Feeling not Important enough

F-48 + YO-7/10 + 3/4+ K-7+ Crohn’s disease

This was an online remote session with a close friend .

1st session 17/02/22

Followed till stage 6 (client case history)

Pranjal (name changed) is diagnosed with Crohn’s disease

Shes youngest sibling amongst the 3 children

Emotional disconnect with parents, her mother came from a large family.

Pranjal enjoyed visiting maternal side family during vacations growing up days.

Her father lost both his parents at an early age of 10 so lack of emotion support was always there from father. She craved for that emotional connect and support.

She had anger towards God for not being Fair to her. She judged her physical appearance. She hated looking herself in mirror around puberty age.

Growing up she had strong feeling of not getting Importance enough.

There is self judgement, Jealousy, comparison, Resentment.

2nd session 22/02/22

Theme – To connect with the root cause of feeling not Important enough.

Setting up the theme in agreement with Pranjals (feeling not Important) words

we followed stage 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Stage 10- went ahead with progressive relaxation – following Breath & Ball of light throughout was checking pranjal through IMR

Stage 11- visualization with staircase and garden she was in healing space experiencing it

She wasn’t talking our only communication was IMR.

T- can you visualize /Feel the garden?

P- yes

T- Are you feeling relaxed?

P- Yes

T- Do you want to go ahead and connect with the root cause of not feeling Important enough?

P- yes

T- can you see something?

P- yes

Her abreactions were showing her discomfort I kept reminding her its her memory ,

To be a witness, shes in control.

She stayed there for some time she wasn’t comfortable talking through IMR I kept monitoring her. when she gave me a nod for coming out.

Followed steps for emergence – coming to garden -staircase and finally coming out.

Once she was comfortable she shared her experience:

When asked to connect to her root cause she went to her time of delivery when her mother was giving her birth.

Nurse: Your Baby girl is dark and eyes are not opening.

Mother: Sad and crying.

Nurse: Is she your 1st daughter

Mother: No I have a daughter and a son

Nurse: Are they also dark in complexion?

Mother: No my elder daughter is wheatish and Son is very Fair.

Pranjal also witnessed mother telling father

Baby is dark and not so good in looks it would have been better as Son.

There was lot of emotional pain and hurt feelings which she experienced as a baby.

When she entered her garden she saw herself as 3-4yr old little girl with wings. When she later was coming out of garden she saw herself and another fairy mother with wings who was telling her shes beautiful again and again repeating it. Little girl was waving back to elder fairy

All this was narrated to me after coming out of trance.

Though physically she was feeling light and high.

This was my first case where client connected with a past memory. What was challenging for me was how to lead her further as pranjal wasn’t able to speak so I was just holding the space for her without knowing where she was or what she was experiencing. Also the session being remote I was witnessing my emotions.

I have to conduct more sessions for her…… seeking guidance from you all…


Well done Dear Neetu,
This was well done considering you’ve just begun.

  • In her case the injunction was planted in post-natal stage. So the learning for all of us to know that everything around us is consciousness and our feelings could be projected upon them and hence the need to try to look at the bright side always!

Stress management to release trauma is a very important aspect.

  • We need to avoid long gaps between sessions. At the most it can be a lunch break or a night’s sleep.
  • “T- can you see something?” since the client is K, we can ask, “what are you aware of”
    Remote sessions are not efficient and I avoid conducting them completely.
    Do keep us posted.
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Dear Venu,
I just wanted to share a link which I found on Alchemy of emotions.

To be shared with clients to help them understand the emotions ….
Once we acknowledge and accept our emotions.
Staying with this one question
Why wud I want to hold Anger, Hatered, Guilt or Sadness etc.?

Our Body is like a container and we decide what we want to keep in it …… the choice is always ours.

What’s the purpose of holding on to these frequencies ?
How are they serving me ?

I generally tell my clients to stay with Curiosity …… to see the whole process from the eye of Curiosity (it’s a quality of a Child) and I believe, Curiosity leads to Creativity


Thank you so much Venu for your guidance I will incorporate it in my practice :pray:t3:

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3rd SESSION 28/02/22

Theme – To connect with the root cause of feeling neglected.

I had a brief chat on the case history and feedback on emotional, mental and physical state of my client before proceeding with the session. I also checked with my client if she would be comfortable with a water body like a pond and looking at her reflection in pond. She agreed and gave her consent. As my client had earlier during history taking told me, she wasn’t comfortable looking at herself reflection in mirror. I had a feeling something was there and I took the risk with keeping her in confidence. She was very supportive all the way.

Progressive relaxation>induction>breath awareness>ball of light > Healing garden with a pond

T- sitting next to the pond look at your reflection a magical pond with magical power to show you what you need to know …. Pause…… can you feel anything

C-no (IMR)

T- are you comfortable?

P- yes

T-The water is clear absolutely clear crystal clear……


T- you want to move ahead

P- (no response)

after a while my client responded

P-something is pulling me in…… (her abreactions showed her discomfort …. Calmed her with breathing and light…. Being a witness)

T- do you see/feel anything?

P- yes, swimming in sea/ocean

T-someone with you?

P-with friends

T-how old are you?

P-15 yr I am a boy

T- May be you can look for a familiar place.

P-I am infront of my house.

T- Can you see anyone familiar there?

P- A lady shes my mother.

T-How do you feel?

P-Not good shes my step mother?

[ there on my client became uncomfortable emotions overwhelmed her]

T- these are your memory, stay with your breath if you feel discomfort come to your healing garden

P- She gives me dirty looks she doesn’t like me.

T- lets move to another significant time in this lifetime.

P- I am with friends, 18 yrs old

T- do you see any one familiar around

P-I can see my father, don’t feel any thing for him.

T-can you look at him closer in eyes does he looks familiar to anyone in your present life?

P- no, my step mother complaints about me to father. There is no emotional connect with family

Clients abreactions were showing her discomfort so I checked if she wants to continue or come out

With her request I got her out by following emergence steps.

Therapy hasn’t ended as she needs more session for bringing closure to her past life issues.

Later she informed me the boy in that life time felt his “life was hell” – this was the exact feeling she felt growing up in her present life though now as she looks back her life was fine – and she was holding that feeling of life is hell (growing up) it got manifested in her life once she got married. Life actually became hell.

After these two experience I realised my client was avoiding the core issue she didn’t wanted to look into the eyes of her tormentor, Witnessing the death In past lives wasn’t comfortable or acceptable idea for her.

She had her fears, doubts and apprehensions which started surfacing which was quite natural as its reliving the trauma again.

So I had my next 2 sessions basically to listen to her totally then counsel her on PLRT and its benefits and

On karma - cause and effect- maya the illusion and making her realise how life is a continuous process body dies but soul carries on its journey.

4th SESSION 11/03/22

on PLRT and spiritual concepts

Due certain commitments at my end I couldn’t take up session between 11th march to 08th April

This was the duration when my client started having visions of her past life on her own during her meditations and self relaxation practice. As I was busy in my family affairs she didn’t wanted to bother me.

Around 1st week April we got in touch and here she shared how she witnessed her death in pastlife she was brutally stabbed by her two step siblings and thrown in sea to die. (very traumatic and painful episode)

Her spirit guide was there all along with her she had these question:

Why this tragic end?

Why when he loved them so much, he had to experience such brutality?

Her Higher self guided her to forgive them, its their greed which drove them to this act. (But deep down she wanted to know more)

And then in next couple of days few more visions followed on its own for her.

She witnessed her self as a warrior on horse along with her tribes men chasing another warrior man- with a tilak on his forehead (she was totally taken aback)

Pranjal: Where is this? What is this place?

Voice: Kafiristan …… (she got scared and came out of that vision immediately)

{ Here she texted me I just told her it’s a memory and just visualize aura protection and white light halo all around you. Also assured her your subconscious will only bring up those memory which are required and what you can handle and this is a healing process as well }

I out of my curiosity googled on Kafiristan and yes to my surprise found a place in Afghanistan (Hindukush range) which is now known by Nuristan
( Kafiristan - Wikipedia )

Next day morning again pranjal witnessed her self as the same male warrior committing heinous brutal killing acts killing innocent small, young, 0ld people, raping women she kind of witnessed it all and got really sucked and drained out. Later she narrated me the whole scenario she was heartbroken seeing herself committing all those acts.

( Here teachings of Bhagwat Gita came to my rescue)

As her higher self was all the while along with her guiding her, it became easy for me to help her understand that she has to just be a witness stay connected to her breathing .

Infront of the life of Kafiristan her pain of getting brutally killed in other life was way less.

Challenge was to connect the 2 life times the dots.

As per her HIGHER SELF : The life in Kafiristan was her 1st life and the lives which followed ahead she chose to be with love and stayed with unconditional love. Due to which her current life is an opportunity to attain moksha.

(pranjal was surprised as the language used by her higher self is not which she is akin to words like moksha and mukti she had to search the meanings in her context )

We had our interactions on phone where she got convinced that she has to take it in regression and we have to bring in closure, integration, transformation.

5th SESSION 08/04/22

Progressive relaxation session/ healing temple

6th SESSION 13/04/22

Discussing briefly on case history till date.

Today attempted to give a closer to the past life experiences

Induction (dave elman) + progressive relaxation -breath- light-healing garden

Taking client to the past life where she witnessed her brutal death,

on guiding to connect to the significant moment of that life I could make out from the abreactions that shes witnessing some memory.

T- can you feel anything Pranjal

P- yes, I am with my siblings

T- How old are you?

P- 56yrs male.

T- can you identify the place, region.

P- Thailand and I am a gambler

T- how do you like it?

P- I love gambling, I am good at it, also have lots of money as well.

T- where are you and what are you doing?

P- Theres some argument going between my step siblings and me.

T- what is this argument about ?

P- It’s about money they keep asking for more and more. They are stabbing me ……. (there was lot of pain) I love them so much ……why did they killed me?...

T- pranjal its your memory….anytime you feel overwhelmed you can disengage be a witness… You are protected with the divine white light.

(I guided her to be with breath and just be witness to the whole episode, relaxation, deepening, light taking away all the pain.)

P- They have killed me thown me in sea I am drowning. She witnessed herself drowning …… touching the bottom of sea.

T: Witnessing- Breathing- light- relaxation (key words)

T- can you feel someone around you

P- yes my spirit guide/higher self is right there next to me.

Her higher self was guiding her all the while to be with forgiveness here.

T- As I count from 3-1.

May be you want to go back in time where this karma between you and your step siblings set in motion.

3 – 2 – 1 just relax as you move deeper and deeper and deeper. You are protected you are safe and in control. Theres Light all aound you you can feel it taking away all the tension and stress.

T- Have you moved to different lifetime Pranjal.

P- yes, I am in Kafiristan, (her voice had pain) we are killing people.

T- Just be a Witness stay with your breath.

T- can you feel/ see your siblilings around somewhere.

After a pause….

P- yes they are there in the crowd begging for mercy. But I killed them all no mercy atall (pranjal in pain and tears rolling down).

T- Be a witness you can always disengage if it becomes overwhelming (healing garden)

T- Go to the next significant moment may be you want to see your time of death in this life time.

P- I have grown old. I am alone all alone. Suffering from some skin disease. No body comes close to me.

T- how old are you?

P- 60yrs. I am very lonely nobody to take care of me. I am thirsty, because of my disease nobody come close. “Koi pani pilane wala bhi nahin hai”. Death came a lonely painful end of physical suffering.

T- lets go back in time in this life, may be you want to see your early days in this life. To see what made you so hard and cruel.

P- I am very young,
T- can you see your family.
P-parents have died no memory at all. They have given me sword to play with.
T- who are they?
P- The warriors, mens.
T- how old are you?

P- 6 or 7yrs.

T- who are they?

P- The warriors, they are all around laughing and making us kill animals.

T- So you were raised by this group of hardcore warriors.

P- yes.

Here the dots started getting connected

Pranjals life as a young, orphaned boy who lost his innocence at a very young age. He was raised by hardcore warrior tribe no motherly affection, warmth and emotional support in early years of life made him devoid of love and compassion. She could identify her step siblings begging for mercy amongst the crowd.

Which in the other life happened to be her step siblings where she was stabbed and drowned to death by them.

As a therapist we staged a scenario where pranjal as a warrior allowed/let all the captives to go away when they were begging for mercy later, she seeking forgiveness from all in that lifetime and now she realized why seeking forgiveness is so important.

Then coming to the lifetime in Thailand she had no hard feelings for her step siblings. Lesson of forgiveness was absorbed.

T- let me know when you are ready to come out.

On her sign I gradually got her her out of the session by following emergence script

We are in the process of consolidating the whole session with learning and wisdom

Post session Pranjal was very satisfied as after emergence she told me after a long time she felt a wave of happiness in her heart.

Pranjal is in direct connect with her higherself post these sessions which is quite a unique experience for her and is getting guidance on day to day basis as an when required.

Universal Pain Assessment at the start of our 1st session was 10

After 2nd session it was aound 7-8

After this last 6th session its around 3

Shes regular with her meditations. Earlier when she was diagnosed her visits to her Dr. were in every 15 days which now have become monthly.

I would be following up on her physical health and will post an update pn her health.


I m spellbound at the way you could conduct the session so amazingly Neetu :clap:
Let me highlight why the way you conducted these sessions are so special:-

  1. Though an Arcitect by profession this is may be just a few months since your training.
  2. Stress managed like a pro. Preempted abreactions.
  3. You intuitively are able to sense that a few more sessions are required for a closure. ( yes it’s closure and not the typo closer)
  4. Being able to go to the deepest karmic root cause of the symptoms. This is phenomenal.

It’s an honour to extend to you the Amarantos PLRT excellence award :1st_place_medal: :trophy: to you in the upcoming Aug meetup do be there to collect it. :raised_hands:

In the anticipation of many more such riveting reads….


Thank you so much Venu, its a great honour for me to get this appreciation and recognition. I also take this opportunity to thank my batchmate Ruchi (for guiding me on relaxation part being a yoga instructor herself) and senior therapist Ankit who was at beck and call to guide at crucial moments. I further thank my client my friend for showing immense trust in me. The forum is such a wonderful, resourceful platform and the way you gave us all the support is remarkable. Its a privilege to be part of Amarantos family.
The experience as a therapist when we see our client come out of pain is – Blissful.
I still remember the day when i gave that 1st call to Neha to inquire about the course and i wasnt sure about myself but she told me with lot of confidence you are coming for it.
You both are amazing people, Thank you once again.


Wow neetuji you beautifully conducted the session :clap: so inspiring :relieved:


Hello everyone here I am back with some updates on my pending case.
Pranjal my client who’s last PLR session was done on 13/04/22 had been avoiding looking into the eyes of her relationships in her past life during her PLR sessions. Her fear of identifying with the connection was huge …. She in clear words told me shes not ready for it. I had to respect her decision…
I tried my best to make her understand why it was important for her…. but somehow I wasn’t able to, I had to wait…
As She’s a Dear Friend So I motivated her into learning Reiki for her Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual wellbeing. She accepted this Advice & diligently Moved on her Life’s Spiritual path in Learning & being regular with her Practice.
Now in her meditative states she would experience her other past life visions, she would come back to me with her queries doubts & questions.
I guided her through her Journey, encouraging & motivating her to be on her path.
Recently she shared with me she had the vision of her past live (Session @ 13/04/22) where she avoided looking into the eyes of her relations.
This time she looked and was able to make the connection her Step Mother of her past life is her Husband in her present life, its very emotionally draining relationship but shes working on it by breaking her victim identity,
And her Past Life Step siblings are her own children’s in Present Life, as she processed all of this by Letting go, forgiving & being with Healing Light & Reiki, she realized how everything is happening actually to arrive at Love this way or that way.
She had this realization as she was stabbed & drowned for her Money in that life, some judgment around money that it makes a person greedy was not letting her Manifest Money for herself, the awareness & Understanding that Money is just Energy & only brings out what a person holds within. Money doesn’t Makes a person Greedy it Just brings the greed or for that Matter whatever we hold within out on the surface.
Post her vision she feels a lot of weight has got lifted as if some pull / Tension has got released.
And & bit more to share Her Hardwork has paid as she has developed her Clairvoyance to the level that if anyone approaches her with their trigger issue she can access the past life of that person & able to connect with the root cause & Send Healing Energies To the Same.
Just like Venu Sir had said PLR opens up our Intutive & psychic Abilities.
Thank You so Much Venu Sir & Amarantos Team