Wife - A True Soul Mate

With the grace of Gohonzon, my Guru & Guruma, good wishes of Atlantians and my siblings, I have completed my 2nd case when I travelled to my home in Greater Noida.

Name – AAA

Age – 50yrs

Sex – Male

Hypnotisability Score – 9/10

VAK – 4/7/4 (Dominant Sense - Kinaesthetic, Secondary - Visual & Audio)

Eye Roll – 2+1

Session 1 –

Date : 26th October 2023

Duration : 17:00 – 18:30

Stage 1 – Introduction and CBM done

Stage 2 – Non Verbals – Quite excited to do PLR. Fountain of Information through speaking non stop. Flow/Speed of talking slightly fast. Anxious.

Stage 3 – Pre Induction talk done. PPT shown. Doubts cleared.

Stage 4 – Contract signed

Stage 5 – Client Assessment completed

Session 2 :

Date : 26th October 2023

Duration : 18:45 – 21:10

Stage 6 - History Taking – Done.

Client had a happy childhood. However, he had a low self esteem about himself. Always his opinion needed a backup approval from some of his peers. Hence he was not given that importance in the friend circle. However not many friends. Still, whatever few friends he had, he is still in touch with them. Felt embarrassed when he was not able to answer questions put forward by the class teacher. He was very sensitive.

Parents were confident on the client. No contribution of low self esteem from parents side.

Client are 4 siblings. Two brothers and two sisters. He is the youngest. Till siblings got married, relationship was cordial.

Client was in a relationship in college which didn’t fructify into marriage.

Relationship with elder sister and brother started getting stifled after their marriage. Elder sister got divorced and started staying with her parents and out of frustration started controlling the house administration, which became a pain point for the others in the house.

Client was the only earning member of the family.

Client got into relationship with a office colleague and ultimately got married. From the day of marriage, his wife started behaving strangely like pushing him during the feras, not letting the dhol play in the marriage etc. Within 3 months of the marriage, his wife started staying away from the joint family, and with her mother.

During their marriage, client’s in-laws got separated. This was also blamed on the client.

A son was born after 4yrs of marriage. He is now 10yrs old. Equally loves both Mother & Father. Till about 4 years clients wife used to visit clients home inspite of staying with her mother, but for last 6 years have stopped going to his house… Till about a year back, the client didn’t have any contact with his wife for about 5 to 6 months. In June 23, client’s mother in law, disinherited her daughter from the property and threw her out of the house. This was a shock to her and hence, from June 23 onwards both client and his wife along with their son are staying togather.

Client and his wife have tremendous trust issues against each other. Both wanted to do PLR but due to paucity of time, only the client is able to do so.

Clients wife has more trust, towards friends and acquaintances than towards the client.

Client has also emotionally reconciled and created a wall so that he is not hurt more due to such emotional shift by Clients wife.

Client has fear of ghosts since childhood…

He has fear of heights and used to have a recurring dream of being atop a ladder or a high rise building and there is no way to come down.

He also has recurring dream of an ox trying to chase him and of he sitting at the back of a car and the car brakes fail.

None of the above dreams go to a conclusion.

He also has a recurrent dream of his wife leaving him and he doesn’t know anything about the whereabout of his wife.

He loves mountains as well as beach

The Client practices Nichiren Buddhism for last 10yrs.

Stage 7 – Relaxing the Cognitive Fatigue – Shown a video for 10mins. Had a break.

Stage 8 – Theme Finalisation.

When client came in for the PLR, he had discussed about the following reason for his interest in PLR. His expectations :

  • Want to know about myself. Relationship challenges post school years.
  • Low self esteem
  • Trust in marital relationship
  • Anger – very dominant.

After history taking and discussing in detail with the client, it was agreed to go ahead with “Trust” as the primary theme for the PLR.

Stage 9 : Check List

Gone through all the stages again. Repeated about PLR and expectations - concept of IMR, trance, life between lifes, masters, soul guides etc.

Session 3

Date : 26th October 2023

Duration: 21:20 to 23:00

Stage 10 : Induction (60 mins)

Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

Stage 11 – Visualisation

Shower of light was used as Visualisation technique. Client confirmed that he could visualize during pre talk, but through IMR he informed that he couldn’t visualize ball of light, but could feel shower of light. So we proceeded with shower of light and the colour of light was purple.

Stage 12 - Regression

Then led to a garden and from garden to cliff.

T : This is what the therapist said.

C : This is what the client said.

T : In front of you, there is a bridge. Are you able to see it.

C : Yes

T : Very Good. Please start walking on the bridge. As I count from 3-2-1, you will find yourself at the end of the bridge in the life time when you met your wife for the first time. 3-2-1 Snap. What do you see

C : Nothing.

T : Please see down and tell me what are you wearing.

C : Trousers.

T : What colour is your trouser.

C : Greyish.

T : What type of footwear you are wearing

C : Shoes

T : Who else is with you.

C : Nobody

T : Look around you. Can you see anybody

C : No

T : Where are you

C : Cant say

T : Which year it is

C : Don’t know

T : Where are you standing. What is there beneath your feet

C : Nothing

T : Please look at your sides. Please look behind you. You may feel something.

C : No

After waiting for few moments

T : Okay. At the count of 3-2-1, lets move to a significant event ahead in this life time.

3-2-1 What do you see

C : Sky

T : What else do you see

C : Nothing

T : What time of the day is it? Morning or night.

C : It is morning.

T : You may look around you. Do you see anybody or feel anybody’s presence.

C : No

T : Please look down and see where you are standing

C : Pavement. Im standing on pavement. (At this time a thought came to my mind that the client is standing on interlocking tiled pavement. Later after emerging, client himself told me that he was standing on interlocking tiled pavement, without any prodding from my side)

T : Please look up, down, left and right – See if you feel anybody’s presence.

C : (After some pause) somebody is there but its very hazy.

T : Please focus and see if you can see or feel that person. You may look into the eyes.

C : No very hazy. The person is coming and going.

T : Try to speak to him. Try to connect him through thoughts.

C : Not able to.

T : Please pray to your soul guide, to help you.

C : No one there.

T : You may be there for few moments. You may feel somebody in your presence.

C : No one is there

T : Okay lets go back to the garden bench to relax. At the count of 3-2-1, you may go back to the garden bench. (got confirmation that he reached the bench and relaxing)

After few moments

T : in front of you there is a river and on that river there is a boat with a boatman. Are you able to see the boat

C : Yes

T : Please board the boat. At the count of 3-2-1, the boatman will take you to a downstream destination where your father is waiting to meet you. 3-2-1.

Are you able to see your father.

C : Yes

T : Please talk to your father. Your father has some message for you.

After few moments of silence

C : Father is smiling but not talking

T : You may ask him about your wife.

C : He is sad and looking down. Not telling anything.

T : Okay. Take your time. Be with your father.

C : ( After some time, ) father is sad and looking down.

T : Okay. Would you like to spend some more time with your

C : ( After some time, ) No. Im done.

T : Okay. Please wish your father all the best and climb the board.

C : Father is smiling

T : At the count of 3-2-1, the boat will take you back to the garden where you may sit on the bench and relax. 3-2-1

Took confirmation that client is in the garden and on the bench and relaxing

After few moments

T : On your right hand side you will find a staircase leading to the cliff. Please climb the stair case

Confirmed that client reached at the top of the cliff.

Did reframing with one box for all traumatic events in this life time upto the womb. (In the womb, client didn’t face any trauma).

After reframing brought client back in the garden bench.

Asked client whether he wanted to go to another life time or emerge. Client wanted to emerge.

Client was emerged as per protocol by counting from 1 to 10.

Client’s Story

Client saw few flashes like sky, his trousers and shoes and some person (male) who was circling him (hence he felt coming and going) but it was very hazy. Neither he could make out nor he could feel or hear anything. He also did not see any soul guides. He could see and talk to his father very clearly. His father initially was smiling but when he was asked about his wife, he bend his head and was very sad. During leaving when he wished all the best to his father, he again smiled.

After the reframing he felt quite light.

He also said that from relaxation time, he felt very strong pain in hips and thighs which never happened before.

The pain also subsided after he emerged.

He had mild headache and the headache usually lasts for 2 days. After relaxation his headache is totally gone. He was feeling very relaxed as never before.

Client was advised to drink lots of water, be adequately hydrated, have adequate sleep, read Hanuman Chalisa twice a day and continue with abundant daimoku.

Session 4

Date : 27th Oct 2023

Duration : 16:00 – 20:30

We started with Dave Elman (25mins) followed by Progressive Relaxation (40mins) which was followed by Shower of Light. This time, the colour of the light, as observed by client, was orangish.

From here client was taken to the garden and was made to sit on a bench – a safe place for relaxation.

From here, client was taken to an old temple where he was supposed to meet his favourite God.

T : whom do you see.
C : Bajrangbali. He is taking me along the aerial route. (After few moments) We are flying around and then we enter a small house.

T : You may look around the house. What do you see?

C : I see my, present day Mother in Law. She is very young.

T: Which year it is.

C : 1976

T: Try to talk to her

C: She is not listening

T: How you are feeling. Any fear, any anger or any other feeling.

C : Feeling is neutral. I’m feeling fine.

T: Is lord Bajrangbali still there?

C: No he has left.

T: please invoke lord Bajrangbali and ask him what is the significance of this event.

C: Silent for sometime.

T: Were you able to talk to Lord Bajrangbali.

C: Yes. He is sitting here. ( After some time ) He is not saying anything. He is smiling.

T: Ok. Please request him to show you a future life time, 5 years from now.

C: (After some time) He is taking me through aerial route to some foreign land.

T: Please be with him.

C: I’m on a bridge in a foreign country.

T: Who is there with you?

C : My son is with me. My mother is also with me.

T: Do you see your wife?

C : No

T: What do you feel. Is your wife with you or you are alone with your son?

C: I feel my wife is with me.

T: Good. How do you feel.

C: I feel good and happy. A black car has just come and halted. My wife was driving and comes out. She is wearing a black coat.

T : What is the feeling that you are getting.

C: A happy feeling. Wife is talking to my mother.

T: Is lord Bajrangbali still there with you.

C: Yes.

T: Please request Bajrangbaliji to guide you, as to what changes you need to do in your present life to manifest this harmonious family life in future

C: ( After a big pause ) Patience. I need to be patient. Everything will get sorted out. Everything will be alright.

T: You may ask Bajrangbaliji why is your wife behaving with you, in the way she is doing. What is her role in your life.

C: Bajrangbaliji is smiling and patting his back. She is doing it intentionally. It is the plan. She is there to guide you towards spirituality.

T: What I need to do now? I want to trust my wife, how do I do?

C : Bajrangbali is not saying anything but smiling and patting his back.

I also see lord Shiva.

T: Please pay your respects and also convey my pronam (Obeseiance) to Bajrangbaliji & Lord Shiva. You may talk to them as much as you want. You may ask them all your questions. I’m waiting for you. As you finish, please lift your fore finger to let me know you are done. ( At this time there was a distinctive drop in room temperature. )

After sometime, the client indicates through lifting of finger that he is done.

Client was brought back to garden and bench and relaxed and later on was emerged as per protocol.

Stage 13 – Integration Clients Story

As soon as he reached temple gate, Bajrangbaliji was waiting for him. He immediately took the client through aerial route and after hovering over few houses they went inside a house where he saw his mother in law, much younger and he felt very comfortable in the house. Initially client saw few black shadows of women, faces covered with pallu but after few moments they vanished.

Then when client was told to go to a future lifetime, Bajrangbaliji again took the aerial route. Now the landscape changed immediately into big sky scrappers and it seemed somewhere in USA or foreign land. Initially he saw himself and his son on a bridge, then his mother and then his wife. Client was feeling very happy and in a harmonious family.

Then when he asked lord Bajrangbali what changes he must do within himself now to manifest this wonderful future, immediately client was taken go a scene where there were numerous temples. He was sitting alongside Lord Bajrangbali and he was made to feel that he is not a human being but equal to lord Bajrangbali. My client is one amongst them. My client was made to feel he has immense power and capability.

Stage 14 Closure

(This I believe is the closure for low self esteem )

Stage 13 – Integration conginues

At this moment he was also aware that lord Shiva is also standing besides but not saying anything. At that instant my client felt that he got levitated and was suspended in air. He felt very nice and comfortable.

(At this moment the room temp dipped).

On asking about his wife’s behaviour he was told that she is actually helping him to go/push towards his spiritual growth, his soul growth. When client asked how he should trust her (as so many things have happened in past many years) he got a feeling that lord Bajrangbali is conveying that these are all trivial matters and he should not get disturbed by these things.

Lord Bajrangbali also folded his hands to which my client got the feeling that he is being conveyed to do more daimoku ( Buddhist chanting).

Stage 14 - Closure

This is the closure for his relationship/ trust issues with his wife.

Client then enquired about his deceased father. His father was also nearby. He hugged his father. Father was smiling and he got the feeling that he is okay.

Stage 15

Reports and Recommendations

Client was recommended to do Hanuman Chalisa twice a day.

Now, with stronger faith, do adequate vibrant daimoku

Understand that wife is his soul mate and helping him for his soul growth. Hence chant for her hapiness.

Pain level

Client informed that his pain level is now Zero.


Dear Deepak,
Wonderful to see your session going from passive to multi-dimensional in terms of interaction with the Divine entities and Soul guide. Very nicely followed the past incidents to map the themes to them, thus making the closure!
Also good to see you doing “Future Life Progression (FLP)”. Wonderful, keep it up!!!

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Congratulations Deepak! You are extremely patient. It’s motivating to see how you prodded your client on till he got a resolution.
My very Best to you,

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Amazing session Deepak :sparkling_heart:, I am truly impressed with the depth and structure of the sessions undertaken for your client. The systematic approach, combined with the keen observations and intuitive guidance, assisting him in his journey is wonderful.

The decision to focus on “Trust” as the primary theme was insightful and it is important in addressing the core issues he faced. Furthermore, the emphasis on spiritual practices as a recommendation reflects a deep understanding of your client’s psyche and cultural context.

The resolution of his pain level to zero is a testament to the effectiveness of your sessions. It’s heartening to see such positive transformations. It’s truly a well-conducted session. Great job Deepak :clap: :tulip:

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“Janam janam ka Saath hai… nibhane do… sau sau baar maine janam liye…”…wow DC @deepakchaks… all ladies will be your clients now who wanna really know their real soul mates who all do karvachauth for their pati dev…
Awesome…super…the Future (FLP) u conducted really great…love to read more cases…aage badhte raho…sabke soulmate milate raho…(I think I should also check my soul mate :wink:)… God bless :pray:

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Congratulations Deepakji

Your session got me in different world. Outcome is so wonderful . He is in peace and in love again.
Love is the more essential element of the life. If we get love we can achieve anything and if it is lacking in any form and anywhere, we can’t move a single step ahead. So that powerful love is. This emotion made your outcome so strong and beautiful.

No session is easy, it ends make us feel easy and simple.So your session has a difficult theme ,that you made simple.
You managed this case wonderfully and completed all 15 stages of PLR.

All the best!

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A very patiently conducted session Deepak! The client did seem pretty ‘stuck’ initially. Good thought and quick wit on doing the future progression to get answers for the present actions needed to be taken in order to create a desired future.

Just opened for me a new thought: future progression maybe always shows up as a positive possibility of being our best and most vibrant self for future is always an empty possibility or space and can be filled with the colors of highest possibility. The effort for same begins in the present and if guided thoroughly can lead us to perfect actions to create the same.

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Thanks Neelam for your wonderful comments and appreciation.
Yes…rightly said…Without Love, Human beings are actually dead.

Thanks and Regards

Hi Kaynaz - Im ready. Bring on the clients…Thanks for your appreciation.

With Best Regards/Deepak

Thanks Prashanti for your appreciation and deep notings of the technicalities. Thanks for your motivation too.

With Best Regards

Thanks a lot Garima for your appreciation


Thanks Ananda for your appreciation.


Deepak ji as you said on your introduction that Buddhism is there and plr is practical….this case is the proof of that…theoretically we know that other person is for our spiritual growth but somewhere down the line we give up…but now when Bajrangbali is telling the same then how could u forget this lesson…

Thanks Shilpa for your lovely comments

Congratulations on a successful session, Deepak! Your instructions were clear and precise. Very well executed! God bless :heart:

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Thanks Kaushik for your appreciation.

Thanks for conducting this session and sharing my beloved @deepakchaks

Please ensure that we are providing suggestions to the client and there should be no mind reading and they should be calibrated to the client’s experience. Remember this client is a K


I wonder at why the desperation to create an experience. I feel the client was lead forcefully into an experience here. Please consider reading the book “Why me” again as there is a need to improve on suggestions.

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