Migraine Headaches

During the last 1 ½ years of my PLRT practice, I have come across 5 persons who went through PLRT as a therapy to overcome their migraine headaches. All of them had faced severe migraine attacks and had resorted to medicines for relief. The relief was but temporary and the headaches used to be back in the next few days. The frequency of the attacks ranged from every alternate day to once every week. All of them had got medical tests and scans done, only to be told that everything was normal.

The write up below is about a software engineer, Aditya (name changed), in his late thirties, whose family was very disturbed by the migraine attacks he faced every week. They were worried that the pain killer / medicines would harm him in the long run. There were multiple requests for an urgent session and I was able to accommodate it as one of the clients had cancelled her session. I had suggested that he meditate for few days before the session. He was unable to regularly meditate, but had tried it for some time before our session.

Aditya turned up on a Sunday morning at the agreed time. After our introduction, we started discussing about the issue. His migraine attacks had started when he was about 7 years. The frequency was at least once a week. The triggers were blocked nose, going out in the hot Sun, after head bath and change in temperature. It usually started early in the morning and lasted the entire day. He has been on regular medication and the frequency of once a week was a reduced one since the last two years.

We agreed on the below themes for the session:

  •    -   Understand the root cause of the migraine attacks to get rid of it
  •     -  He had a fear of losing his loved ones – Father, mother, wife and his child.

I started with Elman’s relaxation and followed it with ‘Progressive relaxation’, to ensure he is in deep trance. I initially took him to his happy childhood memories, where he saw himself playing with his brother and then saw himself as a small child playing with toys seated on a cot.

I then asked him to go back in time to the root cause of his migraine attack. I asked him what came to his awareness.


“Are you a boy, girl, man or woman? Who are you?” I enquired, not sure if he was still in his happy childhood memory of the present life.

“Boy”, came the reply.

“ How old are you?”

“Small…5 years.”

“ Where are you running?”

“Open area”

“What is making you run?”

“Just like that. It is part of house.”

I was still not sure if he was visiting a past life, and asked, “What is your name?”

“Don’t know” came the reply and that was not encouraging.

“Is there anybody else around?”


I suggested, “Go to time of dinner. What do you see?”

There was a long pause.

I asked, “Are you having dinner?”


I followed it with, “Who else is there with you?”


I then asked, “What does she call you?”

He said, “Bala.” This was a good sign. He was visiting a past life. The name sounded very much Indian.

I continued, “Do you recognise your mother in this life?”


“Who else is with you having dinner?”

“No one else.”

Just to understand the environment, I asked, “Is your mother feeding you or are you eating by yourself?”

“I am having.”

Now that he was in a past life, I suggested, “Go forward to a significant event.”

He said, “Got older.”

“ How old are you?”

“Wearing pant.”

I repeated, “How old are you?”

“May be in 20s.”

I asked, “What is the significant event?”

“I am in a city.”

“Do you know the name of the city? Which city is this?”

“I can see buses…people”

I enquired, “What kind of buses are those? Do they look like what you see today?”

“No…Public bus.”

Since he did not know the name of the city, I suggested, “Find out from the people which city is this?”

“Madras”, he said in a low tone. ‘Madras’ is the old name of ‘Chennai’.

“What made you go there? What is the significant thing happening?”

“Walking through the streets.”

Since there was nothing significant, I suggested, “Move forward to the significant event?”

“I am working.”

“Where are you working?”

“In a factory.” He is a software engineer in this life and has never visited a factory before.

“What does the factory make?”

“Some machinery is there.”

I wanted to confirm if he was in the same life, “What is your name?”

“Balachander” came the reply. A typical South Indian, Tamil name.

“What are you working as?” I continued.

“I am the operator.”

“What is the significant thing happening?”

“Paper machine.” After coming out of trance he said they were into printing newspapers.

I enquired, “How old are you?”

He said, “I am 30.”

I then suggested, “Go forward to a significant event.”

“I see my family.”

“Who is there is the family?”

“Wife and kid.”

“Sorry, how many kids?”


“Is it son or daughter? What do you call the kid?”

“Son.” There was a long pause.

“Look at you wife and see if you recognise her in this life?”

“Not yet.”

“See if you recognise your son in this life?”


“What is happening now?”

“I am playing with the kid.

“How old is the kid?”

“4 years.”

“How old are you?”

“32” came the reply.

“Anything significant happening there?”


“Please move to another significant event now.”

“Gone to exhibition”

“With whom have you gone there?”

“Wife and kid.”

I enquired, “What is happening?”

“There is a merry-go round.”

“What do you see?” I asked.

“I see people playing.”

“Anything significant?”

There was a long pause.

I said, “Go to the significant event. What is happening?”

“Son wants to play.”

“Play what?”

“Giant wheel.”

“Are you still at the exhibition?”


“How old is the son?”

“About 5 years.”

“What happens now?”

“(We) sit (In the giant wheel).”

“Who is sitting?” I asked.

“Only two…my son and me.”

“What happens? Anything …”

Before I could complete the sentence, he said, “It rotates…It breaks.”

“What breaks?”

“Giant wheel…side of the giant wheel breaks…yeah I fall down.”

“What happens to your son and wife?”

“They rush me to the hospital.”

“What happens to the kid?”

“Kid is fine.”

“What about your wife?”

“She is there.”

I checked, “Is she alright?”


“What is making them rush you to the hospital?” During my PLRT course, I have been told not to ask “Why” questions, because this may activate the conscious mind. Hence, questions are framed to avoid “Why”.

He said, “Head…is bleeding.”

“What is happening at the hospital?”

“Doctors are there.”

“What are they saying?”

There was a long pause.

I enquired, “What is happening to you?”

“I am losing conscious.”

I felt he was now becoming fearful. I suggested, “Nothing to be afraid…go on, see what happens.”

“I am in pain…struggling…struggling.” There were tears rolling down the side of his eyes as he said this.

“Move forward and see what happens.”

“Doctors are trying to save…”

I wanted to know which part of the body was in pain, “Where is it paining?”

“Right side of the head.”

“Is it bleeding?”


“What are the doctors saying?”

“They need to operate.”

“Do they operate?”


“What happens?”

“I die in between.”

“Do you die during operation?”


“What are you feeling while dying?”

“Thinking about family.” As he said this, I wondered if this was the reason for the fear of losing his family in this life.

“Look into the eyes of your wife and see if you recognise her.”


“Who is she?”

“My wife in this life.”

“Look at the eyes of your son and see if you recognise him?”


“How old are you when you die?”


“How old is your son when you die?”


“Do you know the year? Look at what the doctors write as the year of death.”


“Month and year?”


“What are your regrets in that life?”

With tears rolling down, he said, “Wanted to spend time…with family…with my child…wife.”

“What happened to your mother?” I asked remembering his mother. During the history taking, he had mentioned that he had moved out with his wife and son to a new house leaving behind his parents. I wondered if emotions attached to the mother were also being carried forward.

He said, “Can’t remember…I came to city…I was in village…when I was kid.”

“Is your mother still in the village or has she come with you to the city?”

“In the village…with father.”

“Is there any brother or sister of yours with her?”


“Does she know about your death?”

“No, she does not know.”

“Go and see what happens to your wife and see how long she lives after your death.”

“She lives.”

“For how many year?”

“She makes papad…for a living.” He did not answer for how many years.

I asked, “Is that after your death?”


“See how long she lives.”

“60”. He then said that he was not sure of this one. It did not make sense as his wife of this life was born in the early 1980s.

I took him back, “Go back to the time of death and see what other regrets you carry.”

“Not able to see mother…I am struggling.”

I suggested, “Float from above and see what happens. Are you dead?”

There was a long pause.

I went on, “Are you carrying the headache from that life?”


“What is making you carry that headache?”


“What is making you carry forward that headache?”

“Don’t know.”

“Float above and see what you need to do to get rid of the headache” I suggested.

“Ask sorry” came his reply.

“To whom?”


“For what?”

“I came to city leaving her…alone.” As I had expected, he had carried the guilt of having left behind his mother.

“Go back to your mother and say ‘sorry’.”

“Are you with your mother?”


After some time, I asked, “Has she forgiven you?”


“Anything else that you need to do to let go of the pain?”

“I don’t know.”

“Go forward to the time of your death again and see if there is anything else on account of which you carry forward the pain.”

There was a long pause

Then he said, “Loved my wife and kid more.”

Not sure what he was referring to, I asked, “In which life?”

“That life.”

“What do you need to do in this life to get rid of this pain?”

“Spend time with them (wife and kid).”

Wondering if he had anything to do with his parents, I asked, “Anything that you need to do for your parents in this life?”

“Take care of them.”

“Anything else to see in that life?”


“Now go back and see what happens after you are dead. Where do you go?”

“I am just lying.”

“What is happening to your soul?”


“Where is it going?” I asked.




“Where is it going?”

“House…” This reply came as a surprise. They normally go to the light or float in the sky.

Curious to know more, I asked, “which house?”

“My father’s house in this life.” He was born in early 1980s in this life.

“Why is it going there?”

“Don’t know.”

We had to know if there was any other reason why he had the fear of losing his loved ones. I suggested, “Go and find out if there is any other reason on account of which you have the fear of losing your loved ones.”

I continued, “Is there anything else, any other life?”


After relaxing him in the garden, and asking him to let go of the pain, I brought him back from trance.

After a brief break, we discussed the session. He said, he had always been scared of giant wheels and had never sat on one all his life. The headache started when he was 7 and was hospitalized for typhoid. It was the time around which his mother was transferred to another place. Was it the hospital environment that triggered the headache or was it the separation from his mother during transfer that made him sick, which then subsequently triggered the headache, we may never know. But, for certain they are all related.

He realized that he had to spend more time with his family, including his parents in this life to overcome the migraine and the fear of losing them.

His headaches have come down to some extent and we are yet to schedule his next session. But, the last few times he has had a headache, he has realized that it occurs when he misses his family. The healing no doubt has started, but we may have to do another session to get rid of this.

In all these 5 cases of migraine that I came across, post the PLRT, all 5 have become aware of the trigger for the migraines. Their understanding of the trigger for the migraine prior to their session was very different from the triggers identified during the session. The triggers mentioned by them prior to the session were stress, indigestion, not having food on time, having cold stuff, blocked nose, going out in the sun etc. This was not surprising considering that these are the reasons mentioned on most of the websites when one searches the internet. Some of them were also recommended sinus surgery with no guarantee of cure. But, the real triggers identified during the PLRT were very different from these. The real triggers were emotions that had carried from lives which had ended from fatal injuries and pain in the head. This was one common observation amongst all the cases and it was how they had died. Death in road accidents, death from falling down a cliff, death due to hanging, death due to head being crushed, death from head injury due to fall etc. The emotions being carried were, not being calm, being negligent, helplessness, bearing abuse, fear of losing loved ones. Post the PLRT, they have observed that whenever these emotions become active, the headache takes over.

Of the 5, two of them had 2 sessions, while the remaining 3 have had only one session. In all the cases, the frequency of the headache has drastically reduced. But, in the two cases, where two sessions were conducted, one of them has got rid of it completely and in the case of other it is only 1% of what it was before the session. It has been little over one year since the session in both these cases. The remaining 3 are yet to get the second session done, but are able to become aware of the real trigger and are managing it to control their headaches.

Please follow this up with Soulmates 1 and Soulmates 2. It gave beautiful confirmation about past life. Links provided below.


Super Harish, what astounding insights.


Thanks Harish,
Another great session !
Thanks a lot for sharing the session and your valuable insights.
About my personal experience about what I hear about Life after death in my sessions, I will like to add that I have seen various details coming from clients and it is really interesting to know about these details. Common thread is meeting /merging with the light. But gradually I am learning that with proper questioning it is possible to elicit even finer details about the journey of soul after death and it may well be pretty more interesting and complicated than just merging with the divine light !
Much love,
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Hello @HarishPL

This one is also brilliantly done. Thank you for sharing with us and it might be shocking to know that my migraine lead me to read. The frequency is reduced what I have realised is that there is new trigger for my migraine. I shall definitely explore the reason or origin to this. Thank you once again.


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Thank you for the kind words. It helps to look closely around the first time the problem popped up, there was something there that could have triggered the condition. It may be an event, a name, a place, person or an emotion.

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