My Lemurian Past Life - a spontaneous regression

This came as a huge surprise because I wasn’t looking to explore my past lives. Neither did I imagine it could be this!

What triggered the vision of my Lemurian past life was my eagerness to clear all my abundance blocks, specifically related to money. It just didn’t come to me, no matter what I did. I felt like there was a brick wall and it affected my psychic work as well. I did a lot of stuff in my patient desperation, such as praying, candle magick, meditation, exercise, breathwork, chakra balancing, reiki, and many months of crying. I would feel great after I released the negative energy but more kept returning to the surface as I continued with this self-cleansing. It was the last bit of asking the Universe OUT LOUD, that I want to be cleared of all my blocks and that it be done NOW. I said I was ready for whatever has to come and I’m ready to serve people.

After meditation, I was compelled to go lie down on my bed. I thought I needed sleep. But seconds after I closed my eyes I found myself in a man’s body, standing too close to another guy’s face as he was laughing and looking directly at me. My own voice shouted “Lemurian! LEMURIAN! LEMURIAN!!” in my ears, as if she did not want me to miss this information if I came out of the trance and didn’t continue.

This obviously scared me and I immediately came back to the present and tried to process what it was. I realized it could have been a past life as it was so real. I decided to go back in with an intention of looking around and at myself.

I closed my eyes and I was back there in no time. I saw that I was a tall guy and my best friend was standing by my side, very close. We were in a moving vehicle, sort of egg-shaped with a continuous glass ceiling and windows. Both of us were wearing a loose white robe & headgear sort of what Arabs wear today.

I could literally feel the heat and smell the tropical air. I looked to my left, I could see a giant mountain range with at least 3 peaks through the glass window and ceiling. There were statues carved in the top 2/3rds of the mountain. They would have been huge to have looked so big from this distance. The statues were adorned with gold or something of shiny golden color. The rest of the mountain and the land in between was a green forest.

I looked to the right and saw there was the sea at a few hundred meters. There were giant egg-shaped ships with glass windows that looked similar to the vehicle we were in. They were not open like ships today are. They were of different colors with beautiful golden adornments. The closest to me was light blue with intricate golden highlights around the egg-shaped windows.

I came out of trance once again because of the shock and surprise of it all. By this time I was elated because I never had a vision like this in the waking state, let alone a past life one. I knew something more was going on so I went back in.

We were in the middle of a situation. There were 2 girls sitting, a few rows from the back. The vehicle wasn’t bigger than a normal bus so they weren’t too far from us. They were wearing beautiful layered clothing like a saree but not exactly a saree. The layers met in the middle. Both of them were wearing the same pattern but in different colors. One was wearing indigo and the other woman was wearing maroon. They were loaded with gold jewelry. Even the cloth itself had tiny gold trinkets sewn into it. I knew for a fact that this was the normal daily wear for everyone & not something festive.

The girl I was interested in was sitting on the right by the window and she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen (even in the present life, as a woman I am saying this). Her facial features were very unique and sharp as a knife. Her eyes were the most striking. No wonder I was completely “hypnotized” by her. Her friend was laughing with her and teasing her about me. My friend was doing the same with me.

I came out of trance again. I could not digest how, being a girl, I could feel this situation playing out in all its passion. I had a feeling that the girl is a special soul for me. I wanted to know her name and if she is in my present life. I sort of already knew but wanted to confirm. I went back in and asked my friend, “What’s her name?” As I said this, I was feeling stupid, because, in that life, I already knew it, but I’m still asking. I could feel my jaw and tongue moving to speak. It felt weird because I’m not used to being in such a tall body and then a male one, asking about a girl.

“Her name is Clu.”, he said. I was shocked because that’s what I call my husband, now. Neither of us has any idea why I call him this. What kind of a name is this? Lol. But I later found out that Lemuria was originally called “Mu”. So yeah Clu seems appropriate. My husband and I had instant soul recognition when we met for the first time. We never got separated after we met and got married in 20 days. We have an inherent understanding as if we know each other for long. I guess 1,00,000 years is long enough!

As this back and forth teasing was going on, I was blushing. Suddenly, the scene cuts to what felt like my house. We had multi-story houses and they were made of sand-colored stone. The front rooms on all levels were open from the front. There was no front wall. Anyone could directly walk into each other’s house. The private rooms had doors. There were tropical coconut and palm-like trees around my house. I see other people roaming around in similar dresses I described. There was some brief talking with another person that I cannot remember now.

I wanted to move further and see what happened. I immediately saw myself standing in knee-deep dirt, doing some construction work. But without any tools?? I felt like I was one of the construction workers who made the tracks for those egg-shaped vehicles. I was looking towards the platform where people could board this vehicle, and I saw Clu standing there with other people, and suddenly she had a shocked expression on her face, and the ground started rumbling. I looked towards the source of the sound which was at my back, towards the mountains with the statues. I saw the whole mountain range collapse with a mushroom cloud of dust. It seemed like an explosion and the shockwave was rapidly moving towards us now. I looked towards Clu and saw the horrific expression on her face…and then within milliseconds, a serene calmness as she accepted her end. I was buried in dust and rubble. By this time, I could feel the dust going into my airways as I started coughing in reality. I could really feel it stuck in my throat and as I was trying to breathe, I came out of the trance, coughing & struggling to breathe.

I sat up in amazement about the whole thing that I just experienced. Without wasting any time I googled “Lemurian”. I had never heard that word before. I didn’t know what it meant. I only knew the monkey Lemur. This is what I gathered:

Lemuria was a continent in the South Indian ocean. It was joined with South India, Indonesia, and Madagascar. The civilization of the Lemurians is said to have lived from 250,000 to 1,00,000 years or even a million years ago. It is not confirmed exactly but you think of this timeline. They are mostly described by people who had past lives in Lemuria or those who have had visions of Lemuria in their spiritual explorations. The average “human” height was 15 feet at that time. The lifespan was also much longer. The population consisted of many different types of beings who lived together. Most people could talk telepathically and it was the time of truth and love. Society was equal and there was no discrimination based on anything. They were highly advanced technologically and had fully developed cities. They did extensive healing work, especially with crystals. Crystals were a big part of their everyday life. I’m so fond of them today as well! I remember trying to steal my grandfather’s crystals as a kid. But when I actually got to look at them, something in me changed and I didn’t want to steal them anymore. But I always opened that box to look at them against the light.

Read: Lemuria: The Fabled Lost Continent That Turned Out To Be Real

I talked to a few people who shared past lives in Lemuria and had seen the end of it. One of them added,

“There was sort of a nuclear reactor inside that mountain. One day, there was an explosion that started a chain of events that led to the destruction of Lemuria. The whole mountain collapsed and disturbed the tectonic plates, which led to Earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes activating. The widespread destruction happened quite rapidly. Most people died but many escaped to the stars in their starships, some went underground, some created wormholes and transported themselves to another place in the Universe. I created one and made all my children go through that wormhole but I couldn’t do it myself as it was too late and I remember drowning there.”

Another said,

“After the destruction of Lemuria, those who were left behind had nowhere to go as the island itself had disappeared in the sea. So they migrated to another continent and founded another city called Atlantis. Lemuria was mostly pure but Atlantis was plagued by lower vibrational activities and energies. So the essence of Lemuria had already died with its destruction.”

I pondered upon this information for many days as the more I was getting to know about it, the more it was becoming difficult to believe. But I had my own past life vision, I can totally believe in that as I was in that man’s body experiencing everything with emotions. I have always told my friends that I don’t feel like I’m 5 feet. I always felt like I’m bigger than I look. I felt being so big and powerful but unable to express or use that with my body’s limitations. I always had a problem with people not noticing me or thinking I’m a kid because in my head I’m a 15 feet tall man that nobody can miss.

So finally a lot of things started making sense in my life. But the best thing this vision did was clear my self-doubt. That was one of the biggest blocks that was hindering my true potential. Now I could confirm who I was. All this wisdom that comes naturally isn’t just from my own little head. It is millions of years of experience. My little body doesn’t have to limit me in any way. My light can shine bigger. I was able to fully embody that persona and authority in my subject after this incident. The same day, I received a call from my first PLR client in Canada. 2 days later, the second one…and it hasn’t stopped since… Something had shifted for sure. All my blocks got cleared after that.

Everything happens for a reason and if you want something to happen, you can demand it from the universe! Not in an arrogant way of course. It also shouldn’t involve other people. I was just concerned with my own healing. You might be surprised at how the universe reacts to your demands. Not everything you want will happen the way you want. But your goals may be accomplished in other ways you didn’t think about. You have to be in alignment and a position to receive as well. I never imagined that such a vision would be thrown at me after just a routine meditation. But I was actively seeking and was ready to receive.

Now in December 2020, I finally cleared all my abundance blocks and could literally feel the last bit of the wall toppling over. It showed immediate effects. Everything I was looking for for 3 years, happened all at once within one week.

I am grateful every second for this knowledge and experience.


What a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing.


I can so very much connect with this feeling.

The whole universe is Chidakasha and programmed by our own self hence the changes within might be getting reflected in the without.

So amazing at how achieved it all.

So fascinated by the way you wrote this Dear Rio.

Thanks a million to share it with us.


This was a unbelievable PLR. Loved reading and I can understand how blessed you might be feeling. Amazing Rio!


I have had inklings of an extraordinarily knowledgeable lifetime I may have lived, tricklings from which I now have and experience. I have accepted in this life as my spiritual guru a living master known to have come on earth a couple of thousand years ago. I have always felt a strong bond to him and feel I was close disciple in another lifetime, fallen from grace and left to pick up the trail back to the band of close ones. I am yet to see that lifetime, waiting and working for it to come to me.
Having read this account and the way in which the experience itself was triggered, I am inclined to try it myself. Hope to share the revelations soon sometime.
A truly amazing recall of another life, @riokashyap.


Wow, this is something that I have always been wanting to experience, but have not yet been able to. Your experience gives a lot of hope. Thank you for sharing this and it is beautifully written.


It will be shown when you’re ready but you can also tell the Universe that you really are ready and then be in a position to receive, by meditating daily & asking for it before sleeping. You might even see it in a dream, which is the way I see my past lives 9/10 times.


that’s an amazing experience. thanks for sharing

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience Dr. Rio, the mysteries of older civilization are just being dug up by inquisitive minds of evolving beings. I have read many such experiences from egyptian times to atlantis to Mu civilization and they never stop to surprise and delight me about our own unsung immortality and reunion with our loved ones.

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Wow, what a beautiful healing session.
Reading about your experience and your understanding dear Rio, has been a humbling experience for me. Millions of years of experience, my little body doesn’t have to limit me in any way, my light can shine bigger…Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.


Thanks for sharing your experience A lot of what you experienced makes sense to me Especially the SELF WORTH :pray:

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Such a wonderful experience! It is heartening to note that the universe responds so beautifully to our requirements.