Soulmates recollecting same events from past life - Part 3

This is a continuation from “Soulmates recollecting same events from a past life - Part 2

After lunch, we decided to go ahead with Aditya’s session. Aditya’s frequency of headache had reduced along with its intensity. We agreed to go back to the life he had experienced in his previous session and see if there was anything else that Aditya had to explore or any other life he needs to explore to get rid of his headache. Disha’s session had given us a lot of finer details that Aditya was not aware of and this was the best time to confirm and validate them.

After using progressive relaxation and Elman’s technique, Aditya was in trance.
I suggested to him, “Go back to the life as Bala, where you had fallen down and died…
What comes to your awareness?”
A: Giant wheel.
T: What is happening?
A: Playing the giant wheel.
T: Do you like going on the giant wheel or are you scared?
A: I don’t have any problem.
T: Are you not scared?
A: No
T: Who is there with you on the giant wheel?
A: My son.
T: What is his name?
A: Don’t know.
T: What do you call him?
A: Baba.

But Disha had mentioned in the first session that her son was called ‘Raja’. I wanted to check if ‘Baba’ was his pet name.

T: What is his name?
A: Dinu.

This was a different name now.

T: Who else is with you?
A: My wife.
T: Where are you?
A: Amusement park.
T: What do you call your wife? What is her name?
A: Not sure. Janaki.
T: Is that what you call her?
A: That is what I hear.
T: Go to the time of naming ceremony of your son and see what you name him.
A: Dinesh.
T: Look into his eyes and see if you recognise him.
A: No.
T: Look at your wife’s eyes and see if you recognise her.
A: No, I cannot see.

I was surprised. He had said in his first session, that his wife looked like Disha.
T: Do you sense your wife around?
A: Yes.
T: Who comes to your awareness when you see her?
A: Not very clear.
T: Go back and see where you work. What is the name of the place where you work?
A: It is a paper mill.
T: What is the name of the paper mill, come out and look at the name.
A: Mani

Disha had not seen this clearly. But, she had said that this is some paper mill.

T: Is it a big place?
A: Yeah.
T: What are you printing?
A: Machinery is there.
T: What do you print?
A: Newspaper. Paper rolls.
T: Do you go and work in any other paper mill?


T: Do you change your place of work?
A: No.
T: What do you print?
A: I see some rolls, things are coming in a machine, not sure if it is paper or cloth.
T: Go back in time, when you were a teenager and with your parents. What is the name of your father?
A: Bhaskar.

This name was completely different from the name Disha had mentioned.

T: Is that what people call him?
A: Yeah.
T: What is your mother’s name?
A: Not sure.
T: Ask her what is her name?

There as a long silence.

T: What does your father call her?
A: Muniamma.

Again, this was different from the name Disha had mentioned. She had said that the name was ‘Savitri’. I was wondering how could the names be so different.

T: Go forward and see what happens to you in the giant wheel.
A: We are going round on the giant and then as we are coming down, that hook breaks…where we are sitting…the hook breaks.

This statement gave me some hope. Disha had also mentioned that as they were coming down they fall. This was now matching.

T: Who all are sitting there?
A: Myself and son.
T: Only the two of you?
A: Yes.
T: What do you do?
A: So, I hold him while falling down. I protect him.
T: Is he safe?
A: Yes.
T: What has happened to you?
A: Fallen on the head. Head.

The manner in which they fall and how Bala protects the son was same as what Disha had explained. But, why were the names so different, was the question I had on my mind as I proceeded with the session.

T: What do they do to you?
A: Lot of people around. They are taking me to the hospital.
T: How are they taking you?
A: After long pause. Rickshaw.

After waking up he said it was more like a cart, not exactly a rickshaw. He did not get the right word and had used the word ‘rickshaw’. This was now getting confusing. Disha had mentioned ambulance in her first session.

T: Who is there with you?
A: Wife.
T: Where did they take you? Which hospital? What is the name of the hospital?
A: Not sure.
T: What is the name of the hospital?
A: I don’t see.
T: Come outside the hospital and see what name is on the board.
A: Some Tamil character.
T: See if there is anything in English.
A: Maybe Government Hospital.
T: Go back to the amusement park and see what is the name of that place.
A: Don’t know.
T: Go to your native village and find out the name of the village.
A: Not sure. Madurai comes.

Disha had mentioned Tiruvannamalai. This was again different. So, I wanted to check more on this.

T: Why do you say Madurai? Do you see some temple?
A: Yeah.
T: Find out from people there the name of the place.

After, a long pause, I asked him to check with his father the name of the place. This, I thought was the best way to get a confirmation.

T: What is your father saying?
A: Kanchipuram.
T: Kanchipuram not Madurai?
A: No.
T: Are you sure it is Kanchipuram? Check with your father.
A: Hmm.

I decided, I reconfirm his father’s and mother’s names by making him ask his father.

T: Ask him his name.
A: Bhaskar.
T: Ask him your mother’s name.


T: What does he call your mother?
A: Muni…Muniamma.
T: Go to the time of your death and see the doctors are issuing a death certificate. What is the date on the certificate?


T: Which year is it?
A: 1980
T: Which month is it?
A: August.
T: What is the date?
A: After 20th.
T: Check properly. Is it English or Tamil?
A: English.
T: See the date on the certificate.
A: 27
T: Are you sure? Is that the date on the death certificate?

There was a pause.

T: Is the certificate in English or Tamil? See the date of death and not the date of certificate issue.
A: I am seeing signature.
T: See the date.
A: 20th.
T: Is the date of death 20th August 1980.
A: Yes

The month and the year were matching but there was confusion on the date. Disha was not able to see that clearly and so was Aditya. Matching of the dates gave some hope.

T: What is the cause of death given in the certificate?
A: Head injury.
T: Go forward after your death and go see how your wife and son die.
A: There are in the house.
T: How did they die?

There was long silence again. He had not been able to see this clearly during his previous session.
T: What do you see?
A: Someone is entering the house.
T: Who?
A: Two people.
T: Do you recognise these two people?
A: I am not able to see.
T: What do the two people do to your wife and kid?
A: They are hitting my wife…they want to take my son.
T: Can you hear what they are saying?
A: No.
T: What is happening? How are they hitting her?
A: Hitting her with some kind of stick…thick stick.
T: From where did they get that stick?
A: From the house. It is used to pound the grains.
T: How old is your son?
A: 5 years
T: What do they do to your wife?
A: They are taking a log from the fire used for cooking.
T: Is it having fire?
A: Yes.
T: What are they doing?
A: They start hitting her with that…she is clueless what is happening…she is trying to protect herself, but she is not able to.
T: What is happening to her?
A: Her clothes catch fire.
T: What is she wearing?
A: Saree.

The manner in which his wife was set on fire, matched with what Disha had explained a few hours back. Aditya was not aware of this, but was saying exactly the same thing.

T: What color is it?
A: Purple…with lines, square boxes.
After coming out of trance, he said he is not sure about the colors.
T: What is your son doing?
A: Watching.
T: Go forward and see what happens to him.
A: He tries to go towards the mother, but he is caught by a man, held by a man, stopped by a man.
T: After that, what does the son do?
A: He tries to escape from the man and go towards the mother.
T: Does he manage to go to the mother?
A: Yeah.
T: But the mother is burning?
A: Yeah.
T: So what does he do?
A: He catches her.
T: But, he will also catch fire then.
A: He catches fire.
T: What happens to both of them?
A: They are burning.

There was again a match between what Disha and Aditya were saying about the manner of death of their son in that life.

T: Do they die?
There was a long pause.
A: I am not sure if they die.
T: What happens to the two people?
A: They open…
T: Is it a big house?
A: No. Small house.
T: How many rooms?
A: Nothing like rooms.
T: No rooms? One room house.
A: Yeah.
T: How is the roof?
A: Thatched roof.
T: Thatched roof or sheet roof?
A: Slope roof…
T: What color is the room?
A: Not sure.
T: Go back in time to the time of your death, at the hospital. What is that you are carrying from that life that is giving you a headache in this life? Float above and analyse that life.

There was a long pause.

T: Float and do you see any light?
A: Yes.
T: Ask the light to guide you on the lessons and emotions you carry from that life. Is there anything that you are carrying forward?
A: Nothing
T: Is there any other life which is the root cause for this headache?
A: No.
T: Request the light to help you understand what you need to do in this life to get rid of the headaches.
A: Be happy. Live together and spend time.
T: Live together with whom?
A: With family.
T: Who all are there in the family?
A: Wife and kid.
T: So, you need to spend time with them and be happy?
A: Yes.
T: Is there any other life you need to visit to get rid of the headache?
A: No.
T: Is there anything else you want to explore or do you want to come back?
A: Come back.

I brought him back after healing in the light. It was good news that Aditya had no other life to explore and hopefully, he will be fine soon. But, a lot of questions now had to be answered to confirm the validity of past life. Why were these two people saying different names of people and places, when both of them narrated key events correctly – like how Bala falls from the giant wheel with the son, the way his wife is set on fire, the manner in which his son also catches fire.
Aditya’s session had taken a little over an hour. It was time to now bring in Disha and discuss some points together with both.
Disha walked in with a curious look to know what happened. Aditya explained how he fell from the giant wheel while protecting his son and this was completely in line with what Disha had said during her session. He then went on to describe the house where they stayed and this was again completely in line with the description that Disha had given. But, Aditya was not able to mention the color as he said everything was in black and white for him. Aditya’s description of the manner in which the in-laws entered the house was again the same as what Disha had said.

Despite all these matches, there were a lot of differences. Disha wanted to know the differences from me as I was the only one who had both sides of the story. So, I told her the name of his village was Kanchipuram, but she had mentioned Tiruvannamalai. She said, the names were actually not very clear and most of the time three or four names used to pop up. I said the names of Bala’s parents were also different in both their versions. However, I did not tell them what the other had said. I also told her that she had said during her session, that Bala was taken in an ambulance to the hospital, but Bala had said it was a rickshaw. Aditya corrected me here to say that it was not even a rickshaw but something like a cart. Disha said she actually did not know how she was going, but it was closed and she was with her husband in that enclosed vehicle.
I was still feeling high on energy and since Disha’s session had ended abruptly, I suggested we do a closure session for her if she is willing to, while validating the names again. She readily agreed and I used the script in the book “Through time into healing” to take her into a quick trance.
Below is the script of the session.

T: Go back to the life where you died of burns with your son.
After some silence, I asked, “What is happening?”
D: Standing in one corner.
T: When is this?
D: Before I die.
T: Go back to your childhood and see by what name your parents call you. How old are you?
D: 7 years.
T: See what they call you
D: Two ponytails, pink and white frock. I am a little dark.
T: Is anybody around?
D: No.
T: Go when someone is calling you. What are they calling you?
D: Something from R, I don’t know Rani, Rukmani, I don’t know.
T: Go forward and see what people are calling you.
D: I feel it is something from R.
T: Go forward and see if you change your name after marriage. What is your name?

There was a long pause.

T: See if there is your marriage invitation. Is there an invitation?
D: Balachander…on the invitation.
T: Who is he getting married to?
D: Something from R… not clear. Something from R only.
T: Are you seeing it on the invitation?
D: It is all blur.
T: What is your mother calling you?
D: Rani.
T: Go forward to the time your son was born, at the time of the naming ceremony and see what you name him.
T: Are you there?
D: Yes.
T: What do you name him?
D: Dineesh…Dinesh…blue metal cradle.

The name was matching with what Aditya had said a few hours ago and Disha was not aware of this. So, they were both calling out the same name. This was good news. To reconfirm again, I asked, “What is his name?”

D: Something like Dinesh…Di…Di…something…Dinesh.
I decided we explore her name again.

T: Go back in time and see if you go to school.
D: Yes…some 7 – 8 years old, sitting down, two ponytails.
T: What is your name? What does the teacher call you?
D: Something from R only.
T: Ask your friend if they know your name. What is it?
D: Rajeshwari…
T: Are you sure? It is your name, you can recollect it.
D: It is either Rukmini or Rajeshwari. Starting with R…
T: Go forward to when you are 10 or 12 years and see if your name is clear.
D: I am standing and speaking something in Tamil.
T: How old are you?
D: I am 7 or 8 years.
T: Go forward to when you are a little older.
D: Some 16-17.
T: What is your name?

There was silence.
T: Are you with friends?

The silence continued.

T: Are you alone?
D: Yes.
T: Go to the time when you are with someone. Who are you with?
D: I think I am with my mother.
T: How old are you?
D: 15-16
T: Ask your mother, what is your name?
D: She is telling something from Ra…ra something.
T: Ask her for the full name?
D: Rajeshwari…Rani. They call me Rani.
T: What is the name they kept for you?
D: Maybe Rajeshwari. They call me Rani.

I gave up here. Maybe her name was Rani as Aditya was not very sure about her name in the session. I decided to check on the other names that were not matching.
T: Go to the time of your wedding and see which place Bala is from. What is the name of the village on the wedding invitation?

I did not get a response after a long wait. I asked, “Are you able to see the invitation?”

D: Not clear.
T: Go forward a few days where you are with Bala.
T: Are you there?
D: Yes.
T: Ask him the name of the village.
D: Kanchipuram…Kanji varam…something.
T: Is it not Tiruvanamalai?
D: Kanchi something. Bala is telling…Kanjivaram…Kanchipuram.

She was saying the same thing that Aditya had said, but this difference was discussed with Disha before this session. So, it was not great news. I decided to see how she takes Bala to the hospital.

T: Go forward to the time Bala has fallen from the giant wheel and see how you are taking Bala to the hospital. What vehicle are you using? Float above and see which vehicle you are using.

D: Something closed from above.
T: At the hospital, get down and see what it is.
D: At the exhibition, people came they took him, lifted him. I was lifting my son.
T: Where did they put him?
D: Some…a…some old means of transport…but it is closed.
T: Is it horse or ox?
D: Ox…cart. Close by nothing was there. So, these people they found this only and one oxen is there. It is closed from above. I can see from top some brown color closed, side is also closed, back is little open, front a man is sitting and taking the ox.
T: Are there only 3 of you there?
D: Yes. I feel it is little closed from backside.
T: Go back to the time you were with Bala when you asked him the name of the village and ask him the name of his parents. Ask him his father’s name?
D: He is telling, but I am not able to understand.
T: Ask him again.
D: Ramaswami…ramaswami.

Now this name was not matching. This got me worried again. It was shaking the foundations of past life. If two people are seeing the same past life how can the names be different?

T: Are you sure?
D: That is what he is telling. Ramasami…ramaswami something.
T: Ask him his mother’s name?
D: Savitramma…Savitramma.
T: Are you sure?
D: That is what I understand.

I had to become innovative with my approach. Decided to try something different now. I wondered if there was something wrong with Disha’s understanding?

T: Tell him this is what I understand, ask if your understanding is right.
D: He is telling no, he is trying to correct me. Savitamma…sa…sa

Now she was using the word ‘amma’ for the first time in the name. Seeing some positives, I suggested, “Ask him if it begins with ‘sa’, ‘ma’, ‘ta’, ‘ra’?”

D: Saraswatamma.
T: Ask him if it is correct?
D: No.
T: Ask him if it begins with ‘ma’?
D: Muniamma.
T: Ask him if Ramaswami is his father’s name.
D: Not Ramaswami.
T: Ask him if it begins with Ba?
D: He is telling, but I cannot read his lips.
T: Does it being with Bha?
D: Yes…Bales…I don’t know.
T: Is it Balasubramanyam, Bhaskar, Badal?
D: Something like Bala…I don’t know.
T: Begins with Bala? Ask him to confirm.
D: Bhaskaran.
T: Bhaskaran? Or is it Brukesh or Bala? Ok, ask him one by one. Is it Bala?
D: No.
T: Is it Brukesh?
D: No.
T: Ask him if it is Bhaskar?
D: Yes.

Disha had now given the names correctly of the parents. There was nothing much to validate in this life. We had to go and get more clarity on the other life she had seen in the morning session where she was killed with some liquid attack.

T: Float above now and move to that life where you were killed by that liquid. What is that liquid that they poured on you? Float above and see.
D: It is a blue tin…old…square, big tin…I just entered my house. I was going inside. I see this some policeman kind of dress, short pants.
T: How many of them are there?
D: Only one is pouring it on me from behind. I think another 1 or 2 policemen, someone British, white guy is watching on horse. This guy who is pouring is Indian. He is wearing belt across his side, he is wearing short pant, half sleeves shirt, cap on the head, a cone-shaped cap with colors.
T: What is the liquid that he is pouring on you?
D: It is something white in colour…he pours it on me…I can see small small bubble kind. My shirt burnt. Not burnt. It is acid. Shirt is because of the acid it burns.
T: And you die?
D: Yes.
T: Do you suffer?
D: Small small bubbles on my back. Full back. They stand there and they are just seeing what will happen to me. I am suffering.
T: See how long you suffer before you die.
Disha was breathing hard.
D: Feel the heat.
T: Go forward and see how long it takes before you die.
D: After sometime they left. I was waiting if someone will come. But, no one came. My house was in middle of the field and no one came.
T: What happens?
D: Waiting…waiting. Pain get more.
T: How many hours since they poured the acid?
D: 8. It was during the day and now it is night…dark.
T: What time did they pour the acid?
D: 12 in the noon. After seeing my field, I came back to my house, then all this happened. I am waiting. I couldn’t move. I die at 9:10. That is what the clock is showing.
T: Go back and see when the problem started with the British for them to attack you.
D: I am wearing a black coat, white shirt, loose pant – kashta kacha, black cap, not cap, it is black. I am standing under the tree. I am speaking to the people. Few men are sitting there. I am standing on the tree’s….wall around the tree, I am standing on top of that and speaking to them. I don’t know what. One British was passing on horse. He saw me, heard me. He nodded his head and he went.
T: What are you telling the people there?
D: Marathi. “Hami hanla hikdun bahar kadala phaje”
T: What does it mean?
D: We need to ask them to go from here.
T: How many men are there?
D: Some 10-12-15.
T: What happens after that?
D: I think, I am trying to…trying to…provoke these people, the ones who are listening to me. I am trying to motivate them, so that they stand up with me and help in fighting against the foreign people.
T: Are they British?
D: These are Indians, the ones I am speaking to.
T: You want to throw the British out?
D: We want them to leave. Because they were creating a lot of problems for all these farmers, taking money, grains, taking things from them, misbehaving with them. They were not doing any good to these farmers or the people there. So, I am trying to tell them we will get rid of them, we will throw them, ask them to go from here.
D: They were keeping an eye on me…British, the police…they used to watch me, where I go, whatever I do. They were waiting for an opportunity.
T: Go to the time of your death and see if you have any regret other than not being able to fight for your country. Is there any vengeance against someone, is there anyone that you need to forgive?
D: Yes.
T: Who do you need to forgive?
D: Those policemen. In spite of being our people, just for the sake of money, they were listening to them and killing or doing wrong to our own people.
T: Go ahead and forgive them. There is no need for you to hold vengeance against them. The law of karma will take care of them. Let me know when you are done. Forgive the police, the foreigners.
After some time she nodded her head to say that she has forgiven them.
T: Float above and see what happens to your soul. Do you see any divine being or light?
D: Light…I am feeling light.
T: Ask the light to take you to the root cause of the violent deaths if there is one. Is there a root cause?
There was silence.
T: Is there a life which has a root cause? What is the message from the light? Ask the light for guidance.
The silence continued.
T: Is there any life?
D: No.
T: Is there any pattern of losing your husband or a one off?
D: No pattern.
T: Nothing for you to get scared of losing him? What is the light saying?
D: You needn’t worry.
T: Are you willing to let go of the worry?
D: You were not able to spend time then, that is why you both are again together.
T: Ask the light to help you to get rid of the worries.
There was silence again.
D: Take care of him.
T: But, you shouldn’t worry about him. Let the light take care.
D: Light is telling to take care of husband.
T: Is there anything to worry about him?
D: Just be with him.
T: Check if there is anything to worry.
D: I can see some Goddess. She is there in front of me. Only her face, wearing red saree, crown, big bindi, kajal, smiling. It is beautiful.
This is the typical picture that one gets to see of Goddess Lakshmi in India. I wondered if this was real. But, I had a similar experience when I had done the session for my second client. The messages in that session could only come from someone very knowledgeable or divine. I was now excited as we would receive some divine messages.
T: Fall at her feet and ask for guidance and blessings.
D: She is huge. Smiling. She is just telling to go, be together and spend time. Be happy.
T: Convey my prayers also to her.
T: Ask her to bless you and also the message for you.
D: Be happy. Don’t think too much and worry. Live in the moment. I am there to take care of everything else. You do your part, I will do mine.
T: Anything else that she has for you. Thank her if there is nothing else. Seek blessings and ask her to heal you.
T: Check with the Goddess, who this Goddess is.
D: Lakshmi.
T: Any her if she has message for me.

I did not want to miss the opportunity of getting a divine message.

D: You are doing a good job by healing people.
The message she gave me after this surprised me and also confirmed that it is in fact a very divine energy giving this message. There was no way Disha would have given a message like that.

I was surprised and taken aback by the message for me. After a few minutes of silence, I asked, “Is there anything else you need to ask her?”
D: I am asking her to safeguard my husband, son, and the entire world…Protect the entire world. She is smiling.

There was a long silence.

D: She went. She is walking and going.
T: Thank her for the blessings.

I brought her back to the garden for healing and after spending some time there, she came out of the trance. She did not appear to have any body pain nor did she experience a heavy head that she had experienced during her first two sessions.

This was the most eventful session. In this session, we were able to establish that past life is a fact. It has made my faith in law of karma and the concept of past life stronger. For Disha and Aditya, they are more convinced that they have actually lived and seen the same lifetime. It is natural for many to wonder if Disha had built on Aditya’s story during her first session. But, this point does not make sense now as the minor details they provided matched. The events, names, and places that Aditya and Disha had matched. The description of the fall from the giant wheel, the manner in which Bala’s wife and son burnt to death were all matching as Disha and Aditya discussed the details. It was only Bala’s wife’s name that could not be validated, as Aditya himself was not sure about her name.

Disha had found answers to all her questions. She was able to know what happened to her son as Rani and was also able to see him in her brother. There was no reason for Disha to continue with her fears of losing her loved ones. There was no pattern that existed. She was able to get to the relevance of the scene where she was lying dead and waiting for people to perform her last rites. She was able to understand the reasons for the attachment to her grandmother. She saw her in her nephew of this life. Hopefully, Disha’s experience with divine energy will help her get rid of her pains. Aditya had nothing more to explore and hopefully, his headaches will fade away. And as the Divine Goddess has said they have come together in this life to be happy. I pray and hope that their life moves to the better from here.

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Splendid report and I was also as much on the edge of the seat as you Dear Harish,
These three sessions are as amazing as Dr. Weiss’s “Only Love is Real.”

One tiny suggestion for a suggestion such as below
“T: Float and do you see any light?”
To avoid “leading” and leave the session as spontaneous and unconscious as possible we can leave the questions as open ended as possible, upon having a confirmation from the client that they are experiencing floating, we can ask, “What comes to into your awareness as you float…”

This was the most eventful session. In this session, we were able to establish that past life is a fact.

I feel your excitement and truly this is one of the most amazing session I’ve read about and thank you for taking the time to share it with all of us.

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Thank you Venu. Noted your suggestion. :pray:

Hello @HarishPL ji

Pardon I left the query of the connection between not getting fire in one life time in the earlier post without reading this one. I am truly glad that love and hope exist and reading all your posts about this case made me feel much better. Thank you once again.


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All the dots ultimately connect. The most common feeling every client has after the session is, if they made up the story. But when you see two people narrating the same events, then there is no further validation required.

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