Detachment is the true lesson

Dear All

Here is the Summary of my first regression. Please go through and provide your valuable feedback.

On day one I completed the steps one to Six.

On day two after completing steps seven to nine. I started from Steps 10 onwards. I completed the reframing.

On Day three I restarted from step one and went on tell step Nine kept them brief then initiated with step 10 onwards till step fifteen.

Below are the details of day 3 step 10 onwards.

Client Details

49Y old Female; Client name SH(Initials)

Hypnosis Score – 9.
Primary Sense – Auditory.
Secondary Sense – Visual.
Eye Roll test – 2.
Pain level before the session - 10.
Theme of the session: Non-Recognition of my Sacrifices

We started with a Prayer both me and my client prayed.

I completed steps 1-9. Then initiated step 10.

Step Ten

The Induction was initiated using Dave Elman technique. The eyes, body and mind was relaxed. The client easily relaxed and was breathing deeply suggestive of proper induction.

Then the induction was deepened using the deep relaxation method. The visualization of ball of light was used for the same.

Step Eleven

Once the client was completely relaxed. I requested her to visualize the garden. SH (Client) could imagine herself in the garden. SH relaxed for sometime in the garden. Then SH visualized a stair case in side of the garden. As you climb up the stairs on count of 321 you will see two doors.

C- Client; T-Therapist

C I see a winding stair case. I am going slowly because I am wearing a gown.

T 3-2-1

Do you see the doors

C YES, One is black and one is white.

Step Twelve

T When you open the white door on the count of 321 you could see a happy memory


What comes to your awareness.

C My father is taking me in his lap and I am dancing with him to the tune of come September. I am in his lap. I am dancing (crying).

T Do you feel the love.

C YES feel that love. Breathe, Breathe it OK

T Feel the love and fill it in your body.

When I count from 321 you will go to next happy memory


What comes to your awareness

C I am at a friends place. Aunty is cooking food papa and uncle are cracking jokes and laughing. I do not understand the joke but I am happy. I am 6 years old.

T How do you feel

C HAPPY, I feel nice. People around me talking. They are not talking to me.

Hold this happiness in your heart

T When I count from 321 you will go to next happy memory


What comes to your awareness

C Shandalya Sir Chemistry Sir, praising me for studying well in front of everybody. I won a 5 rupee note he gave me a 5 rs note because I corrected him, he said this cannot happen and if you are right I will give you 5 rs. He wrote all the best on the note. I am in 11 grade

T How do you feel

C Proud, my teacher is happy

T Hold on to this feeling of pride in your body so, you can come it this whenever you want in future.

Hold these feeling of Love, Happiness and Pride in your body so, you can come to them whenever you want in future.

When I count from 321 you will go to the time where you felt people used you, did not value you or did not recognize your sacrifices.


What cones to your awareness

C college friend face she is using my clothes, books, grocery, my stuff.

T How do you feel

C I do not want to give but she takes it.

T What is stopping you from saying no

C She will think I am rude, selfish bad girl. My other friends told me don’t do this.

I was not able to say no to anybody.

There were many more memories from college where the friends used her and she was not able to say no.

There were episodes from childhood where the client was not appreciated by parents. There was lot of stress and that was managed.

Used the Affect Bridge to go to the life which is the origin of this pain.

T when I count from 10-1 you will cross the bridge and see the place where your pain originated.


Can you see the bridge?


Walk on the bridge


Can you see the mist?


What comes to your awareness,

C I feel I am a young rishi male

What are you wearing in foot

C Nothing

T How old are you

C 26,27

T Where are you

C Some village

T What do you see around you?

Huts, trees I do not see any people

T What are you doing here?

I do not know

T When I count from 321 you will go to the place significant in this life


What come to your awareness

C I can see a female wearing a red saree very beautiful like in pictures but I cannot understand how I am connected to her

She is the daughter of bigger rishi she is her daughter. I have gone there to gain knowledge she is his daughter

I like her, something big topic I have gone there to gain knowledge from the rishi he did not take me in but I requested him I have come from very far to gain this knowledge. I like the girl. She likes me too.

There are some people in the group who are jealous of me liking her and her linking me. The rishi is telling me to go away my education is half left. I am requesting him to let me stay back he is not listening he is asking me to go away. My education is half left. I cannot bear the pain and drown myself in a pond. I have drowned myself in a pond. I have lost her and the education.

She has come to see me and crying crying seeing me lying outside the pond

T Where are you right now

C I am outside the pond

T That is your body where are you.

T Are you floating above the body, from where are you seeing the body.

C I am standing there are seeing everything.

T OK wait and see where do you go next

C There is lot pain in my heart even after death I am still attached. I have died but feeling the pain in my heart

T Float above your body where are you

C I can smell a jasmine flower where I died raat ki rani

(At this moment surprisingly, I too could smell the Jasmine flower)

T Where are you now

Do you still feel the pain?

C Yes

T Where are you now

C I do not want to leave her but I have to go she is crying crying

T Do you know the girl from this life?

C I think it is my elder daughter (Client starts crying)

T Breathe, it is a past life Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

Its Ok you can float above

Do you know the Guru from your current life?

C It’s my father

T Anybody else that comes to your awareness

Where are you right now

C Aashram

One of the disciples is a college friend, another college friend, the one who actually told guru about me liking his daughter is my good friend from college. Most of the disciples are my college friends.

T Now when I count from 321 you leave that aashram and go to your spirit guides to understand the lessen of this life


What comes to your awareness

C Spirit guides

T Do you see something else?

C I could not I could not

T You could not what

C I could not save my love I could not even tell her.

T How is this related to your current life.

C I don’t know

T Where are you currently

C On the bridge

T Would you like to go to other life to get the answers for the pain in current life?

C Nods in YES

T When I count from 10-1 you will get to the place where your pain originated


C I am a dancer in the court room

T Which year

C 1100 something 26 something

T Do you know the place?

C Somewhere in UP or Bihar

T What are you doing

C I am dancing in the court

T How old are you

C 24/25

I am courtesan

The raja was not having a baby. I gave birth to his baby he took it and told rani gave birth to that baby and he threw me out of the kingdom. I don’t have any food to eat I do not have proper warm clothes to wear I die like that in hunger

T When I count from 321 you will go to the moment of your death


What comes to your awareness

C I am old 52… 55

My clothes are cotton tattered

T How do you die

C I think lung ailment

T Are you dead

C No, I am about to, a little female child is giving me water it is my younger daughter . My daughter is giving me water she is 3-4 years old no one wants to come near me but she is giving me water in a glass. I think it is a mitti ka glass kullad. My daughter is giving me water she is very sweet very kind.

T Go to the time of death

C She also brings me some food and fruits

I die on the steps of her house. Steps of the little girl as I want to meet her in the morning but I die in the night on the steps.

T Where are you right now

Can you see the body?

C I am stuck to a tree in my daughter’s garden

T Why are you stuck there?

C I want to see my daughter I am attached to her I want to thank her for her kindness I want to see her grow being happy in her life. I am not able to cut that Maya’s cord.

T When I count 321 you will go the place to meet your spirit guides and be relieved of this attachment


What come to your awareness

C I am sitting in a chair with my spirit guides sitting around me. They are saying you should not be so attached its your journey why are you so attached its your duty why are you so attached. They are scolding me. If I am so attached I will not be able to achieve my purpose. Attached all the time

My my my purpose is to forgo attachment of any type.


T What do you feel

C I do not want to forgo attachment

T Breathe Breathe

Do you think any of the attachment has led to the pain in this life?

C The attachments have made me go out of the way in every life there is a pattern the way I am attached to people they are not attached to me. They are kind to me but not attached like me

T Is this attachment helping you in any way?

C This attachment helps me sacrifice for this people very easily

T Do you need to sacrifice?

C Sometimes if I don’t things will not happen for them

T It is their journey their karma

C But I am the mother

Mother have to sacrifice or do her duties

I am learning to do my duty with attachment I am learning it is difficult attachment is the lesson in this life. (Crying) It is difficult

T Fill the love, power and care of spirit guides in your heart., in your body. Feel that love and Power be there for some time.

Do you know the lessen for this life?

C Yes, and for every life for now is attachment

T Do you wish to explore any other life?

C Should I

T You should know did you get the answers or you need any further answers.

C I want to know about my skin diseases

Shall I go for the answers

T Do you feel relaxed.

Where are you right now

What comes to your awareness

C I am in a temple

T How old are you what are you wearing?

C I am young and wearing a sadhvi’s dress orange colored and put a veil on my head but the pandit comes and kicks me and says you cannot stay here because you are low caste but I say I left everything for seva. Vishnuji ki bahut badi murti hai but he says people like you don’t do seva.

Bahar niklo yahan se he kicks me. I am out of the temple.

But I left my house I cannot go back I stay in outskirts and sing bhajans. I move from one farm to another farm singing bhajans. Children follow me they learn from and make fun of me.

T When I count from 321 you will go to the place of origin of your skin disease.


What comes to your awareness

C Somebody is touching me

I am sleeping under the tree somebody is touching all over

T (Client gets agitated) Breathe, Breathe

C It is the pandit, pandit pandit

C Can you recognize the pandit from this life

T Ok take your time

C He come here every night and makes me touch his private parts

Crying in disgust lot of pain

T Told to breathe and float above her body.

When I count from 321 go to your time of death


C I sneaked in the temple in night and died in the garbh grah.

T Where are you

C I am above my body

T Do you become aware of something

C The light is calling me I am going towards the light

It is white light all around me, Its all light all around me

T Absorb the light

T What was your purpose in the current life

C Learn to detach

T Can you identify the bright light

C He is the lord of the universe, he is everything, he is MAA he is Vishnu

T Stay here for some time.

T Is there anything from your past life that you got in this life

C I bought lung ailment, I get sad when I do not get something quickly. I think I am afraid of losing my loved once or them leaving me, living a life of loneliness. Dying of Loneliness. Not being able to be with my loved once. That self-harm in the bout of loneliness.

T Now we will leave all the past life karma in past lives and detach from them.

C I did not see my husband. I want to see my husband of current life.

T Have you left all the past life Karma in past life. Have you learnt your lesson. Leave them there. You are surrounded by the love and energy of lord. Do you feel lighter


T Do you want to explore something else

C I want to see my husband of this life


Take a deep breath

When I count from 10-1 you will go to the life where you can know the relation with your current life husband


C We are smoking cigarettes

T How old are you

C I am a 15 years old boy my husband is also 15 years old boy

T Where are you

C Some village in UK

T What is your name

C Philip

T What is your husband name

C James

T What else come to your awareness

C We are happy, we are going around in the village doing nothing its fun. (Client Giggles)

Then he is going away for the war I also want to go away for the war. I say I do not want to go you also do not go. We are just 19 years naa. But he insists that he wants to go I also go because he is my friend. I am very attached to him he is my friend we do everything together we smoke cigarettes, we hunt we go boating also.

T When I count from 321 you will go to the next significant moment in this life


What comes to your awareness

C It’s a battle field people are dying everywhere it is not good

T Which year is this

C 1800

T What are you doing

C Somebody stuck a somebody stuck a sword in his chest I told him not to go to the war I told him stay home he is not listening to me he died in my arms (Crying very badly)

T Breathe float above your body

C He died in my arms I am crying.

T We will go to the next significant moment when I count from 321


What comes to your awareness

C I come back home.

T How do you feel

C I am lonely without him so, I jump from the cliff

T Where are you

C I see my body down and I am floating above.

T What happens next

C I want to be with my friend.

I am with my spirit guides

T You want to be with you guides for sometime

T What is your lessen in this life

C Attachment

T What comes to your awareness

C I am with my guides.

It is so painful for me when the sword stuck my heart, I can still feel the sword as if the sword stuck my body

T It is a past life release it, take deep breath release

We will leave all this pain, stress and Anxiety in the past life and only carry happiness, strength and courage in the current life.

C I worry that my children and husband will not be safe if I do not worry.

T They have their Karma, Leave all the attachments behind not carry anything in this life

We will carry strength, love and beautiful energy of lord Vishnu to remove all attachments.

Stay here for sometime

T How do you feel

C Peace

T Do you wish to come back

C yes

T When I count from 321 you will come back to the garden

Are you in garden

C Nods in YES

T You got your answer to your questions

When I count from 1-10 you will come back to this body

1-2-3 leaving all past blocks, pains, stress, attachments and anxiety in past life.

4-5-6 Carrying along with you strength, love and beautiful energy of lord Vishnu to remove all attachments.


Client is out of Trans.

The client felt relieved after the session.

Her pain decreased from 10-0.


Congratulations @Aashishh for the first ! You did very well. All the very best for upcoming sessions. God bless always :hugs:


Congratulations Aashish, very well executed session. You were extremely patient and asked the right questions and gave appropriate suggestions which is the toughest thing to do!
The only thing I wanted to check is if the below suggestion be considered as leading on … since you are prompting her to meet her spirit guides?
T When I count 321 you will go the place to meet your spirit guides and be relieved of this attachment.
Garima (Atlantis)


Dear Aashishh,

Kudos to your dedication and heartiest congratulations for a very well conducted session . So many life times…so many lessons!!
Amazing first session…and I am sure its just the beginning.
Best Wishes
:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Wonderful session…
From the past lives of client, a pattern of suicide is very obvious…
If you can conduct one more session to resolve this pattern, it will be a great help to the client.



Congratulations on your first case and that too so wonderful!!
You did a fantastic job …you guided the client so very well ,PHS were so upto the mark…all the best for your future cases.


Congratulations on your first regression Aashishh and what a journey. All the best for many more.


Excellent work Dr. Ashish. You have set a good example of how an ideal session should be conducted for maximum benifit of the client, following every step religiously. Thank you for posting your experiance here as it would benifit hundreds of other therapist. Please keep posting your experiances.

With love

Ashish Meher


Hello Ashish,
it is beautifully scripted .step by step… and with all minor details :clap: :clap: :clap: …

After reading entire sessions, i feel how important it is to be attached and detached at the same time. No one can help us except us to achieve peace and content in ourselves. Thank you so much for sharing this. All the very best to you.



Wow!!! Ashish - let me congratulate you on a super duper PLRT session. Simply Mind Blowing. What great control and maneuvering so as to least discomfort to your client.
I’m blessed to go through your session.
Thankyou so much. All the best for your future.
Regarding attachment - Yes. The lessons learnt is truly invaluable.


Beautiful session. Well handled , well scripted and it’s a good learning for me as well. The way you handled affect bridge and the suggestions you gave in between are fantastic.
Thanks much for sharing.


Auditory client again! You have conducted it so beautifully, and very well articulated. :sparkles:


So so beautifully drafted @Aashishh…congratulations on ur 1st assignment…it felt so resonated to me as all mothers have this attachment …awesome work kudos to u​:+1::+1::+1::heart::heart::heart:


Wow , wow :star_struck: what is this!
Can’t believe someone doing so well in the first sessions itself. Standing ovations and a huge hug my Beloved @Aashishh


Just a few corrections, request you to correct steps to Stages. As it’s 15-stages with stage 12 having 3 steps :blush:
And I know you will keep at polishing your suggestions to be more and more suggestive.

If you are beginning at this level, I’m amazed at what lies ahead :ok_hand::raised_hands: am so happy


Very well conducted session aashish sir :ok_hand::clap::clap::clap:… Amazingly done… flow is so good… congratulations :tada::clap:


Aadarniye Guruji
This is all your teaching. The blessing of my spirit guide I just tried and followed the process.
Thanks for being an excellent teacher.
Feedback well taken I shall work on the suggestions and will remember to call them stages not steps.

Thanks again for your guidance and blessings.


Thanks a lot Kaynaz. I feel all of us have this attachment need to work on how we can practice detached attachment.


Thanks a lot Siddhi for the kind words.

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Thanks Sindhuja, I feel the purpose here is to learn from one another and help each other glad I could help.

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Thanks Deepak appreciation coming from you really means a lot to me.

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