How identify if there is an evil spirits in the body causing disturbance

I have come across a client of mine who is having peculiar issues like when he is here for treatment he is totally fine I have treated him thrice he has no physical issues and once he gets back home Pain stats in the night by 7 and he gets back to less pain in the morning. He is newly married just a month pain starts he is unable to move stomach bloted sholder stiff. He was telling me about some people saying change the house but parents are saying you and your sister got married in this house nothing like that. He was saying some priest told him that back of his house one girl commited sucide its is her spirit troubling you can this be possible please help.


Dear Dr. Sundar,

Sorry to know of his plight.
Paranormal could be suspected and to confirm this please request the client to stay in a different location for a week. It’s worth the effort.
And in case there is a confirmation please refer to this post

Our @anon89644444 is an expert in this field. Request his inputs as well.


Hi, I will first ensure that he has no medical issues - cancer esp.
2nd: Although there are remedies like application and sprinkling of Ganga Jal. As a PLRT I would rather the client goes into a deeply relaxed state and imagines the presence of his/her Isht, it will happen.
3rd: Don’t pay attention to pain when at home but imagine Isht’s presence taking the pain away.
4th: When we fear the unknown, it plays games with us believing that we do not know who we are spiritually. Ask client to experience oneness with his Isht or the Universe if he is a freethinker.
5th: The pain leaves during PLRT because PLRT is a spiritual experience. Ask for Masters to help.
Hope I don’t sound weird.


Dear @Venumurthy thank you so much for your kind words, but I am no expert, just a student of LIFE!! who is learning and exploring new domains of this limitless existence.

As far as this case is concerned, most likely it could be an interference of a spirit if he only feels pain in that particular house that too during particular hours of the day.

Also, as the priest prediction is concerned, yes it could be true too, but we don’t know how genuine and spiritually advanced the priest is, and there are more frauds than genuine people in this field of work.

As shared by Venu, tell the client to use the SRT tape for himself and residence clearing tape to clear his house from unwanted EB spirits.

Tell him to practice aura cleaning and aura protection techniques like “White Light Technique, White Rings and White Tornado” etc.

I hope it helps the client is some way.

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