Free Spirit Release Therapy - SRT

Yes, I know this is quite an uncomfortable topic for most of us.

But If it wasn’t for being so efficacious in removing the blocks and clearing the way for PLRT and the almost instant remission of symptoms, I along with all the other renowned PLR therapists wouldn’t have practiced it.

Below is a tape that our @anon89644444 of Amarantos Spiro - 2020 batch recorded for all of you based upon the works of Dr. Edith Fiore

Getting Started:

Keep a pen and paper handy to note down your observations with closed eyes.
Play it when you can relax and have some time for yourself.

Download and play the following audio:

  1. Spirit releasement tape in English (generic) - 23 minutes ==> To Release an entity that happens to attach to your aura, sometimes accidentally. Spirit releasement tape in Hindi

  2. Depossessing Residence - 6 mins ==> When this tape is played loud in the house (suggested to play in all rooms separately), any lost entity or disembodied soul is made to leave and crosses over to the spiritual realm.

As a part of Amarantos Continuing Education All my students were trained in this for free in our monthly forum meetups. You can find the deck we used below:-

Amarantos Forum 13th - Mar 2020

14 - Amarantos Forum - Apr 2020

I get asked by all my tenured therapist students all the time on,

Why is there a rise in the number of Pretas!

As PLR Therapists we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in cases with possessions. We encounter them predominately in cases where the client is unable to tap into far memories.

Pondering about it, I feel that this could be due to the drift in the ethos of our times. Quite a contrary one to the Tibetan or any other traditionally ordained way of life.

We are extorted to materialism by the corporates, governments, media, parents, teachers, peers, priests, gurus… from our very first breath. To an extent that the whole life is spent in grabbing more and more worldly resources with absolute neglect of the pursuit to understand who we really are.

When alive a common man is made to exercise his or her free-will to become more and more earth-bound and deterred from living a spiritual (dharmic) life.

And when such people die, mostly unexpectedly, they do not know what is to come and continue to linger on! They are technically known as Entities (Ghosts naively) Demons or Pretas.

(There is a complete classification of these in the holy scriptures ranging from Bhutas, Pretas, Pramathas, Guhyakas, Dakinis, Pisacas, Kusmandas, Vetalas, Vinayakas, and Brahma-rakshasas.)

As the adage goes, “misery loves company”, these disembodied souls also seek company to quench their loneliness. I remember an apartment we used to live in my childhood and anyone who moved into one particular flat would commit suicide eventually. Today I know why. Seems like the departed ones wanted to build a big party!

The targets for these entities are the people whose aruras are depleted. For example, like people who don’t exercise are susceptible to infections, these unfortunate humans get possed in their weak moments. That is generally when they are under the influence of alcohol, psycadelic drugs, anesthesia, extreme sadness, lack of strength, low willpower… Hence the need for a disciplined (spiritual) life…
[to be contd… ]

Do feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the meanwhile…


Hi venu, The links are not opening. Regards
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Thanks for letting me know Beloved Sqn Ldr Anurag,
There was a tiny formatting error, we’ve fixed it, do it a try and let me know. Thank you.

Thank you Ankit for sharing this helpful resource.

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Thank you for sharing this valuable piece of information.@anon89644444 the audio tape helped alot.

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I had issues in playing this file type on Apple too. Try on vlc or any other player

Thanks to Beloved @anon89644444 now he has made a depossession tape available for us in Hindi too,

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