An Encounter With Goddess Maha Lakshmi Through PLRT

Date: 26th Aug 2023
Session 1 & 2:
The hypnosis score is 7
VAK score is 4,10,1

Dominant Sense Auditory

Eye roll score 2

(Completed until Stage5)

Client Information: AAA, F, 31 Years, Married, Graduate and Working in IT.

Client lives with her husband, In-Laws, and a Kid (4 yrs old).

Parents- Father passed away, Mother staying in hometown and sister lives nearby mother’s house with her family.

Mental Status Examination:

Appearance -Smartly dressed.

Posture - Good

Gait, Movement and Behaviour – Normal Gait, Movement.

Maintained good eye contact. Appeared little anxious about PLRT.

Affect : Normal

Mood: Normal

Speech Rate, Speed and Volume of Speech: Normal

Length of answers - appropriate

Content of answers - rambles at times when recollecting past painful events.

Clarity of answers- appropriate

Thought content: Client is active and can understand questions and reply appropriately.

Client history:

She was born in a joint family and since childhood she was a smart child and very much interested in singing, dancing etc. She is close with her parents and her younger sister. She felt like a celebrity at school/home.

She was topper in 10th standard -Kannada board in her district and very much liked by everyone in the school and family.

Client’s sister was treated for Brain fever for 1.5 months when she was 20 years old which was the difficult time for the family both financially as well as emotionally.

Education :

She had good number of friends and very happy going person. She completed her PU in commerce. While she was pursing BCOM and preparing for CA simultaneously, Life of the client was revolving only around her studies, and it was quite hectic during that time.

Client have completed CS exam and for some reason, her certification is not yet received.

The client has taken CA final exams 18 times and the last attempt for the old syllabus will be Nov 2023.

Client completed MCOM through distance learning but due to some marks mismatch, her MCOM degree certificate is pending.

Marriage :

She was preparing for CA final exams and married after her BCom completion.

Met her future husband at his place due to her parents’ pressure which was quite uncomfortable for her. Eventually, both liked and agreed to the marriage.

The husband gives the client a lot of freedom which bothers her since she grew up in a joint family. He never questioned her whereabouts which annoys her sometimes.

After her marriage, her father died of a stroke and at the same time husband also lost his job.

The client finds her in-laws quite dominant and they don’t like her talking about her hometown. Father-in-law seems to be harsher in the way he speaks.

The client was misunderstood by her father’s elder brother son(Brother) for a reason which is not her mistake. Their family was earlier close with her but due to this issue, they disconnected the ties with the client’s family which was heartbroken for her.

Completed History taking and took a break with relaxation music.

Presenting the Theme:

I am a brilliant student, but I am not getting my CS certificate as well MCOM certificate. 18 times I have appeared for CA and still have not been able to clear and I will not clear this time as well.

Whatever I do I won’t get it.

Pain level :10

Duration of problem : More than 6 years

Recent Trigger : What is your educational qualification? (If someone asks the client)

How intense is the problem and how is it affecting the client?

The client has severe self-confidence issues, and she feels very low about herself.

Date: 26th Aug 2023
Session 3:

Theme setting: Whatever I do I won’t get it?

Pre checklist completed.

We started with the prayer and then Dave Elman.

Did progressive relaxation and took her to her favorite place ‘Beach’ which she mentioned earlier.

I suggested she imagine a ship and asked her to board the ship. I asked her to imagine that she would meet 3 persons in this lifetime in each port where the ship stops, and they might be dead/alive and asked her to meet/greet/say whatever she wanted to convey.

End of the session she went nice, she met her mother, father (deceased), and her sister.

Slowly got her back.
Date:26th Aug 2023
Session 4:

Session duration: 3 hours 30 minutes.
Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.

Asked the client to imagine the divine light and healed him from head to toe through the divine light. Secured her saying she is covered in the bubble of divine light and she is well protected.

T: Imagine you are in your favorite spot ‘beach’ …(as the client is auditory, I have asked her to hear the sound of waves, birds chirping, etc

C: She was able to visualize and feel the suggestions. She looked so relaxed and blissful.

T: Imagine there are steps near you and in the count of 10 to 1, your subconscious will lead to a significant memory of your past.

(After a few moments)

C: I am in a beautiful garden, and I can see lots of flowers and a big arch.

T: What else do you see around?

C: I see a happy couple in front of me.

T: Do you recognize them?

C: No I don’t recognise them. I am just flying and alone.

T: Can you look down to see your legs and what dress you are wearing? Do you see them? (The client is unaware that she is dead and floating as a soul).

C: I am in a white gown.

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am feeling very lonely. (She started crying by this time).

She was just describing the places around her and said she was feeling very lonely again.

T: Imagine in the count of 3 to 1, there is a bridge near you that leads to the place that is causing this pain.

By now, the Theme of the client has deviated from educational issues to Loneliness.

C: She said I am in the feet of waterfalls and playing with the pebbles.

T: How old are you?

C: Might be less than 10 years

T: Look down and see what dress you wearing or what shoes you are wearing.

C: I am wearing a white gown.

T: Do you remember your name or the place?

C: Somewhere in north east, ancient period and My name starts with ‘SH’ and the other two letters I don’t remember.

T: You know why you are there? Do you see anyone nearby?

C: I don’t know why I am there, but I am waiting for my parents.

T: Where are they?

C: I don’t know, I have been standing here for long days, but I like these pebbles and I play with them. I am waiting for my parents.

Here the soul is unaware that she is without a body and standing there.

Client sobbing

EMDR performed( Move you eye right/left/up/down) and Inhale/Exhale

T: Now let’s go to the happy memory of that lifetime to know more about you in that lifetime.

From the count of 3 to 1, count of 1, your subconscious will lead to the happy memory of that lifetime.

She took some time.

C: I am in my house, I am very much loved and cared for. I am celebrated (In the present lifetime, she mentioned that during her early childhood, she was celebrated by her family members as she is a bright and lovable child).

T: Do you see anyone in the house? Anyone whom you recognize in this lifetime?

C: I am seeing everyone in my present life joint family here, and we are very happy.

We are going to waterfalls and silence

T: Are you aware of what happened in the waterfalls?

C: I slipped down unknowingly, and I was waiting down in the waterfalls for a long time and waiting for my parents to come down.

The client sobbed so much and cried saying I slipped down unknowingly.

She was waiting for them to come back and pick her up for a long time. She is feeling lonely here.

The client was stuck in waterfalls, and I suggested imagining a tunnel.

T: Imagine a tunnel in the count of 10 to 1, In the count of 1 you will go back to the next significant moment.

C: I don’t know but I am seeing the light end of the tunnel.

C: Very peaceful and smiling. I see Goddess Lakshmi in front of me.

T: Wonderful! tell me what’s is coming to your awareness and how you are feeling there.

C: She is smiling at me and saying ‘ You are not lonely now’.

The client said ‘I have my mother, kid, and sister now I am not lonely’.

(Client always feels lonely in nuclear in-law’s home, away from her hometown/joint family in this lifetime as well).

(I felt so much presence of God in my house during the session and it was so blissful energy around)

T: Just be there and feel her love.

C: I didn’t get an answer for my education degree issue though.

Took a pause.

C: Goddess Lakshmi is saying ‘It will happen when the time comes, you need to believe in yourself

T: I asked Are you feeling lonely? (For summarization and integration)

C: No

T: How are you feeling?

C: Happy and things will fall in place.

She was smiling and feeling so peaceful.

Just stay there and be with Amma and you can let me know if we can move on

She took some time.

T: Do you want to check on any of your other lifetimes?

C: No, I am good.

Ok, In the count 1 to 3, at the count 3, you will be back to your beach and slowly I got back in the count of 1 to 10.

The next day, the Client messaged me saying she was feeling so nice about herself.

Pain Level = 5

Follow up after a week.

She started the preparation of CA for her upcoming exams.

Raised RTI (Right to the information) on the M COM certificate issue.

Want to do one more session next month.


Excellent PLR Sindhuja. Well controlled and well guided. You have cracked case no 1. Icing on the cake is Godess Lakshmi visiting Lakshmi.
All the best for your future!!!


Brilliant…so calm…so poised…so well executed …and above all being blessed by goddess Lakshmi herself…what can one ask for more…awesome…god bless​:kissing_heart::heart::pray::innocent::nazar_amulet:


@sindhuja_kamaraj, Excellent!.
See how funny it it. If you give freedom then also its a problem. If your you be strick even then more issues. How cunningly concious mind plays with us using using the sensory tools(eyes, taste, smell, touch…) along with behavioural attributes (anger, jealousy, bitrayal, ego…) to create long term traumas which creates havoc through manifestations through eons of subsequent lives! Unfathomable! if not been for PLR. Can you think this can be treated with medicine or counselling?
Very well executed…


Dear Sindhija,

Best past if this session was that you did not direct the client to check whether any master or guide is present once she was in the light post her death. She herself revealed that it was maa Laxmi. Wonderful! I remember during our practice sessions you and your client both prayed sai baba and it went successful. The way you conducted sessions was very impressive and also penned it down very effectively. Thank you for sharing you experiance with us.


Amazing…Taking notes from this :memo::sparkles:


Dear Sindhuja,

Heartfelt compliments and congratulations…My feedback for your consideration,

  1. That’s really interesting and something to learn from.
  1. Its good learning for me on how to go about an A client.
  1. This is new learning. Thank you.
  1. Blessed you are with a pure heart. :yellow_heart:

Best Wishes for the upcoming session. I am sure the pain level would come down to ’ ’


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Congratulations Sindhuja on completing your session successfully! I believe you are now a step higher and will hit further milestones with equal ease and panache.




Very well executed Sindhuja, congratulations​:tada::tada: Experience with goddess Lakshmi was breathtaking…


Dear Monesh,
Astonished with your attention to detail. Thanks for the mention, really means a lot.
:pray: :pray: :pray:
I am in the first baby step and have much to learn for you as well.

Thanks a lot for those motivating words and encouragement.


Thanks Siddhi :heart:


Thanks Ashish for remembering those moments and for your kind words.
Prayers and lighting a lamp during the session definitely helps us to connect with the divine effectively.


Thank you very much Anand ji for your kind and motivating words.
Very true, anything too much or less is an issue.
If not PLR, this issue would have been never unfolded.


Thanks Kaynaz for your words Kaynaz… :heart: :heart: :heart:


Thanks, Deepak for your kind words. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I remember you mentioned the meaning of my name as Lakshmi during our course and your words, and wisdom during and after the course helped me a lot.


Wonderfully executed session. Congratulations.
Next time try unraveling patterns.
All the best.


Excellent session Sindhuja
And very well presented.

Kudos to you and may you keep up the spirit of Amarantos always


Dear @sindhuja_kamaraj
Wonderful dear. Very impressive. Thank you for sharing your experience here with us


Thanks dear Preeti for your kind words :heart:


Thanks dear Ash… :heart: :heart:
Yes sure will try that…