Why some client see no result/change even after a successful PLRT session?

Hello everyone,
I had come across with few clients who see no change in their life even after a successful PLRT session ( we were able to reach to the engram). What may be the reason behind this? Please share your thoughts on this. Appreciate your valuable inputs.


Sometimes it might take 2-3 months for the actual changed to become
From day one the seed is sown and the work started!


Hello everyone,
I think It may due to free will of the individual. Many times we are so blinded by our egos, misconceptions that we do do want to see/understand the higher purpose behind our suffering which prevent us from learning the lesson which we ought to learn.



it could be because there may be several issues and only 1 or 2 got
addressed in the session


Hi everyone,

I feel the expectation to see any particular result or change may preclude
anyone from perceiving the change, despite of the changes happening. It may
feel diificult to let go of the expectations, atleast initially, but once
an intention is made of dropping them down, then it really helps in
perceiving those changes even if they are miniscule.

It may also happen that changes occur in some other aspect of life where
the clients’ focus has not gone.

Other reason maybe that the core issue might be still persisting and the
changes would be visible only when that is addressed.



Thank you everyone for your valuable inputs.


very good Discussion Dear Jyothismita,
I always believe in doing the right thing and doing it right.
It is for this reason that we brought out the 15 stage process.
As PLR is a very very complex science with some art also in it, there are just too many variables where we as therapists could go wrong and this is where the 15 stage process helps us also look back upon our sessions and do a root cause analysis of why something might have gone wrong and improve upon it for the next time.
With experience I am sure that you can strive for 100% success rate, which I’ve been witnessing for the past decade with the 15 stage process

If you can share the breakup of a case stage wise, we would surely be able to understand what might have been the cause for failure.


Hi all,
Sometimes the results might not show immediately and another part might
have been healed separate from the client’s query.
I feel it’s advisable to let them know that the seed has been sown and in a
particular time frame they might see results.
Venu, am I right in thinking this way?
Love and light,


Thank you Venu for your guidance. I will soon share the case study with the breakup

Regards :pray:

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Hare Krishna Venuji,

One of my clients had very tiny glimpses of his past and then it stopped.
This may be sometimes due to the client’s inability to accept what he sees
or Shri Krishna’s way of stopping it as the past glimpses could be more
painful than we know.

He saw that he lived in Ayodhya and was clearing rubbish or pushing a
rubbish cart and then it stopped. He knew that he experienced poverty,
hunger etc in that lifetime. He saw himself collapse due to hunger. He
wasn’t sure if he left the body. Not sure if this is the subconscious mind
protecting the client.

I took him to his future and he saw some things that happened eventually.

Hare Krishna

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We may need to rethink if declaring a session as successful is contingent on reaching to the engram. After an enervating session, the client is anyway becomes too agreeable to all and sundry suggestions. IMHO, the goal of PLRT is that it should bring an improvement of the client’s state of mind in a long term, sustainable manner.

Hence, an multiple iterations (3-4) of an unbiased opinion survey of the patient be taken after 3 month intervals. That may be indicative of whether the session was successful.


What if a particular issues root cause are from multiple lives. If its then by addressing only one past life is not enough to see the changes. Sometimes client dont let go what he/she is suppose to after addressing. As a therapist we think its a successful session. In one of my session, I suggested the client to ask for forgiveness then the client told me, yes I asked for forgiveness and they also forgiven me. But, after the session client told me, I lied to you. cos of my ego I didn`t ask them forgiveness.