Soulmates recollecting same events from past life - Part 2

This post is a very good evidence of the concept of past life, where two people related in the previous life have recollected minute details that matched.

They both were aware of each other’s first session. But during their subsequent sessions that were conducted one after the other, with one not knowing about the other’s session, the fine details matched, establishing that both of them were not faking the past life.

As this post is a continuation of my earlier posts please go through them before going through this one:-

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  2. Soulmates recollecting same events from past life – Part 1” published around mid-May 2020.

Within the next few days of Disha’s first session, she reached out for the follow-up session. She had the same questions that I had after we had conducted the first session. After two weeks from her first session, we had the follow-up session.

I suggested that we do the follow-up session for both Disha and Aditya. The intensity of Aditya’s headache had reduced, but he still got the headaches. So, I wanted to ensure that there is no other root cause.

Disha was equally balanced between being visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic, while in trance. Aditya, on the other hand, was more on the kinaesthetic and slightly visual. Since both had seen a previous lifetime in which they were husband and wife, it was also an opportunity to get into some finer details and lend more credence to the concept of past life. The plan was to do one session for each on the same day if time permits.

Aditya and Disha landed up around 11 am. Aditya suggested that we do the session first for Disha as she was more eager to get her questions addressed. During my sessions, I do not allow any third person to be around, even if it is the spouse. It is only me and the client. So, Disha and I sat down to go through the following questions she had after the first session:-

  •      What happened to my son after I died of burns in that life?  I feel he is born as my elder brother in this life.  He also suffers from skin rashes if he goes out in the Sun and is very sensitive to heat.
  •      What was the relevance of the life where I was a man, waiting for my cremation?
  •      Are there any other lives to explore to get rid of my skin allergy?
  •      Is there a pattern of losing my loved ones early in different lives?
  •      I was very attached to my maternal grandma and when she died of cancer, I was very disturbed.  What is the reason for the attachment?

These seemed to be a lot of questions, and we decided to approach them in the same order. But, during PLRT as the session goes, it can just change orders and you may get answers in a completely different sequence. We also agreed to explore the finer details from the common previous life she had with Aditya.

It was agreed that Disha would discuss her session details with Aditya only after we finish his session so that they can also get confirmation that Disha had not built upon a story based on Aditya’s first session.

We started the session a little before noon. Below is the script of the session, with “T” referring to my statements and “D” referring to Disha’s statements.

T: Go back to the time of death and see what happened to your son. What is coming to your awareness?

There was a long pause and I was wondering if she was sufficiently relaxed to experience the past life.
I suggested her not to be afraid, and see what is happening.

After a long pause, she said, “I am just seeing myself but it is not clear.”

T: Go to the time of the death, float above, and see what is happening. Go back to the scene before you are pushed.
D: My in-laws have just opened the door and entered in. Very angry face. They are in a hurry to do something. I am sitting down. They are telling me something in a high tone.

T: Listen to what they are telling you.
D: They are shouting at me.

T: What is your son doing?
D: He is standing.

T: Go forward and see what happens. What are you wearing?
C: Brown saree with red flowers.

Disha has been very visual and she could see things very clearly. It was only at times, things would be blurred.

T: What is happening now?
D: I am wondering why they are shouting at me.

T: What are they saying? What is making them shout?
D: They are telling me in Tamil something. ‘Nee yena paanna een paiyanka’…my father in law is telling me this. I am telling them ‘Na edame paanala’.

Translating this into English, the father in law asked, ‘what did you do to my son?’ And I said, ‘I did not do anything’.

T: Do they not know about your husband’s death? Were they not there during his last rites? Go back to the time of your husband’s death and see if they came for the last rites.
There was a long pause.
T: Do you know which year it is? Have the doctors given you any death certificate?
D: 80.

T: From where do you get this?
D: I can see some death certificate…1980.

T: Do you know the month and date?
D: August.

T: What is the date?
D: 16th or 18th something like that. More like 16th August 1980…Balachander.
After coming out of trance, she said that the date was not very clear and the numbers were jumping.

T: Is that the name on the certificate?
D: Hmm…

T: What is the cause of death?
D: Accidental.

T: Go back to the place where the accident happened?
D: Exhibition.

T: Which area is this? What is that place called?
D: Madras.

T: What area is it – where is it held?
D: I don’t know. Some Chenna…Chennai.

T: I want to know the area.
D: Pholzo

T: Find out from someone there.
There was a long pause.
D: Everyone is busy walking.

T: Just ask somebody there.
D: Phozongal something like that.

T: Go to the giant wheel and see if it is a big one or a small one.
D: It is a huge one.

T: What makes the giant wheel fall?
D: Some problem with that…with that…hmm…with that part where Bala was sitting.

T: So, does only his cart fall or the entire giant wheel falls?
D: Only his falls.

T: Only his cart falls?
D: Hmm…some technical problem…maybe is not joined properly…something, it just opened up…he fell on the right side…the giant wheel is standing straight…I am standing…my right side…the giant wheel’s left side…the entire cradle fell down…Bala was holding our son. He didn’t allow anything to happen to him…he protected him. His head was bleeding. Son is safe.

T: See which hospital you take him to. What is the name of the hospital?
D: Sarkar…Sarkar Hospital…

T: Is it a government hospital?
The word ‘sarkar’ refers to Government.
There was a long pause.
T: Are you at the hospital?
D: I am trying to read.

T: Ask someone to help you.
D: S…a…r…p…o…o…k…a…r
T: Sarbokar hospital?
D: Must be. It is not clear.
T: Go back a few months and see where Bala was working.
I was trying to find out if both of them would identify the same name of the entity where Bala worked.
D: Paper

T: What paper?
D: He is standing in front of a machine and he is pulling some lever.
T: What paper is it?
D: He is pulling some lever, that machine is coming and printing something, I think it is pamphlet. Small papers

T: Are there many workers?
D: There are some 4 -5
T: Is it a newspaper?
D: I can see pamphlets…small small papers, he is pulling lever standing there, the machine is printing. He is doing it manually.
T: Come out and see what is the name of the place he is working in.

D: Papermill
T: What paper mill?

D: Beyond paper mill, it is painted black…Some paper mill…it is painted in black. It is some paper mills.
T: Go back and see what is Bala’s father’s name.
D: Ramachander.

T: And mother?
D: Savitri.
T: Go forward to the time of your death and see what happens.
There was a long pause.
T: Are you there?
She nodded her head with yes.

T: What are they doing?
D: They are abusing me. My mother in law is shouting at me. En puleka kupta vanda inga seriya pakala. (Translating to – You brought me son here, did not take care of him). You were not giving him food properly. You haven’t taken care of him. She is blaming me for all those things. I am telling her, it is not like that. I have tried to do my best. I have taken the best care of him. Still they are shouting. They are slowing trying to push me in a corner by coming forward to me. I am going in one corner where there is one old kind of a vessel, some water is getting heated on that with logs and fire. They keep shouting at me. Took one log (voice became loud here) and they burnt me (her voice mellowed down as she said those last words).
T: Did your dress catch fire?
D: Hmm
T: What did they do after this?
There was a long pause.

T: Who lit you?
D: Mother in law.
T: Look into her eyes and see if you recognize her.
D: No.
T: What happens after this?
D: They are standing with an angry face and looking at me.

T: Who is looking at you?
D: My in-laws…(they are saying) she deserves it.
T: What is happening?

D: They are trying to pull my son towards them and…trying to make him against me. They are telling, come we will go. He is not agreeing to go.
T: What do they do to him?
D: He…I was lit and he was running and coming towards me and he got burnt. Both are lit.

T: Did they did not try to stop him?
D: He just came and hugged me…they tried to pull him…but he was small. He could not bear it for long. He got slight burns everywhere. He ended his life also.

T: Did both of you die around the same time?
D: Yes
T: Are there no neighbours to help you? Just go out and see.
D: There are people listening to my noise and knocking the door. These two are standing there. They are scared now. They don’t know what to do because everyone has got to know that something is happening.

T: Are you dead?
D: Hmm
T: Just float and see what happens to your in-laws.
D: People are shouting at them. How could you be so rude

T: Any punishment given to them?
D: They ran away.
T: Go forward and see if the law catches up with them.
D: I think they got arrested. I see them in handcuffs.

T: Go to the time of death and as you leave the body, see what were the lessons from that life and what emotions do you carry.

D: I should have taken care of my husband and son. I should have kept my son in a protected environment.

T: How?
D: Far away from my in-laws. I had to protect him and myself. I had to be in a place where they didn’t know where they are.

T: But did you think that your in-laws are going to come and hurt you?
D: Hmm…because they didn’t want us to leave their house and go. Whatever torture they used to do… to me. They expected me to take it.

T: Did you have no parents?
D: I had parents.
T: Did you not tell them about it?
D: No.

T: But how will you protect your husband. You had no role in his death.
D: I should have taken care of him myself.

T: How will you take care? You had no role in the giant wheel falling.
D: Should not have allowed them to go.

T: It was just a fun ride.
D: Bala also didn’t want to go. He went because my son wanted him. He was also scared, I was also scared, that is why I didn’t go.

T: How would you have taken care of your son?
D: I should have kept him in a place where they didn’t know where we are.
T: Did they threaten to kill you?

D: No they were not liking me and they didn’t like the fact that we came out of the house. Bala took me out because he could not see me…that every day’s torture that they were giving me.

T: Were they in the same town?
D: No, we came somewhere to the city.

T: So, which place were they in?
D: Tiruvannamalai.

T: Is it big or a small place?
D: It is a village. Old house…I can’t remember how it is…only thing I can see is that we three are holding hands with my son in between and moving out.
T: Did Bala have a job when he came out?
D: No, we thought we will come out and lookout. So, we just came out.

T: How old were you and Bala at that time?
D: 25-26 and son was around 5. Bala was also some 27-28. We were in 20s…may be I was less than 25. Bala was 27-28. So, we came out, got a house.
T: Where?
D: Madras…small sheet-like house, no rooms, red oxide floor, green freshly painted old style house which had nothing but a hall and kitchen.
T: Which area in Madras?
D: Don’t know.

T: Did your in-laws look your room from inside when they looked you?
D: Yeah…

T: Were they with you in the same room when you burnt?
D: It is not a room. It is just one-room house with one small wall partition that separates the hall and kitchen.

T: And they were watching you burn?
D: Ha…so once the people started knocking, they didn’t know what to do, they just opened the door, they couldn’t face people, so they ran away.

T: What emotions do you carry as you die?
D: I pity my in-laws. Unnecessarily they burnt me and now they will face the consequence. They ended our entire family.

T: What do you carry forward from that life into this life?
D: I want to take care of my husband and son as much as possible. I want to protect them. I want to stand as a barrier for anything comes to…

T: But, they have their karmas to handle. Leave it to the divine to take of them. Do you think you are God who can take care of them always? For how long can you protect them?
Long pause.
T: You take care of yourself. They will take care of themselves and God will protect them.
After a long pause again, I asked, “What do you need to do in this life to get rid of the skin allergy?”
D: I should stop feeling that environment now. I should stop worrying, thinking about my son, my husband and my in-laws. I should think for myself too which I don’t do. I should prioritise myself, I should stand up for myself.

T: Is there any other thing to see in that life?
D: I didn’t want to leave my in-laws and come…but… I know they are doing it wrong…I wanted them to learn it their own way. Time will come when they will change. But, Bala could not see me undergoing all those things, so he compelled me, convinced me.

T: Does Bala have brothers and sisters?
D: No. He is the only son.

T: Is there anything else to experience in that life?
D: No.

T: Float above and see what happens after you die.
D: I see my mother to be born now…and my brother. Me and my son are holding hands, flying in the air and just going to my mother.

T: I want you to go and see if there is any other life from where you are carrying the skin allergy. Go there if it is there.
After a pause, I asked, “What do you sense?”
D: A man under the tree standing and smiling.

T: Is he the same man you saw in the earlier session?
D: There is a house there. Small house, middle of the field.

T: Are you that man?
D: Yes.

T: How old are you?
D: 60

T: What is the key event due to which you carry the skin allergy? Go to that key moment.
D: It is a big house. It is not a small house. It looked small from far. It is a bungalow. Big house.

T: Do you own it?
D: Yes.

T: Go to the significant event from where you carry this skin allergy.
D: I enter the house. I hardly find anyone it. It is a huge house.

T: Where are all the people of the house?
There was a long pause.
T: Is anybody else staying in the house?
Disha’s breathing became heavy.
D: I am ready to be burnt. I am de…de….dead.

T: How did you die?
D: No one is there. I just die.

T: What is making you die?
D: I am old.

T: How old are you?
D: 70……7….72. 72

T: Are you the only person in that house?
D: Amma (with a surprise in her voice).

T: Who is there?
I did not understand what she was seeing. After some time, I asked, “Whose amma? Is that your mother or mother-in-law?”
She started weeping.
D: Grandma…she is my wife.

T: Is she your wife in that life?
D: I think so…She was my wife.

T: What is making you cry now?
There was no response.
T: What is happening to her?
D: I want to be with her.

T: Go back a few months or years whatever you think when you both are happy together in that life.
T: Are you there?
D: Yes.
T: How old are you?
D: I think we are only both of us. We are old…60s. She is little young. She is wearing big bindi, bun, flowers, wearing maroon saree, red golden border. We are rich.

T: What about your children?
D: They are not there with us.

T: Do you have children?
D: I don’t know.

T: Ask your wife, if you have children.
D: They have gone out for work. Son…sons.

T: Do you recognize them in this life?
D: They are not there. My wife told me they have gone to the city to work.

T: How many sons do you have?
D: Two.

T: Do they not stay with you?
D: We have only told them to see your career…see your.

T: Which year is it?
D: 62…1962.
Disha had lived another life in that period, so I asked, “See properly, which year?”
D: Some 62. I think 18. Some British people I can see. But, not British, but old policeman with some….

T: What are they doing?
D: Nothing. They are just there.

T: Ask them which year this is?
D: 1862.
T: How old are you?
D: 50s.
To double-check, I said, “And it is 1962”
“18” she corrected me.

T: Go to the significant event in that lifetime and see what is causing the skin allergy.
D: They put acid.

T: Who put acid?
D: Police.

T: On whom?
D: Me.

T: When?
D: When I entered my house.
T: What is happening to you?
Disha was breathing hard and fast now.
I suggested that she float and see why they did this.
D: I think I was fighting with…a…a…British…freedom…go. I was very rich but I was simply dressed.

T: With whom are you fighting?
D: Telling them to go from India.

T: Whom are you telling?
D: Those people…police, British, they have targeted and I am one amongst them to be killed because I was not supporting them…ah…ah (breathing heavily).

T: Go back and see what caused the rift.
D: I was in that…part of those people who didn’t want British to be here.

T: What is your name?
D: Ram

T: What is your full name?
D: Ramakrishna Radhe.

T: So, your name is Ramakrishna Radhe?
She corrected me, “My wife is Radha.”

T: Which part of the country are you in?
D: Maharashtra…my wife is wearing nath. (Nath is an ornament worn on the nose by Maharashtrian women in India)

T: What is the name of the place where your house is?
D: Nashik.

T: Are you from Nashik?
D: Yes.

T: Does the attack happen in Nashik?
D: Yes. I just entered the house. Policeman came…acid.

T: How are they carrying it?
D: Can.

T: Is it plastic can?
Plastic cans did not exist in that period, and I asked to check what would be the response.
D: Metal…old metail can.

T: Did they pour it on you?
D: From back…I fell on my…face.

T: Go forward and see if you survive the attack.
D: No.

T: Do you die?
D: Yes

T: How old are you?
D: 72

T: But, you said you were 50 when you saw the policeman. Did you see the same policeman?
D: Policeman were roaming around when I was with my wife.

T: Are they the same guys who attacked you?
D: Don’t know. I can’t see their face.

T: Who is there in the house?
D: No one…I am dead. No knows. After few days I think…

T: Where is your wife?
D: She is not there.

T: Where is she?
D: I think she is already dead.

T: What happens after few days?
D: My sons come running.

T: How did they know you are dead?
D: My neighbours who are very far.

T: Who finds out that you are dead?
D: One of my neighbour comes to meet me, finds me dead and informs my sons. They come running…they perform the last rites.

T: In the last session you saw your body waiting to be burnt. Is it because no one was around?
D: Yes.

T: What are the lessons from that life?
D: Feeling the heat.

T: Float above and what are the lessons?
D: They are burning me.

T: After how many days do they burn you?
D: 3-4 days.

T: After 2 days my neighbour came. After 1 day the sons came.

T: What are the lessons from that life?
D: May be I shouldn’t have allowed my sons to leave me. But, I allowed them because I wanted them to see their own life. I was also scared that these people would do something to them also. These British, because I am into this fight with them.

T: Isn’t it good that you allowed your sons to go and now they are safe.
D: Yes. That was also one of the reasons I allowed them to go. That is why they are safe.

T: What is the regret you carry?
D: I was not able to fight for my country.

T: But your country is free now. Are you happy?
D: Yes.

T: What are the emotions that you carry into this life?
D: They shouldn’t have put acid. They shouldn’t have burnt me like that.

T: Did you miss your wife?
D: Yes. She died few years before all this happened. I was living all alone. She died a normal death.

T: Did you love her a lot?
D: Yes.

T: Is that the reason for the attachment you have with your grandma in this life?
D: Yes.

T: Did the skin problem start or aggravate after her death in this life?
D: It subsided.

T: Do you see that you are all coming together again and again? You need not be scared of losing for missing someone, since you will all come back together.
T: What do you need to do to get rid of this pain?
D: Heavy breathing.

T: Where are you?
D: I think she is my brother’s son…Satwik.

T: Are you close to him?
D: Yes.

T: Heavy breathing.
D: Float above.

T: See what you need to let go to get rid of the burning sensation.
D: Hrithik…Hrithik
Her breathing became fast and heavy.

T: Float above. See you are all reuniting.
D: I want to come out.

Disha was looking very uncomfortable, breathing heavily and fast. I emerged her through the garden, relaxed a little, and brought her out of trance.
Back in the garden, relaxed a little, and brought her back. We had spent about two and half hours in the session. She explained to me that Hrithik is the name of her nephew (brother’s son) and she saw her grandmother in him. We took a break and had lunch. Disha and Aditya were not allowed to discuss the session.

Continued in Soulmates recollecting the same events from past life - Part 3.



Dear Mr. Harish,

What a soul-stirring episode!

As I went through it, I felt so humbled as a human being and resolved even
more to always think good and do good so that in the coming birth, life
could sail smoothly and give more time to think of God and thank him every
moment for all the good things he has given, which we simply take for
granted without always realising WHAT WE SOW IS WHAT WE REAP. Past life
regression is such a great teacher.

God bless us all to enter into better and better lives, life after life,
till we attain His Lotus Feet.

Thank you.



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I had been struggling to get evidence that what people recollect is in fact a past life and there was no other better way than the way it happened during the sessions. The few doubts that remained have all vanished for me after this day. That day for some strange reason, I was also very high on energy.

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Dear Harish,

That day for some strange reason, I was also very high on energy.

I think when we set out whole heartedly to help others and to find answers that might be blocks to healing, the higher energies / Masters will ensure that matters get resolved, and one of the ways is to let us also feel that surge in the energy… as if we are set out on a mission…

It was such a wonderful experience reading and knowing that all the experiences are validated and in turn strengthen our conviction in the healing process.

Thank you for the wonderful work!

Love & Light,


Thank you Srilakshmi. This was indeed the session that removed whatever little doubts I had about PLRT.