Soulmates recollecting same events from past life - Part 1 (followed by Part 2 and 3)

One of the ways to validate a past life experience is to check if there have been cases of two different individuals having recalled the same events from the same past lifetime where they were both associated. This is a very interesting and valid challenge to the concept of past life. Such cases prove to be indisputable evidence for the existence of past life and reincarnation of the soul. Two different individuals cannot tell the same story if one of them has made it up. Dr. Brian Weiss has covered this topic in detail in his book “Only love is real”, where two strangers who have been lovers in earlier life recollect events of their time together and are brought together again in this life through his PLRT sessions of Dr. Weiss. I had a somewhat similar experience with two of my clients who are husband and wife in this life. During their PLRT sessions, both of them had recalled another lifetime where both were again husband and wife. They had a lot of events in common to narrate. This post is about the PLRT session of the wife.

Before reading this post, I suggest that you read the post on “Migraine Headaches”, published in March. The migraine post is about Aditya who suffered from severe migraine headaches and the present one is about his wife, Disha (name changed).

Aditya (name changed) had been through a PLRT session early this year and a couple of weeks later his wife, Disha, (name changed), requested for her appointment. She mentioned that she had some serious skin allergy and needed help. I did not quite register the medical name for the allergy. I had a few other people lined up and wanted to complete those before I could take them up. She followed up again and I suggested she meditate before I can schedule a session for her.

A few weeks later the ‘lockdown’ was announced in India, thanks to the Covid-19. As some of the lockdown restrictions were relaxed in early May, Disha, called again to seek an appointment. I checked if she had meditated and she had not. I said, unless she meditates I will not schedule the session for her.

Few days later, she messaged again requesting a session as the pain was becoming unbearable. She said she has been meditating regularly. During the lockdown, we had to shut my office and there was no provision to work from home. My partners and I were waiting for the lockdown to open our office. The lockdown restrictions being eased, brought my focus back on work. My partners and I had few bank branch audits to finish and I had no time to conduct a session. But, considering that the medicines were not helping much, I was also keen to see if PLRT could help Disha. I told her that the only day I had to spare was a Sunday and we agreed to have the session on the following Sunday.

Aditya, Disha, and her young 3-year-old son arrived for the session on the appointed day. Disha is a young lady in her early thirties. She was born sometime around middle of 1988. She was organized and had made notes on the issues she wanted to be addressed through PLRT. As I briefed her about the session and how it works, she confidently said that she has been through all the posts on my blog and was aware of how we go about.

For a therapist, it is important to know about the client before conducting the regression, as it helps to identify the ‘hooks’ to be used during the session and also in the analysis post the session. This step of hearing from the client is referred to as history taking.

Disha and Aditya were married during the last month of 2011. She was excited about her first pregnancy but during the second month, she suffered a miscarriage. She was thoroughly depressed about the loss and later in December 2015, she was diagnosed with Urticaria.

The allergic effects disappeared during her second pregnancy and everything was fine till her son was born in early 2017. About 15 days from the birth of her son, the allergy started again and it became very severe. She had been under treatment till May 2018 and the allergy reduced after the therapy. It started again after she got herself a job in December 2019. She thought that the allergy maybe because of the centralised air conditioning in the office. She was working at the time when the first allergic reactions appeared and it came back now when she got back to work. The pain and burning is very severe and affects her entire body, including her tongue. It is so severe that it deprives her of good sleep.

‘Urticaria’ – the term was Greek and Latin to me. Medical terms for the diseases are quite difficult for me to grasp and I did a quick Google search on this. As per “”, “Urticaria, also known as hives, is an outbreak of swollen, pale red bumps or plaques (wheals) on the skin that appear suddenly – either as a result of the body’s reaction to certain allergens, or for unknown reasons. Hives usually cause itching, but may also burn or sting. They can appear anywhere on the body, including the face, lips, tongue, throat, or ears. Hives vary in size (from a pencil eraser to a dinner plate), and may join together to form larger areas known as plaques. They can last for hours, or up to one day before fading.” As per the website, there is no known cure, but medicines and lifestyle changes can help feel better.

We agreed on the below themes to be explored during the session in the order of priority.

  • Urticaria – root cause and wants to get rid of this.
  • Insecure about her life partner. This was even before she had met her husband. This also is one of the reasons why she feels she needs to have a job and source of income. She always wanted to be independent, because she felt her husband may leave her anytime.
  • Reason for loss of her first child. She still feels bad about it and started crying while talking about this. She said she was actually suffering during that short pregnancy from fever and chills. But was still keen to have that child.

After the regular briefing about PLRT, history taking, and making my notes about key events in the present life, I used the progressive relaxation technique to take Disha to trance. I asked her to go to a happy childhood memory and enquired, “What comes to your awareness?”

She said, “It is all blank.” After few seconds she said, “My body is burning.” It surprised me because I had asked her to go to a happy childhood memory.

She continued, “Fire, kind of burning.” Her breathing was becoming fast. I guided her to breathe deep and slow. She continued to breathe fast and hard. I took her back to the garden, asking her to relax and exhale the pain. But the breathing was fast and she seemed to struggle to breathe.

She said, “I feel I am going somewhere.” She mumbled something that was not clear. I asked her to float above and see what was happening.

But her breathing was hard and continued to be fast. I asked her to witness what was happening and she once again said, “Nothing.” I asked her to be in the garden.

Below is the script of the session. “T” is for the therapist, i.e., me, and “D” is for Disha’s part of the conversation.

D: Feeling very heavy.

I asked her to relax by breathing in deep and slowly.

But she continued to breathe heavily and her mouth seemed to be going dry. As she was feeling very uncomfortable, I asked if she wanted to come out. She said, “Yes.” I guided her out of the trance.

She looked very stressed and said she felt her whole body was burning. After taking a short break, she insisted on going back. I was not sure, if we should continue or schedule the session for another day. Considering her insistence, I decided to give it a try. I sent out a silent prayer again to God and the masters. I used the Elman technique followed by progressive relaxation techniques to calm her. She appeared to be in deep trance. I again asked her to go to a happy childhood memory and after some time got a positive response.

D: I am sitting.

T: How old are you?

D: Very small, few months.

T: What are you wearing?

D: Something like shorts…feeling happy.

T: Who is with you?

D: No one. Just playing with few broken sticks and sand.

She could not recognise the place but said there was sand around. I asked her to go back to the time she was in her mother’s womb.

D: I am warm. Feeling protected.

“Feeling protected” is what most people say when they experience themselves being in the womb.

I asked her to go back in time and space to the root cause of her skin allergy.

D: Dark, slight burn on my body…feeling hot.

I wondered if she was burning again and wanted to take her back to another time before this incident.

T: Go back few days to time of dinner. What do you see?

D: A table - dining table. I see some 2-3 kids.

T: Are you one of them?

D: Maybe…I feel I am a boy…may be 5 or 6.

T: Who are the other people around you?

D: See some girl, little elder to me, I think.

T: What is the girl’s name?

D: I don’t know.

T: What does the girl call you?

D: Just smiling and eating. We are having a happy time. Having food. Having chapatti.

T: Is anyone serving?

D: No.

T: Go to significant event in that lifetime.

D: I see nothing.

T: Are you still at the dining table?

D: Yes. Just smiling and eating our food. Having good time.

T: Do you recognise her?

D: Maybe she is my cousin sister. I am not sure.

I asked her to go to another happy moment in that lifetime.

D: I don’t see anything.

T: Go back to the dining table and then move forward to a significant event.

D: I think I am going somewhere. I feel my soul or something is going somewhere…just moving around.

T: See from where it has come.

D: It has come from somewhere…grass…field.

T: Who is there?

D: It has gone out of the body and it is going somewhere.

T: Whose body is that?

D: Mine…I think I was a man.

T: Go back and see what makes the soul leave the body.

D: I am lying down. They are trying to burn me.

T: Go back few hours and see what happens before the death.

D: I am going somewhere in the field.

T: How old are you?

D: Must be 30 to 40…young only.

T: Are you alone?

D: Yes…I look somewhat thin, tall…wearing shirt, loose pyjama, in some field.

T: Which country?

D: I think I am in India only…somewhere…looks like I am a farmer…looking at my field. It is green…something long is growing. I feel very happy seeing and am standing. I am old now. More than 30 or 40, maybe 50. My hair is black and white. I look wheatish (colour of wheat)…moustache…I think I look like my uncle.

T: Uncle in that life or this life?

D: This life…have a very broad smile seeing my field.

T: Are you 50 years old?

D: Yeah, maybe 50 – 60. I am just under the tree.”

T: Go forward to a significant event and see what is the burning that was happening?

D: I am lying and someone is trying to burn me.

T: How old are you?

D: I am dead.

T: Go back and see why they are burning you.

D: I feel my body is lying somewhere.

T: Go back before death and see how you died.

D: Not able to. I can only…no one is around me…they have put me on the logs…there is no one around me…in that field…in the midst of that field.

T: What are the regrets you carry from that life?

D: Nothing…I was happy.

T: What made you visit that life?

D: I am standing under a tree…smiling…looking at my field…very joyful, smiling face from inside…seeing the garden and my fields…lush green field.

T: Is it the same lifetime that you saw at the dining table when you were a boy?

D: Yeah.

She had seen a life a happy life but there was nothing more than the lush green fields that held any relevance to the skin allergy.

Later after coming out of trance she explained that she was a man who was dead and was lying on logs in the middle of own field, ready for the last rites waiting for someone to light the fire, but nobody was around to light the fire.

I suggested, “Leave the body and see where the soul goes. What is coming to your awareness?”

D: Mummy…I went to my mom’s house.

T: To be born in this life?

D: Yeah.

T: Go back in time and go to that lifetime from where the skin allergy came from. What is coming to your awareness?

D: I am feeling the heat. My stomach is burning…My heart is burning…my chest is burning.

I was not sure if it was the burning sensation or was she witnessing a fire.

T: Go back to see why this is burning.

She screamed, “I am lit.”

T: Go back and see who has lighted you?

Her voice was now choking and there were strong abreactions. Worried that she may want to come out again, I suggested that her to float above and witness.

She was crying, “I am a lady…someone has lit me.” Her voice was choking. I asked her to float above and witness. She was crying as if she was actually being burnt.

D: I am screaming…been put in a room (she said sobbing)…wearing bangles…green…saree.

‘Saree’ is the name of the robe worn by women in India.

T: How old are you? (I tried to distract her)

D: I am young…must be 30s…mid 30s…little dark, wheatish in colour.

T: Are you alone in the room?

D: Yeah…I think it is some old kitchen…food is cooked using wood…fire…logs.

T: Float above and go back a few minutes to see how this happened. How did you get into the kitchen?

D: Some lady is pushing me…old lady…some man.

T: Who is this man?

D: I don’t know.

T: Are the old lady and the man pushing you?

D: Yeah.

T: Only two of them?

D: Yeah…it is an old house…(panting heavily and still crying)…I think there is a boy, a small boy there who is standing in shirt, shorts…I think he is my son.

T: How old is he?

D: He is small…he is small…he is watching…the way they are punching me…they are pushing me (she was crying loudly now). (After the session, she mentioned that her son looked like 6-7 year old, but looked more mature than his age.)

As she continued to cry, I kept reminding her it is a past life and asked her to float above.

D: I don’t want to go…(she was weeping and referring to being pushed into the kitchen)

I did not want to take her back to the painful burning scene again. I asked her to go back in time and asked her to check the relationship between her and these people pushing her.

D: I don’t recognise him…he is dark.

T: Is he your husband?

D: No…may be they are my in-laws.

T: How old is the man?

D: He is very old…he is dark, very black with white hair, white beard.

T: Look at yourself. How old are you?

D: Must be mid 30s.

T: Who else is with you?

D: My son…small…may be 5-6 years.

T: Who is this lady?

D: Don’t know.

T: What is your relationship with her?

D: May be they are my in-laws.

T: How old is she?

D: She is old.

T: Where is your husband?

D: He is not there.

T: Where has be gone?

D: I don’t know.

T: Go back and see what happened to your husband.

D: We are having dinner…I am serving my husband…rice.

T: How old is he?

D: He is young.

T: How old are you?

D: I am also young.

T: Do you have children?

D: Son.

T: How old is he?

D: May be 5 – 6 years…he looks like my brother…same face when he was small.

T: Look at your husband, who does he look like?

D: Adi…he is having moustache, wearing big glasses, he is thin, dark…I am also dark, wearing a saree, old house.

‘Adi’ - she was referring to her husband’s name in this life. I was wondering which life she was experiencing.

T: See what happens to your husband. Where does he go?

D: He is going to work.

T: I want you to see where he is when you are being burnt. Where is he?

D: He is not there.

T: Where is he? Go back and see what happened to him.

D: Giant wheel…my son went…I am standing down…my husband is on the giant wheel…they are saying ‘hi’…giant wheel is going fast, fast. I am getting scared, I am worried about them. He fell down.

‘Giant wheel’ rang a bell. It was in a similar accident that her husband Adi had died in an earlier life. I wondered if Disha too was witnessing the same lifetime.

T: Who fell down?

D: Giant wheel

D: Adi…Adi

I wondered, as to why she was calling out her husband’s name in the present life. Was she being influenced by his past life regression experience. In order to rule this out, I asked, “Is that his name in that life? What do you call him?”

D: I am not calling him.

She did not answer that. In order to keep the flow, I asked, “What happened to him?”

D: He fell down. (She was weeping now).

T: What happened to your son?

D: He is fine…I am holding him…running (she was panting)

T: Running where?

D: I don’t know. (Breathing became heavy and she was weeping). I see ambulance…I am scared…I am going, going with him…operation theatre…hospital…doctor.

T: What is the doctor telling you?

D: He is not there…left us and gone. (She was sobbing)…please…Adiiiiii.

T: Go forward and see what happens to you and your son.

D: Burning.

She went to the time she was set on fire. I had to bring her back in time to see what happened to her and her son after the husband’s death.

T: Go back and see what happens to you and your son after your husband’s death.

D: We are happy…we both are there at the house…me and my son…not really happy but accepting.

T: What do you do for a living?

D: Don’t know.

She should have answered this easily if she was being influenced from hearing Aditya’s past life experience. But, she did not.

T: How do you run your house? What work do you do?

D: I am rolling something.

Again, this was not clear. I remembered Aditya telling me that his wife made and sold papad for a living after his death. Papad is the Indian term for ‘Poppadom’.

T: What is this – chapatti, papad?

D: It is small…I sell them. (She was referring to papad)

T: Is this the same house in which you lived with your husband?

D: Yes.

T: From where your in-laws come?

D: They just came in…I don’t like them…I don’t know why…they are just pushing me, hitting me…pushing me into that room…just burnt me…my son is witnessing.

T: What is making them do this?

D: They did not like me at all…I don’t know why.

T: Go back and see how you and your husband got married.

D: Burning in my stomach.

D: We are married…it is our wedding day…I think I am Tamil…something is tied over our forehead…it is made of thermocol…(I am wearing) white saree, (he is wearing) white shirt, white dhoti.

T: Is it been blessed by both your parents?

D: Hmm.

T: Are they there?

D: Don’t know. I don’t see them. It is our wedding…choultry…wedding is taking place.

‘Choultry’ refers to large halls in India where usually weddings are held.

T: Are his parents around – the ones who pushed you?

D: Yeah.

T: What happens after your wedding?

D: That lady is wearing glasses, big glasses…she is thin…ok.

T: See if you recognise her.

D: She looks Tamilian…she is little fair, but the father is completely black.

T: Are you happy about your wedding?

D: Hmm.

T: What happens after the wedding – do you guys change house, move out?

D: I think we came out with our son…we were not happy there.

T: Where did you go?

D: We have moved to this house.

T: Is it the same house where you were burnt?

D: Yeah…it was the same house where I was burnt…it is a green, it is an old house…but we were happy…the three of us…spent very nice time.

T: Is it the same place? Do your in-laws stay with you?

D: No…they are not there…they are somewhere far…not this.

T: Do you know the name of the place you are settled in?

D: I don’t know.

T: What is your name? What do they call you?

D: No one is calling me.

T: See what your husband calls you?

D: Rani? (She sounded as if she was asking me)

T: See what your parents called you?

D: Rani.

T: What do you call your husband? What do his friends call him?

D: Balu.

This is the name that Aditya had mentioned during his session. Intentionally, decided to reconfirm the name by asking her a similar sounding name.

T: Banu?

D: Balu.

T: Do you know his full name?

D: Balachander.

It was now confirmed that they Aditya and Disha were witnessing the same lifetime. I then asked her to go to the time of death, when the soul was leaving the body. I asked her about the emotions she was going through.

D: I am not liking my son witnessing me being burnt…no one is there to take care of my son…Adi is not there.

I interrupted as she was calling out her husband’s name in the present life.

T: You mean Balu?

D: Hmm…I am not there…what will happen to my son…don’t want to leave him with my in-laws…they somewhere hold me responsible for their son’s death…I am no way responsible for his death, I have not done anything to him, I loved him a lot, I miss him a lot. With great difficulty, I was leading life with my son. They just came to my house, started abusing me, cursing me, hitting me, pushing. Son is standing and watching. I don’t want my son to watch this. They will do something to my son also.

T: What are they doing to your son?

D: I don’t know. They are not doing anything. Now, they are just hitting me. I don’t want them to do anything to my son…Raja…Raja.

T: What is his name?

D: Raja.

T: Is your son’s name Raja?

D: Hmm…must me. I am telling him to go, don’t see, don’t see me like this, you don’t deserve this life to see this, I am sorry, I am not able to take care of you, sorry (Crying).

T: What are they doing? Do you stay back to see what they do to your son?

There was no response but a long pause.

T: Are you floating?

D: Hmm.

T: What are the lessons from that life?

D: Nothing much…I wanted to take care of my son.

T: Go forward and see who takes care of him. What happens to him?

D: I can still see him standing and watching me.

T: Is he crying?

D: He is shocked, he is very small. He doesn’t know what is happening.

T: See what happens to him.

There was a pause again.

T: Do you recognise him in this life?

D: Same as my brother. There is no difference.

T: What are your feelings towards your in-laws who burnt you?

D: Without my mistake, they have done this.

T: Have you forgiven them?

D: God is there to take care of them, I don’t have to do anything. God will take care of their sins. It was not my fault, I was misunderstood.

T: Is the burning the reason for your skin allergy.

D: Maybe.

T: What must you do to get rid of this?

D: Just leave it.

T: Leave what?

D: Forget the things that have happened for good.

T: How will you leave it? Are you ready to leave it?

D: Yes.

T: Ok, just burn these away. You do not need to carry forward these.

I waited for some time before asking, “Have you left them behind?”

D: Hmm.

T: Is there any forgiveness that you want to do for your in-laws?

D: I have forgiven them. I have left it up to God.

T: Visit them again and forgive them.

I again waited before asking, “Have you forgiven them?”

D: I am no one to forgive them, I am just a human being. It is ok.

T: Do you feel guilty of not having taken care of your son?

D: Yes.

T: Would you want to forgive yourself?

D: Yes.

T: Go forward and forgive yourself.

T: Want to ask forgiveness from your son?

D: Hmm…He hugged me and kissed me. He said ‘it is ok mama’.

I let her float above and check with the white light if this was a lifetime was the reason for the skin allergy. She replied with a ‘yes’. I asked her to check if this life is also the reason for the insecurity and she again said, ‘yes.’

I let her relax and emerge as she said her whole body was not aching. She experienced some pain in her back, which was similar to what she had experienced about 10 years ago.

We took a lunch break and after some time got back to connecting the dots. This is the most interesting part. Disha said she had very clear visuals. She could see people, place and things very clearly. This was evident from the detailed descriptions she gave about the people. The first time the skin allergy occurred was few months after her miscarriage. She was very disturbed after this. She was fine when she was pregnant for the second time. But, within 10 to 15 days of the birth of her child, the allergy manifested again.

After the delivery of the child, he had to be admitted back within a week for jaundice. Though this is very common in newborn children in India, the hospital scene of her newborn son with a dark cloth on the eyes lying naked under the light for phototherapy had disturbed her. Recently, in December 2019, she had got her job and started working again. She had to leave her son at daycare and was again very disturbed and worried if they were taking good care of him. Before the session, she said that she felt the air-conditioned offices were the reason for the skin allergy. But after the session, the real reason was revealing itself. The emotion she experienced being away from the son was the culprit. It is probably this emotion that triggered the allergy.

The session also had given her clarity regarding the reason for her having the fear of losing her husband. She had lost him early in that life and this must be the reason for the fear and insecurity of losing her husband.

Before the session, she had also mentioned that she always wanted to be ‘independent’. Though her husband was in a good job, paid well and the extended family was well to do, she still wanted to have a job and have a source of income. She had said this feeling was there even before she married. The need for being financially independent also seemed to come from this past life where she said she had found it difficult to take care of herself and her son, after her husband’s death.

Since, both Aditya and Disha had experienced the same past life, I wanted to see if some of the descriptions match. But, unfortunately during Aditya’s session, he had said that the visuals were not clear to him. He was not a visual person whereas Disha was visual. Disha said that during the session, she felt she must have died within 2 years of Balu’s death. Balu had died in 1980 and Aditya was born in 1982. Disha must have died in 1981 or 1982, shortly after his death in 1980. Disha was born in 1988. The critics may still say that Disha being aware of Aditya’s past life must have been influenced by it and built on his session. I can only say here that her tears were real when she witnessed Balu die and she being burnt. The emotions were real. The real proof will be in the healing. In my experience, skin-related issues take some time to heal.

Disha, Aditya and their son left with a smile after a long day.

I wondered what was the relevance of the life of the farmer she had first witnessed. She had seen lying dead waiting to be burnt. Was it the masters giving her a message that it is the body that burns and not the soul and were they preparing her to see and handle the past life where she was burnt to death? We don’t know at this point in time, but maybe more sessions in the future will reveal this.

She said there were no lessons that she learned from that life. Maybe the intense emotions did not allow her to see through the lessons. The following day, she reflected on the session and told me that she was young and strong in that life and her in-laws who pushed her into the kitchen and set her on fire were old and not that strong. She could have fought her in-laws and run out of the house, which she did not. This way she would have saved herself and her son. Maybe this could be one of the lessons for her, to stand up against the injustice or face the consequences of the injustice.

But, this is a beautiful love story where both the loving husband and wife have come together again in this life. The soul-mates have been united by destiny. I am sure the healing has started for Disha and she would be fine in few months. She has to realise that she cannot be there to take care of her son always and there is the Supreme one to take care of him. She has to let go of the emotions relating to her son and she would be fine. We all have our own destiny and plan. We need to focus on our karmas and let go of the emotions. Emotions come from desires and as Gautam Buddha has said “Desire is the cause for suffering”. We need to take care of our desires.

Disha may need another session to see if there was a pattern in her losing her husband early in life and being left to fend for herself. And we also need to get to the root cause as to why she had to have such a cruel death in that life. What was the karmic account that needs to be settled?

The next morning I received a message from Disha stating that she now strongly feels that her brother in this life was her son. Her brother also complaints of skin rashes and a burning sensation when he goes out in the hot Sun. Was Rani’s son also burnt after her death by the in-laws and is that causing the issue for him in this life or is it a rare case of urticaria that is hereditary? We don’t know at this point.

I am sure there may be some file in some corner of a police station in Madras (Chennai) city, with the noting of accidental death of Balu and brutal murder of Rani.


fantastic work Dear Harish!

Best regards,

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Phenomenal report Dear Harish,

Two different individuals cannot tell the same story if one of them has made it up.

These cases are a great validators of far-memories.

As for this one,

“I did not want to take her back to the painful burning scene again. I asked her to go back in time and asked her to check the relationship between her and these people pushing her.”

Assuming that the abreactions were still manageable without knocking the client out of trance my approach would have been a bit different. Since all that plays in our current life as symptoms could be something unresolved from the past, we can coach breathing and other stress management techniques and then help her to identify more with the sub-personality in the Engram and once the catharsis takes place (which generally happens when traumatic events are revisited in a supporting environment) help her to arrive at the conclusions that nothing can happen to the Immortal one that she is.

I loved these lines.

can only say here that her tears were real when she witnessed Balu die and she being burnt. The emotions were real. The real proof will be in the healing.** In my experience, skin-related issues take some time to heal.

kudos to you Harish, clients who come to you are so lucky to get such a compassionate and unselfish therapist. Great job!


This is phenomenal!! I am inspired to learn more, do more. I question I had is , how much time did the session take for Disha? And how many sessions did you plan to help her heal?

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Thank you Indu. I think the regression (relaxation to emergence) alone took us nearly 2 to 2 1/2 hours for both the sessions - the first one ending without any progress.

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Hello @HarishPL ji

I really admire your work done and shared on the forum. I was wondering if there is connection between not finding fire to lit for the last rites and the lifetime that ended because of the fire. I got bit curious while trying to make connection between both life times.


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I am total awe for the client and for you as a therapist who had the opportunity of being a part of the client’s experiences.
Awaiting future session sharing with connection around the murder and accidental death as this might mean release for the client in a big way.
Thank you Harish for sharing this so beautifully:)

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Thank you Shruti. Part 2 and Part 3 give the conclusion.

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Thank you Anu. Please check out Part 2 and Part 3 for the conclusion.