Daddy's Little Girl💃

Salaam, Namaste :pray:… my dear Amarantos Tribe, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wholeheartedly with the blessings of The Divine Almighty, my spiritual guides, Angels ,my dearest of all Dad & Mom (who taught me this art to serve humanity to mankind through Plrt @Amarantos)… without whom this would have never been possible. Taking the utmost pleasure in presenting to my dear tribe, My very First case on the forum.

***(Kripa apni khursi pe chipak kar bethiye​:wink::wink:…as the regression went for almost 3 hours and please…bear with me my comments as a bawi myself cannot take life seriously)***:rofl::rofl:

Kindly spare your time to cheer yourself up to go through the below beautiful regression and bindass provide your blessings as well as your valuable comments.

Client Vitals:

Name: Radha (name changed)

Age: 45 years

Gender: Female

Hypnotisability Score: 7

VAK: 8, 5, 2

Dominant Sense: Visual

Eye Roll Test: 2 :roll_eyes:

Pain Level: 8

Theme: Past Traumas (it was all about her Dad throughout the history)

  • Having utmost regret that what her father told her about her mother’s behaviour, she had never believed him when he was alive and shunned him away (which she came to know later that it was true to the core …that regret pain level was 10)
  • She lacks focus as she wants to be independent, she already have started her home décor business from home but in between she loses interest and loses her clients…and again when she is out of her shell she again starts her work
  • She wants to find out why she is drawn towards spirituality currently.
  • Whenever she takes stress or thinks about her dad… after he expired the spine and the back pain is very severe.

Number of Sessions and Overview: 4 sessions conducted

Session 1: Date: 1st Oct. (nearly 1 and half hour on zoom as she denied to travel so many times.)

Making the client aware of PLR

Stages 1 to 6 were completed during 1st session

Session 2:

Date : 3rd Oct ( 3 hours )

Completed stage 6 to 10

Client History (12.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. )

A very energetic, enthusiastic, cheerful, full of life person who wants to live life on her own terms, very good eye contact throughout… happy childhood, joint family got all the privileges as she was her dad’s pet from the beginning. Totally a daddy’s girl from birth, as would reveal her joyous as well as worst fears to her dad, went shopping, attending open days, holidays, learning to travel by bus train being independent, banking knowledge… he was like a HERO to her, for her mom, she had nothing much to say about her as she was never there for her from the beginning, she told that all her childhood she has seen her mom in severe depression and till today her mom just cribs about her health issues and anything concerning herself as according to my client her mom came from a conservative family and never accepted any changes.

Happy school and college days

Happy married life with one son, no major complaints.

From past 2 to 3 years she is observing a change in herself, that whatever she is involved in shows her signs of spirituality (e.g. She sells home décor products, currently the products include angels cutlery box or angel wings candle stands, evil eye coasters etc., so she is concerned that should she deviate some of her time in spirituality or it’s just a passing phase).

Session 3: (12.30p.m. to 2.30p.m)

Date : 5th October 2023

Again explained her the overview, asked her about her favourite place (i.e. garden), confirmed with her the permission for IMR — Right hand finger (yes), Left hand finger (no)

Started the Relaxation Technique through Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation followed by the Ball of Light and then going to the Garden where she was able to revisit her childhood happy memories when she was around 4 to 5 years old wearing a cherry coloured frock with her cousins (she specifically mentioned 3 girls cousins names and no boy cousins accompanied them with her mother and kaki (dad’s brother wife))playing in the garden, having crispy butter dosas from her favourite dosawala outside the gate of the garden and there was a smile on her face and she felt very happy and relaxed.


Date: 5th October 2023 (4:00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. )

Explained her again from stage 1 to 10 along with IMR, EDMR and told her she can express herself freely as its all past, she can cry, laugh, have her body movements as it’s her freewill, carried on from stage 11 to 14 ,but she told me that if she gets very emotional ,just let me know that I am with her or if the case goes worse just touch my hand so that I will feel safe (I agreed)

IMR — Right hand finger (yes), Left hand finger (No)

T – Therapist (finally Me)

C – Client (Daddy’s lil girl)

Visualization – Garden, Bridge

After giving her a sumptuous lunch (being a home chef myself) , we started with Hanuman Chalisa , then we both did our prayers (u need to read this, In my prayers when I invoked dear God Almighty, Spiritual guides, angels, also mom , dad…I bribed them literally this time saying – before 3 cases r pending, as their session 4 closures are not complete, “today if u all let me complete this session with the closure I will distribute Samosas to all 35 ppl like security, liftmen, etc. of the colony” and guess what letting u know beforehand…. “My prayers were answered”

Now on a serious note… let’s begin as “picture abhi baki hai mere dosto”.

Started the Relaxation Technique through Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation followed by the Ball of Light and then going to the Garden and from there to her mother’s womb….

T – Lets go back even earlier in your mother’s womb in utero to remember what u sense their sight, sound, touch… Where are u now??

C - I can see my mom, she is pregnant with me , but she looks very tired

T – Is she complaining…

C – No, she is just tired, wiping her perspiration from the forehead

T – Is your dad around your mom

C – Yes, he is next to her standing

T – How do you feel inside her utero

C – As if she is not able to carry my weight, tired of carrying me, my dad is saying sit down to her, she sits but doesn’t say anything ,she cannot take my weight

T – How are you feeling about it from the utero

C – I’m feeling very sad, as from beginning my mom is like that. She cannot take my weight (2)

T – Experience this pain from the mom’s womb and go back from where this pain has emerged, from which life is the significant event happened, walk on the bridge feeling this pain and see where you have reached ,I understand what you are going through, I am with you, on my count from 3 to 1 cross to that life from where you will get all your answers …3…2…1…. where are you now???

C – It looks like a kingdom, I crossed the bridge and I am seeing a kingdom.

T – Look at your feet, what you are wearing… look at yourself, you can also float above and see as it’s very safe… It’s your past life…

C - I am standing in the sand, barefoot, I am wearing a long white colour dress and there is nobody around, I am standing alone

T – What is your name and how old are you???

C – I am Sujata and am around 12… 13 years old

T – Hi Sujata, what a lovely name…look around, walk ahead… describe the palace

C - I am looking at the palace, its Hugee… Magnificent…just like Raja Maharaja Type… but no one is around, I am standing alone

T – Walk ahead, go to another significant event in this life Sujata where you will find your loved ones …3…2…1…

C – My dad is there…

T – Your this life dad Sujata??? What is he doing there …walk to him…ask him

C – Yes my this life dad, I can see his magnified face

T – go to the next significant event in that life Sujata when u and ur dad were together……

C – shhhh… wait….i am talking to him (got scolded… hmmm) , he says he stays here now , but dad some moments back you were standing with mom

T: what is he saying Sujata…

C – I don’t want to be with her anymore … but why did you leave me dad… (Crying… profusely… breathe…relax…wiping her tears)… Why you don’t want to come home…

T – Sujata if he doesn’t want to come ,hold his hand and go along with him to next significant event wherever he takes u…3…2…1…

C – Wait …wait… long pauses… (Continuously crying)

T – Look where is he taking u…

C – its light brown sand…I am walking with him , he is holding my hand , I am very happy as I am with him , no one else , just we two , we r just walking ahead ….big big ocean …huge boat… grey black…we are walking towards the boat … we both sat in the boat… its bright morning… Someone is driving but I can’t see his face

T: ask dad Sujata where is he taking you?

C – Where are we going papa??? He is saying… you just come with me…

T – Why are you feeling so much pain (going on crying) ,what is the message from your father …

C – Wait… we got down from the boat… it’s a forest…there is a bench… We are sitting now …why did you leave me and go papa??? He is crying… why r you crying papa??? Plz tell me (she cried and cried … and now I also have tears In my eyes …its getting very emotional… the words… the reciprocation between them)…i was fed up and too tired …with whom papa??..plz don’t cry papa……papa don’t cry…(relax Sujata…breathe in…exhale…relax…it’s just your past)

T – Tell him you are sorry…

C– shhh… wait (again got scolding)… Wait… Let him talk…what happened papa… Why is there so much pain…? (Crying………nonstop)

T – Relax…breathe in…exhale…. (3)… go to next significant event where in this life Sujata where he tells you why he left you, he is giving you all your answers , listen to him carefully, ask for his forgiveness…3…2…1

C –crying….mommy never valued him or cared for him…she was sucking my blood…I was so fed up and tired of her behaviour…sorry papa…when u told me about mom…I never believed you or listened to you,I am sorry , now I know what you must have gone through…he is crying…( she is crying, I’m crying)

T – Look into his eyes Sujata…ask for forgiveness…has he forgiven you?

C– Yes. He is saying don’t cry (2) crying…relax… Breathe… good, breathe

T – Float above… it’s just your past. See last event with your father in this lifetime Sujata 3…2…1…now

C – Sitting together, my head on his shoulder, sitting quietly, are you happy now papa?? Are you better here… crying…breathe… Are u at peace now papa??? He is saying… i am very happy here… There is no pain here… no problems…so peaceful here…here there is no one to suck my blood …no one to bother me…I am feeling very nice here… No pain…you want to tell me anything papa??? “Live your life, don’t give up your life for anybody, no one values us…you just do what you like to do… Crying…live life as you want to live… Sam (her husband) is a very good soul ,what money I have left for you…use it for yourself…don’t be like me…don’t give up your life for other’s happiness… No one values our sacrifices…don’t give up living for yourself otherwise you will also end up like me… Next life I won’t make this same mistake anymore…yes papa…I also want you to be happy wherever you go… U are right papa…nobody valued you… But wherever you go…always stay with me…don’t leave me papa…will you come back to me papa…I will take care of you…will you come as my grandson papa?? (we both are crying so badly that for few seconds I forgot to wipe my tears …so much sentiments attached)…he is saying No… Why papa?? if you don’t come to me then where will you go??? He is saying… Will go to such a place where I will be able to live on my terms and conditions… He wants to live a carefree life. Then to whom or to who will you go to?? I will go to fuva … Chandrakant fuva??? Yes…okk I know both of u r very pally, u travel, eat, Enjoy…ok papa… Go to fuiba and fuva …i know they will 100percent take care of you (I thought they both are alive but in the summary report she mentioned that both her fui and fuva have expired), but papa …u don’t want to come as Shan (her son) baby…come na, I will take good care of you….he said, if I come as Shan baby you will always be tied up with me so I don’t want to come as then you will not live your life. I will live my life papa… NO…I will be happy with your fui fuva…ok papa…I won’t force you… stay with them, be happy. I just wanna see my papa with all his gf”s up, Enjoining, partying and next life you get a wife who fulfils all your wishes and desires… get the best open minded life partner papa but only one thing papa…whenever I imagine you I should always see my papa smiling , jolly… You deserve happiness papa… next time you come to meet me….you should tell me I have a super life. I’m happy… yes beta, I will be smiling, I love you beta…I love you papa (flying kisses, waving of hands saying goodbye. Crying has never stopped for a second) ,miss you papa. Be happy till we meet next time….go from here papa… long pause….HE WENT…HE WENT…crying….

T – (my turn finally): relax…breathe…take your time release your pain…heal yourself from th light

C - Papa is saying bye from the light

T – What are you seeing…

C – Bright light, beautiful rays, big wings. Angel wings… (Waving her hand saying goodbye, flying kisses)…GONE.

T – How are you feeling?

C – Nice, (wiping off her face), I am feeling very happy… I’m feeling very good

T – Are you healed???

C - Extremely

T – He forgave you

C – Yes … more than that, he is happy now. So I am also happy now. When I was in my mom’s womb that time also my mom was depressed, thank god, I am just like my dad.

T – Should I get you back to the garden Sujata???

C – No

T – Ok…so go to your last breathe in this life Sujata…3…2…1

C – I am very old… haila… Very old…

T –who is with u?

C – My husband, my son… I just died in my sleep. . (Breathing heavily)

T – Breathe. Where are you now

C – I am feeling lite, I am in the sky, all around stars…

T – Can you see the light, did someone come to take you…where have you reached

C – No…I went alone…I am walking… there is a staircase… i am climbing… wait… nobody is there… I am in a very nice long gown…feeling like a princess, it’s a black and white gown…I climbed the stairs, then white colour ball came….i went in…I saw a new morning,…sunflowers…Wow. It’s so beautiful…I am very happy.

T – Any spirit guides, any masters…

C- Krishna is there …MY KRISHNA… ohhh he is sooo sweet… He is playing his flute…

T – What music is he playing?

C –Instrumental

T – ahhh…Yes… is he black or white

C– No… no… He is so beautiful… he is BLUE…beautiful, young, handsome…mast… ekdum mast…so beautiful that my eyes are pondering over him oni…I can’t get my eyes off him only. I like him so much…

T – Ask for his blessing…(ab kahani mein twist hai)

C – No no, no blessings… He is my bf (boyfriend)

T – Boyfriend??? Which life boyfriend??

C – Every life, every day I talk to him, every day he wears different clothes, he smiles…he feels very happy whenever I go to meet him…every day in the morning Nobody is there …just him and me…all clear…he just looks perfect, ek dum nice darshan he gives me… (Voice modulation changed like a teenager g/f talks)… before I used to go everyone would be there…I could not see his face oni…I used to wait sooo long….i want to see your face… i used to be very sad… That I can’t see my Krishna face…then one day I complained to him…I want to see you…very clear…bolo… from the very next day I went in the morning …nobody was there near him. Only me and him… See… he listened to me…he knows … how much I love him ,he knows after I see him how much peace I get ,he knows I can talk to him about anything…he knows how much hurt I have been, I complained and he listened to me …he looks handsome everyday…

(Next line read very carefully boys and girlzz)

And from the day KRISHNA has become my boyfriend…I don’t like to loookkk at any other men….I don’t like any men now after being with Krishna

T – okkk… good…what message does Krishna have for you??

C – he says,”I love you”. I am always there for you. Anything you come to me and I will take care of you.

T – plz tell the lord that I am bowing down in gratitude towards him

C – My friend is saying HI to you, he is blessing you, and I write love letter to you every night, protect me (suddenly again started crying profusely)…

T - Breathe…relax…be with Krishna…

C – I want to work…not for money…to help people, I want to do social work for children, animals…encourage me…

T – Breathe…b with the light, take healing from Krishna, embrace him, ask the lord to give you confidence, to be good human being, to help others, feel powerful in his presence… (Again got a scolding)

C – shhh… I am still with him, hearing him out properly, have you switched on the light

T – No…, embrace the light, be with the Master, look into his eyes…what can you see 3…2…1…

C – Smiling…I am sitting with him on a swing. My head on his shoulder, his hand on my shoulder, he is saying… ’You do your work…don’t worry about the results, I am there with you, why are you flashing the light (to me)

T – it’s your master’s light, feel it, be happy, be confident, be at peace, rejuvenated, leave all your worries, pain, tension behind when you come back, it was all your past.

C – I am feeling very powerful, relaxed, strong, confident, He Is there with me, He will never let me go wrong, now everything with me will happen all good, now I have no fear for any decision I take.

T – Can I bring you back my dear?

C- Smiling…Yes

T –when I count from 1to 10…slowly come back to the garden Then gradually awaken yourself feeling free of all karmic burdens, cut all karmic cords, just bring happiness lessons from the divine and his energy with you and slowly wiggle your toes, rub your hands together and cup your eyes and come back to this conscious world with a big big happy Smile.

Summary & Closure:

She got up with a big smile on her face, asked for my hand (I thought she is still in trance or what as she thinks I am her Krishna as I was wearing blue that day) but she hold my hand, kissed it and said “thank you” …she had tears of joy in her eyes when she said , you gave me a platform where I found all my answers and above all no regrets in my heart and I am feeling so happy, wonderful, powerful and energetic that I am unstoppable now.


A 7.45 a.m. whts app msg from the client (my day was made)

Hi dear , good morning , just came home meeting my bf ( Krishna darshan), slept very well at night, when I woke up in the morning, my back pain has just vanished which was feeling so jammed and heavy since days and my pain level is 0 today, thank you…will be visiting you very frequent now. (yipeeeee… what more could I have asked for).

God bless:pray::pray::pray:


Your client have similar vibe as you…how amazing is it! :smiley:

Indeed this case is like a “feel-good” movie which have valueable lessons and also the lightness✨


‘Be yourself’ is what you teach through your actions Kaynaaz. Your session was no exception to that. Both the daddy’s girls rocked! Sometimes I just like to read, enjoy and get refreshed instead of any serious comment about the proceds and stages . Your session was one of that kind. Live life at your terms is the message from your session which so profound. Thank you for sharing.


Wow…! Kya style me likha he aap ne 90s ke Bollywood movies ki yaad aa gyi🤠.
On a serious note, beautifully done. I remembered how Venu taught us all that this is a Client’s session, they 're on the driver’s seat and we’re just the facilitators to guide them on the road.
It was apperant through your session that client wanted to go in particular direction, and even she scolded you when she was directed to move ahead when she wanted to stay back in the scene.
Way to go!:confetti_ball::heart:


Dear @Kaynaz_Ghista,

I am genuinely moved and touched by the detailed account of the regression session you conducted with Radha. It’s evident that the session was a deeply emotional and transformative experience for her, and you facilitated it with immense skill, compassion, and sensitivity. Your profound connection with Radha and your ability to create a safe space for her to explore her past traumas and connect with her spiritual side is commendable. Now I understood why you gave her the name “Radha” :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The journey Radha took, from confronting her pain associated with her father to her intimate connection with Krishna, was beautifully articulated. Your expertise shone through as you guided her seamlessly through intense emotions, ensuring she found closure and healing. Though you got a little casual scolding in between, I am impressed with your pure transparent child-like heart to write everything here :writing_hand:. which helps others too to learn giving time to the clients for processing the feelings or when expressing something to their loved ones :pray:.

It is truly inspiring to see such profound change and healing in just a few sessions. The relief Radha experienced from her physical pain, as well as her emotional burdens, is a testament to the power of past life regression therapy and your exceptional skills as a therapist :sparkling_heart:. It is evident that you care deeply about your clients and are committed to their well-being :tulip:.

Keep up the exceptional work :clap:. The world needs more dedicated professionals like you :cherry_blossom:


Congratulations kAynaz


Hi kaynaz congratulations dear for client by seeing her happiness and smile, very good kaynaz u have given so much of peace for the soul, lot lot to learn from ur case,


Dear Kaynaz,
Very unusual client indeed…Her trance was very unique and looked though she was in her waking state but she was very well entrenched in the trance. Very witty therapy though.
Crying is considered a therapeutic cure for the mind. So more involved in crying, the better it is for the person. So what we need to do is to let them cry for sometime and not to drag them with us…This will also contribute to indepth healing…
You conducted it very nicely leading to eventual breaking and coming out of the guilt about her dad.


Wowww Kaynaz…. What an experience… :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:.
How fulfilled you must have felt by relieving someone of their past pain and burdens . Your client’s feedback says it all.
God bless you and her .


Awww… my dear @Siddhi… live…love…laugh…“kal kisne dekha”…
Ek din bik jayega mati ke bol…jag mein reh jayege…pyaare tere bol…duje ke hotto ko…dekar apne geet …koi nishani chhod…phir duniya se dool…
God bless :pray:

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Thank u dear @Ashish-Meher…for ur wonderful feedback and learnings
God bless​:pray::heart::nazar_amulet::innocent:

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Thank u dear @Kaushik for ur wonderful feedback…lots more to learn… and dear…I can’t and have never even written a serious essay in school also…i feel there should be life and happiness and fun and excitement in everything u do with love …wait…for the next…u gotta read that tooooo​:wink::wink::wink::wink: and comment good :heart:
God bless​:pray::pray::pray:


Thnk u dear @Santhi_Akula… for the wonderful feedback…I m just a petal of amarantos…the blooming part was done by dad @Venumurthy and mom @Neha and then u all …my dear tribe… reading and learning and being guided with all your wonderful sessions… ve brought this outcome… "If u have heard dad properly he always says… I become a dog in front of my Masters to let me in and guide me …so when I started …I became a bitch …and knocked the doors and then they took care of everything…plus how can u forget…the samosas were the bonus that also worked for me​:innocent::rofl::rofl:
God bless​:pray::pray::pray:


Thank u dear @N_S… I hope all the members got food with love spice and salt in proportion… .:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Wow, Kaynaz, that is a very interesting case. Thank you for sharing. It was truly emotional and you really handled the case with care. Wish you even more success. (Also, if a Parsi bhonu meal is an option, then toh I am volunteering too! :wink: !)


Kaynaz as someone aptly mentioned you got ur perfect first case…the daddy’s lil girl…loved the Krishna bf part…you have articulated it very well…congratulations on your first case…god bless you


Thank u dear @ashmitavgg304

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Dear Kaynaz,

My congratulations to you for successful completion of the case. Your style/approach like your own self is genuinely unique. Going through the writeup was a pleasant experience…I could even smell the SAMOSAS…(being a samosa lover myself… :star_struck: :rofl:)

Here is my feedback for your consideration please,

I am sure the pain referred to here is the pain of sadness that the client has mentioned. May be we can frame our suggestion using the client’s WORDS ( Sadness/pain of sadness in present case)

  1. Demonstrated genuine empathy with the client thereby strengthening the quintessential client-therapist bond. :clap:
  1. Correctly addressed the engram by past life name. :innocent: Strengthened the connect of client with the past life being experienced.
  1. Would recommend to give TIME to the client to assimilate the experience and then give the next suggestion. We may just empower the client to go thought he experience and let them confirm (through EDM or words) when they are ready to proceed ahead.
    In the present case the client was Visual and she asserted for the therapist to wait.
    Had the client been a Dominant Kinaesthetic and/or gave in to the suggestion of moving forward we may loose on the strength and quality of experience (as it will take time to build up) and consequent therapeutic effect of PLR.
  1. May I suggest to formulate the suggestions in a way wherein the learnings come from the higher self of the client.

eg: I understand that you have this feeling of regret in respect of your father and now you are experiencing this beautiful moment of connectedness with him may be you allow yourself to let your higher consciousness know what is that is required to be done to resolve this feeling of regret

  1. Amazing power of PLR and of validation that the session was being blessed with the divine power of The Creator Supreme :raised_hands:

My Best Wishes for all the future endeavours and also the 3 nearing completion.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


amendment pl:

  1. We may just empower the client to go through the experience and let them confirm (through EDM or words) when they are ready to proceed ahead.

Thank u so much dear @pragatibhatnagar039…yeah the way I also bursted out crying along with her during her conversations with her dad…felt so much attached to the client…and i felt I was super drained after her session…but her next morning message just lifted up my spirits :innocent: