Is it necessary that Client will always experience a relevant Life time that resonates with the theme 100% . Does the Therapist has any control in it?

To all Forum members, please share your views
My question is , Is it in the hands of Therapist to navigate a PLR session, Where the client will be able to exactly reach the most relevant Past Life that has connection to the Subject’s identified theme?


In my opinion, it is not at all necessary (or guaranteed) that the client will always experience the theme relevant lifetime. The mind shall have its way.

  1. The theme is decided through a consensus mechanism between the client and the therapist, while the mind is free to go anywhere it wants and report what it wants to report.

  2. Mind is shuttling between conscious and the subconscious, and is rarely in the absolute subconscious zone…

  3. Therapist may try to control it by asking to move to another “relevant” lifetime, but that is as far as the control goes. Also, please note that the tag of relevance resides with the therapist.


Yes momita i have done regression therapy for my some of my frnds and we
select theam first then start our work with them and I got successful
results. They reach at exact point according to their selected theme.


As we learnt in our in-class sessions, the therapist can suggest, however the session can flow totally different than the planned theme. During the session, with it’s natural flow the there could be something else coming up. There could be a time when the client may not experience any past life.


Hi Moumita
My understanding prior to the Amarantos workshop was that relevant life
time will get accessed automatically, Gods Grace.
After the workshop, I understand, the therapist has to give the specific
suggestion " You may go back to that lifetime where the fear of the
mountains started"…if the theme is fear of mountains.
The sub-conscious will directly lead to that particular lifetime.

With Best Regards
Deepak Chakraborty (Atlantis Batch)


Hi Moumita,

The subconscious is the best guide. Many times some events come which may not completely resonate with the theme chosen, but will lead to the source of the theme once they are addressed.

The subconscious knows what is on surface and what has to be understood first before moving ahead.

It is like a patient coming to me for management of Arthritis, but i first manage the patients’ Osteoporosis. Because i understand that its Osteoporosis leading to Arthritis.

The conscious many times cant understand the ways of the subconscious.

But if we just follow the flow whatever comes up, then at the end we are able to connect the dots for a complete healing.

Themes also change while being in the session, and they change only for the highest best.

We do not have to impose any control over the sessions, as it is the session of the clients’ subconscious. The same we can explain to the client beforehand. We just have to follow the flow.

This has been my understanding over this. Hope it helps😊



Thanks for asking Momu, and as promised here’s my reply. Adding to all the answers from Amarantians, I searched for the topic on theme and found this article Stage 8 - Setting a concise Theme for the session
Adding to this you can also read the book “Why me” where I also talk about the non-linearity of cause and effect :blush:

Bottom line… theme finalisation is a prerequisite to start the PLRT process and it can change (read as evolve) as long as it’s the direction of going deeper to the cause, getting refined and distilled.



Good morning Amarantos®,
Yes I agree with Vasundhara ma’am, as she said very crystal and quite

“The subconscious knows what is on surface and what has to be understood
first before moving ahead.”

Might be the answer lies there, I was speaking as a psychologist , might be
a true PLR Therapist has his/ her own experiences ,


Commandant Yogesh Dutta Retd


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Good morning,

I believe that the therapist shouldn’t control the subject or individuals
regression passage or process, let it wander as it moves forward, allow the
full freedom to wander at its own will . Remember the first book of Dr
Brian Weiss, when he was into the regression process with Catherine , he
took many sessions many days to able to get the right cause of her
recurring nightmares & chronic anxiety attacks,

So the answer is instead of being at the helm and navigate the PLR session,
it’s better to give the benefit of wandering to the subject or the client
{( I always read Dr Brian Weiss once a while) it’s a book I feel that
whenever I read again I have a feeling that I had missed many cues to
regression therapy},


Commandant Yogesh Dutta Retd


I totally agree with you Deepak sir. But when I read book Throgh time into
healing there had written that in first regression session client always
sees tragedic lifetime. But when we give command to the subconscious mind
according to selected theme as you said fear of mountains :mountain: our
subconscious mind lead the client only to that point. In my opinion because
I have exprienced it in myself and some of my frnds. I worked only on
particular theam.

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Is it in the hands of Therapist to navigate a PLR session, … Surely YES, that is the skill of the therapist and that is what will set you apart.
If you have labored in you history taking; that will help you to develop your specific Theme, implying you now know why you are conducting the session.
Once you, i.e. the Therapist knows rather is convinced of “The Why” then it is just a matter of employing the tips & tricks of the trade. Using the relaxation technique and having taken the subject into trance … I see no reason why the mind i.e. if it is the mind as some replies suggest; should follow the suggestion of the therapist. To begin with one may falter as communicating with the conscious and subconscious as not the same. But if the art of communicating with the subconscious is known/mastered; then; yes, You are the one who is in control.

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Namaste, when and if the client does not experience past life what is the process, and where is his/her mind at that time? I imagine they were hypnotized at that time. are they floating?

In my opinion the sub conscious shows the client -what he/she is required to know right now. In some cases, the theme related lifetime opens up while in some other lifetime opens which we may feel is not related to the theme, but they are in some way related and sometimes it is difficult for our conscious mind to join the dots but as per my limited knowledge whatever sub conscious shows definitely in some way is related to client’s current life. It is also possible that what we consider theme may not be the actual theme and root cause or theme may be different.
The therapist can surely navigate the client and that is why a good therapist is essential so that right questions are asked but all is not in the hands of therapists as we are not God.

So, it’s both the sub conscious and therapists and overall, the Masters who brings the case to conclusions. If Almighty and master’s will be there then sun conscious and therapists would do great!!


My musing and writings on this issue do not come from the groves of academe.

— Herbert S. White

Thanks for asking; I am not an expert in the subject. But I’ll attempt to give a logical answer from my own musing and academic reading on the subject.

Your query I’d prefer to split in 2 parts,

  1. Client not going into PL

  2. State of the clients mind, whether floating…

I’ll attempt the easier second part first…

Answer is, No, if “hypnotised”, as you choose to imagine; the mind, I’d say, is not floating at that time.

Since you are in this forum, I’m assuming you are trained in regression techniques. Just in case if you are not, simply accept that your-my-our brain is, at all times constantly humming (like the LED’s lighting up in your music system) at frequencies ranging from 0.5 cps to 30 cps; depending on whatever mental activity you are engaged in. You could be day dreaming, fantasizing about the object of your desire, planning/scheming to murder somebody, or simply sleeping … the hum would not be ZERO.

Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta are the 4 bands wherein the bunch of aforesaid frequencies have been clubbed. Thus Beta is your active waking state and Delta is the deep relaxation or sleeping state. Now it is settled and accepted that lower the frequency more relaxed is your brain. Therefore, every PL regressor / Hypnotist / Meditator endeavours to lower the brain activity to High Theta Low Alpha levels. This frequency point is like your computer being in Sleep mode. The mind is not floating but is calm and still bcoz there is minimal activity. From PLR perspective, the mind of the person in Alpha/Theta state is open/available for exploring it’s deep recesses…

This, is the state every tapasvi / yogi / meditator aspires to achieve and remain in. But that’s a topic by itself.

Coming to first part of your query… This is a difficult one.

I guess every practitioner fresh after the course (learning???) has this query. But, you’ll appreciate, no author or trainer has scientifically explained or explicitly laid down the exception that’d inhibit an individual’s journey into PL.

My considered view is; it is a fallacious belief that every person may not experience a PL. Failure to experience PL is not about the subject (person) but, the competence of the regressor.

What are the essentials required for PLR?

1.) The subject person is adequately relaxed (in trance) If not, then,

either the turbulent CM will block communication with theSM.

OR, in the alternative the subject will have gone to sleep.

2.) Appropriate (correct syntax) instructions are given to the said subject person. If not, then,

The SM simply discards the instructions as it does not understand what is being said.

Both, 1 & 2 above are related to the competence of the regressor.

On a lighter note, while an academic will accept the failure and use his/her experience to correct the defect. A commercially inclined professional would not accept lack of competence. Therefore, a farce is propagated that some people may not go into past life.


If every person can be categorised as a V - A - K;

If it is well settled that every person can be hypnotised;

Also, if the procedure remains same;

THEN, why every person may not experience PL??

Just in jest, one freak possibility that the individual is not experiencing PL could be that,

the subject is a fresh sapling;

a newly sprouted life.

Thus no past life for you to explore.

But you can still try & undertake the journey via the womb and onwards.

So even if it is not past life as in previous life; you’ll still travel into the past of the present life upto the womb.

Thanks once again for asking. Gave me an opportunity to refresh my subject.


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