An Encounter With Moses: Healing Fear and Rejection

Session Report - PLR Session for Nakshatra (Name changed)

Nakshatra (Name changed), Female, 29, 10/10, 1/5, K, 10+, Fear of Rejection/ feeling unimportant.

History: Nakshatra is an aspiring director who has struggled with social anxiety and a deep-seated fear of rejection throughout her life. These issues trace back to her childhood, characterised by loneliness and perfectionism, which led to anxiety, problem avoidance, and denial. She often felt unimportant within her family and among her friends. Nakshatra pursued a career in directing to find validation and significance through her work. Her fear of rejection is intensely profound, rating it at 10/10 on a scale of intensity. Similarly, her feeling of unimportance also scores a high 10. The central theme of her work revolves around exploring the root causes of her fear of rejection. This drive propelled her to delve into writing and create short films as a means to express herself and combat her social anxiety.

Session Details

  • Day 1: August 22nd, 2023, 5 pm to 8 pm (Session 1)

  • Covered: Stage 1 to stage 7, From Introduction to Relaxation cognitive fatigue.

Day 2: August 23rd, 2023, 5 pm to 9 pm (Session 2)


  • Theme 1: Extreme fear of Rejection.

  • Theme 2: Feeling Unimportant always.

  • Stages 8-11: Theme finalisation, prayers, induction (Dave Elman), Visualization - Ball of light, Staircase, Garden, Relaxation, 3 * Happy memories.

Day 3: August 24th, 2023, 4 pm to 8 pm

Induction, Visualization, Reframing - Cliff Visualization with two boxes (LBL, Mission, Perinatal)

(She experienced severe migraine headaches daily during all three sessions. However, after the fourth session, she cried while discussing her experiences in her mother’s womb, where she felt a deep sense of disappointment. From that fourth session onward, she noticed that her headaches had completely disappeared.)

Day 4: August 25th, 2023, 5 pm to 10 pm

  • Stages 12-15: The C was guided into a trance using Dave Elman and progressive relaxation.

  • Visualization was conducted by guiding the client to a garden with vivid descriptions.

  • The client was then instructed to visualize a tunnel, experience physical sensations, and walk through it while counting down from 20 to 1, with the goal of locating the root cause of her fear of rejection.

  • The client described being in a different body, wearing specific clothing, and feeling like a teenager. She found herself in a library filled with foreigners, feeling ignored and humiliated.

  • The session further explored her emotions and experiences in this past life, helping her gain insights into her fear of rejection.

Session 5- The stress bridge technique was used to assess a significant event related to the root cause of the fear of rejection.

  • The client described being on a beach, alone, watching a sunset, and feeling sadness. She was in the same body, wearing specific clothing.

  • After some guidance, the client expressed a willingness to explore the significant event related to the root cause of her fear of rejection.

  • She mentioned feeling like a 6-year-old with broken teeth, black, and wearing two braids and an orange frock. She was with her parents, feeling happy and excited about going for a boat ride. However, they were not allowed to go, and her dad got into an argument.

  • The client shared her feelings of confusion and disappointment during this event.

Session 5 continued

  • The session further explored the client’s emotions and experiences during her past life, where she felt rejected and left out.

  • She described a significant event where she was playing with mud and building a mud house with friends. However, a boy kicked down their mud house, and she felt angry and humiliated.

  • The session then delved into the client’s last moments in that past life, where she struggled with a health issue and awaited her son’s arrival.

  • The client expressed her regret for not being able to study and achieve more in that life.

  • The session also touched on a spiritual aspect, with the client describing her experiences after leaving her body and encountering a figure she referred to as “Moses.”

Session 5 - Stress Management and Insights

  • Stress management techniques were applied to help the client manage her emotions and feelings of regret and guilt.
  • The session involved the client revisiting significant events related to her fear of rejection, including a past life as Kumar, where she had a violent encounter with an old man.
  • The client also explored her past life as Martha, where she experienced a sense of unimportance and rejection within her marriage.
  • During these explorations, the client gained insights into her past experiences and how they had shaped her current fears and insecurities.
  • The session concluded by helping the client release her emotional burdens and providing healing and relief.

The client was suggested to visualize a tunnel, feeling body pain level, giving it a shape, size, density, and from the center of the object, the tunnel extends. Then, she was asked to walk to the end of the tunnel with the countdown from 20 to 1 and to locate the root cause of the fear of rejection. At the end of the tunnel, she was iinstructed to go to the significant moment in which they experienced fear of rejection.

Therapist (T): Now, what comes to your awareness?
C: (Faintly) Sno…w… Snow…

T: What else can you see?
C: Building red, lots of windows.

T: Are you in the same body or a different body?
C: Different body.

T: Look at your foot and see what you are wearing.
C: Boots, black, red woollen cap.

T: How old are you?
C: Feels like 15-16.

T: What else?
C: Walking towards the building, glass door, lots of windows.

T: What is this building?
C: Seems like a library, lots of foreigners reading.

T: Can you say which year?

C: No.

T: Look around, check if there is a calendar.

C: No, I couldn’t see. Computers are very big, huge.

T: Okay, no problem. What else? What are you doing?

C: I am standing; all are ignoring me, seeing me disgustingly.

T: How are you feeling?

C: Humiliated! She says she won’t give me a book (librarian) (crying).

T: Is there anyone in this library whom you know? Are you alone?

C: Alone.

T: Is there anything that comes to your mind?

(She nodded no.)

T: Can we move ahead from here to another significant event related to the fear of rejection?

C: Yes

T: At the count of three to one, we will go to the next significant moment related to the fear of rejection. Three, two, one. What can you see now?

C: Water… Lot’s of water…

T: Let’s keep moving forward. Look around, is it a river or a sea?

C: It’s a lake.

T: Is it in the same country or a different one?

C: I’m not sure.

T: How old are you?

C: I feel like I’m 6 or 7 years old. Mom and dad are holding my hands.

T: Can you see your feet? Tell me about the color of your skin.

C: No shoes. Barefoot, I’m Black, and I have black skin.

T: How do your mom and dad look?

C: They look happy, and they are African.

T: Can you see your dress? What are you wearing?

C: I’m wearing an orange frock and shoes.

T: How are you feeling?

C: Happy and excited. We are going for a boat ride.

T: You are waiting for a boat ride with your mom and dad, right?

C: They are not allowing us to go for a boat ride. We are not allowed to go.

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am confused, why is this happening. I am crying; cops are taking my dad. I am crying behind my mom.

T: What is your mom doing?

C: She’s looking at them, helpless.

T: Can you describe how the cops are dressed?

C: The cops are wearing navy blue shirts and pants.

T: Can you see anything else around you?

C: Other children are White, and they look happy. They are allowed to go on the boat, but we are not.

T: Can we move forward to another significant event from your childhood in this lifetime? Let’s explore more. At the count of three to one, we will go to another significant moment from your childhood. Three, two, one.

C: I see a forest at nighttime, and I’m walking with my dad. I can hear the leaves rustling as we walk. I’m wearing a pink-blue hoodie and pink-yellow shoes.

T: Can you hear your dad’s voice? What language is he speaking?

C: He’s speaking in English.

T: What is he saying to you? Feel it and tell me.

C: I’m smiling, my dad knelt down near me, held my hand and he is saying something to me.

T: Can you feel what he is telling to you?

C: He says, ‘ Dear…Jenny, Never fear for anything, you are born to conquer this world. Dada will always be with you".

He tickled my stomach and Iam laughing happily.

T: Wonderful! Can you go forward? Can you walk further?

C: Okay.

(Her face expression changes, she feels uncomfortable)

T: Float above and witness. Breathe deeply, in and out, letting go of any tension. What are you doing now?

C: We are walking further… Suddenly a few people in a Jeep, shot my dad. Big gun! Dad, throwed me on the other side of the road. He asked me to hide. Blood is coming out of his chest. I’m hiding. There are 4-5 thieves. They are also Black. They took money from dad’s pockets and and they’re laughing. They went now…

T: Can you go near your dad?

C: I’m trying to wake him up, but he’s not waking up. I don’t know what to do.

(She is crying badly)

T: Float above and witness.Do you want to go somewhere else?

C: I want to see my mom.

T: Can we go to your mom now?

C: Yes, please.

T: At the count of three to one, you will see your mom.

T: Three, two, one.

T: Can you see your mom, Jenny? Do you see her in your home? What is she doing?

C: She seems to be sad, without any tears. Just staring. This is long after my dad died. She’s holding me.

T: Take a deep breath. Can we move forward?

C: No, I want to come out.

(She is feeling overwhelmed and she wants to come back.)

T: Alright. At the count of one to ten, slowly come back to your normal state.

T: One, two, you are coming back to the garden. You can see the trees, birds, and flowering plants around you. You are either sitting or lying down in this garden. There’s a red light over your head, washing away all your pain and fatigue.

T: Four, five, six, we are coming back. Seven, eight, nine, and ten. Slowly wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers, rub your palms, and cup your eyes. You’re coming back.

Session 5 : Used stress bridges to the significant event related to the root cause of the fear of rejection.

T: What can you see?

Client: Beach…

T: Is it day or night?

C: It’s sunset time.

T: Is there anyone with you?

C: No.I am watching it alone.

T: Are you in the same body or different body?

C: I am in the same body, a little older. Around 35-40.

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am sad. I am extremely sad.

T: Why do you feel sad?

(She started weeping …Holding her dress, shrinking with pain in the chest)

C: I have lost someone… I have lost someone…

T: Breathe in deeply, up and down, you are safe, come back to the garden…(Confused why she went to the future.)

(Client still continued crying…)

C: I have lost my child!

(Did stress management and calmed her down)

T: Are you feeling okay?

C: Yes.

T:Can we go to the significant event which will take you to the root cause of the fear of rejection?

C: Mmm…

T: As I count 3-1…T: What are you aware of?

Client: Shrinking, looking down. Not allowed in school also. I feel like I am 6 years old, broken teeth, black, two braids, afro, happy. (Client says, “feels like I am imagining, imagining,” I said it’s okay, just imagine and say.)

T: What else?

(Nodded, “aa, no.”)

T: Can we go to the next significant event?

Client: She said yes.

T: As I count 3-1, it will take you to the significant event related to your root cause of fear of rejection. What are you aware of?

Client: Desert - Tribal Africans are there. I am playing with mud with friends. Building a mud house happily. One boy kicked it, and this house collapsed. I got angry and went to beat him; he ran away. Then I complained about this to my mom.

T: What did she say?

Client: She said it’s okay.

T: How did you feel?

C: I was confused because he made a mistake, but she is not punishing him. She asked me not to play again.

T: How does that make you feel?

C: I feel disappointed. I felt that this is how it works here.

T: Can we go to the moment of your death? What are you aware of?

C: Deathbed wearing a yellow shirt, brown bed sheet. Two big daughters are near me. I am struggling to die, waiting for someone.

T: Whom are you waiting for?

C: Looking at the door… my… son.

T: How are you feeling?

C: As if I should hold my breath till I see my son. He came now… He is holding my hand. I am feeling relieved and satisfied.

T: What else?

C: I have something to give to him. It’s under my pillow. My daughters helped me to get it. Inside it is a key, dark brown-coloured old type of key.

T: What is there inside?

C: It’s a key to open a big box. It has my son’s toys, his photos… I can see big currency.

T: Can you see which currency? Can you describe it?

C: I am not sure, but it is bigger in size, it has Mandela’s picture on it.

T: How do you feel?

C: Feels like it is not a natural death, having a health problem, some disease.

T: What are your last thoughts at this last moment?

C: Regret, I feel I could have lived more. Regret for not being able to study. They didn’t allow me to study. I have to do more in the next birth.

T: What else?

C: Son is crying. Daughters are not crying, happy that they got rid of me.

(Client started shaking, throat felt as if choked and didn’t breathe for a few seconds, stress management was done and brought awareness about her body)

T: As I count 3-1, go to the moment after you left your body. What are you aware of?

C: I can see clouds, feeling peaceful.

T: Is there anybody else?

C: A man is there with a long beard. Old man in white full dress. I can only view the side view. Jesus… no, he is not Jesus… feels like he is his assistant.

T: How are you feeling?

C: Fulfilled.

T: What is he saying?

C: He can’t talk, he can’t see.

T: Feel him and say what he wants to tell you, just go near him and feel him.

C: You have learned the first lesson.

T: Which lesson?

C: You will know. You will make a difference. You can do anything. You can conquer the world. I am with you. I have been with you always.

T: Feel him and tell me what his name is. Who is he?

C: “Moses!!”

Stress management was done - AB reactions controlled by diaphragmatic breathing and “Float above and see.”

T: Can we go to the next significant event which is related to the root cause of the fear of rejection?

C: Yes.

T: 3-1, significant moment. What are you seeing?

C: A boy, red kurta and brown pants, full white. I am angry, full of rage. I am going to kill someone. Walking fast, to kill someone - bloodied hand, murdered - rage, stabbed him six times.

T: Look closer and feel who he is?

C: An old man. Inserted full of money in his mouth.

T: What is your name? How old are you?

C: Kumar, 23.

T: Can we go to see why you killed this man? As I count 3-1, it will take you to the significant event related to this man.

C: Sister, she is in Jhoola (swing).

T: Look at her eyes and see if she’s related to this current lifetime.

C: No, but she is looking like “me”!

T: Your present self?

C: Yes, her face resembles ‘Nakshu’ (her original name was mentioned)

T: Alright. How old are you?

C: 23.

T: What else can you see? Feel and tell me.

C: We are happy playing. The old man wearing a kurta with a pocket is coming. Suddenly, he took Chotti.


T: Breathe in, pushing your stomach up and down. Relax your forehead, neck, shoulders. Breathing in deeply.

C: I fell on his feet, I feel helpless, angry. He said, “You are good for nothing,” and spit on me.

T: It’s alright, float above. It’s something that happened in the past. Just float above and witness. How are you feeling?

C: Heavy, disgusting about myself.

T: Can we go to the significant event to see who this man is?

C: Nods head.

T: 3-1, what are you aware of?

C: It’s a village, it seems like Haryana. All are wearing dhoti and pagdi (turban) on their head. I am going into the mud house. Chhotti is there.

T: What else can you see/feel?

C: Gopal collecting money (this same man) on a cycle.

T: What else?

C: Took 50 Rs from him for chhotti’s school fees.

T: What are you doing?

C: I am a farmer, farming. I couldn’t pay him, because of the forest fire, the whole hard work has gone.

T: Can we go back and see your childhood? 3-1.

C: Mom and dad, Me and Chhotti are happy. Mud house, one candle lamp. Chhotti and I are happy studying. Dad has some problem.

T: What happened?

C: Someone is following him; he is scared. Gopal came home, knocking fearfully. Dad didn’t pay money. They both are fighting. Me and Chotti, both are scared. Gopal killed my mom and dad both. (Shows hand gesture like stabbing) He came towards me. Iam frightened, Chotti is crying.

T: It’s okay, float above and witness, breathing in and breathing out. It’s something that’s already over. Just witness. What else? What is he saying to you?

C: “Ab iske guna tuje bharna hai.” (You have to pay for his mistake). He went out.

T: Breathe in deeply. How are you feeling?

C: Mom and dad, full of blood. They are dead; they will never leave us; they will be with us.

T: Can we go to your last moment of death? 3-1.

C: Faansii, they are going to give faansi. (Hanging by death)

T: What were your last thoughts?

C: I wanted to know what happened to Chhotti… if she is even alive.

T: How do you feel?

C: Can’t express in words.

T: I can understand… What else?

C: Police are asking for my last wish. I am saying I want to see my Chhotti. Police are saying they can’t bring her and showed her passport size photo. Black and white, she is having flowers on both sides.

T: What are you feeling?

C: I deserve this punishment. He deserves too; he took everything away from me. My whole world! My mom, my dad, my Chotti… My life (crying).

(Stress management done.)

T: Go to the moment after leaving your body. What can you be aware of?

C: Kumar always had a fear of abandonment. He always wanted to be the perfect son, the perfect brother. When I failed to do it, I felt like a failure.

T: What makes you say that?

(C kept quiet)

T: Can we go to a significant event related to feeling you must be perfect? As I count 3-1.

C: Dadi saying, “Bade beta hone ke naathe, tujhe sab kuch karna hai, tera kartavya hai.” (Being the eldest son you are responsible for everyone, you need to do everything).

T: How are you feeling?

C: Imperfect, not good enough.

T: What have you learned from this lifetime?

C: You can’t be perfect. Live every day as if it’s your last day. Should not do anything without knowing the consequences; should not be impulsive. Others can’t be the source of your happiness.

T: Can we go to a significant event related to feeling unimportant?

C: Yes.

T: 3-1, what comes to your awareness?

C: English wife waiting for the husband, wearing a frock.

T: How are you feeling?

C: Thak thak,(palpitated) he is going to return home. He came back; he ignored me always like that. I am not a wife to him; I am just a servant.

T: What else?

C: He came back; I removed his socks, served him food.

T: What is the food that you are serving?

C: Spinach and scrambled egg on a plate.

T: What is your name?

C: Martha.

T: What is your husband’s name?

C: Kennedy.

T: Can we go to your wedding to see why he is ignoring you? Did he like you and marry you?

C: Yes.

T: 3-1.

C: I am 16; he is older. Around 38-40.

T: Do you like him, willing to marry him?

C: Yes, I like him. I am excited; he is not looking at me.

T: Go to the time of the ring ceremony.

C: He is not looking at me. I feel confused; something is going to be wrong.

T: Can we go to your childhood?

C: Yes.

T: 3-1, what comes to your awareness?

C: My mom, she is not my real mom. Treats me bad. She says I am not needed in that house. Dad doesn’t know.

T: Look closer and see; is he related to this life?

C: Yes, mom feels like I am needed also, not needed.

T: Is he a loving dad?

C: He is like if he abandoned me, society would say bad things about him.

T: What happened to your real mom?

C: She is bedridden. She feels helpless; she could not save me and save herself.

T: What else?

C: My stepmom wants me to leave this house, so marry me to this person. He doesn’t like me; I am childish, not behaving like a woman, always having disappointment with me.

T: Can we go to your last moment of your death?

C: Yes.

T: 3-1, go to the last moment. What comes to your awareness?

C: Fire, smoke. I am committing suicide; I am 25.

T: Martha, breathe in deeply.

C: I felt I am not needed in this world; you better die. I am firing the whole house. Smoke.

T: How are you feeling?

C: Accomplished, free from this unimportant life.

T: Can we go to the moment after you left your body? As I count 3-1, what comes to your mind?

C: Forest. Darkness. All over darkness…

T: What have you learned from this life?

C: It’s good to be alone, not to depend on anyone else for happiness. You are your source of happiness. You have to rebel and live your life.

C: I can see clouds, feeling like I gave you one more chance and gave me this birth to relearn the lesson.

T: Do you want to revisit any lifetime: the tribal woman, Jenny, Kumar, or Martha?

C: No, I want to come back.

T: 1-10, took her to the garden and healing light visualisation, removing all the fatigue, healing, learning these lessons. What is your pain level?

C: 3 (before it was more than 10).

1-10, awaken state. Came back.

Closure and Integration

  • The session ended with a closure and integration phase, where the client was brought back to her current state of consciousness.

  • The client learned valuable lessons about self-acceptance, the importance of living in the present, and not depending on others for happiness.

  • She expressed a desire to come back to her current life with these newfound insights.

  • The session aimed to provide closure and healing for the client’s past traumas and fears, allowing her to move forward with a greater sense of self-acceptance and understanding.


Dear @Krithika_s.
Hats off what an regression.
You were in control through out the session.
This was a complete session with full details that were needed from each life time.
You managed the stress excellently well.
Overall, 5 stars from my side.
Best wishes


Very well… learning from all of you…


Krithika - Congratulations! What an amazing case and so beautifully navigated.

I could clearly see the connection of feeling ‘unimportant’ in this life coming from the previous lifetimes.

Also I noticed theme of ‘fear of abandonment/loss’ coming from lifetime of Kumar in the future vision Nakshatra had where in she experienced loss of her child.

Stress had been managed so well throughout despite multiple lives being visited , it must have been truly exhausting as I could feel the ‘fatigue’ even while reading.

One suggestion I have is that from what I remember seeing Venu do in case of Aashishh when stress was extreme and Aashishh didn’t want to go further, Venu kept him relaxing and waiting in the rest state in the presence of light during life between life, which could have been used during session 4 when client was feeling overwhelmed and wanted to come out.


Krithika, this is just amazing. It was a enormous amount of sadness and stress which you managed so wisely. It was penned down so effectively that could not stop reading such a long narrative. Hats off to you for conducting such a stressful session so patiently. Keep it up.

Ashish Meher


Excellent Krithika! Very nicely executed. Looks very elaborate.


Wow ! Krithika , The detail you have written from beginning to end is wonderful. You have scripted it like pro. I admire the way you described each and every session.
All over,you handled the session in an exemplary manner.

All the best!


Good job Krithika, well conducted session. Keep it up :+1:

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Krithika what an amazing session….so exhausting but it’s worth every second. So much learning for all of us.

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Krithika, What an outstanding session! You executed it brilliantly. Congratulations :clap:
It shows your dedication and perseverance that you have maintained through out the session and also your patience for describing everything down in a beautiful way. Your work is truly inspirational. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors :+1::cherry_blossom:.


Superb session

This is the key, the “plane takes off in the 4th session onwards”

Phenomenal , sastanga pranams to this Blessed Master :pray:

Super, super, super :clap::clap:

Client is K, calibrate statements with respect to the sub modality.

Well done here

Pain level from 10 to 3 is awesome :clap:

You know what @Krithika_s you are all set as a Pro PLRT therapist, and you remind me of

श्रद्धावान् लभते ज्ञानं तत्पर: संयतेन्द्रिय: |
ज्ञानं लब्ध्वा परां शान्तिमचिरेणाधिगच्छति || 39|| sbg chapter 4!

Those whose faith is deep and who have practiced controlling their mind and senses attain divine knowledge. Through such transcendental knowledge, they quickly attain everlasting supreme peace.

Do read the “Why me?” Book to fine tune your suggestions.
All the very best


Dear Krithika,

At the onset, Heartiest Congratulations and wish you many more successful healings in times to come.

My humble feedback for your consideration,

  1. Mission - I understand it as mission in present life. Please correct me if otherwise.
  1. I am sure you would have guided her through the visualization and here its only an error of omission.
  1. I am so amazed to realise how even such incidences, which happen in normal lives of parents/children are imprinted on the psyche of children and have lasting effects limiting their happiness, expression
    and growth as a free soul.
  1. Same as 2.
  1. Perfect guidance for a K client as they Feel the experience.
  1. Perfect to call her by name of her engram.
  1. May be we can rephrase for IT’S OKAY here as such experiences are actually NOT OKAY for the client.
  1. Made me realize the plausible profound impact of elders in close knit/joint family system.
  1. Absolutely Blissful Learnings… :blue_heart:
  1. The aspect of feeling accomplished after taking her life through suicide intrigues me. Would request inputs/feedback/insights on this aspect from my fellow comrades as well as Beloved Guru Dr Venu. :pray: :pray:

  2. One last submission for your consideration. In place of
    asking - can we go to…
    we can consider
    suggesting - may be we can go to next significant moment of this life …

Thank you so much Krithika for sharing such amazing learnings.

Best Wishes.

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:

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Dear Venu Sir,

I am deeply humbled and grateful for your feedback on the session report. Your words of encouragement and wisdom mean a lot to me, and I truly value your guidance.
I am particularly glad to hear that the client’s headaches disappeared from the fourth session onward, which indeed feels like a significant breakthrough.
Your reference to “the plane taking off in the 4th session onwards” beautifully captures the transformative nature of the past life regression process,Regarding calibrating statements with respect to the submodality, I’ll certainly work on fine-tuning my approach in this aspect, as your feedback is invaluable in helping me refine my skills.

Thank you for acknowledging my efforts in handling the client’s comment about imagination, and I’m glad to have your affirmation on that.
The reduction in the client’s pain level from 10 to 3 was indeed a remarkable outcome, and Your recognition of this achievement is truly gratifying.
I deeply respect and appreciate your reference to the shloka from the Bhagavad Gita, which emphasises the significance of faith, knowledge, and inner peace. Your words inspire me to continue on this path of self-discovery and healing for my clients.

I will certainly take your recommendation to read the “Why me?” book to heart as a means to further enhance my suggestions.

Once again, thank you, Venu Sir, for your support, wisdom, and blessings. I am committed to continuous improvement in my practice, and your guidance is instrumental in this journey.

With the utmost reverence and gratitude,



Dear Ashish,
Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation. Your encouragement means a lot to me.
It was indeed a session filled with deep emotions, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to assist the client through their journey. Your support motivates me to continue conducting sessions with patience and empathy.
I’ll do my best to keep up the good work and contribute positively to our shared learning experience.
Warm regards,
Krithika :star2::blossom::star2:


Dear Shilpa,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback! Your insights are greatly appreciated.
I’m glad you noticed the connection between the client’s present feelings of ‘unimportance’ and their past lifetimes. Your observation about the recurring theme of ‘fear of abandonment/loss’ is insightful and adds depth to the session’s analysis.
I value your suggestion about managing extreme stress,This is a valuable technique that I’ll consider for future sessions when clients feel overwhelmed.
Your support and feedback are truly encouraging, and I’m grateful to be part of this learning journey with you.
Warm regards,
Krithika :star2::tulip::star2:


Dear Siddhi,

Thank you for your feedback! It’s a pleasure to learn and grow with such a supportive group of individuals. I look forward to continuing this journey of exploration and growth together.

Warm regards,
Krithika :star2::seedling::star2:

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Dear Aashishh,
I sincerely appreciate your generous feedback and the five-star rating for the regression session. Your words are incredibly motivating, and I’m grateful for your kind recognition of the session’s completeness and the way I managed it.
It’s always encouraging to receive such positive feedback from fellow practitioners like you. Thank you for your support and best wishes.
Warm regards,
Krithika :star2::pray::star2:


Dear Ananda Krishnan,
Thank you for your kind words and feedback… Your encouragement is truly appreciated, and it inspires me to continue working diligently in this field.
If you have any insights or thoughts to share, please feel free to do so. I value the input of fellow practitioners like you.

Best regards,
Krithika :star2::pray::star2:


Dear Neelam,
Thank you so much for your generous praise and appreciation. I’m delighted to hear that you found the session detailed and well-handled. Your words of encouragement mean a lot to me and motivate me to continue striving for excellence in this field.
I’m truly grateful for your support, and I look forward to sharing more experiences and learnings with you.
Wishing you all the best on your journey as well!
Warm regards,
Krithika :star2::pray::star2:


Dear Karishma,
Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I truly appreciate your support and feedback on the session. Your positive reinforcement motivates me to continue my journey of growth and learning in this field.
I’m committed to improving and delivering even better sessions in the future. Your words inspire me to keep moving forward.
Wishing you continued success and learning as well!
Warm regards,
Krithika :star2::pray::star2:

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