Why so much disconnect with family ?

hello all

Today i did my 2nd PLR session with CLIENT A

here is the script for that …

Client A , Age 19

Issue : Disconnect with family , lack emotions , no feelings , detachment …

Pain no: 5 (even this does not bother him)

Hyposis : result 4 yes and 6 no

Audio no 8

Visual 2

K : 5

Session duration 2 hours 20 Min

A: Client

Started my session with relaxation technique and soon after that i applied Elam technique

There after i asked my client to visualise a ball of light ,
i asked him to nod his head if he was able to visualise it

SS: what is the color of light you are able to see?

A: yellow and a Smile face

SS: Allow your self to imagine a staircase

A: Yes can see staircase but nothing more than that …

SS : see his eye moving and he is Trying to find something ,

A :nothing see

SS : if you are not not able to see anything not worry
Walking back the staircase

SS: after that i asked him to imagine garden , immediately he could see garden and now i asked him to explain what he was aware of or the sounds he could hear

A: Garden he can see

SS: what are you aware of or what can you see in that garden ?

A: Palm trees , rectangular field ,

A: Horse voice , huge garden ,
SS: what time of the day is it ?

A: morning , and can see water body around

A: Quite

Emotions now calm

Ssumier : I asked him if he was aware of anyone around him , he said

A: his driver of current life


SS: i asked him to go to his Happiest moment : emotions coming
neck movement

A: School break Time : roaming in the field age yrs 12 : hanging in the field with his friends who he can recognise

SS : after this i asked him to imagine ray of light where i could take him to past to reach point where he think he got diconnected with the family …

Tunnel of light ?

A: all of the sudden he says Sky is lit up : no feeling

SS: After asking where was he now he said

Field crosses the light

Gol post < /coast? this i thought goldcoast in Australia but he clarified goal post …

SS: are you wearing anything ?

CA: Bare foot , shots ,

SS: what form are you in ? are you aware of ?

A: male

SS: What are you aware of what do you see around you , how old are you ?

A : Horses: 11 0r 12 yrs

SS: Next significant moment ?:

A: in a Garden , about to go somewhere

SS: go where and with who are you aware of anything ?

CA: Shifting homes : with my Mother & grand mother

SS: who is your mother can you recognise?

CA: Same mother of current birth , but can not see grandmother
SS: how old are you ?

 A:  13 14  age , afternoon 

SS: What else do you see any one else whats happening now ?

A: Cant see anything now

SS: Come back to the same point

And tell me how do you look like “

A: Black hair : standing on my terrace

A: Age: 30’s feeling proud , construction work , accomplishment and machines

No family member around …. Always seen alone

SS: What else is happening there now ?

A: Somebody wants to meet me , my bodyguard stopping him

SS:Who wants to meet you ……

A: My competition who’s business got shut cz of me …

SS: How do you feel ?

A: Nice feeling ….

SS: are you married do you have a family ?
A:Single think

SS: Goto last moment ….

A: Heavy breathing starts …. cant see anything now …

SS: no problem goto next moment

Mother lying down : very good relation father not sure where is he

Age is 50… leaving for work , blazer brown jacket or something wooden house spacious very good

Second house …not sure ……if there are more people , father is no more ……

Good relation

SS: allow yourself to goto the last moment of your life

Body ache : 80’s thinking , I have left a legacy , calm

Animals walking around …. How do you feel

Calm peaceful cant see a family

SS: Cant see anything now wants to come back

In the garden dogs and horses

And in the sky lit up

What is one message you want to give it to yourself ?

maintain Disciple or something like that but nothing clear …

Much younger in the garden …nothing …

My conclusion :

in entire past life he only could see his mother. , no family no children or he does not know … but was successful …

nothing else he could see…