, patience, and professionalism :pray: :herb:.

After my first two sessions, I felt a sense of incomplete satisfaction and a constant need for improvement. It could be because of my focus divided among various other personal and professional responsibility. But by the 3rd case, I decided to set everything aside, and fully concentrate on PLR. I went through the work book multiple times until all my doubts were clarified. Also I have gone through the book shared by you in book-club (Regression Therapy-bible). It helped me in gaining insightful knowledge that directly impacted my pre-talk and sessions. All of this progress is because of you, Venu and the grace of masters :sparkles:.

Thank you once again for your kind words :pray::tulip:.


Congratulations on completing your 3rd case. Have gone through your case and felt very good going through it. My experience says, with whomsoever we feel good to talk or like to talk, there is a strong connect in past life. Almost all relationship karmas can be handled in the right way through PLRT. We know the exact reasons why people react with us in one way or the other. In this case too, I am sure your client must have been satisfied with what he saw.
Prashanthi - Very Well Done. It is always difficult to do a PLR on relatives and you have done it splendidly. Outcome was awesome. Definitely, the Client will be in shock as it is totally unexpected to face a tiger and face death of a loved one. All the best for your future cases. With Best Wishes/Deepak


Hi @deepakchaks,

Thank you so much for your heartfelt congratulations and encouraging words ! I’m thrilled to hear that you found my third PLR case intriguing. Your perspective on the strong connections from past lives resonates with my own experiences in this field.

I truly appreciate your recognition of the challenges involved in conducting a PLR on relatives, and your positive feedback on the outcome means a lot to me. It was indeed a profound experience to explore the unexpected facets of the client’s past life, especially facing a tiger and dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Your best wishes are warmly received, and I am excited about embarking on future cases. Your support motivates me to continue this journey, exploring the depths of past lives and helping clients navigate their karmic connections.

With gratitude,
PS :pray: :herb:



A very well explained and worded case. The theme clarity truly stood out. What is intriguing is that I sort of guessed that ‘Priyanka’s’ mom could be the same mom from last birth carrying the imprint of past life, which got reconfirmed in next line itself.

Loved the way you tried handling the difficult emotions of ‘sadness’ and guilt’ in your clients personality. Very clever of you. :two_hearts:

However I somehow ‘feel’ strongly that this theme of ‘guilt’ could have been expanded on further to bring relief and closure to this person. Guilt in itself is a very strong and sticky emotion and represents strong beliefs within a person regarding their own view of their own self or what they believe in ‘morally’.

It is in my understanding not easy to let of the guilt that makes you think/believe that you could have ‘saved’ someone and couldn’t or didn’t, taking the whole blame of someone’s death on your own ‘conscious’.

It is needed that he believes in himself and understands deeply that ‘death’ is not the end of existence. This could have been done by bringing his awareness to the ‘truth’ that that girl is today’s ‘Priyanka’ and hence not dead but still alive in a different body. A very good opportunity for spiritual growth had been available. :pray:


Thank you @Shilpa_Menon for your thoughtful feedback! I appreciate your recognition of the clarity in presenting the case and highlighting the theme. Your insight about ‘Priyanka’s mom’ and the continuity from the last birth is insightful.

Regarding the handling of emotions like ‘sadness’ and ‘guilt,’ I’m glad you found the approach effective. Your suggestion about expanding on the theme of ‘guilt’ for greater relief and closure is valuable. I’ll keep that in mind for future sessions.

I have updated the case with the post-follow-up session, you may go through it and I’ll continue to explore opportunities for spiritual growth in subsequent sessions. Thank you again for your feedback and guidance :pray: :cherry_blossom:.

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you have such a massive potential Santhi that every client of your’s can hit 0!
Further to the feedback from beloved @Ananda_Krishnan, @Monesh_Bathre, @Shilpa_Menon
Do continue to share any of your exceptionally good sessions and review sessions reported by others to fine tune your skills.