Follow your Heart

Dear Amarantians,

By the grace of the Almighty, all the Ascended Masters, my Parents, Dr. Venu, and my Beloved Amarantians family, I have executed this case with all your support, guidance, and blessings :heart: :heart:.
Expressing immense gratitude to each one of you. :pray:

Please review and kindly let me know your valuable comments.

Date: 21st Sep 2023
Session 1:
Hypnosis score is 7
VAK score is 4,9,2

Dominant Sense: Auditory/Visual
Eye roll score 2
(Completed until Stage5)
Client Information: Chandran (Name changed), M, 34 Years, Married, Scientist
Client married happily and have two children’s and settled abroad.
Parents live in India. They are two siblings – He is the eldest and has a younger sister.
Mental Status Examination:
Appearance -Well dressed. Posture- Good
Gait, Movement and Behaviour – Normal Gait, Movement.
Maintained good eye contact. Very good eye contact.
Affect/Mood: Normal
Speech Rate, Speed, and Volume of Speech: Quite fast
Length/Content/Clarity of answers - appropriate
Thought content: The client appeared normal and very positive about the PLR at the start of the session.

Client history:
The client during his early childhood grew up with his grandparents till the age of 6. After the age of 6 yrs., his grandfather moved in with his parents.
Client’s father was very strict on his studies and always exerted pressure on him for studies. This made his childhood very challenging.
He was very close to his grand father. His grand father died of cancer. This affected Chandran badly.
Client has a happy married life; His wife is supportive and loving. The couple is blessed with two handsome sons.
Chandran has done PhD in Cancer research and joined the firm which sponsored his cancer research. He recently quit the organization due to internal politics and is trying to figure out whether he wants to become an entrepreneur in Cancer research, or join as a post doc or take up a role of scientist. He needs clarity .
Completed History taking and took a break with relaxation music.
Presenting the Theme:
(i) Fear of not living up to my full potential.
(ii) Decision fatigue ( Ex: Not able to decide which career I should pursue, Overall indecisiveness)
(iii) Anger about childhood.

Selected one Theme “Anger about childhood”
Pain level:9
Date:22nd Sep 2023
Session 2:
Session duration: 2 hours
Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.
Asked the client to feel the divine light and healed him slowly from head to toe through the divine light. The client looked very relaxed.
Completed stream of the boat and Reframing [Mountain Cliff]
Post session the client felt so relaxed and good.

Date:22nd Sep 2023
Session 3:
Session duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Started with prayer followed by Dave Elman and Progressive Relaxation.
T: Imagine you are in your favourite spot lake…(I have asked him to enjoy the breeze of the wind, the Beauty of the lake etc)
C: Yes I am able to visualize the lake and feeling relaxed.
After few moments
T: Imagine there are steps near you and in the count of 10 to 1, your subconscious will lead to the significant childhood memory
(After a few moments)
C: I am in teenage
T: How are you feeling?
C: I am unhappy, dad is scolding me for less marks
T: How old are you?
C: I am 15-16 years old. I got lesser marks in 80’s and they are beating me for that.
I am very sad. I am not allowed to spend time with my friends.
T: In the count of 3,2,1 allow yourself to go back to the next significant memory.
C: I am 12 years old, in 4th standard
I am playing in school, long jump.
T: How are you feeling?
C: I am feeling happy, I came first in that sport.
(The client was smiling and reliving the moment of pride)
T: In the count of 3,2,1 allow yourself to go back to the next significant memory.
C: Im 6 years old and feeling confused.
I see everyone around me, and I am feeling very confused.
T: Do you know why you are confused?
C: No, I don’t know the reason.

T: In the count of 3,2,1 allow yourself to go back to the next significant memory, might be in utero.
C: I don’t see anything, After a few moments
(Now I see that his eyes completely rolled up and he is in a deep trance)
T: Where are you? Do you see or hear anything?
C: I am in the village and working on the farm. I am wearing a white Dhoti and feeling very free.
T: What is your name?
C: My name is Raja.
T: Can you remember the date?
C: 16th century.
T: Look around and tell me if you see anyone.
C: I can see someone near me. I can’t recognize him.
T: Look into the eyes of the person and tell me if you can recognize anyone from this lifetime
C: He is my grandpa. (The client is close to his grandpa in this lifetime as well and he is seeing his same grandpa in that lifetime as well)

T: In the count of 3,2,1, transport yourself to the next significant memory of that lifetime.
C: I am 10 years old, and my father is in school.
T: Raja, why is he there in the school and what is happening?
C: He is beating me in front of the teachers.
T: What have you done? Do you recognize him in this lifetime?
C: He is my father in this lifetime as well.
(After a pause)
I went to the temple instead of going to school, so he beat me.
I don’t like to go to school. I like to play sports (He mentioned some ancient games predominantly played in the southern part of India )
(The client wanted to be an athlete in this lifetime as well, but he was not allowed to play, much due to pressure from the same father in this lifetime as well.)

Patterns emerging are :

  1. Chandran & Raja – two different lifetimes - studied due to pressure from his father. (Father also same in both lifetimes)
  2. Chandran & Raja – Two different lifetimes – Wanted to make sports his career.

T: Allow yourself to go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.
C: I am in 4th standard, classroom cleaning activity.
T: how are you feeling?
C: I am enjoying the activities.
T: Just be there and relive that happiness.
(Client smiling)

T: Allow yourself to go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.
C: I am in Teenage.
T: What is coming to your awareness?
C: Lakshmi my classmate. I like her very much.
T: Do you recognize her in this lifetime
C: Yes, she is my friend in this lifetime, Priyanka.
My father said ‘No’ to her and so I didn’t marry her.
T: what about Priyanka.
C: Though I liked her, I never expressed my feeling to her in this lifetime, thinking that my parents would not agree.
(Amazing to see how the subconscious mind is acting by recognizing previous life patterns)
T: Allow yourself to go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.
C: Father is dead, Mother is innocent, village woman. I love her so much.
T: What happened to your Father?
(After a brief silence)
C: I killed my father.
He was beating my mom and was not true to her which I came to know. He was with a girl.
T: Anyone knows about this incident in your village that you killed him?
C: No one knows but mother is aware about it.
T: Is mother angry about your action?
C: No, she is not angry.
T: How are you feeling?
C: I am feeling guilty.
(Client was crying so much and comforted that client saying that it occurred in the past)
T: Allow yourself to go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.
C: I am married, My wife name is ‘Ammu’
T: Do you recognise her.
C: No, I don’t recognise her in this lifetime.
T: Do you have kids.
C: I have 2 daughters and I am happy.
T: Do you recognize them in this lifetime.
C: I can’t recognize my elder daughter, but my younger daughter is my niece Anvitha (Name changed).
T: Allow yourself to go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.
C: I am very sad. Anvitha got a snake bite in her right leg, and she can’t walk.
[Anvitha in this lifetime had a congenital problem her right leg and recovered after few physiotherapy sessions at the age of 1.5-2 years. Anvitha was born on the day of Naga Panchami]
T: Allow yourself to go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.
C: Lakshmi (Childhood lover) She didn’t get married and came to meet me.
My wife is not in town.
Lakshmi still wants to marry me .
I won’t do the mistake of my father by cheating my wife. Though I loved Lakshmi so much.

C: My wife came to know about the Lakshmi’s visit and left for her hometown.
T: Allow yourself to go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.
C: My wife didn’t take care of my younger daughter ‘Anvitha’.
My elder daughter got married.
I am crying and feeling bad, but I am happy with Anvitha.
T: Allow yourself to go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.
C: I’m living with Anvitha. She cannot walk. She didn’t go to school due to bullying in her school. She cooks very well. She is a very good daughter and takes care of me.
T: What else coming to your awareness?
C: Anvitha died and reached God’s feet at an early age of 42yrs .
(Client very sad)
T: Allow yourself to go to the next significant memory of that lifetime.
C: I am on my death bed, 96 years old.
T: Whom do you see around you?
C: I see Lakshmi and also see you as well (ie Me- Sindhu), you are my friend and I see my elder daughter and her sons.
Her eldest son is my son in this lifetime.
I can see myself floating above my body now.
T: How are you feeling?
C: Very happy, Bliss.
I can see so many small lights going towards the giant light like the sun.
(After some time)
T: What is coming to your awareness.
C: I am with my Master’s.
T: Wonderful, (I bowed down to the Masters as well)
What is the message and life lessons for you from the Masters?

C: Follow your heart.
After my wife left me & Anvitha, I should have married Lakshmi. I thought I should never cheat my wife though she left me. If I had followed my heart, Anvitha might have got a mother through Lakshmi, and she would have lived a long life.
I should not have killed my father though he was wrong. We don’t have any right to take anyone’s life.
Help many people who are suffering. If I had money, I would have operated Anvitha’s leg and she would have walked. Help people in Cancer research in this lifetime.
Help the poor and give as much as we can.

C: Masters have a message for Anvitha. She will become a brave woman. She will be in a higher position. Masters are telling me not to worry about her.
C: Masters are telling me that (Me – Sindhu) I am a very nice mother and blessing you
T: [ Yay!!! Extra Bonus points for me too]
Please convey loads and loads of Namaskars to them and I am so blessed and humbled.
T: Be there with them as much as you want and please let me know when you are ready to move on
After a brief time
C: I am okay, we can go ahead. I am feeling so happy. This is serene.
T: Do you want to explore any other lifetime or do you want to go back to the lake.
C: I want to emerge out.
I slowly got the client back to the lake and brought him back.

Post Session:
As per the client,

  1. Pain Level reduced from 9 to 0.
  2. Child hood trauma, interest and love - has the same pattern in present life and past life.
    Knowing this it helped him to heal the anger towards his father.
    This brings the closure to the theme “Anger about Childhood”.
  3. “Follow your heart”, This message from the Master’s will help him to decide which career he needs to pursue and he is confident that he knows which path he needs to pursue.
    This brings closure to the theme of “Decision Fatigue”.
  4. He is happy to know about his niece as her parents were always worried about her. Masters said that she would be fine, she would be a brave girl, and would hold a good position in society.

Thank you. :pray:


Wow, it was good. Very much grounded therapy. You gave full autonomy to the client to take the direction he wanted, and in the process was digging out past traumas and neutralizing them, one by one! You swiped the session in a very thorough and nice way without any residue! Well done.


@sindhuja_kamaraj congratulations !
Amazing case. God bless


Kudos Sindhuja,
Excellent regression and a beautiful therapist client bond is seen
You have done amazingly well and the closures will surely complete the theme.


Heartiest Congratulations on your 3rd case.
This also seems to me, a tough case. Lots of emotions were involved for the client.
You did very well in controlling the clients emotions, picking the engram very early on and also understanding the emerging of pattern. You guided the session very well to close each and every theme. A very matured way of handling the PLR.
Masters have praised you as a Good Mother & showered their blessings on you.
I’m so happy for you and wish you all the very best in each of your PLR Sessions.

With Best Wishes


Wow Sinduja what a session!

You introduced another segment to 15th Stage ie Mental Status Examination which is really good.
The session flow was so seamless and up to the mark. Client got access to the past life without any affect bridge or assistance. It was articulated so well that could not resist reading till the end. Thank you for sharing.


Such a beautiful session Sindhu. Congratulations👏.

You have very well executed and have done a great job. So proud of you🤗.

Through your session, I see there are many lessons to learn not just for clients but for others too.

If we observe keenly, there are so many connecting dots or KMFs. Which are subconsciously affecting the client’s present life.

This session has also given the therapist a wonderful experience by making her one of the revelations of the session.

Overall a wonderful session to go through :cherry_blossom: :trophy::sparkles:


Kudos again @sindhuja_kamaraj…so calm and peacefully u conducted the session…as if while reading I felt I am in trance…following it so peacefully…emerging him out of his engrams…god bless and best wishes ahead​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::nazar_amulet::dancer::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Shanthi, I want to express my deep appreciation for your unwavering support and encouragement, as always. Your words carry immense value for me.

Thank you dear

:heart: :heart:

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Thank you dear Ashish for your kind words. :heart:

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Thanks Deepak.
Your words have been a great source of motivation and strength for me. I’m grateful for your positive words; they’ve given me a boost of confidence to complete this case, write this case, and submit it in this forum.

Love you loads brother :heart:

Sindhu :heart:

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Thanks Preeti for taking time and reading the case. Your appreciation means a lot :pray: :heart:

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Thank you Pooja :heart:


Thank you Ananda ji, I just facilitated the session and it just happened in the presence of the Divine :pray: :pray: :pray:


Congratulations Sindhuja!

Your client felt immense relief I am sure from the burden of carrying anger for so long towards his father. It is apparent in his pain levels going down. A patiently and well conducted session. All the best!


Nice session Sindhuja, you conducted it professionally with attention on details. It’s good to read that the client got relieved from his issues. Congratulations :heart::bouquet:


Wonderfully brief session with past life, LBL and meeting the Masters! beautifully conducted Sindhu! Masters had a message for you which is amazing! You are blessed! Stay blessed forever!


Dear Sindhu,

My compliments for a very well conducted, steered and concluded session. Wish you many more magical healings. Congratulations for completing the third case…and a big pat on your back for this…

My feedback is as under for your consideration please,

nothing much …its just that I turned 42 this day :innocent: :smile: :grin:

Interesting for me given the analytical mind a scientist possess and how PLR is efficacious on such thinking minds as well… :clap: :muscle:

Correctly addressed the engram by his name in past life. Establishes a very strong connect of client with the past life being experienced.
May I suggest to consider using similar approach while suggesting/leading the client- Move to the next significant moment in this lifetime of Raja.

Great work there by the therapist… :clap:

Proof : The Power of our subconscious is phenomenal and 95% of our behaviour/decisions/life is steered by it. Its only through the sub C one may connect with the almighty creator.

Blessed you are and may you always remain so. :raised_hands:

Wishing you many more healings.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


A very good session. I regret not being able to read and comment earlier. But it was an amazing lesson for me and helped me to fully understand the therapist-client bond. Thank you for sharing!

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Hi Sindhuja,
Very well executed. Very detailed and highly professional. Keep up the good work !