Healing the skin infection of 12 year old

This post is about the PLRT session of a 12 year old with infection of her feet for over 2 years and how the healing was triggered post the PLRT.

Many of us would recall from history or have heard from our grandparents stories about how pandemics and epidemics had caused immense loss of human lives in the past. As I grew up, I read and heard about the progress man has made in the field of science. I felt immense pride that man has successfully found vaccinations for smallpox, measles etc. and we are well prepared to handle such pandemics in comparison to our ancestors. Then in the late 1980s my teachers told us about the dangerous HIV. Then we learnt about Influenza, Hepatitis, SARS, West Nile, Nipah and for many of these we still do not have a cure in the modern science that we speak so proudly about. Year 2020 has been the most challenging one and we never expected that countries would be under lock-down and lives would be lost to this deadly virus - Covid 19. I understand that for a successful launch of a vaccination it would take 2-3 years. The scientists and pharma companies are rushing to find a quick fix vaccination. This virus has made the WHO look like a joker organisation. Man has not been able to fight the tiny virus with all the knowledge and technology that he has.

With 3 days to go for 2019 to end, I met my last PLRT client for the year, 12 year old Mahati (name changed). Mahati’s mother, Bharathi (name changed), had called me in October of 2019 and had taken an appointment for her daughter. Mahati was suffering from a skin infection in her leg. Bharathi suspected that Mahati had developed the infection about 2 year ago when they had been on a holiday to a resort and Mahati had used the pool there. It has started as a small infection, but over time spread rapidly to both her feet. Mahati liked dance and was undergoing training for Bharatanatyam (popular dance form in South India) at that time, which she had to stop due to this infection.

The family had visited many doctors (including specialists) and temples over the period of 2 years but had not found a solution to the problem. With some doctors they found some initial success but after some time the infection returned with more rigour. They heard about PLRT and decided to give it a try. At the time she visited me for the session, Mahati was being treated by a homeopathy doctor, who had diagnosed it as ‘Eczema’. I looked at Mahati feet and the infected area appeared like scales of snake.

I had tried PLRT on a 9 year old girl in early 2019. She was reluctant to visit her past life while in trance and we (I conducted the session together with another PLRT therapist) had to try other methods to help her with her issue without taking her to past life. I was wondering if Mahati would be able to visit her past life. As I briefed her about the process and how PLRT works, she smiled confidently and was well aware about it as her mother had briefed her after good amount of research. Bharathi also mentioned that she showed Mahati a PLRT video on the net and they were prepared for the session. After the detailed discussions and other checks, we were ready to start the session. Except for the client, I do not allow any other person while conducting the session. Bharathi insisted that she be a witness to the session and Mahati was also keen that her mother be around. I allowed Bharathi to be present after telling her that she should not interrupt the process.

From the analysis done prior to the session, Mahati was an equal mix of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic person. I used the progressive relaxation technique and decided to take her to happy childhood memories before going to the root of the infection. She saw herself as a 3-4 year old, playing with her parents, wearing a red frock, with her father wearing casual yellow dress and her mother wearing a green chudidar (dress worn by Indian women).

Bharathi was wondering if the little girl was really in trance or pretending to be. I asked Mahati to go to the time she was an infant. She saw herself holding her dad’s hand. She was about a year old, wearing a light pink baby outfit, and was playing with her dad. I then decided to take her to the time she was in the womb and there she was. She said it is dark around her but she was feeling happy being inside. I checked with her where she was and she said, “Mama’s womb”.

It was time for her to now go to the root cause of the infection in her leg. The below transcript is how we moved ahead after asking her to go to the root cause of her infection. My conversations are mentioned as “T” for therapist and “C” for the client statements.

T: Where are you?

C: In a garden.

T: What are you wearing?

C: Slippers

T: How old are you?

C: 12 years.

T: What are you doing in the garden?

C: Walking

There was nothing significant happening and there was no one around. I asked her to move to the time of dinner.

T: Where are you?

C: At dinner table.

T: Who is around?

C: Parents and someone else.

T: What are you having for dinner?

C: Chicken

T: What is your name?

C: Ella

This gave me some comfort that she was talking about another life.

“ Who are the people there?”, I asked wanting to know who that “someone” was.

C: Mom, Dad and someone.

T: See who that someone is. How are you related?

C: My elder sister.

T: See if the three of them are related to you in your present life.

There was a long pause.

T: Look at the father. Is he related to you in this life?

C: No.

T: What about the Mother?

C: I see my dad’s eyes.

T: Do you go to school?

C: Yes.

T: What year is it? Look at your books. What date do you see?

C: 16 November 19 … year is not clear. May be 58, not sure.

T: Move forward to a significant event. Where are you?

C: I am in a garden.

T: How old are you?

C: About 14-15.

T: What are you wearing?

C: Wearing frock that is pink and white.

T: What do you see?

C: Children playing.

T: What are you doing?

C: Walking.

T: Where?

C: Along the garden path.

After confirming with her that there was nothing significant to witness, I asked her to move forward to something significant in that life time.

C: I see a house.

T: How old are you?

C: 16-17.

T: What are you doing?

C: Reading.

Again, there was nothing significant happening. She saw herself as 16-17 year old crossing a road and heading to a shop across the road. She said there were stones on her path and she tripped on one and skid, but did not hurt herself. Next she saw herself in the store buying groceries, butter, bread and other stuff. She mentioned the place was Florida. She said she paid four twenty dollars, which I though was pretty high considering that it was 1960s. After the session while reviewing the notes, I wondered if she said $ 4.20 or $420. The location and currency made sense and this was coming from a 12 year old who had not been outside India and did not know much about the USA.

I again asked to go to another significant event. It seemed as if everything was appearing significant to her and she was stopping to witness every event which for me did not seem significant. She went back in time to when she was about 14-15 year old and was playing with her sister. She said her sister’s name was Genie. She looks like her mom of present life. After confirming that there was nothing significant for us there, I asked her to move forward. She said she is collecting a prize for dancing in school. She was 15 years old and was happy. Her parents and sister had watched her perform. I remembered that during our history taking she had mentioned that she was fond of dance.

I asked her to move forward. She said she was now about 18-19 years and was in a temple. I asked, “Temple?”

C: It is a place of worship.

She added that It was neat, and after sometime confirmed it was a church. She saw lot of people there and was holding candles in her hand. She was happy and was there to pray for her exams to be easy. There was nothing significant for us to witness.

Bharathi, had a puzzled look on her face wondering what this is all about and appeared to be getting restless. I asked Mahati to get to the key event leading to the infection of her legs.

She said, “I see a snake”

T: How old are you?

C: 19-20

T: Where is the snake?

C: It is in a cage…glass cage.

T: Where are you?

C: In a zoo.

T: What are you wearing?

C: Jeans and white top.

T: What is happening?

C: There is a crack on the snake cage…snake is trying to come out…it has broken the glass…everyone is panicking…security guard is running towards us…I mistakenly step on it’s (snake’s) tail…it is in pain…tail is cut…and snake runs to other corner…there is panic all around…one more security is coming with glass in hand to cover the area of broken glass.

T: Which leg of yours stepped on the snake?

C: Left

It is her left leg that is more impacted in this life with the infection.

T: What happens now?

C: I and my sister run out…sis calls Dad (surely not the phone)…we get into a car…something like a taxi…and go home.

T: How do you feel?

C: Shocked.

T: What is making you feel that?

C: Snake coming out … I was too near to the glass…it was a long one.

T: What do you do now?

C: I go back home…tell mom…have dinner and go to bed.

T: How do you feel now?

C: Sleepy.

After she said there was nothing significant now, I asked her to move forward to another significant event.

She saw herself as a 21-22 year old sitting with a doctor.

T: What is the doctor doing?

C: He is looking at my leg.

T: What happened to your leg?

C: The left leg has twisted.

Again it was the left leg. Seemed like a pattern.

T: How did it happen?

C: Something near the cupboard…storage area.

T: What is the doctor doing now?

C: He held my leg with both his hands and reversed it.

T: Are you in pain?

C: No, he gave a pain killer.

I asked her to move forward and she saw herself sleeping to take rest and then playing with her sister. I asked her to move forward to time to the root cause of her leg infection.

T: Where are you?

C: At a Subramanya (Hindu God)temple.

I wondered if she is now witnessing her present life.

T: How old are you?

C: 10 years.

T: What are you doing?

C: Going around.

To confirm her identity, I asked, “What is your name?”

C: Niya.

She seemed to be witnessing another life time.

T: Who is with you?

C: Grandmother, parents and small boy.

T: How is the small boy related to you?

C: My brother.

It was indeed another life time as she is the only child of her parents in this life.

T: Look at all of them and see if you recognize them in the present life.

C: Grandmother – no; Father – no; Mother – my mother in present life; Brother – see Dad’s eyes.

T: See what happens at the temple

C: My brother is running…I ask him not to run…he dashes against other person.

T: Is there anything significant happening?

C: No.

I asked her to move forward to another significant event.

T: How old are you?

C: 16-17

T: Where are you?

C: House…playing with brother.

T: Do you go to school?

C: Yes.

T: Do you see any book or paper with the date?

C: I see a calendar.

T: What is the date?

C: 24 April 1982.

T: What is happening?

C: Mom called us for eating…we race to the table…eat.

T: Is there anything important happening there?

C: Yes, festival in my area…feel happy.

To keep our focus, I asked her to move ahead to the significant event from where the infection arises.

T: Where are you?

C: Forest.

T: How old are you?

C: 18

T: Are you a girl or a boy?

C: Girl.

T: Who is with you?

C: Alone.

T: What are you doing in the forest?

C: Taking a walk with my pet dog…small dog.

T: What are you wearing?

C: Frock.

“What is your name?” I asked, wondering if this was another life time.

C: Ella.

She was back to the first life she had witnessed. I wondered why she had jumped to the life of Niya if it was not significant.

T: See what is happening.

C: Dog is running and dragging me along…there is a mud hill on the ground…I step on it…eggs inside break.

T: Whose eggs are these?

C: Some snake or bird…I don’t notice it while running.

T: See what happens.

C: Dog runs towards home…near my home a snake bites my dog…it dies.

T: How do you feel? What is the emotion you feel?

C: Sad…Sorrow.

T: See what is happening?

C: I take the dog to the doctor…injects something in one leg…poison stops…doctor is saying dog will be alright.

T: Did the dog not die?

C: No, he is limping…we go back home, eat and sleep.

T: Does the dog recover?

C: He was limping for one to two years and then he was fine.

As there was nothing significant happening and I again asked her to see from where the infection in the leg came.

She saw herself in the present life, swimming at a resort. I thought my suggestion was not clear and asked her to go to the root cause because of which she is carrying forward the infection.

She said, “I am stamping the snake’s tail”

She was back in the life as Ella.

T: What happened when you stamped on the tail? (Wanted to know if she was bitten)

C: My leg felt numb.

T: Did the snake hurt you?

C: No.

T: Is there anything more for you to see here?

C: No.

I took her forward in time to her death as Ella.

C: I am on a couch.

T: How old are you?

C: Don’t know. Very old.

T: See how old.

C: 75-80

T: What is happening?

C: I see children…one of them came from behind the couch and gave me a shock and I die.

T: What is that you carry forward from that life?

C: Scared of snakes and shock.

T: What is the lesson you learnt from that life?

C: Don’t panic…be happy.

T: What do you need to experience to let go of the infection in your leg.

C: Ask forgiveness.

T: From whom?

C: From the snakes.

T: What about the eggs you had broken? Do you want to ask for forgiveness of that as well? Do you want to forgive yourself too?

C: Yes.

I asked her to connect with the soul of the snake and seek forgiveness. She said she was able to see the snake and was forgiven. She then saw the white light and I asked her to heal herself in the white light.

I asked her to check with the white light, is there any other cause for the infection in her leg.

She said, “I see an angry snake”

T: Which snake?

C: In the jungle.

T: What is your name?

C: Niya.

T: Why is the snake angry?

C: I broke its eggs.

T: But your name was Ella when you broke the eggs .

“No. My name was Niya”, she said with a voice of authority.

T: How did you break the eggs?

C: I was running with the dog.

I wondered if I had got the name wrong earlier. But this made sense and there was nothing significant she had mentioned earlier in her life as Niya. Why would she have visited the life as Niya if she had nothing significant there.

I took her to the time of death and asked her what the key lessons were from life as Niya. I asked, “Where are you?”

C: Near a well.

T: How old are you?

C: 29-30

Going by the date she had mentioned earlier, the year must have been around 1995-96. She was born in this life in 2007.

T: What are you doing?

C: Fetching water…small boy dashes…I fall into the well and die.

T: What are your lessons from that life?

C: Don’t be in a hurry.

T: What makes you say that?

C: I broke the snake’s eggs.

T: What are the regrets you carry?

C: No regrets.

T: What about breaking the eggs?

C: I did not do it knowingly.

T: Where are you now?

C: Floating

I asked her if she wanted to seek forgiveness from the angry snake. She said “yes”. I let her connect with the angry snake to seek forgiveness. After she said she was forgiven, I allowed her to heal in the white light and then she said there was nothing more for her to check. I brought her back.

It was about a little over 2 hours that she was in trance. As she came out, Bharathi asked her if all that she said was true. She told us with all the innocence on her face, “I have told whatever I saw and felt. I don’t know if it is true or not.” During our review session, she said that she was not sure about the years she mentioned. The common thing in both the lives was left leg and the snakes. The infection on the leg also appeared like scales on a snake skin. Bharathi did not seem convinced that Mahati had witnessed a past life and felt that the story was made up by her. This is what I was worried about and was not willing to let Bharathi witness the session. One needs to experience the session to believe it. Even those who have been through the regression wonder if what they experienced was indeed a past life. Doubting the process does impact the process of healing. Bharathi left with a confused mind about the entire process. In India, it is believed that people with skin infections would have hurt or killed snakes. Did Mahati build her story on this belief or was there some connection with the snakes? But, then why would that be Florida, I wondered.

After they left I started my research about Florida, the zoo and the snakes. Florida has a National Park, with zoo and lot of snakes. For me, it did not seem that Mahati had made up the story. She knew nothing about Florida and had never been outside of India. If she had to make up a story she would not have mentioned irrelevant incidents - about having dinner with family, playing with sister, crossing the road, shopping etc. Finally, I don’t think a 12 year old would lie down in trance for 2 hours making up a story. I believed that the session should help her heal. As I reflected on the events in the story, I wondered if the infection can be the fruit of harm (karma) done unknowingly, what would be the impact of harm that we do knowingly.

The next day, Bharathi called to say that Mahati had a heavy head that night but was feeling alright the following day. Bharathi then mentioned to me that the infection worsens when Mahati had eggs. She wondered if it had anything to do with the snake eggs.

I regularly kept following up with Bharathi on Mahati’s progress and she kept sending me pictures of the feet. Initially, it appeared to get worse and then it started healing. I was not surprised because in the past I had seen cases where the situation worsens and then starts improving. Over the next four months the healing appeared to have happened. In April, I called Bharathi when I saw the picture of the healed feet. I was excited and shared with my friends the news of how PLRT has helped heal the little girl. This would be a classic case with pictures to prove that PLRT has helped heal something that was not healed through modern medicine. But this excitement was short lived when in April, I received a call from Bharathi explaining what had happened after the PLRT session.

Bharathi said that after the PLRT session, they continued with the homeopathy medicine but it did not show any improvement. Then the doctor said it might be ‘psoriasis’ and not ‘eczema’ and changed her medicine which only worsened the condition by end January 2020. They stopped the homeopathy medicine and approached a general physician, who recommended some blood tests. Everything was normal in the reports. Is this not surprising that the person is actually having a problem, but the tests don’t show that something is wrong. The general physician gave them three creams which had to be mixed and applied on the infection three times a day and within the next few days it was working like magic. But, she said this is something that had happened in the past with other doctors too, where initially the medicine seems to work but after few weeks the infections come back with vengeance. Hence, Bharathi was not sure if the healing would really last. When asked the reason for the infection, the general physician said it is ‘leather allergy’.

After the conversation, I was happy for the little girl as she was healing well. But, there was also disappointed that it was not PLRT that healed her. Despite the many confirmations from my earlier clients about the healing effect of PLRT, I started doubting if PLRT was real. Were people making up the stories of past life or was it real? Did I witness my past life during my PLRT workshop or was it my imagination? This was shaking up my belief in PLRT. And then the session with Aditya and Disha (posted under the title ‘Migraine Headaches’, ‘Soul mates’ – Parts 1 and Part 2) happened in May which confirmed the existence of past life with both recollecting the same minute details from a past life where both of them were related. I remembered all the confirmations of the healing my earlier clients, friends and relatives had given me. As I write this blog, Bharathi thinks that PLRT helped heal her daughter ‘to some extent’.

In this case, I wonder if PLRT ‘may be’ the trigger for the healing. It was only after PLRT that they were able to get the right cure for the infection which was not getting cured for 2+ years. The general physician was able to cure what the specialists could not. Why did the medicines given by the specialists not work? These were after all very well known and learned doctors.

In this case, I wondered - Did PLRT not work like magic as in other cases because Bharathi never trusted it completely. But, the healing had to happen because Mahati had been forgiven for what she had done unknowingly. I don’t know what worked and what did not in this case. Prayers usually include seeking forgiveness for sins done by us knowingly and unknowingly. I used to contemplate why we need to seek forgiveness for something done unknowingly. This session gave me an insight into the impact of harm done unknowingly. It also made me wonder what impact the harm done by us knowingly would have.

Many of you would be disappointed like me that this case could not help firmly establish that PLRT alone is good enough to heal without help of modern medicine. About 2 weeks ago, I received a beautiful message from Disha (read Soulmates post to know about Disha) about how PLRT has helped heal Aditya and her. It is messages like this that establish the impact of PLRT. I am in the early stages of my journey and am patiently looking forward to a case where I can fully convince myself that PLRT alone can be used for healing if the emotions are handled well. Like I now believe after Disha’s session about the existence of past life, I am sure there will be a session to establish my belief in the healing that PLRT brings without intervention of modern medicine.

The best part is Mahati is healing really well and it does not matter if PLRT was responsible or not in the larger scheme of things. I am grateful to Bharathi and Mahati for giving me permission to share the story and the pictures (of the feet) on this blog. I look forward to your comments and views.

Pictures across the timeline of the infection

Message shared by Disha from Soulmates recollecting same events from past life


Kudos to you Beloved Harish,
After your’s and Naveen’s grand success with the little girl who had cancer, I’m overwhelmed seeing the living proof of healing for this little one.

I’d like to accolade this particular suggestion, which in my humble opinion captures your mastery over PLRT.

I can very well imagine the naivety with which this 12-year-old must’ve said this

Remind’s me of the splendid work that Dr. Ian Stevenson did with children.

So universally true!

Priceless advice for all of us.

As for our dilemma if PLRT alone can heal someone, remember what we had discussed in the workshop, “All healing comes from within!” weather it’s PLRT or modern medicine they only facilitate healing.
But I’d also be downplaying if I concealed my conviction which is backed by a decade long PLRT practice and withheld from proclaiming that PLRT is for healing, what aircraft is for transport and microwave for cooking!

It just works!

Thanks a million for taking the time to document this and share it with us Harish.


Hallo harish…!
Great reading…!
What I felt after reading is…
Like,when she happened to see , even in multiple life times… Issue with her left leg…
In zoo or angry snake, Plrt has helped her a way out to pardoned by them… Or they have excused her from the mistake she did ( even if unknowingly… )
And… i believe… That pardoning of the SNAKES has made her way to get cured… Her skin decease… By any modalities she tried.

"When the soul is cleared from the past life sin… The cure came in the form of general medicine Dr… "…
A beautiful way to get cured !!!

Our therapy is only to cure our clients … Actually you have opened a beautiful perfect route or Path for her HEALING…:+1:
You are a blessed healer !!!:bouquet::bouquet:


So beautiful! This is true Spirituality. The Religion of the Soul!


Truly honoured and blessed to be reading such a wonderful session dear Harish.

43 years of modern medicine out of which 25 plus years of understanding ( learning still) the mind- body, emotions- body, subconscious memories-body, cellular memories ( DNA, ancestral patterns)-body connections have given me the conviction that medicines(surgeries too) can only do symptomatic fixing and very little indeed.

My takeaways from your session…

What PLRT did to the child is a deeper healing which manifested in her seeing some other docs to heal the superficial afflictions. She has healed lifetimes of stored stuff!

I have told whatever I saw and felt… false.
What a grand soul in a little body…Soul knows it all. A reminder to us all to just allow the client to express what they feel without intervening or judging.

One of them came from behind and gave me a shock…

Scared of snakes and shock.
What was that connection?

Yes doubting the process impacts the process of healing…Somewhere the identity of the person is unwilling to let go, chooses to stay with the problem. Sometimes there’s a pay off from the symptoms as in getting pampered by family and loved ones.
Also if the higher self of the client chooses ‘so much healing is enough’ , that’s it and the therapist must just honour that, I think…
We are conduits through which the healee heals exactly as much as is appropriate for his soul journey…This is my understanding…We pray and intend with compassion that they heal and complete that particular agenda in their journey.
Dear Venu please guide me here.

Worsening with eggs( snake eggs)
Leather( snake skin)allergy…
Amazing insights.

Thanks again, Harish.


Hats off Vandu and when we have this attitude, I feel anything we practice, whether PLRT or Allopathy, it helps the client.

One of my client who is a surgeon and operates day in and day out at trauma care in AIMS, Delhi, told me once that most of their patients come in the mangled form of what sometimes just seems to be just a lump of flesh with some organs working on their last mile.

But between those that come out alive and those that don’t is determined by those waiting outside the OT and their desperation.

Sincere doctors like your kind self are a blessing.

Our Intension is weaved in the intervention we practice :pray:


“We are conduits through which the healee heals exactly as much as is appropriate for his soul journey…This is my understanding…We pray and intend with compassion that they heal and complete that particular agenda in their journey.”

Very true Dr. Vandana. Thank you for such a detailed note.


Thank you Venu for the encouraging words. :pray:


Completely agree with you Jyothi. Thank you.


Thanks Venu…Feeling blessed.

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Hello Harish,
Thank you for the detailed documentation and speaking your mind about the skeptic mind from both sides - the client and the therapist.
The key takeaways for me are Trust and Faith. Once we surrender ourselves to the Masters and have faith in the healing process, integration becomes much more easier from whatever comes to us during the PLR process .
Also, I feel that when one clears the past samskaras / karma / offload the baggage it creates room for healing and opens doors for new possibilities.

Thanks again for your beautiful work!

Love and Light!


So true Dr.Vandana,
I resonate with this. Although during my PLRT session, I thought I have been looking for answers for a different issue, the core theme seems to have taken the dominance and took me to a different tangent. Healed what’s more impacting me at this moment and helped me to have insights into what could be done to help me grow as an individual in other areas.
I was so satisfied with the answers and insights in that session that I thought it’s more than enough for me :slight_smile:
Love and Light

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The child must have felt so good! Blessed Therapist and Blessed Child!

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Dear @HarishPL ji

Thanks a lot for sharing this session with us. It is like believing in miracles and yet surrendering to the Divine. I am going to remember this by heart and follow it often.


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This is one of the lifetime session. Many thanks for sharing.

The case study you shared was in year 2020, and me reading it today Oct 2023. even with this time gap, it gave me goose bumps.

I recently a saw web-series on Netflix “Kala Paani” wherein a man kills a snake and eats his egg for survival. while watching that, felt what would his future be? (referring to this case) :slightly_smiling_face:

My best wishes for you @HarishPL, you are one of the mediator of god. Stay blessed! :pray:

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:yellow_heart: :raised_hands:

Super se bhi upar our dear @HarishPL… I heard u on the last day in Atlantis …and today i m reading a so so wonderful healing by u…u know… the song “Believer” comes to my mind… and truely this is a wonderful platform to serve people… as someone rightly said…“Mano tau bhagwan hai … aur na mano tau pathar” … if u can hear…my whistles to you wonderful case… god bless :pray:

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Its $4.20 as $420 is a really big money and people do not carry this amount of money in their pocket. I had been in US for 4 years in Clifornia.
The session was superb very well coordinated and executed.
Need not worry. People are just arrogant and illogical. Today in society the Allopathy is embeded in people’s mind in such a way that even pharma companies create patients! at will by just tweaking the level of values test reports.
Therapist just need to focus and build the rapport slowly but steadily. Also the therapist must make sure to remove all confusing points and scenarios so that it becomes easy for the client and their family to comprehend the success of the treatment correctly!