Why should you be rich?

My Dear Loved Ones,
I’ve been pondering on this statement since my neighbor once casually made this comment.
Let me step back a bit to go back to our childhood when all that was drilled and expected of us was to get good grades and score the highest marks. But how many of our classmates who are first rank holders are living their dream life?

Similarly, now the expectation we have is to be rich. Everyone as if hypnotized by the world is in the rat race to hoard. Even the unborn grain, unmined gold is being auctioned (options trading) in the hope that someone will eventually get rich!

The great Disillusionment

Many think that having wealth will set them free, but the truth is that the more you have the more is the pressure from so many agencies to take it away. First, the peasant wanted wealth, once he got it and became the king, he has to build an empire to safeguard his treasures and torment his citizens with taxes and invade other kingdoms to feed his soldiers.

I am not a believer of “poverty is a virtue,” I feel that once you have your basic needs taken care of, life should be spent meaningfully.

I would like to know what you think.


Accumulation in mind, body and even in wealth is as harmful as stagnant water is. But if the things are in flow that is not holding to a place it will sustain it’s purity. Yes if our basic needs are fulfilled, we should be grateful to God for the same. Have grace and pass it on, have wisdom and pass it on and have wealth and pass it on. Holding will create equal amount of fear of getting robbed. Grace is the quality of God and it is not the capacity to have but the willingness to give selflessly.
For an instance
" During Diwali we exchange sweets between neighbors and relatives, which we rarely eat. It usually is a social gesture. Last Diwali I thought on the same and decided to exchange sweets with children and people dwelling in slums for the joy at heart and at the same time thankful to God for his grace for making capable to pass it on. Yes we are always in a capacity to pass it on. It is never bad then. Your putting some sugar crystals on earth may be nothing for you but it feeds a thousand ants and even if you do it or not, you have to admit that you are made capable to do that. Numbers of things to do to realise that someone has made us capable.
I think we all want such wealth to flow smoothly in this physicality and of course pass it on to acknowledge the enormous grace of God.
And I know for certain that every soul in the Amarantos is acknowledging the God’s grace this or that way.
Fragrance is definitely good, best when spread. We will be reservoirs not just to hold but to channelise through canals to irrigate the thirsty land.


Hi Venu, I beg to differ with the heading…
My question is…“What is the definition of being rich?”
What I think by being rich is not in terms of money… At times one may not have enough money but even then one can be rich…

Over a period of time, we have limited ourselves and the definition of rich towards having more money and materialistic possession only…

One can be rich in terms of humbleness… One can be rich by heart… One can be rich in humanity… One can be rich by thoughts… One can be rich in terms of knowledge…

Anything or any virtue, we have and are able to share with the world… We are Rich.

There are so many ways one can be rich… Only if one is ready to shift his or her perspective towards being rich…

On the other hand, if one have lots of money and materialistic possession but is not willing to share it with others, it’s of no use being rich…

So my submission is “One should be rich by heart :heart:… One should be rich by thoughts… Yes one should be rich”


I salute you and surrender :smiley:


Very true essentially and money/ material sharing is a subset or part of the package of compassionate heart.
You have presented it completely Anurag.


I am reminded of a coupet in hindi which roughly translates as below:

“God, give me only so much that my family is not hungry and I am bale to feed the saints visiting my house.”

Venu has illustrated this very well. Kabir Das also wrote in one couplet ‘Excess of anythig is bad’.