Can Financial insecurity be a theme?

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Case - A client says that he is facing financial insecurity in life from last 20 yrs. He quits jobs as he does not feel good after some time in the organization. He shared that he has a kind of fear since childhood to face situations and hence he avoids confrontations or speaking or participating in some situations which might need a suggestion or action.
Since childhood he used to speak less as he felt a kind of fear. Now married life is good but he has Finacial issues as he doesn’t stick to a job and even if money comes to him, it gets wasted in some way and he again faces financial crisis.

According to me ‘financial insecurity’ is not theme here (though client thinks that). Suggest me the right theme.

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Dear Shipra,

I had a similar case where the client faced major financial issues at every stage of life. Initially, I identified the theme as financial insecurity. However, the client’s subconscious brought up an irrelevant childhood memory. Before the second session, I presented his current life pattern, convincing him that the fear of confrontation might be the underlying theme.However, I later discovered that his low self-esteem impacted various aspects, such as the fear of confrontation, fear of expression, and financial crises.

In such cases, it’s essential to examine life patterns, distill the theme, and raise the client’s awareness of their patterns and potential themes.

As per our beloved guru, the theme should be like a funnel initially broad and should narrow it down as we progress. Maximum time to be allocated for history taking and scanning clients life back and forth.

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Dear Dr Shipra,

My feedback is as under for your consideration pl,

I am sure you would have gone about distilling the theme based on factors of Pain : Suffering : Priority. Secondly, the theme has to be arrived at jointly by the therapist and the client. More so , its going to be the Client’s session we being only the facilitator. Next aspect is THEME is something which has all the plausibility of continually evolving as we progress with the sessions.
Apropos, In my humble opinion you may proceed ahead with the theme of FINNANCIAL INSECURITY (as that is what is being stated by the client as max Pain Point) and let the super consciousness steer it from there.

Is it so that the gen fear of not speaking up has got resolved post marriage??

Or perhaps with a little discussion with the client UNFOUNDED FEARS may also be considered. Based on your write up I am looking at very bleak chances of this.

I am sanguine you would have a wonderful session with an amazing client therapist sync.

Would also request you to kindly have a look at this,


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Financial insecurity is a result. It is not the cause. The core of any sense of ‘insecurity’ is a negative belief leading to negative thought patterns, leading to unaligned actions, leading to unwanted results.

Any negative belief is a result of ‘fear’ based energy. In reality there is only one core energy ‘love’ split into ‘fear’ on this plane. Anything stemming from this energy is what causes issues on emotional, mental and physical levels.

Find the wounded ‘theme’ of consciousness which usually looks like I AM…(some negative belief about oneself) in order to find the core to work on and then the originating point of this belief can be traced using PLRT.

This belief I am talking about is NOT going to sound like I am financially insecure. But more like I am not …enough, I am unlovable, I am unlucky, I am incapable, I am unworthy, I am undeserving etc…these combined with negative money beliefs could be causing the financial insecure reality to manifest.


Hello Shipra

As much as I understand, the theme might be taken as financial insecurities, as this theme itself will lead the therapist to all the fears that the client is facing. The therapist can focus on the theme to reach the hidden symptoms.

If any negative thought or negative belief is impacting him, the subconscious mind will guide him towards those thoughts as an issue, and then the case can be led accordingly.

Thank you

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Right Ashish ji . True we got the theme yesterday . Deep down I knew financial insecurity is not the theme but I had to dig deep for getting a right theme. sometimes clients dont speak openly and then we have dig deep . I am haply that that happened and the client finally shared all …

Thank you so much for your valuable insights …

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Good insights Shilpa . Thank you for your insights …. It will help everyone .

Thank you so much Monesh ji for your valuable insight. Yesterday we distilled the theme while discussing with him and i had to deep dig his mind asking questions questions and questions and then we found that the underlining cause is ‘ fear of failure’ as by digging deep he confessed that he do not like to be confronted or speak in any matter or do not like to continue a job as he somewhere thinks ‘ Mujhse kuch galat naa ho jaaye , kuch galat naa kar dun etc etc and hence when he starts a job and work & responsibilities increases he then discontinues it ( as i asked him that what you think is the reason you quit jobs , why dont you feel like continuing , he said all this )……
Even he was hesitant to come for session as he thought ‘ kuch galat naa ho jaaye ya saamne aa jaaye ‘ !!!

See how people dont realise that it is all their fears & guilts which sets such situations in front of them !!!

Thank you so much Monesh ji …


Hi dear @shiprabharadwaj13, when people are running away from their own fears and issues which they do not want to accept in life and they do not want to stand up and take a lead … they try to blame it on any cause ,one of them is financial insecurity…
Analyse his performance throughout his lifetime with his close ones,friends,colleagues and u will be able to figure out what he is not revealing
God bless🙏

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Thank you so much for your inputs Kaynaz. Yes the theme was fear of failure, it was figured out by deep questioning.

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Others have given excellent responses. I’d like to add, that financial instability is mainly a Root chakra issue. What else is related to root chakra?: Fear, instability, lack of foundation, self-image, basic connection with life itself, etc.
I usually ask clients questions about these themes. Surely, the root causes will be made clear.

I also want to add, that this was me too, in the past. I was going through excruciating agony because of this issue in my life. Turns out I’m on the autism spectrum. This is why, I also had all those other problems such as not liking the place, the environment, the work; unable to be at one job for long because I like variety and I like constant learning. If I learn the work completely then it gets boring. I could not take too much stimulation so it is best for me to work from home in a calm job where I can set my own hours. I have to take care of my energy really well. So I started saying yes to only the things that I like, despite everyone’s resistance. I only do what I like, nothing less. This has resulted in me re-discovering myself from the ground up and building a career that is fulfilling and fulfills all my criteria.

Secondly, I have some placement of pluto in astrology which makes me change my careers all the time. Before knowing this piece of information, I was resisting it and resenting it. But knowing that this placement has been given to me for some reason I don’t know (i.e. I chose it myself before being born), I began to accept it. I spoke to the Pluto energy saying, “I accept your guidance, your instruction. Show me what I need to do” and things started falling into place.

So, I would advise the client to get to know themselves more deeply. To along with his life path, instead of resisting it.


Hi Dr. Rio. I love love Love your answer and resonate so much with each line. Is is feasible for you to speak with me? I would love to connect over the phone! Kindly message me on 8384054816 in case you too agree with the same.

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I messaged you on this number but did not receive a reply. You can schedule a call with me on Calendly - Rio Kashyap to chat!
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