Is it a case of possession?

Name : SP

Gender : Female

Age : 22 years

Hypnotisability score : 10

Dominant sense : A – 5, V – 4, K – 3 (she indicated that none of the statements were applicable for 3 questions)

Eyeball score : 2

27th April

11 AM to 2 PM

The client had undergone the PLRT session on 14th April as submitted on forum at Happiness does not depend on what we have or how we are treated by others.

Subsequent to the session, I was in touch with the client and she indicated that she was feeling very nice and had good sleep. I was quite surprised and puzzled to get following message from her on 25th April:

“ I was scared to tell you. I feel someone is watching me. I saw him in childhood. I also hear anklet sounds . She/ he doesn’t allow me to sleep at my parents’ home.”

She had not mentioned about this during history taking. Moreover, during PLRT session, she did not give any indication of possession. After thinking over it, I decided to meet her and talk about this.

When she came, she seemed to be in quite a good mood, unlike during her previous visits. Immediately after arrival, she wanted to meet my wife to pay her regards and also hugged her. She seemed to be quite relaxed and absolutely normal, enjoying her life in general.

Gist of what she mentioned is:

  • She was feeling very nice and light after the session. As per my advice, she went to her psychiatrist and, in accordance to her advice, stopped taking her medicines.
  • First time she felt presence of a ghost was when she was 11 to 12 years old in her Grand Parents’ house. It was a male of 45 to 50 years old, dressed in a blue lungi, sitting in their verandah. It disappeared soon after.
  • Next she saw the same person in her parents’ house when client was 21 years old. This is the reason, she is staying in her aunt’s place.
  • She has not seen him since then. But she has a feeling that he is watching her. Moreover, she hears anklet sound during night which starts around 10 PM.
  • Funny thing is that even her cousin hears those sounds. The cousin confirmed when client asked her about it.
  • When going to sleep, she likes to imagine that she is being tortured. This started when she was in 4th standard.

All this was quite puzzling for me. I was not sure if I should proceed further or not. But I did not feel like sending the client back without trying out something. Finally I decided to try with following theme:

“To get rid of the feeling of being watched and hearing sounds.”

I got her into trance and on the beach.

T: While on the beach, enjoying beautiful sight of sea and lovely sound of sea waves and sea breeze, may be you could speak to the Angel or a wise man, who could answer all your questions. If you look around may be you could spot them.

C: Yeah, I can see the Angel coming from behind. The same Angel whom I saw previously.

T: Great, she has come to help you; she is your well wisher. You could ask her anything or talk to her anything you want.

C: I asked her about someone watching me and my hearing the sounds, which my cousin is also able to hear. She is saying that I am quite dumb. I need to become smart. I should not permit anyone to manipulate me.

(I could see some stress on client’s face.)

T: Just observe. The Angel is your well wisher. She will give you the correct advice. You are completely safe. …. Would you like to share what comes to your awareness now?

C: There is one lady with wings at a little distance. She is laughing and saying that ‘nothing will happen. You will continue to be dumb.’ I am feeling quite bad hearing this.

T: Oh. Do you recognize this lady?

C: No. I have never seen her earlier.

T: May be you could request her to go away and just focus on what Angel is advising you.

C: The lady with the wings has gone.

T: Very nice. May be you could continue your conversation with Angel.

(I waited for some time)

T: Would you like to share something.

C: The Angel is saying even if I need to tell lies at times, I should do it. I should become smart to survive in this world. I should not permit anyone to take advantage of me.

T: Great. Great learning.

( I again waited for sometime)

T: Is the Angel still there?

C: Yes. She is just sitting with me.

T: Very nice. If you could talk to her whatever you wanted, may be it is the time you could thank the Angel and she could leave.

C: The Angel is saying that I should go first. She will go later on.

T: Very nice. You could thank her for having come and spending time with you and for giving excellent advice, say good bye to her and get back to present time and space.

Then I emerged her.


After coming out from the trance, the client seemed to be in quite a good mood. She was curious to know if she was really dumb. I told her that it was just a relative term and Angel was just emphasizing her to look after her interests. She should not compromise her interests just to please others. She also wanted to know why Angel was saying that she should not get manipulated. I asked her if the cousin had ever mentioned about hearing anklet sounds before client’s asking. Client answered in negative. I told the client that probably the cousin was just trying to manipulate her. The Angel could have meant this. The client asked how she could tell lies, she was not comfortable doing that. I told the client that we should not tell lies to harm anyone, but we may tell lies at times to help people. I narrated famous story about a Rishi telling about wrong direction to a person with a sword, chasing someone. She continued to have many such doubts and I continued to answer me in her best interests based on what ever occurred to. We kept talking for quite some time.

After clarifying all the doubts, I told client that whenever she feels in distress, she could take five long breaths and just imagine/ feel she is on a beach, in her safe place. She could also request Angel to come and could have a conversation with her about whatever she wanted. I told the client that, in my opinion, she was quite an evolved soul who has just come here to have a human experience. She should just focus on the roles she is required to play while having this experience.

The client left after this conversation. While leaving, she seemed to be in a good mood. She did not forget to meet my wife and hugging her before leaving.

I have not got any message from the client so far, though I had told het to get in touch if she feels any distress. I am avoiding to talk to her as I am not sure if I should continue with this case.

I am still puzzled with following:

  • Why a lady with the wings came and said that nothing will help the client?
  • Why Angel said that the client should go first, instead of leaving after giving the advice?
  • Is it case of a possession?

I would like our Dear Venu and others to offer their most valuable advice about this.


Why a lady with the wings came and said that nothing will help the client ?
@ceoccfb sir did you try to know, who is she.


Thanks for the response Dear Naveen. I did ask “Do you recognize this lady?”. The client answered “No. I have never seen her earlier.” I left it at that. Kindly let me know if I could have done something more about it.


wow, isn’t this phenomenal!

Yes it’s a confusing session no doubt my beloved @ceoccfb

I think you did the best you can in this case and for your own safety I wouldn’t have wanted you to do anything more on this.
Do let me know in case she reverts of her own accord.


Thanks a lot for the response Venu, so grateful to you.
The clinet did send me a message three days later that she is feeling alright. She did not mention anything about the anklet sounds whch she used to hear during night. I also did not ask her purposely.


The master has replied; so ideally I should refrain. :pray:
Yet, I’d prefer to submit my two bit for whatever it is worth.
This is not a case of possession… That was her alter ego.
This is similar to the ‘particle & anti particle’ theory from quantum physics. This is the actual answer
If you allow me to be audaciously arrogant; after the conjoint reading of the 2 PLR sessions, I have serious doubts on the quality of client’s trance more specifically in the second PLR session.

Reason for my doubt is as under;
At the first instance, your client has not informed you that she is also consulting a psychiatrist and is probably under medication.
Also, you have not mentioned in your post; whether, you have checked with her if she has taken any medicine before she came to you for the 2nd PLR session.

Until such time, somebody can establish otherwise; I’d put my (hard earned) money on, IT’S NOT A CASE OF POSSESSION.

The winged angel (entity) is your clients alter ego or maybe her negativities that have surfaced as the trance was weakening.
Something similar to how your communication gets affected when you have a weak cell phone signal. or the signal drops.

NO OFFENCE INTENDED… This not an awesome /phenomenal submission. Therefore, it’d be perfectly common place for me to be misunderstood.
My response is not an assessment of your abilities; especially when others, more specifically the experienced practitioners have already praised you.
With whatever, little I know, as I read your post, my gut feeling told me, it’s not a case of possession.

I am open to the idea that somebody would (rather everybody😉) say I am wrong. It’d help me (as also others) to learn with somebody else putting in some real effort.and thought on the subject.

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Thanks a lot Atul for your valuable inputs, so grateful to you. Our dear Venu also indicated that its a confusing case and , I think, he wants us to err on safe side.
Regarding the client consulting a psychiatrist, she did inform me before the first trance and also showed me the prescription. When she came next time, she told me that she had stopped the medicines in consultation with her psychiatrist.

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No matter which angle we take, PLRT will enable closure to “Stuck Points”. Maintaining of self-spirituality is important as this will empower us through enhancing inner peace. Only then the inner voice will guide. All fears will fade away. Fearlessness is Powerful!

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There are very few “Spiritual Beings” like Venuji amongst us. Thank you Venuji for being in our Lives! Hare Krishna


We create and we destroy images we see. If we remain within this space, we will always feel comfortable as we can then manage the situation with “what is it you wish to do about this”.

This belief will also help us to remain within the boundaries of PLRT. Being aware that the client has the power to do whatever she / he wants, also helps work and maintain boundaries.

Understanding of “We are a part of the Soul of the SuperSoul” is deep but true.

We are Spiritual Beings lost in this Journey of Life as we are unaware of our Very Being. There is nothing we cannot do! People remind us sometimes “Put your Heart and Mind into it” This is an Awakening reminder to recognize who we are. A minute spark of the SuperSoul which is Very Powerful although it is minute!