It is in healing that we as PLR Therapists Are Also Healed

Ô Seigneur, que je ne cherche pas tant
à être consolé qu’à consoler,
à être compris qu’à comprendre,
à être aimé qu’à aimer,
car c’est en donnant qu’on reçoit,

Translating the above prayer of St. Francis of Assisi into English

O Lord, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love,
for it is in giving that one receives,

Most of you might have heard about my recent health struggles. For several months, I’ve been on a roller coaster of wellness and illness, desperately trying to pinpoint the root cause. Today, I’m here to share a revelation that surprised even me, (though being a Past Life Regression (PLR) therapist for over a decade now.)

Since taking up my role as a CTO in mid-2023, my schedule became a whirlwind of meetings, decision-making, and relentless technological challenges. In this chaos, conducting PLR sessions, which had always been a part of my routine, took a backseat. I didn’t realize the impact of this change until a serendipitous event last weekend.

A colleague from my days in ThoughtWorks, whom I had worked with seven years ago, reached out and had booked a session a year ago. I could reschedule and cancel all my previous sessions but I couldn’t do this with her as she was in dire need of a PLR session to find answers to her pressing issues. Despite my packed schedule and lingering illness, I trudged along and conducted the session. (On retrospect I did also realise on how important it was conduct a session a month to not miss out on the process too.)

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

As the session progressed, I found myself immersed in the familiar, tranquil world of PLR. The process, which I had always perceived as a service to others, unexpectedly began to weave its healing magic on me. By the end of the session, I felt a profound shift in my health. To my astonishment, my ailments, which had been a constant companion for months, had vanished. It was a moment of epiphany – my connection with PLR was more than a conscious choice; it was a deep, intrinsic need of my soul.

This experience has not only restored my health but also reinforced my belief in the healing power of PLR for the therapist as well. I personally do not know of any other healing modality which can do this. It appears that the act of guiding others through their past lives does not just benefit them but also has a profound, healing effect on the therapist. In my case, it seemed even more potent.

Interestingly, the transformation wasn’t limited to my personal health. My family observed a noticeable change in the ambiance of our guest house where the session took place. The space, once just a functional area, now radiated a sense of peace and positive energy. This observation is crucial, especially for those of us in the PLR community who often worry about the potential adverse effects of our clients’ karmic journeys and psychic interferences in our practice spaces. This experience has debunked those fears, showcasing that PLR sessions can indeed purify and elevate the energy of a place.

I’m sharing my story as a testament to the mysterious and profound power of PLR – not just as a tool for uncovering past lives but as a therapeutic avenue that benefits both the client and the therapist. It’s a reminder, especially for those of us juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, that sometimes, returning to our roots, to what truly nourishes our soul, is the best medicine and conducting PLR sessions does this for me. It not only heals the body, put replenishes the mind, fills the heart and propels our spiritual advancement, all this in a fun way while also fetching us a good amount of “fun coupons”!

And hence, deducing that the relationship between a PLR therapist and the practice is not only synergistic but also symbiotic.

The therapist’s connection with PLR is reciprocal–a beautiful dance of energies where the benefits flow in both directions.

I am eager to hear from fellow PLR therapists who practice regularly? Have you experienced similar phenomena, where your practice has had an unexpected, positive impact on your own wellbeing or surroundings?

for it is in giving that one receives,
it is in self-forgetting that one finds,


Wonderful @venu :clap: Thanks for sharing. I too observed the changes after conducting my PLR sessions. It’s like touching the divine - You will come out of the session with full of divine grace :confetti_ball:


Thank you for the share…
For it is in Giving one receives
So Deep…
Thank you


Dear Venu, Thanks a lot for sharing this amzing write up. I have absloutely no doubt that PLRT has totally transformed me over last five years (though during covid period I did not take up any case). Even now I feel so much calmness and bliss after each and every session. Not only that, in spite of my age and bad habits all my life, now I maintain perfect health. I have not had any fever, cough, cold, loose motion etc (I see these all around me and they take it as normal way of life) since August 2019 when I had dengue. Now I am wondering if it is the result of PLRT and what you have tauhgt me so painstakingly.


Thanks dad @venu for this wonderful insight…and happy to hear that you are back in action galloping as a horse…yes,I was td by many months back not to conduct at my place as for clients different energy levels…then 1 day when I was in sadhana… and mahamrutunjay mantra was playing …i just felt…“kar bhala tau ho bhala…rest leave it to Almighty”,from that day i never look back and my room is more vibrant ,more energetic than the other rooms …god bless dad :pray:


Dear beloved Master @venu. The experience shared by you is truly amazing!
Your selfless dedication has attracted such miracles in your life. PLRT has transformed me to a great extend. Shift in eneregy of therapist and the environment is certainly noticed.

Love and gratitude.


Hi Venu

In my limited PLRT experiences, but each time, I felt my energy level increases and my capacity to take in… also increases.
This happened after the workshop too.
Overall I felt nice, my cocyx pain, which was there for almost 2 years have vanished…so yes, I fully agree with you that therapist too is nourished spiritually during a PLRT.

Happy Birthday Venu.


Dear Daddy,

Thanks a lot for sharing the amazing experience with us.

As per my experience I have noticed that every therapist attracts a particular kind of clients/ PLRT cases, which in some way or other not only heals the client but also the therapist.

If I talk about me, I have seen that I majorly is approached by the clients who have relationship issues (specially with close ones) and with each client I learn life lessons and get healed in a way that my own relationships are getting better day by day. With every case my perspective changes and I feel more positive & fill with gratitude.

Surprisingly in a recent case I also felt a lot heling and I shared this in first para of the case on the forum.

Link is attached here :pray: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:


Dearest Venu Sir,
I have felt PLRT to be very magical when it comes to restoring your inner balance and peace. Thank you so much for the lessons shared. With you blessings I shall take my PLRT practice forward.
Thank you.