Stage 8 - Setting a concise Theme for the session

One important point for stage 8 is to have a specific theme. For example, when there are multiple issues in a theme such as “headaches, Financial Insecurity, Epilepsy (in that order).” it is difficult for us to have trigger phrases.

Hence we should focus on zeroing down to one specific issue, for example, in this case, it could be financial insecurity.

Think of the subconscious mind to be a cab driver, if we bombard him with too many instructions, he will get confused, but if we give a specific destination he would just drive us there without any doubts. Remember the subconscious mind is literal and depends on the conscious mind for the implied meaning. So, in this case, I would also look at piles if it is a symptom of financial insecurity.

My humble experience has shown the theme generally distils down to fear of ___, sadness or anger at ____.


Very true Venu. I have also experienced this during my session. If we are not clear about the theme, the client goes to experience things that are irrelevant. Very important to spend time on zeroing on the theme.