Healing from Shiva-Amsh

Greetings! This is my 1st Case after my training, I am grateful for all the support I have received from my beloved family - Venu and Neha, and my dearest forum members/siblings. Kindly take your time to go through this and please feel free to provide your feedback.

Client Vitals:

Name - Kala (Name changed)
Age - 30+
Gender - Female
Hypnotisability score - 5
VAK – 375
Dominent Sence – Kinaesthetic
Eye roll test - 2
Pain Level - 10


  1. Backache and headaches (Pain level - 10)

  2. Unable to sustain the same level of interest and enthusiasm that was present at the beginning of any work/task but later it fades away towards the end.

Number of sessions and overview – It took 3 long sessions.

  • 1st session - Preparation of the client for PLR.
  • 2nd session - she described the details from 2 past life scenes.
  • 3rd session - it became quite challenging to guide her to a significant event, as she consistently responded with “No”, “blankness”, and “nothing”. Consequently, I experimented with various approaches that came to mind during the session, and she eventually received her answers from a master, whom she described as ‘Shiv-amsh’

Session 1 – 17th September (it took 3hours)
Finished up to stage 8.
Session 2 – 21st September early hours 1:15am to 4:50am

IMR – Explained
T - Therapist
C – Client

We started with a prayer.
Induction - Dave-Elmen and progressive relaxation
Visualization – Garden, Cliff (Reframing done)
Guided towards 2 – happy childhood memories.

T – Go back to the time when you were just born.
C – I’m crying. I see a single cot bed with a blue blanket, and my mom is resting on it.
T – Look around. What else can you see?
C – My grandfather he picked me up.
T – Can you describe what he’s wearing?
C – He’s wearing a biscuit-colored shirt and pants. I can’t make out the color of the pants clearly.
T – Who else is there?
C – I can’t see anybody except my grandfather.

(Later I asked the client’s mother about the people presented when Kala was born. She confirmed it was only the grandfather; everyone else arrived much later.)

C – Suddenly, Kala started crying loudly.
T – [Wiping her tears] "What’s wrong? What’s bothering you?x
C – After crying for about 5 minutes, Kala said, "I’m heartbroken seeing my grandfather. I never got to say a proper goodbye. I asked my family to wait with his body until I could get there, but by the time I arrived, they had already finished the ceremonies. I regret not responding to his calls or visits when he was alive, and now I wish I could see him just one more time.”.

T – Can you still see or feel your grandfather’s presence?
C – Yes.
T – That’s good. Share everything you wanted to say to him. Let me know when you’re finished.
C – [After 5 minutes] I’m done.
T – Take your time. Ask if he has a message for you and let me know when you are ready to move on from this experience.
C - Done. He says he is doing well and wants me to convey his regards to my parents.
T – Nice! Imagine/visualize yourself passing through a tunnel. Are you able to visualize it?
C – Yes! Somebody else is accompanying me in the tunnel.
T – who is it? Can you identify him?
C – No.
T – Move closer . Do you feel any connection to him?
C – No. I can’t see his face clearly. It’s blurred. I believe he is a male, around 55 to 60 years old. He is coming along with me.
T – Alright, if he’s with you, let him guide you to the tunnel’s end.
C – Okay.

T – Very Good! What are you sensing now?
C – I am floating in the Sky.
T – Is the older man still with you?
C – No.
T - What else do you perceive?
C – Nothing. I am just floating in the sky.
T – Just look above, below, right and left – Do you spot anything?
C – Yes I am outside a massive building.
T – Great! Try to enter it.
C – I can’t go inside(Crying)
T – It is okay. No problem. Why are you upset?
C – No matter how hard I try, I can’t get in.
T – That is perfectly fine. In a moment, I’m going to count from 5 to 1, when I reach 1 you’ll be inside the house.
(5 – you’re walking towards the house, 4 – still walking, 3, 2 – almost there, 1 – you are in the house)

T – What comes to your awareness? Are you inside the building?
C – Yes! There’s a lady in a black dress with yellow flowers printed on it.
T – Can you see her face?
C – It’s unclear.
T - Do you recognize her?
C – I feel like she is my mom.
T – How old are you? Look at yourself and tell me what are you wearing? Which place is it? What do you feel about it?
C – I am around 28 years old. Wearing a white frock. I think it is Greece. I feel like it’s my house.
T – Just check each and every room and share whatever comes to your awareness.
C – Someone is hiding behind the house and lurking.
(Kala is not able to identify them and was not able to see/feel anything significant here. Thus, navigated to a childhood memory in that lifetime)

C - I’m in the same house. I see a swimming pool and a small boy is playing with me here. I think he is my brother.
T – How old are you and your brother? What is your name?
C – I’m 5 years and he is 3. I can’t recall any names.

(As Kala is still not able to see/feel anything significant here. Thus, navigated towards the end of this lifetime)

C – I think, I died from heart failure. Same 28 years old.
T – What comes to your awareness? Do you see your body?
C – Yes. I see somebody is moving my body into a coffin.
T – Who is it? Can you identify them?
C – He’s in a coffee-coloured uniform with a hat. I think my death wasn’t from heart failure.
T – What happened then?
C – There are 4 men in uniforms. I think one of them, the person lurking earlier behind the doors, struck(hit) my head. After that everything is blank. I think I died at that moment.
T – What was your last thought when you were about to die?
C – I felt no pain. My death was so normal.

(I attempted to ask questions related to LBL and checked if there were any spirit guides accompanying her. However, she couldn’t recall much, and subsequently, she transitioned to another lifetime. Here, she described her attire and a person sitting on a sofa, visible only from the back view. Later, she mentioned experiencing severe headaches, backaches, and drowsiness, prompting me to guide her out of that experience.)

Closure : I inquired if the client had been distracted during the session, noting the heavy rain, wind, and the noises from the doors and windows due to the stormy conditions and lightning. She responded that she was unaware of any of those sounds. She then asked about the severe headache and back pain she was experiencing. I suggested that it might be a residual memory from her past life in Greece, where she was struck on the head. I also mentioned that since our session’s theme revolved around “Headache and backache”, sometimes symptoms can intensify before they start to dissipate during the healing process. We agreed to delve deeper into the reasons in our subsequent sessions.

Session 3 – 23rd September, afternoon - 2:15pm to 6:30pm.

(We started with a prayer again. Finished with checklist and induction. In visualization - I started with a tunnel ending with a beautiful place with 3 amazing mystical doors.)

T – What comes to your awareness?
C – I see 3 triangular doors in front of me each with a handle.
T – Great! At the count of 3 to 1, Choose opening any of the doors. Where are you now?
C – I’m floating in the sky. I see nothing else.
(Note: After ten minutes of no further revelations, T navigates C back to the doors.)

T – What comes to your awareness?
C – I’m on a beach with white sand and scattered stones. I feel happy, and I’m in a white dress. The area looks like an empty island with a beautiful sunset.
T – See here and there, walk around and look if you can find anything or any place or people or any living beings?
C – No. Nothing is there. It appears as an empty island. I can see the Sunset. It is so beautiful and scenic. I am not able to find anything else than water all around and nothing more than this.
T – Good. That’s perfectly fine!
T – Just lay down there for some time, relax well and take deep long breaths and imagine or visualize a beautiful bridge connecting the island to a different place. Just feel the pain that you experience when you get this backache or headache and carry this pain with you and cross over this bridge at the count of 5 to 1 and when I reach 1, you are at the other side of the bridge where you will find the solution for your pain.

T – What comes to your awareness?
C – A burning sensation all over my body. I’m still on the bridge.
(After the session she mentioned, she usually experiences this burning sensation in her body many times. Especially when she thinks anything emotionally.)

C – I sense a lot of heat. I feel intense heat flare like sensation throughout my body.
C – I reached the end of the bridge. I could see something is burning. it’s very huge. Everything is burning. The whole place is burning.
T – Just see right and left and check if there is any place to go and see where this fire started or anything you see in the fire or around?
C – No one around or in it. I could see nothing apart from burning.
T – Just float above and see the areal view where that fire has started? Are there any houses or people anybody around?

C – No, nothing. I could see only fire all over, almost touching the sky.
T – Okay! That’s fine.

(Note: After several more attempts to gain insights from this scenario with no further revelations, T redirects C to the three doors once more.) (Tried this as last attempt)

(After the session, she shared that although the fire seemed blocked her way, she was able to pass through it without feeling any burning sensation in her body. After reaching down the bridge and when the real fire is in front of her, she said all the burning in her body mysteriously disappeared. She mentioned offering her respects to the Fire god, and since there was no clear direction to proceed, she returned as I had directed.)

T – What comes to your awareness?
C – I am floating in the sky, I see different buildings down, all empty houses nobody is present and I see a particular building stands out as particularly large and unique.
T – Very Good! Just try to go inside it and look what you feel and aware of?
C – There’s a man, but his features are blurred. He feels familiar, like the figure from the tunnel. There’s a fatherly bond. He’s taking my hand, kissing it, and asking if I’ve forgotten him." (C begins to cry)
T – It’s alright. This is an opportunity to seek answers. Connect with him.
C – I believe he’s Shiv-Amsh. Being near him evokes such strong emotions.

(Note: Later, C confirmed her devotion to Shiva and her habit of chanting “Om-namashivaya.”)

T – Wonderful! Spend time with him. When you’re ready, let me know.
(C spends approximately half an hour in this state)
T – With all the experiences and insights you’ve gained, let’s bring you back to the present.

Closure : She explained that she had received answers down to the tiniest detail. It wasn’t like a verbal conversation; instead, everything occurred within her mind. An answer to each of her questions spontaneously arose. She provided an extensive description, of which I am only giving an outline here:

“You will heal completely soon. Just be patient. Everything will come to you in time. Gradually, your headaches and backaches will subside. Don’t dwell on your past or what transpired in your previous lives. Focus on the present and do what is necessary and essential. Know that I am with you, and whenever you think of me, I am accessible. My presence surrounds you. However, you need to stop drinking alcohol.”

She emphasized that she received answers even to aspects that were overlooked during the “History taking”. At the end of the experience, she felt as if a vast energy, pervading the entire universe, presented itself before her as a radiant sphere of light. This energy then integrated into her forcefully. It gave her a sensation that not only did this energy exist outside her, but it also resided within her, making her feel as if she was an embodiment of that very energy."

Pain Level: Since the pain manifests during her episodes of backache and headache, she’d like some time to specify the pain level.


Hey Shanti
:clap: :clap: :clap:… speechless. I can see in this case So much patience,so much love and so much faith .
I got an idea from your case for my practice. Thank you so much.


Congratulations Shanthi, it was beautifully executed. Despite all the resistance, you led her to the conclusion. Learning at the last was a cherry on the top :raised_hands::heart:.


Well-done @Santhi_Akula. It’s amazing to know that you and client both had time to start the session at 1am :flushed:


How amazing Shanthi. A beautiful read and a magical experience! I understand how easy it would have been to get disappointed when no answers were coming forth yet you persisted and helped your client immensely. Just magnifies how healing can still happen despite meeting obstacles! Love.


Phew… @Santhi_Akula…awesomely executed…so calm were ur executions and allowing the client to take her own sweet time . …and what an aura u must have also felt in the room when she was with the Divine herself. …blessed… congratulations on ur 1st 1 and many many more cases for us to read and get insights…god bless​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::pray::pray::pray:


Superbly executed session. From the overview it seems all sessions were challenging but as a therapist you persisted and ultimately could get closures to all the theme questions. You handled abreactions very well when the client was feeling backaches and pains. You also got the validation that during client’s birth only the grandfather was present.
Also an important life lesson for us is to keep on communicating with our elders and not take them for granted. Within seconds, things can change and then we are left with our guilt forever. It was heartening to know that the client could speak to her grandfather and get rid of all her guilt.
Awesome. Fabulous. Well done.
All the best for your future PLRs. :heart::clap::clap::clap:


Very nice Shanthi!. You did it very professionally. Had your fair share of resistance from the client but you did persist and it paid off. Handled the client really well. Dos’nt feel this is your first attempt.


Dear Prashanthi,

Heartiest congratulations for a wonderfully executed case :yellow_heart:.
My humble feedback for your consideration please,

  1. My compliments for your perseverance. :yellow_heart:
  1. That’s something intriguing for me.
  1. May be we could be more suggestive in approach -

‘May be you could go back in time to the moment of your birth and let me know what comes to your awareness’

'May be if you could look around , what would come to your experience/awareness (as the client is ‘K’)

  1. I learnt something about this from one of the feedbacks of our beloved Guru

: (quoting his words :pray:)
It would have been nice if we could have addressed this in a way we acknowledged the emotional side of this. Better avoid “No problem”

  1. All to your credit - the anaesthesia administered was efficacious.
  1. Amazing!! The magic of PLR :purple_heart: :purple_heart:
  1. Profound learnings & revelations !! :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

Best Wishes for future endeavours.

Monesh :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thank you so much @Monesh_Bathre, for taking the time to address everything in detail​:sparkles:. This will help me improve my therapeutic approach. Your encouragement and acknowledgment mean a lot, and I look forward to further refining my approach in future sessions. :writing_hand: :blush: .

Regarding the use of the word ‘see,’ I’m consistently mindful during sessions to employ terminology that aligns with her dominant ‘kinesthetic’ sense. However, in her prior descriptions, she frequently used phrases like ‘I see a single cot bed’ and ‘I see a blue blanket covering it.’

Based on this, I felt that adopting the client’s own language might make her feel more at ease while expressing herself.

“Maybe you could share your opinion on this? :smile:

Thank you!
With deep gratitude and respect,
Shanthi :pray:"


Hey @N_S , Thank you for your heartfelt words. I’m thrilled to know that my experience could inspire and provide an idea for your practice. Sharing and learning from one another’s journeys is what makes our community so enriching. Best wishes for your practice! :blush::pray:


Thank you so much @Kaushik ! - my first demo client assigned by Venu :grinning: Yes, the final learning was indeed a rewarding culmination of the session. The moments like these that make the journey worthwhile. :blush::star2:


Thank you, @Pooja. Yes, it was quite an unconventional timing, but sometimes the best sessions happen in the most unexpected moments :smile:. I’m grateful for the commitment and flexibility shown by both of us on those odd hours. It truly made for a unique experience! :blush::crescent_moon:


Thank you very much @Shilpa_Menon ! It was indeed a magical experience, and I’m grateful for your understanding. Persistence can lead to breakthroughs, and I’m glad I could assist my client despite the initial obstacles. Love and healing have a way of finding their path. :blush::dizzy:


Thank you so much @Ananda_Krishnan for your encouraging words! I appreciate your support. Yes, there were some challenges along the way, but I’m glad it all worked out. I’m grateful for your confidence in my abilities, especially for my first attempt. :pray::blush:


Thank you so much @Kaynaz_Ghista for your kind words! It was truly a profound experience, and I felt honored to be a part of it. I’m excited to share more cases and insights in the future. Your blessings and encouragement mean a lot to me. :pray::blush:


"Thank you very much, @deepakchaks. This session was conducted because of the motivation you provided. Do you remember when I gave you a list of things around me that might disturb the session? You said, “Just find a way to start, otherwise we may forget the knowledge if we don’t practice.” That’s why these sessions have happened at odd times :smile:.

Indeed, this PLR is so beautiful that not only the client but also the therapist can learn valuable lessons from it. We shouldn’t take anything for granted, because by the time we realize the importance, things may go out of our hands :dizzy_face: :neutral_face:.


Dear Prashanthi,

Its heartening to receive such words of encouragement from you.
Thank you :pray:

You actually made it a task for me to revisit my feedback and give my opinion ( I had to read it thrice…) and then could find my learning as under :

I would like to share that my feedback was purely based on the teachings from our Guru and your assessment of client

In my humble opinion, the client at first instance itself, may confirm that she is able to see (VISION SENSE) a bed/blanket (in this case).

However when I would further lead her I would still ask what comes to her awareness to let her subconscious employ all the senses including the Dominant one (K - Feels).

You employed the same here wonderfully -

Finally, You being the therapist possess the comprehensive understanding of the client and as a mindful therapist I am sure you would have struck the optimal balance between the teachings and language of client.

The session’s outcomes says it all !!


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Hi @Monesh_Bathre, I’m grateful for the time you took to reflect upon and share your observations :bouquet:.

I apologize if it seems like I’m giving you an additional task. However, the wisdom and experience you bring to the table are remarkable, and I genuinely believe that your perspective can provide clarity on the following matter:

Regarding my client’s recent experiences, (When I checked her after 10days) she’s experienced a headache after her recent travel. I’m uncertain about the best approach to help her alleviate this. Should I consider another regression session, or might there be suggestions I can offer her to manage or understand this recurrence? :thinking:

In most cases, clients dive into their past, relive certain moments, and often find clarity regarding the root causes of their present challenges. I understood that healing happens in this manner. However, if answers appear from a master rather than direct insights from past experiences, I am not sure about the mechanism of the healing process. Is it instantanious or will it takes time and slowly fades away? Have you encountered such scenarios with your clients? Your guidence on this would be helpful to me.

Once again, thank you for your continued guidance and support :pray:.


Dear Shanthi,
Congratulations on your first case.
You have executed the session beautifully and penned down the details very nicely. The way you navigated the session with utmost patience at the wee hour is commendable.

Connecting with our elders is a beautiful way to cherish and appreciate the wisdom they hold and the love they have for us. I’m glad that this session served as a reminder for us to reach out to the Elders in our family and also around us. It’s these little moments that bring us closer to our loved ones and help us strengthen our bonds.

After reading this session I am making a call to my grandmothers now. Thanks a lot for this learning.
It’s beyond words to know that even the finest details are answered and everything through the thoughts. I am very sure you and your client are blessed to have this divine experience. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
It’s a privilege to be able to facilitate such experiences and help people connect on a deeper level.

Much Love :heart: :heart: :heart:,