Happiness does not depend on what we have or how we are treated by others

Name : SP

Gender : Female

Age : 22 years

Hypnotisability score : 10

Dominant sense : A – 5, V – 4, K – 3 (she indicated that none of the statements were applicable for 3 questions)

Eyeball score : 2

First session

5th April

11:00 AM to 3:45 PM

The client was searching for a PLR Therapist and came across my website. On arrival, she seemed to be in distress and started talking about her problems as soon as she arrived. I patiently listened to her for some time and then I tried to calm her down with assurances that we would try to solve all her problems and she is likely to get her happiness and peace back. I offered her water and some eatables. This seemed to somewhat put her at ease.

Then I gave my introduction and how I learnt PLRT. She seemed to be interested in this. She had read a lot about PLRT and had watched many videos about it. She told me that she regressed herself with help of a You Tube video and could see glimpses of her past life. I gave the pre-talk and asked her if she had any questions. She had none. She seemed to know a lot about all these concepts. My biggest surprise was when she mentioned that she was reading the book ‘Becoming Supernatural’. She also told me that she has 10 books of Osho in her collection and she finds these very interesting.


She was born in a small town in Karnataka at her grand parents’ place. Her mother is epileptic. Father has a LLB degree and is a Sales Executive in a private company. Right from beginning, she did not get her parents’ affection. To start with she used to live with her Grand Mother due to her mother’s sickness. She moved to Bangalore when her schooling started. Due to her mother’s sickness, she had to do a lot of household works. She started washing clothes when she was in 1st standard and had started cooking when she was in 3rd standard. In spite of all this, she did not get her parents affection and appreciation. Her mother used to misbehave and used to beat her a lot. Father also used to beat her as he wanted perfection in everything. She often gets thoughts that she is not good enough and wonders why God does not like her. She has a 4 years younger brother. They are not close to each other and mostly remain aloof from each other.

She has always been a good student and generally topped in her class. During 9th standard, she had moved to a hostel. For PUC, she moved to her Aunt’s place. At present, she is staying with them and is attending B. Com classes. She is also appearing for CA exams and her aim is to become a Chartered Accountant.

During night many thoughts come to her mind. She feels that she is different form others. She feels that God is talking to her and she feels high, though she is not taking any drugs or intoxicants. She feels that she is not inside her body. In the morning she is generally confused. She feels quite different when she comes back to real world.

She does not get proper sleep and often gets scared. She gets scared of the people during day time also. Her body starts shivering during nights. She does not feel like eating. Even if she eats, she feels that her body is telling her not to eat and water is good enough. She is often confused and wonders what God wants from her. She often feels guilty as she feels that she is not doing what she is supposed to do.

She likes to spend time alone. She does not have any close friends. She does not like when people talk about others. She is also not looking for any relationship unlike most of her college mates. She is very fond of reading books, particularly the ones which explain what life is all about. She likes to help poor people a lot and it gives her immense satisfaction and pleasure. She likes to keep her needs very small. She has no desire for beautiful clothes. She also does not want a big house or want to have lot of money.

I thanked her for sharing her life story and complimented her on her wonderful qualities in spite of all the hardships she faced. I told her that I had never seen so much interest in spiritual books at such a young age.

For theme, she chose, “Reason for lack of affection by near and dear ones.”

I played ‘The Great Bell Chant’ video for relaxing cognitive fatigue and started regression. However, I could not get her to see happy memories, as she could not think of any happy memories.

At end of the session, I tried to boost her morale by appreciating her good qualities such as - she is excellent in her studies, she is so well read, particularly the spiritual books, she is so well informed and always likes to help poor people. I told her that she is a wonderful child and I was highly impressed with her. This finally managed to bring a smile to her. She said that she was hearing such appreciation after a long time. Her teachers used to appreciate her but she had forgotten all about this. She narrated some stories of appreciation she received in her school days.

I was happy and satisfied that I could manage to get some cheer back to her.

Second session

14th April

11 AM to 3:45 PM

I had sent Client’s Orientation sheet to the client through email. As soon as she came, she showed me prescription of a psychiatrist. During History Taking, she had not mentioned that she was consulting a psychiatrist for anxiety. I asked her if she had taken any medicine before coming and she responded in negative. I asked her if she was feeling alright and can undergo a relaxation session. She answered in affirmative and expressed her keenness to start the session early. She did not wish to add anything to what she had indicated during previous session about her and we decided to start the regression.

I played ‘The Great Bell Chant’ video to relax cognitive fatigue and left her alone.

After the video, she moved to the recliner.

We completed the checklist, decided the IMR and carried out Dave Elman induction, followed by Progressive Relaxation. Staircase and beach (client had told me that beaches are her favorite vacation) were used for visualization. Then carried out the cliff script to get rid of all the traumas. Client felt nice and ‘very light’.

T: Very nice. After having got rid of all the traumas and feeling very light, perhaps now is the time to try to get an answer to the question why you are not able to get affection of your dear and near ones. Permit yourself to walk around on the beach and you may be able to spot a number of doors somewhere…… Behind one of these doors maybe you could get answer to your question why you are not able to get affection of your dear and near ones. …. Let me know when you are able to spot the doors.

C: I can see the doors now.

T: Great. Permit yourself to choose one of these doors, behind which you should be able to get answer to the question why you are not able to get affection of your dear and near ones.

C: I want to open the central door.

T: Great. Open the door and let me know what comes to your awareness.

C: I have opened the door. … its all white, … there is an Angel with multiple eyes.

T: Great. The angle is here to help you and give answers to your questions. You could ask him any question you feel like.

C: The Angel is a girl. She is all white with multiple eyes with large …… (client signaled by hands to describe a big shape, looked like that she wanted to indicate that she had a large robe)

T: Great. She is here to help you. You could ask her anything you want including the question why you are not able to get affection of your near and dear ones.

C: I asked. She is saying that I don’t belong to them. I don’t have to worry about their love. I should just think of helping everyone.

T: Great. So the Angel is suggesting that you need not bother about affection of your near and dear ones and just follow purpose of your life i.e helping others. Very nice. It seems that you have got answer to your question. You may like to thank the Angel and Almighty for getting this excellent answer.

C: I want to see my past life.

T: You could make a request to the Angel and pray to Almighty and surely you will see what is best for you.

C: I have prayed. Angel is not saying anything.

T: Ok. You could continue to pay and request and let me know what comes to your awareness.

C: I see myself on a bed in a golden room. I am sleeping.

T: Great. Sleeping on a bed in a golden room. Does any name come to your awareness?

C: No.

T: Ok. Any name for this place comes to your awareness?

C: No. It is somewhere in North India. It is in Rajasthan.

T: Great. Somewhere in Rajasthan in North India. Any year or time comes to your awareness?

C: No. It is pre - British time

T: Ok Great. In Rajasthan in North India during Pre- British period, sleeping on a bed in a golden room. Is there anyone else with you?

C: No.

T: Ok. May be you could look around and see if there is anyone else?

C: I have come to the balcony of the room. I am seeing a big courtyard. There are security guards. Everyone else is sleeping. It is 3 AM at present.

T: Ok. Very nice. 3 AM now, everyone is sleeping. May be you could go to some other time of the day, may be dinner time. I will count from 3 to 1. At the count of 1, allow yourself to go to the dinner time. 3, … 2 and … 1, let me know what comes to your awareness.

C: I am having dinner. I am with my brothers and mom. I am having Roti and many other items which people have in North India. I am quite happy.

T: Great. Having dinner with your brothers and your mom and feeling quite happy, do you recognize anyone from present life?

C: No. Faces are not very clear.

T: Ok. Would you like to share what they are talking?

C: They are not saying anything.

T: Ok, you are having dinner quietly, feeling happy… May be it is time to move to some other significant time. I will count from 3 to 1 and at the count of 1, go to some other significant time in this life time. 3, … 2 and … 1, let me know what comes to your awareness.

C: I am very young. May be 3, 4 years old. I am playing in a courtyard. I am putting on a sharara (she signaled by hand gestures the type of dress). There is a maid with some food in a plate. She is trying to feed me. I am very happy.

T: Ok great. Playing in the courtyard as a child, quite happy. Is there anyone else?

C: No.

T: Do you recognize the maid from present life time?

C: No.

T: May be it is time to move to some other significant time. I will count from 3 to 1 and at the count of 1 go to some other significant time in this life time. 3, … 2 and … 1, let me know what comes to your awareness.

C: Now I am quite grown up. May be 23 - 24 years old. There is a lady who is shouting at me. She is saying that I do not belong to that place.

T: Is she your step mother?

C: May be. My mom has died.

T: Do you recognize her from present life time?

C: No. Face is not clear…. (I waited a little to see if she was going to share something more, when I noticed a slight smile on client’s face)

T: Would you like to share what comes to your awareness?

C: Now I am married. I am with my husband, he is king’s son. He is very tall and handsome. He is hugging me. I am quite happy.

T: Great, married, with your husband, very happy. Very nice. Do you recognize your husband from this life time?

C: No.

T: May be it is time to move to some other significant time. I will count from 3 to 1 and at the count of 1, go to some other significant time in this life time. 3, … 2 and … 1, let me know what comes to your awareness.

C: I am alone in the room, I can see my husband coming from a distance. He is riding a horse. … He has brought flowers for me. I am very happy. (There was a very wide smile on client’s face).

T: Great. Having great time with your husband, feeling very happy. May be it is time to move to some other significant time. I will count from 3 to 1 and at the count of 1 go to some other significant time in this life time. 3, … 2 and … 1, let me know what comes to your awareness.

C: We have grown old. We are in a hut. We have lost the kingdom.

T: Oh. May be Britishers have taken away your kingdom.

C: No. it is our sons. My husband is telling me that I need not worry. He is with me. He is not sad. I am making Roti for him.

T: Ok. Excellent spirit. With your husband, in a hut, husband telling you that he is with you and you should be happy.

C: My daughter-in-law’s mother is shouting at me over something. I am feeling quite unhappy about it.

T: Do you recognize her from present life time?

C: It seems that she is the daughter of my grand-mother’s sister. I am not very sure.

T: Ok. Would you like to share what she is saying?

C: I cannot make out what she is angry about. I am not paying much attention to what she is saying.

T: Ok. May be it is time to move to some other significant time. I will count from 3 to 1 and at the count of 1, go to some other significant time in this life time. 3, … 2 and … 1, let me know what comes to your awareness.

C: We have grown quite old. I am fetching water from a well. … Now I am making Roti for my husband. We are very happy. My husband still looks quite handsome. He has got big…. (client signaled with her hands).

T: Moustaches?

C: Yes.

T: Great, very happy with your handsome husband. May be it is the time to go the end of this life time. I will count from 3 to 1 and at the count of 1, go to when you are about to leave the body during this life time. 3, … 2 and … 1, let me know what are your thoughts while leaving the body.

C: We do not need anything to remain happy. Just be satisfied with what you have.

T: Great. Great learning. What comes to your awareness after leaving the body.

(I had to repeat the question.)

C: ……. Nothing. …. It is all blank.

(I was quite surprised. Usually, clients either talk about their bodies and hanging around watching what was happening after their death, or they talk about bright light moving up. I concluded that she does not want to explore anything else as she had got her answers.)

T: Ok. May be it is the time to come back to the present time. Should we return to the present time?

C: Yes.

I emerged her.


The client seemed to be quite happy after the session. We went for lunch as it was already 3 PM. During lunch, my wife commented that client was looking very happy. The client responded with a wide smile and commented that it was due to what she witnessed and learnt during the session. After lunch, I asked her if she had got her answers. She indicated in affirmative. She said that the lesson from previous life and what Angel said indicate that we do not need anything to remain happy. She need not bother how her near and dear ones were behaving with her. She should just lead her own life and should continue to help poor people as much as she can. I complimented her on excellent learning and added that human life cannot be an unbroken joy. It is always with its own ups and downs. We should not stress too much about this and just accept what Almighty has decided for us for that moment. He knows what is best for us. We just need to focus on the choices we make. I added that due to her habit of reading spiritual books, she should be able to grasp all this very well.

I also told her that we all are spiritual beings who have come here to have a human experience. During this journey, we have our roles and we should just perform these roles to best of our abilities. At present, her primary role was being a student. She need to perform this to best of her abilities and become a CA soon. She should just focus on this, accepting adversities which may come in her way. I also advised her to consult the psychiatrist, if she feels better and feels like cutting down on medicines.


Dear Arvind ji,

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful treasure with us all. It is always blissful to read through your session’s proceedings.

For me reading through it was like a revision of prominent aspects taught by our beloved Guru and beautifully implemented by yourself… If I could list them it would appear as below :-

  1. History Taking stage has very comprehensively covered the stages of client’s life.
  2. Therapist demonstrated complete regard for the client, patience and empathy.
  3. The therapy has to commence from the time client enters the studio.
  4. Therapist should be prepared for the volley of emotional outburst from the word go.
  5. The confidence and trust of the Client in the Therapist is vey important ingredient for the therapy to work wonders. eg: client showing psy prescription in second session.
  6. Therapist to be the source of strength for the client when session does not proceed/gives output as anticipated- eg happy memories.
  7. Management of stress emerging during the session is very vital.
  8. Visualisation be adopted suiting the feedback from client. eg : beach.
  9. Use of paraphrasing is the best way to proceed ahead while anchoring to the previous feedback of client at each suggestion.
  10. Embed the theme of session into the induction process and initial suggestions post induction.
  11. The divine almighty will always render the answers/guidance that leads to the path of Love.
  12. We may avoid leading questions/suggestions while conducting the session,
  13. “I concluded that she does not want to explore anything else as she had got her answers” - Wonderful execution. As therapist one should accept the progression of case as it is and do try to attempt too much to steer it on a fixed trajectory.
  14. Client’s wellbeing is important so is that of the Therapist.

Sir you are a blessed soul to have brought so much of peace and solace to the client. I am sanguine that with her inclination and learnings from PLR session she would grow to be a beautiful being fulfilling her purpose of life.

Best Regards


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thanks a lot Manesh. I am so grateful to you for the encouragement. However, there is sequel to this case. I have just submitted it.
I would like to have your most valuable input on my doubt.


needless to say that she is blessed to have found you and come to you my beloved @ceoccfb
A 22 year old again realises the complete essence of life enshrouded in all the religions and scriptures of the world


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Thanks a lot Venu for the response, so grateful to you for the kind and encouraging words. You have really propelled me to a new life altogether.

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Arvindji namaskar,

On this post, I had communicated on April 29th as a reply to the email that I received. I guess all my responses and submissions are going to Bindu whoever she is.
I read with some interest the case (succesful session) that you have posted about the 22 yr old female (SP) who likes to help others and has suffered due to lack of parental affection.

The ‘theme’ was resolved almost as soon as the session started and the client encountered the angel.

My query and purpose of writing to you starts from hereon…

It was the clients desire to visit her past life (lives) and you successfully regressed her.

But what intrigues me is;

You chose not to explore (in depth) the 'significant time’; when, your command / instruction to the client’s sub conscious was about “going to a significant time in that life” Instead, there is a fresh instruction for the next significant time in that life .

Was this strategic manoeuvring? If Yes what was the objective?

Else, was it just the dynamics of the session; a push-pull sort of effect, wherein the Client & the Therapist were both driving each other?

Dear Atul, thanks a lot for the response. I truly value your inputs.
Regarding exploring significant times, I did what occurred to me at that time. You are quite right I could have explored many other things. But, I have no regrets. I stongly believe the session is driven by His powers. We are no one before Him. I say this paryer only before starting all my sessions.

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