Masters are the Ultimate Guide

With the blessings of our Guru Dr Venu and Guru Ma Mrs Neha, I am submitting my first Past Life Regression Therapy Case in the forum.

Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo

Name : AAA
Sex : Female
Age : 51yrs
Hypnotisability Score – 9/10
Dominant Sense – A-5/V-4/K-6
Eye Roll Score – 2
Pain Level – 10+
Initial Theme : Suffering Child’s death

Before the start of every session, both the client and therapist prayed for the success of the session

Session 1
Date – 22nd Aug 23
Completed Stages 1 to 5

Session 2
Date 23rd Aug 23
Completed Stage 6 to 10
Client History
She is the only daughter. Married for 24yrs.
Happy Childhood with parents.
Parents did love marriage.
Her mother was always harassed by inlaws. Clients mother was always misunderstood by most of the people and relatives.
Due to this, client had an inner determination of not going for love marriage at all. Client was excellent in sports. Represented state in state level athletics.
Before marriage she was working as consultant in IT.
She married her best friend’s husband’s younger brother. Marriage proposal was obtained from the groom’s side.
Married life is normal. Client felt husband was not trusting her. Immediately after marriage she felt loneliness because husband was on office tour most of the times. Bonding happened almost after 10yrs of marriage, when husband was without job for 7 months. During this time, her husband was the only bread earner in the family – Clients, Clients in laws including brother in law.
She doesn’t have any children in this lifetime. Client suffered miscarriage in 2004. A feeling of emptiness was felt. She is arthritic patient since 1999. She adopted a baby girl (Shruti – name changed) in 2018. The baby girl passed away in Nov 21. Father passed away in May 21 due to covid. Very traumatic past few years.
She frequently had these two dreams.
(1) Of Snake – Many snakes roaming around. Some snakes coming towards her. But, none biting.
(2) Somebody pushing her from the top of a mountain to her death.
She likes to listen to music. She is trained in classical singing. Completed the 5th year Bisharath in singing.
She has close group of friends, likes to travel and especially likes to go to Rishikesh, Haridwar and Kashmir
She has insecurity of what is going to happen to her and her husband in future.
She has guilt of her act of breaking the wings of grasshopper and like insects, in her childhood.
Theme Finalisation

  1. Trust
  2. Loneliness
  3. Fear
    After discussion , with her permission, added the 4th theme – Guilt.

Session 3
Date : 25th Aug 23
We revisited the theme and to the above four themes, we added the following
5. Reason for client’s daughter, moving out of her life
6. Reason for her Arthritis pain.
Client was having cough and cold for now about 3-4 weeks
Asked the client about the comfort level, temperature etc. She preferred to lie down and get regressed.
Started the Relaxation Technique through Dave Elman. Due to her intermittent coughing did an extended Dave Elman followed by Ball of light followed by going to Garden and then to the cliff. Relaxation was checked through intermittent IMR and it was all along +ve.
Then the following took place (Therapist is T, Client is C)
T – As we count backwards, at the count of 3-2-1 you may go to the most significant lifetime where you may get your answer to your daughter’s death. 3 – 2 – 1 snapping of finger. What do you see in front of you.
(Im not writing down the pauses – I gave enough pause and client answered in her own sweet time.
From here the answer from Client and thereafter my suggestions were in Bengali language)
C – I see a village. A pucca (concrete) house.
T – Anybody with you
C – No. Im alone. A child behind me. All houses are empty and desolated.
T – Please look down and see what you are wearing.
C – Im a negro. Im poor. Im wearing torn shoes. Im carrying a child on my backpack.
T – Can you recognize the child.
C – No
T – Please go inside the house and see what you can find out
C – I see a staircase which is leading to a huge statue of Jesus Christ.
After a long pause
T – You may go to a happy moment in this life time
C – Im a small kid. There are many kids who are playing. There are many mothers.
T – Who is your mother.
C – No answer
T – Where is your father. Can you see your father
C – No
T – Please proceed to the next significant time in this lifetime
C – (Rolling her eyes fast) – There are many men. I have been sold. They are taking me away in white horse (Her body reaction is - she is resisting to go….). They are beating me. (Her body is wrenching with pain due to beating, she started crying)
T – Assuring that this event has already happened, you are safe. Breathe deeply.
C – My child is with me. Im trying to run away. (crying)
T – What is your name.
C – Odambi
T – Can you look into the eyes of the child and recognize her.
C – It seems Shruti. (crying continues and pain is very high, stress level seemed high) My child is slowly collapsing.
T – Okay. You may please go back to the happy moment in this life time when you were a kid and there were many kids along with you
C – (the wrenching of the body due to pain stops and she is back to the same scene of childhood.)
T – Can you see where your parents are?
C – Parents are inside a room.
T – Can you recognize them.
C – No
T – Please focus on their face and eyes and try to recognize them
C – Father is very known to me but I cannot place him. My mother died long back.
T – What about your husband
C – After a long pause, she says I don’t know.
T – Ok. Please now go the next significant traumatic event in this life time.
C – My child died. I am digging his grave (Crying, very sad)
T – Okay. You may now move to the last day of your life. How did you die?
C – Of Old age.
T – Now see your death from above and see what is happening
C – I see my dead body.
T – Who is there near your body
C – Villagers
T – Can you recognize them
C – No
T – Please see in their eyes and tell me
C – After some long pause

  1. My Maternal Uncle (Client is very close to him in this lifetime)
  2. Her Cousin brother (Cousin loves her very much)
  3. Altaf (Name changed – Altaf is an electrician) – He is crying a lot (This electrician is very protective towards the client. She got acquainted with him when he came to rectify her AC in 2013. Altaf had a child who was having a complicated urine discharge problem. He needed money and nobody was helping him. Client eventually helped the child monetarily and the child recovered fully and is now normal. He is still connected to the client in this lifetime for household electrical problems.
  4. My nephew (present life nephew)
    T – Is everybody crying?
    C – No, only Altaf is crying and everybody is sad and griefing/mourning.
    T – Now what do you see
    C – A white light. Im going towards white light.
    (I understood that Master is here. I offer my pranam to him and ask his help to heal my client. I remain silent.)
    C – Blessing – White Light – Good Soul – Peace
    Client opens her eyes, gets up and asks for water feeling dry throat.(Client emerges on her own)
    After giving water and relaxing her
    T – Lets get back
    C – No I don’t want to go further now.
    I tried relaxing her . But she was traumatized so couldn’t relax. So I made her listen to a good relaxation music through You Tube. She was okay and ready to discuss the PLR session.

Story from Clients mouth

She was a poor Negro. Her mother had died when she was young and then her father (She identified her father as Mr X (Name with held) raised her.
[Mr X – was a junior colleague of client’s husband. Mr X and his family befriended the client’s family and became very good family friend. Mrs X, the wife, had cancer and hence the client introduced her to Nichiren Buddhism. She readily joined the Buddhist practice. Client’s husband lost his job, as he was asked to do some improper dealing which he refused. Later on it came to light that Mr X was a full time informer of the MD of the organization where my client’s husband worked. (Mr X & MD had worked togather previously) and lots of politics was involved. Mr X had thrown a party the same day the client’s husband lost his job. But Client is surprised to find Mr X as a connection to her past life)
The vibes that Client got, is her father in that life time was a cruel person, involved in flesh trading/slavery.
So she was being sold to some white men. They were beating her and trying to take her out of the village on a horse.
The village was totally deserted. All the houses were empty and she felt it was very near to a desert like area.
In this past life too, Shruti was her child and she was carrying her on her back (like we carry our laptop bags). The daughter died as she was not able to give her proper food due to poverty.
This lifetime was very sad. This lifetime was somewhere in Brazil.
We then googled two things – Jesus Christ Statue and the empty village.
She identified the following photos

  1. Jesus Christ exactly as she saw
  2. Village – About 90% of the photo (searched as ancestral village in brazil

Then she told that in the white light, she could feel that the white light was of her soul guide and the white light was coming out of his hand and he told peace, good soul and blessing.
She then added that when she was observing her death from above, she felt the presence of one person, who seems to be her late father from this life time. He was very calm and cool and seemed to be the head of the village.
Client said some pain has reduced.

Session 4
Date : 1st Sept 23
?(Note : Client was suffering from Viral fever from 2nd Aug followed by conjunctivitis . She got cured but cough and cold persisted and coughing gradually became very bad. Between Session 3 & 4 infact on the day of session 4, she had to be administered strong dose of antibiotics and other supporting medicines to control the excessive coughing. She felt better in the evening and requested to be regressed.)

Induction was done through Dave Elmen, followed by Shower of Light and into Garden.
From Garden to top of cliff and done reframing of current life traumas upto womb. Reframed box was quite heavy. Helped her push down the cliff through JCB.
Reframed future life traumas too and threw it down the cliff.
From the cliff used affect bridge to go into the lifetime from where the Arthritic Pain started.
T : What do you see?
C : Mountain.
T : What are you wearing. Look down.
C : Dhoti
T : Are you a male or female?
C : I am a male sadhu. Im doing sadhana.
T : Anyone else around?
C : No
T : Where are you. What place is this.
C : Im standing on a bridge. There is a mountain in front of me. And there is a big murti of Lord Shiva……….Im meditating
T : Go ahead to a significant event in this life time
C : Im meditating…. A stone is rolling down from the mountain. It hits me and both of us ie stone and myself are rolling down.
T : Please go to the last moment in this lifetime.
C : I see white light.
T : Please go towards the light and see what message you get for this lifetime
C : White light. It seems Shivji. Im doing pronam. (bending and touching feet)……Bhakti, love, Sneha, I am there. Peace.
(Client stays with the white light for about 3-4 mins)
Then client opens her eyes. (Client emerges on her own)
Client doesn’t want to go back again for regression.
Client says in session 3 regression she felt a force, forcing her to go towards the light and post regression it was very painful.
Today she felt very healed and is at much peace.
Pain level – 5 (Immediately after the session)

Session 5.
Date : 6th September 2023
Pain Level : 0 (At start of the session. Complete healing of the suffering has happened post session 4. Healing by Lord Shiva. As per client, the healing is still continuing)
Before the session, it was decided that today, we will go to an old temple from the garden. A master will be waiting for you at the entrance of the temple. The master will take you inside the temple. After going straight, a right turn will be taken and a staircase will lead downstairs. There will be many rooms. Client may enter any room and the answer to the queries (Today it was decided to have 4 themes – (i) daughter’s death (ii) Arthritis (iii) why client couldn’t see her father for the last time (iv) Relationship with husband.
Once the answer to these queries were received, the client should request the Master to show her the room where future of this lifetime can be seen and then request the Master to explain how this future Life tIme can be actually obtained.
With this agreement, the Dave Elman was started.

Induction : Dave Elman.
17mins into Dave Elman, completed first round of mind, client started clinching her head and felt pain around the third eye. Immediately stopped Dave Elman and moved to shower of light to cool the head area. Tried changing the position and pillows but client was not comfortable.(FAQ pg 102 of handbook). Client stopped the relaxation and started meditation. After about 3-4 minutes she informed that the third eye had become very hot and energy level around 3rd eye was very high. During this time power cut occurred and AC stopped. Room temperature also increased. By meditating, she reduced the energy level and also the pain around 3rd eye.
About 20min rest was taken. Power resumed. AC resumed. Client felt comfortable. Relaxation was started. Just 7 mins into the Dave Elman, wherein the eye relaxation had just completed, Client informed that she has reached the entrance of the temple.
C : I have reached the entrance of the temple
T : What do you see.
Client absolutely silent for about 3mins. Therapist thought she has gone into deep sleep. Client was not responding at all.
After 3 mins
C : Light. No Master.
T : Please go towards the light.
C : Relax….Body weak. Not able to go.
T : Please take energy from the light.
C : Not allowing. Body very weak. Going away from the light.
T : What do you see in front of you.
C : Ground
T : Move your head upwards, downwards, left and right – What do you see.
C : Ground (a big ground)
T : What are you wearing.
C : Not able to see
T : Do you have a body
C : No
T : What do you see now?
C : Light
T : Please ask the light how to get energy and be strong
C : Silent. No answer.
T : Okay. At the count of 3-2-1, you will go to the next significant Life Time
: What do you see
C : Light. Light is hot. Not allowing to go. (Client feeling the heat)
T : Okay. At the count of 3-2-1, you may please go to the garden and rest. 3-2-1
: Where are you.
C : In the garden.
T : Please take rest and get refreshed and recharged. The garden has lots of beautiful trees and birds and the cool breeze blowing is recharging you.
After a minute or so
T : Are you feeling relaxed?
C : Yes
T : On the right hand side, you will see a staircase leading to the Cliff. At the count of 3-2-1, you will reach the top of the cliff and we will go the significant lifetime where you will know about your father. 3-2-1 (Changed the theme due to obstacle faced in theme – daughter’s death)
C : Light. Not Allowing to go.
T : Are you able to recognize the light. Look at the feet.
C : Light is very bright. No feet.
T : Okay. Pls do pronam to the light and sit at the light’s feet.
C : Very hot.
Master is here (same master has come who had visited the client in session 3)
Master is telling not to go now. Body is very weak. Master is telling to go back.
T : Okay. Please do pronam and lets go back to the garden at the count of 3-2-1
: 3-2-1
: Where are you.
C : In the garden
The client is then emerged. (This time client doesn’t open her eyes on her own)
Post PLR, Client said the following
“ I had reached the temple and saw Shri Rama Krishna sitting at a distance. Initially she thought that she was late. As she started walking towards Shri Ramakrishna, he got up and started walking away. When she tried to follow him, a big ball/light of fire came in front and didn’t allow her to move. (This was the time when the client was absolutely silent for about 3 mins. She heard me calling but was trying to reach Shri Rama Krishna. She was fighting the fire in front of her. She later informed that initially Shri Rama Krishna had come to meet her but then some information had reached him that now the body energy is very weak and hence he went back.
When second time cliff was attempted, she couldnot reach the top of the cliff. On the 5th step itself the fire was present and it was preventing her from going ahead. She then called her soul guide to help and he came and smiled and told her to go back. Her body energy is very weak. He also told not to attempt anything now…
Later she told that in session 4, during her meeting with Lord Shiva her healing is still going on. After the session, she had passed blood with stool, for 3 consecutive days and she felt some negative energy has gone out of the body,. she is feeling very healed.
The pain level in session 1 was 10+ and now it is Nil.(as per client)
Follow Up Session – 17th September
Client told it is difficult to guage the pain level. However, on asking to still give a number, she said around 5. (Today while visiting the family doctor she discovered that some pain is still remaining when Shruti’s topic is discussed).

Further sessions have been withheld as Masters have categorically instructed to gain energy and not to attempt now.
Client is undergoing few treatments and is very weak due to long cough and cold problem.
Next session will be attempted once she regains her strength and energy – may be after 2 months.
Thankyou for your patient reading.
Kindly provide your comments and suggestion for making me a better therapist.
Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo


Congratulations Deepak! It’s incredible that she dived right into PL experiencing past lives but later the Masters stopped her and instructed that she is not strong enough to do the session.
We all get the message that we need at the time… for our healing.
It’s very impressive to see how you manoeuvred all the sessions. Great work!


Dear Deepak ji, thank you for sharing your experience. I found your instructions to be very clear and precise. It’s different to handle when client experiences such pain, but you executed it nicely! God bless :raised_hands:


Wow Deepak. Interesting Client. Why her soul was weak in energy?, Pick up 1 or 2 themes at a time and thoroughly scan the PL. Then if you have time you could go for the others or may be in the next session. It was out of the world experience!.
Next time try to dig for the reasons too. The best source is soul guide!. Nice job.


Deepak When I began reading and reached the part where you had mentioned about the client not being well physically and suffering from cold and cough, I had this thought that maybe you could have suggested more time for her to recover physically as usually energetic healing sessions require tremendous amount of focus and energy expenditure. Being physically unwell healing energy is already in use. And this intuitive message was confirmed in the later on reading, where she was stopped from going further. I bow down to the universal intelligence which is always eager to serve and love us and look after us in best ways possible.

Other than this, it is always thrilling to read about the success of being able to regress a client and read clearly emerging details about their past lives lived here. How clearly her name emerged and how miraculous is her description of the statue of ‘Jesus Christ’.

I would have liked to know more about the lifetime of Sadhu and her learnings from there. Also maybe you could have asked her her last thoughts to make connections.

I wish you super success and best wishes for future!


Thanks Garima for your encouragement. Yes, we are ultimately controlled by the Masters. Thankyou so much.


Thanks Kaushik for your encouragement. Rgds/Deepak


I appreciate you for handling such a difficult case.
I really applaud your way of handling the case.
The handling case for this client was not so easy when the client was struggling with so many issues.

I feel emerging by herself means they are missing their patience and follow concious mind.They need trust and patience to end it in the proper format.

All the best!


Congratulations Deepak ji. Very well executed and penned down so well. Divine guidance during the sessions is so amazing. Such an amazing work during your first session. Its Awesome.:slightly_smiling_face:Thanks for sharing.


Excellent session Deepak. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Congratulations!!!. You have outstandingly carried out the session and penned down the details. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s amazing to know that she saw Jesus, then she got healed by Lord Shiva and she was also able to see Shri Rama Krishna. She is such a blessed soul who has the blessings of the almighty.

Mr. X who gave trouble to the client’s husband in the present life was the client’s stepfather in the past life as well.
It is impressive to know how they take rebirth, again and again, to teach us lessons in various ways.

Once the client is energetically charged as well as physically charged, You can try reattempting again and focusing on one theme at a time.

All the very best Deepak… Thanks for sharing this wonderful session here.


Interesting sessions, Deepak. Thank you for sharing. Also, for the first session, it was a difficult one yet happy to read it was successful.


Thanks Vida. The system says your comment on my session is your first post (maybe after a long time). Im honoured :pray:
Thankyou so much.

Best Regards/Deepak


I was actually amazed after the session regarding Mr X and Mr Altaf. How people were connected to the client’s life. This is an excellent session to understand how our daily acquaintances are linked to our soul group, our karma/our past lives. Incredible.
Infact every person that we meet is someway connected to us or is there to help in our soul growth.
Thankyou so much Sindhuja, for your detailed review of the session. :heart:
Ill keep in mind your suggestion to go theme by theme when sessions are resumed.
Thankyou so so much.


Thanks Ashishji. Yes, so many divine messages and blessings - Iam fortunate to have such clients and do such sessions. Thankyou so much.


Thankyou so much Neelam. Your comments here as well as in the WA group will help me in executing the future cases. I have noted them.



While reading your comments, I was simply amazed as to how you could understand what I didnt, the client didnt but Masters confirmed your analysis - that client is too weak to have further sessions and need rest.
Tremendous analysis. Take a bow Shilpa.
Once I restart, Ill try to go back to the Sadhu lifetime and understand the learnings and will keep you posted. Thanks a ton for your inputs,
With Gratitude, Deepak


Thanks Ananda. Definitely when I restart the sessions with her, Ill keep these points in mind.


Congratulations Deepak ji for the successful completion of the case.
It is so delightful to know that the client’s pain level came from 10 to Nil & the client felt herself healed, this is the most precious feeling for a therapist. you did an excellent work as a therapist in your first case only though it seemed a tough case.

Congrats once again. Keep healing people & wiping tears…. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::pray:t2:


Wah wah deepakji…I read it twice …especially…when she is rolling down the mountain along with the stone…was having that feeling that our past lives are also like films …so films r just not friction… v have also undergone same situations somewhere or the other …awesome hardwork by u …and so much patience …hats off to u…waiting for her next session and praying she completes her session without being emerged and heal completely .god bless​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Ek dialogue tau banta hai…


Dear Deepak,

Heartiest congratulations on your first session :purple_heart:. My compliments for taking the plunge, as its from Theory to Application that’s most challenging aspect for any therapist. Well Done !!

My humble feedback for your consideration please,

  1. I made an attempt to understand the meaning of above, here,

The Meaning of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo | Soka Gakkai (global).

  1. In my understanding may be more sessions are required to explore the theme to arrive at plausible understandings and lessons for her loss of child in this lifetime and connection of same with the past life explored. The understanding/lesson is important to make her free from this pattern of loosing her child/children in future lifetimes.

The magic of PLR lies in wiping the slate clean for once and ever.

  1. This is a fascinating learning from this case. Every person who shows up in our life is there for a reason. This instantly reminded me of words of our beloved Guru Dr Venu - " Even the person who halts next to us on a traffic signal is all by KARMIC design" .
  1. Dave Elman” - I am sure it’s just a typo. :pray:
  1. I request if you could deliberate on this aspect for my learning and understanding.
  1. May be you could reduce the number for a session. In my understanding it would be prudent to focus the search beam on one aspect at a time and then let subconscious/higher wisdom take its own trajectory. When multiple destinations are there some will be reached,some half reached…some none at all. If client actually wants to explore more themes may be more sessions could be scheduled for the same.
  1. Amazing to witness the profoundness of our higher consciousness. My humble bow to the Masters. :pray: :pray:
  1. Wow!!! For me there are two learnings here :

a. Aspect of physical strength (energy level) is very important to undergo PLR session (More so to reap its magical effects)
Applies both to the Client as well as Therapist.
b. Its our ardent duty to keep up the physical and mental health in routine life as well so as not to miss a single opportunity of getting blessed by higher masters/consciousness. This takes me back to the quadrant shown to us all by our Beloved Guru during our training.

My best wishes for all future sessions.

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: